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I have secretly had the most incredibly wonderful dreams of the most sensual and orgasmic nature. Without exaggeration, I would have to say at least 3 or 4 times a week. In the beginning… starting way back from when I was but an innocent small child, in fact, just after my 8th birthday. Dreams indeed In which by some kind of questionable spell of magic, I am suddenly aware of myself in a changed state of existence. Totally aware of my immediate surroundings, however, unable to interact or influence them in any way. Unable to make a sound that can be heard by others, as well as finding my existence bound helplessly captive and unable to move. Seems at that point, I arrive at the realization, on top of what I had previously described. No longer do I appear to be living in a human body. Instead of which my feeling of soul and sense of self as I would soon be made very much aware, is hidden very deeply within a chocolate covered body of some kind! Or sometimes in an alternatively similar dream… my existence is placed magically unseen and awaiting discovery, inside a different form of chocolate delight. And even more from time to time, I am deeply hidden at the very base of a cone shaped receptacle of some Form. Buried right under what to me, feels something like a very cold and heavy but creamy substance. Which, although very dense in consistency, its form is like a soft covering blanket of exquisite silk shielding me from view to the outside world. Again, further on in this dream, I would learn about this protective material over my soul, something known as ice cream. Now As for my prior knowledge of status in humanity, and everything that I was entitled as such before my unaware transformation had been erased from my awareness too. Save, but for this one only singular constant burning desire of what I now understood so clearly, was to become my nirvana and total salvation. Consisting of such overwhelming yearning. need of my being carried to the pinnacle of salivation and piece… in a world consisting of good taste, harmony in creativity.

my short life in this form. The highlight of which is simply being granted the honour and joy I would ever know.

Quite simply… as my iternal reward… of giving all of me without question nor hidden regrets. unconditionally surrendering all that which I am, to some girl's craving and enjoyment.. This Being, only to achieve enlightenment my purpose of existence Nirvana and salvation, which is my reward, this overwhelming love and gratitude and honour of a state beyond heaven. Such joy is my universe! Alas, made only out of this girl's hunger and craving. Along with the unyielding enjoyment after finding my existence, hidden within her treat, then realizing her favourite flavour 

of all, is bursting out of my unconditional total surrender weeping love to each single one of her welcoming taste buds. As her enjoyment takes what is left of me without mercy, all the way into herself. To me, this feels like being suspended in a state of absolute orgasmic Ecstasy.
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A music teacher is found by his student as a chocolate bar.

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