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‘Excuse me sir, but it’s one sample per customer,’ Maureen said meekly, rushing over from where she had been stacking some boxes to the sample cookie stand. The frazzled young employee was already red in the face from the extra high central heating in the store, but now she had the undesirable task of chasing off zealous freeloaders. In truth, the brunette had no problem with people taking more than one of the 1cm cubes of cut cookie. The store was hardly going bankrupt in giving these out for free. Alas, she had been chewed out by her manager before and now she couldn’t risk taking any chances. 


‘If you like the flavours, might I suggest purchasing a box of home brand cookies, now with chocolate chips,’ she tried to smile behind her mask but her eyes didn’t quite communicate it. The  three teens that had been loitering around the sample booth scoffed and turned their backs on her.


‘Have a nice day,’ Maureen said as nicely as she could to the rude trio. She wanted to apologise to them, but didn’t get the chance. Instead, she turned around and went back to stacking the shelves with the boxes of cookies. 





‘No, Cindy, you can’t have the last Frosties, because I saw it first,’ Valerie announced, sterling her shopping cart in as straight a line as she could, despite its one faulty wheel. The metal cage was filled to the brim with groceries for the week, and the last thing she wanted was to have a falling out with her shopping friend over a box of cereal.


The 5’7" mother of three marched down the aisles of the supermarket in a determined mission to get back home before the babysitter left. Dressed in a pair of black leggings that hugged her curvy hips and thighs, her new-but-made-to-look-old Ugg boots squeaked on the tiles as she she walked. Unfortunately for her, it was hard for her to go anywhere without turning a few heads. Despite the thick grey sweater that covered her from wrists to neck, there was no hiding the colossal pair of tits that jiggled with each step. Her double-E cup breasts wobbled despite the tight sports bra that she was wearing, and she had long since given up caring if they got a man or two horny. She hoped that her long, loose, chestnut brown hair would give her some shreds of humility, but they only served to exaggerate just how huge her breasts were. 


‘Come on, Val. You got one last week,’ Cindy moaned, wheeling her own, equally full cart beside the brunette. The shorter, skinner redhead was only a few years younger than Valerie, but she felt like her friend was being unfair in not allowing her to take the last box of cereal that her toddlers would be complaining about for the next week. 


‘If you wanted it, you should have got to it first,’ Valerie teased. 


‘Last time that I’m gonna be late for shopping, let me tell you that,’ Cindy sighed, defeated. 


‘Oh, cheer up, look, there’s some free treats,’ Valerie pointed to a cardboard booth that appeared unattended. Her keen eyes spotted an employee stacking boxes a few aisles down and she calculated that her friend and she could have at least a couple of the samples before the other woman told them off. She felt like Cindy needed a little win, ‘Let's grab a couple.’


The redhead nodded with glee and followed her friend as they drove their shopping over to the cookie samples. 




‘Shit, shit, someone’s coming,’ Brian yelled, ‘HELP! HELP US!’ The 17-year-old was standing, stark naked in the middle of the supermarket. His lean, bare body was a little cold in the open air, and it certainly would have caused quite a lot more commotion had anybody noticed. Unfortunately, the boy was less than half a centimetre tall. 


‘Get higher up and help me!’ Brian yelled, and one of his friend begrudgingly complied. Pierce, also very tiny and very naked, climbed onto one of the huge cubes around  them and started waving his hands. 


‘I knew we shouldn’t have taken too many,’ Macy cried, curled in a  ball at the foot of the object that Brian had scaled. 


‘Shut up, Macy! Just get up here and help me!’ the boy hissed. He had spotted the pair of giantesses walking towards them a few moments ago, and saw possibly his only chance at being saved. The sobbing girl stood up shakily. She approached a huge cube and reached for it, but quickly became distracted as the colossal figures arrived at the booth, their shadows looming over her.


The tiny girl stumbled backwards as she craned her neck, trying to look up the length of the nearest giantess. The immense woman’s face was totally obscured by her massive breasts, forming a balcony over the surface of the booth, and the plate of samples that the three tiny teens were stranded on.


Macy tried to open her mouth, to shout, but no sound came out. 




‘Couldn’t your kids just try another cereal?’ Valerie suggested, reaching down to the plate in front of her without looking. 


‘Oh, you know they won’t!’ Cindy shot back, holding her gaze. 


Far below them, Pierce froze as he watched the two enormous hands swing towards them from either side. The giantesses’ colossal bodies had all but formed a wall before them, and the only way to escape was to run the other way. Pierce turned and prepared to leap off of the block he had climbed, but he lost his footing, as the ground moved under his feet. 


Brian stared in horror as the larger of the two giantesses pinched the block of cookie that his friend was standing on. He watched him fall onto his knees, but then disappeared as the cube was lifted into the air by the two powerful fingers on either side. He didn’t have long to think about what to do next however, as the other giantess’s hand reached the plate. 


Not wanting to share the same fate, Brian threw himself off of his cube and screamed as he landed awkwardly on his leg, feeling snap at his ankle. He glanced to the side just in time to see Macy back into the nearest cookie piece. The redheaded goddess’s colossal finger slammed into her, crushing her against the sample before lifting it, and her into the air. Brian was alone on the plate, as his friends were being abducted before his very eyes. 


Pierce found himself trapped as he raced into the heavens, the possibility of him surviving a jump off of the doomed cookie gone in a heartbeat. He did the only thing he could, and turned to face the colossus who had lifted him. As the block of biscuit climbed, it finally surpassed the level of the huge brunette’s bosom, and the tiny teen laid eyes on his captor.


