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Hi Everyone,

I've been an explorer of size fetish since my youth. Back then I simply enjoyed the idea of being small and adventuring around environments like my home, school and other everyday places.

Maturity brought with it general sexualisation, which quickly found its way into my previously innocent imaginings.

Prior to having internet access, my explorations were limited to the goings-on in my own head. After discovering the fetish online and the many forms, mediums and sub-topics explored within, I developed a deeper understanding of what did and did not appeal to me.

For years I was content to just appreciate the creative efforts of others. I have developed a fondness for Furry artist's depictions of size fetish primarily, followed by general human-based illustration.

For me, illustration allows for so many possibilities without limitations of "realism" or "possibility", matters which have more significant impact on photo-manipulation/collage works. Written works also succeed here, though often require greater dedication of time to enjoy, especially when dealing with multi-thousand word pieces.

Recently I've felt an itch... a creative itch which I've decided to scratch. I want to contribute now rather than simply observe. I have no capacity for producing visual works myself, so I've had no choice but to dust off decades-old creative writing skills in an attempt to share some of what goes on in my thoughts.

I'm not a very good communicator, though. I expect that I'll try many different approaches to style and structure over time to see where my strengths and preferences ultimately stand.

While not an exhaustive list, the following covers most of what will likely crop up at some point:

  • Shrinking - Lilliputian (6in. to 3 in.)

  • Body Exploration

  • Insertion

  • Adventure

  • Couples

  • Gentle

  • Soft Vore

  • Light Bondage

I also have various tactile fetishes which often worm their way into my shrinking fantasies.

  • Plastic

  • Latex

  • Misc smooth, soft, shiny materials

Thanks for reading.

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A couple wake up in a non-distinct environment amongst scores of strangers. They are quickly plunged into experiences that stretch imagination and reason.


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