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long time silent reader from this site decided to join and see what its like as a user possibly write some stuff as i do have a lot of knowledge of giantess stories I've read some seriously impactful giantess stories with terrifying mindsets so i might be able to write something interesting. having the skill to execute it is another matter though,

some of my favorite ones where specifically terrifying giantesses turn into vital allies. A shrunken person after a long ordeal very nearly makes it only to have freedom snatched away by crewel fates and horrible luck. The effects of being brought back to full height and still fearing the person and the psychological effects that follow. a well written villain giantess that isn't unbearably evil but in the right places explodes into action making you look forwards to even a mention of them. plain old well written giantess characters people can always fond an angle to surprise you in story telling. one of the best writers for me was a person who just wanted to try something they thought everybody was missing and the stories where legendary.            

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Summary: tales surrounding a huge predatory mermaid hunting her favorite prey bringing her closer to widespread discovery and humanity as well as details of her digestive anatomy and behavior's I would say from a scientists perspective but... is it?  
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