The woman’s face was chubby, but largely hidden behind a disposable face mask. Her eyes were pointed away form him, directed towards the other giantess, and Pierce realised that no amount of waving would draw her attention. He prepared to scream, praying that his tiny voice would reach her ears. 


ALL CUSTOMERS, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT,’ blared the PA system, just as Valerie used her free hand to peel down her mask. Pierce caught one glimpse of her huge, pink lips before they parted a wave a stale breath washed over him. He raised his arms to protect his head, as the giantess tossed the free sample into her open maw. 


Pierce was thrown from the block, hurtling into the dark cavern before landing on his side on a squishy, soaking surface. Before he had a chance to get his bearings, the house sized teeth snapped shut and he found himself in total darkness. As he tried to stand, the surface he was on suddenly started to move. Pierce shrieked as the giantess’s huge tongue tossed him forwards, pinning him against the drenched, dissolving cookie. The slippery muscle pressed the pair to one side and the boy found himself smothered by the powerful, hot flesh of the goddess. 


As suddenly as it had come, the tongue withdrew, disappearing into the moist, darkness. Pierce had no idea which was up and which way was down, but he felt like he was resting on his back. That was the last thought that Pierce would ever have, a fraction of a second before Valerie’s enormous teeth came down on him. His pathetic little body provided no resistance against the huge molar as the bony surface crushed him against the cookie. He felt the biscuit break behind him, but as in the blink of an eye, the tooth below caught up to him and the two together popped his little body like a raisin. The boy’s bones snapped with an inaudible crack and his flesh was ripped apart by the slightest slide of the teeth against each other, grinding him to a mush. His remains were quickly dissolved in the sea of Valerie’s saliva and dissipated around her mouth. All this only a second before she was ready to swallow, and the brutalised teenager was sucked down the young mother’s throat along with the partially digested chunks of cookie. 




‘Not bad, but I could go for another,’ Valerie chuckled as she washed the last few crumbs down with her saliva.


‘Careful, save some for the rest of us,’ Cindy sneered as she popped her own sample into her mouth. 


Macy screamed as she felt the cookie fall away from her body, as she remained stuck to the giantess’s finger. The chunk of baked dough that was twice her size vanished into the impossibly huge open mouth of the redheaded giantess and she watched from up close as the humungous teeth snapped shut around it. She wanted to scream, but was too petrified to utter a word. At least, she thought, she hadn’t followed the cookie, but her luck was short lived. 


Feeling a crumb or something on her finger, Cindy went to finish off her sample. Macy’s eyes widened as she suddenly shot forwards again. The finger that she was on entered the goddess’s cavernous maw and she watched the lips seal around the base of the finger. Before she could figure out what was going on, the air suddenly disappeared around her and she felt herself being lifted off of the finger. Cindy sucked in and the insignificant human on her finger had no chance of resisting. Macy was plucked off of her finger moments before the huge tongue slammed into her, lathering her in thick, sticky saliva. 


The tiny girl tried to swim away from the slimy muscle, but her arms were too weak to fight the dense fluid. She felt herself go under and was washed around in the giantess spit before finally being sucked down her throat. Somewhere along the long fall down Cindy’s oesophagus, the tiny girl lost consciousness, but she awoke for just a moment, when her body hit the pool of acid that was the goddess’s stomach, feeling an intense burning for just a moment before her body dissolved into nothing. 




‘It’s just one more,’ Valerie giggled as she reached for another sample.


‘Excuse me ma’am! It’s one sample per customer,’ called the voice of an approaching employee. Valerie was taken aback by Maureen’s sudden appearance and he fingers swung over the plate, knocking a few pieces of cookie off of the booth. 


‘My bad, we’ll just get going,’ the giantess mumbled, turning away and preparing to push her cart. She didn’t pay any attention to the crumbs and pieces of cookies that she had spilled before her and her friend.


Brian fell for what felt like hours, hurtling down from the impossibly tall samples booth. The large cubes of cookie batter were falling around him, slowly moving away from him as if in slow motion. He glanced down at where he was going, and the floor tiles seemed to be rushing up to meet him. Thinking fast, he reached for the nearest cookie, and clawed his way on top of it. 


The block struck the ground with enough force to crumble it and the shock shot right up through him. He felt a sharp pain in his shoulder as he bounced off of the broken dough, landing in a heap on the cold ground. Everything was still for a moment. Brian lay gasping on his back, his eyes shut firmly in agony. His shoulder was definitely hurt, but he tried to think of the positives: he was alive. Despite the terrifying drop, he was alive. He opened his eyes with a half smile on his face, his mind already whirring to find a way to get to safety. 





Valerie’s boot fell on the puny boy like an asteroid striking the Earth. The broad, flat sole of the black, leather boot was as vast as a football field. He didn’t even have time to register what the dark form above him was before it struck him, pounding him into the floor and obliterating his body. The tiny spec of a teenager was turned first to mush, and then rubbed completely out of existence as her foot twisted as she walked. As the huge boot rose, there was nothing left of Brian other than a few tiny streaks of red, mixed in with the melted snow and dirt from the giantess’s sole. 


‘Let’s get going, I don’t want to be late,’ the voluptuous brunette beckoned to her friend, as they wheeled their shopping carts away from the scene of the massacre. 

Chapter End Notes:

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