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It was cold, so very cold outside. Ms. Taylor Johnson had lived through countless cold, snowy winters, but this was different. This was literally a middle-of-winter, North Pole kind of cold. But everything they were doing here today was worth enduring a little bit of cold. Taylor, a well educated high school teacher, had just taken a year off from teaching to venture to the most northern reaches of Canada on a very special research trip. She and three of her closest friends, Jayln, Todd, and Andreas, were attempting to learn just how the government’s latest piece of technology fared under extreme cold conditions. Most of the population didn’t even know the technology existed yet. Only those developing the tech and people of fame, power, and wealth had access to this sort of advancement, although there have been rumours of this changing in the near future. Watching the tests unfold before her very eyes always sent waves of pride shooting through Taylor’s body, thinking back on how far they’d come in such a short period of time.


5 years ago, when she was still an undergrad in university, Taylor watched as the world was seemingly flipped head over heels. A disease unlike any the world had ever seen before was ravaging the planet. Innocent people who contracted the virus coughed and coughed until their lungs simply couldn’t withstand the stress. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. People stayed in their homes for weeks at a time for fear of catching the deadly virus. Stores and schools closed and streets saw a fraction of the traffic they used to. Riots ensued all around the world as the situation worsened and entire populations died. Governments even tried banding together to find a solution. Taylor, a bright engineering student at that time who had captured the attention of more than one world renowned professor, was pulled over into the medical field as the world raced to find a solution, and the more minds that were working on a solution, the better. About 7 months after she had joined her new research team, someone in Europe had made a discovery. A discovery that would cure the virus, yes, but there was something else that peaked the interest of anyone who got word of it. Although a preliminary find at the time, the European team had discovered a method of manipulating the genetic material of any living organism through exposure to low levels of electromagnetic energy that was even more complex than anything that had been discovered before. Harnessing this energy proved to be successful in targeting and rapidly eliminating the deadly virus, but when energy levels were increased and specially calibrated, was capable of contracting or expanding the matter within living organisms. To the general population, this discovery eliminated the virus and restored the world. However, to anyone with the right contacts and the right lab, this discovery meant so much more.


Taylor pointed a device that resembled a small flashlight towards her test subject - a very white, very creepy looking mouse. Holding the device steady and flipping the switch, she and her three companions watched as the mouse quickly went from being completely normal, to being completely normal but only a fraction of its original size. 


“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to watching something shrink like that.” Taylor whispered, still in awe that it even worked in such frigid conditions. Although she and her team were all quite young, all being in their mid twenties, she had already seen countless rodents, reptiles, amphibians… well just about the entire animal kingdom shrink like that before, but there was just something special about it that would never get old.


“I know.” Jalyn, the redhead who Taylor happily calls her bestie, whispered back. 


“So who gets to do the honours this time?” Todd said as he broke the silence in the room. Although many devices now have the ability to regrow test subjects, the one they were using today did not. And whenever a test subject is unable to be regrown, it has become customary for the “shrinker” to eliminate the “shrinkee” so as not to make the shrinkee suffer. At first the elimination step was hard, but over time, it became an exhilarating reminder of just how insignificant and powerless tiny beings really are. Rather, how powerful the shrinker is in comparison.  


“I’ll do it.” replied Jalyn. Taylor, Todd, and Andreas watched closely as Jalyn’s military style boot-clad foot slowly came down on top of the now teeny tiny mouse crawling along the floor. The mouse couldn’t have been any more than a half inch long after the shrinking. Jalyn slowly but effortlessly transitioned her weight fully onto the ball of her foot, feeling the creature’s body quickly give way. Jalyn wasn’t heavy by any means at just over 120 pounds, but the sheer size difference gave her an immense strength advantage over all tiny creatures like that one. “It’s done.” she announced. 


“Now that that’s over with, we still have one more test left to run and then we can pack up and celebrate!” Todd said to the others, knowing everyone was looking forward to returning home after being up north for so long. The 4 researchers reentered their small hut to escape the cold northern air and Todd walked over to the corner of the room, opened a monkey cage and carried the restless creature over to the stool in the middle of the room. The laboratory wasn’t exactly what they were all used to seeing. It was simply a small hut in the middle of nowhere, resembling a trappers cabin more so than a hospital. There were computer monitors and papers scattered over a few small plastic desks, the walls were coloured a dark green with maps and data tacked all over, and the floors were made of a cheap, dark wood material. Their beds were located in two small rooms to one side and the bathroom to the other. There was one small window looking out towards the white landscape but at this time of year the only thing they saw out the window was darkness.


As expected, the monkey fussed about being set on the stool and then stared at by four nosey humans. Very rarely would monkeys sit there and behave. After pulling and grabbing at Todd for several minutes while he attempted to calm the anxious creature, Andreas hit the subject with a mild sedative and they all watched as the monkey relaxed, sat down, and looked at them with dreary eyes. It wouldn’t be enough to put him completely to sleep, just enough to bring him some calm while they performed their experiment. Todd stood behind the creature just in case it did fall asleep and needed to be righted on the stool. 


“Ok, he’s still awake and ready to go.” Todd announced. Taylor stood just a few feet from the creature, device in hand, ready to deem their trip up north a success. But just as she switched the device on, she saw the creature begin to tilt farther and farther to the right, slowly falling off the chair as the sedative worked through his system. Her world seemed to move in slow motion. She saw Todd instinctively reach forward to right the creature, not realizing that she had already activated the device and sent the energy waves away. She then saw the monkey begin to shrink in size, thinking that they were just a split second away from success, when she saw the tall, sturdy man behind the creature also begin to get smaller and smaller. His hand… it struck his hand. Indeed, in an attempt to right the falling monkey, Todd had reached his hand in front of the monkey just far enough to catch some of the highly radiant energy coming from her device. In the next instant, Todd Sector went from being a 6’1”, fit but not buff, dark haired man to a 2” tall man before the very eyes of his best friends. 


“Todd!!” his three friends yelled in unison as Taylor dropped the device to the floor. Taylor was the first to rush forward and reach the now tiny man, but in her panic, she felt a light crunch under the sole of her shoe. “Todd…” she thought to herself, instantly thinking the worst. But it wasn’t Todd. Todd was right in front of her foot, peering up with both a terrified and amazed face. It was when she lifted her foot she saw the remains of the monkey that she had just shrunk. Taylor breathed a long sigh of relief after seeing that her friend was still very much alive. Just then, Jalyn and Andreas arrived at her side, also peering down at the tiny man before them. 


“Todd are you okay?” Jalyn asked.


From his new perspective, Todd was still trying to take everything in. It was like sensory overload. The ceiling looked to be a bazillion miles away. The pot lights looked like individual white suns ready to give him a sunburn. The shoe next to him, Taylor’s he thought, looked like a car about to run him over. Then he saw his three friends looking down at him, their faces so big. “Big doesn’t even do it justice,” he thought. Their features looked so much more prominent now. He always knew that Taylor and Jalyn were beautiful but now he felt like he could appreciate their beauty even more. Taylor, her long, straight, dark brown hair cascaded down past her shoulders like a waterfall. Her white yet slightly tanned skin seemed to glow. She was naturally taller than most girls at 5’11” but it was all thanks to those magnificent legs of hers. She was model-like but also fit like a well toned athlete. Her body strong but thin and tight in all the right places. He now felt guilty for wishing she wasn’t wearing those dark blue, skin tight jeans that perfectly hugged her body, and wishing that her entire body was on full display for him instead. Her eyes were large and the colour of hazelnut, the kind of eyes that were convincing not because they were intimidating, but because they were so sweet and soft. Her smile when she laughed was infectious. Her smile was so big that a little of her upper gums would show above her teeth. It made any man want to smile along with her. Distracted... He was very distracted. Snapping back, he put his desires aside and realized yet again that he would probably never have a shot with her. No man ever has as far as he knew. And at this size, that beauty he’s spent so many years dreaming about could literally be the very thing that kills him. “Todd are you okay?” Jalyn asked again, her voice booming down from the heavens. Even Jalyn, with a body like a track star, shorter than Taylor’s but very agile, looked both stunning and terrifying at his minuscule size. 


“Yes! I’m okay! What do we do now?” Todd shouted. 


They all exchanged glances. What do they do now? They can’t regrow him. Not yet, not here anyways. Taylor felt guilty for thinking it, but deep down she really didn’t want to regrow him. Ever. Looking down at his tiny little body made her body tingle with excitement. What-ifs began to float around in her mind. What if he was this size forever? What if he actually likes being that size? What if I were to try and pick him up? What if I were to step on him like I did to that little monkey? What if I dropped him down...? “No. Todd is still a living thing, he deserves to be regrown.” Taylor thought to herself. But deep inside, she knew at that moment he would never be regrown. Something had just clicked in her mind. She wanted him. Just like that. 2 inches tall, no more, no less. She couldn’t explain why she was suddenly feeling the way she was, but her gut was telling her this was right. She always imagined what it would be like to own a tiny man. To have someone who loves you endlessly and will do whatever you want simply because you’re so much more powerful. Taylor had heard stories of celebrities acquiring tiny men, but this was her first time actually seeing a real shrunken man, and she now fully understood their obsession for them. She wanted to see what those magical little hands could do. Without answering Todd’s question, Taylor grabbed Jalyn’s arm, pulled her into the bathroom, and closed the door behind them.


“This is going to sound crazy but…” Taylor began as Jalyn cut her off mid sentence.


“I think I know what you’re going to say and I agree. I love Todd, I’ve known him for as long as you have, but that just makes me want this even more… This has to be our secret though. Andreas will never agree to it. You get him tonight, I get him tomorrow.” Jalyn said. She and Taylor had always had a sister-like bond. A bond that was always tighter than the one they had with the men. 


The girls exited the bathroom and rejoined the two men, although from a distance it looked like one man and a tiny speck beside him. Todd was now perched atop Andreas’ hand, high above the dangerous floor. Both men turned their gazes to the girls, curiosity plastered across their faces, wondering why they had suddenly disappeared to chat. 


“Todd, are you feeling okay? You’re not feeling nauseous or dizzy?” Taylor asked the tiny man before them. 


“No, not really. Though it does feel like I’m sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, about to fall off. No offence Andreas, I know you’re doing your best.” Todd replied, seeming to be in a chipper mood all things considered. 


“Good. Very good actually. Do you need us to get you anything?” Taylor asked. 


Todd thought about it for a second. What did he need? He needed to be regrown but he knew that was impossible for the time being. To be honest, he wasn’t even sure that he really wanted to be regrown. Life wouldn’t be so bad at this size. Sure, there would be new dangers, but life would be simpler in many ways. 


“No, I don’t think I need anything right now. Maybe something to drink though.” Todd said, realizing now that his throat was completely parched. “And we still have those test results to compile. I have a few new, rather obvious, observations to add myself.”




The team spent the remaining hours of the day crunching numbers and writing reports to finalize their research trip. Todd, unable to write or type at his new size, assisted the others in their work. It felt strange to him though. It felt like a completely new world. He was so used to being the biggest and strongest person in the room, where now he had to be wary of a stray hand accidentally knocking him off the table. Even watching the girls sit down on a chair was breathtaking. The way the chairs would compress such an extraordinary amount, at least to him, was mesmerizing. It was the little things he now noticed. When everyone had finally finished their work, they breathed a collective long sigh of relief and were ready for a good night’s sleep before heading for home tomorrow. 


“Todd, where would you like to sleep tonight? I can whip you up a quick bed so you can sleep on my bedside table if you’d like.” Taylor said to the man. The men and women each had separate sleeping quarters, though they were only separated by a thin wall. The hut was just large enough for two bunk beds. Taylor knew Jalyn wouldn’t mind if the tiny man slept with them tonight. 


“That would be very kind of you, thank you.” Todd replied. 


Andreas was the first to retreat to his room and close the door behind him. Taylor carried the small man to their room with Jalyn following close behind. Todd had only ever seen this room from a few passing glances. It was just like his and Andreas’, only mirrored. The bunk bed was on the left wall with neatly folded silver bedding on top. A small bedside table was next to the beds against the far wall and a small closet with the girls’ clothes was against the right wall, the same wall that separates the two rooms. The walls were made of dark wood paneling which often made the rooms feel dark and gloomy. Tonight though, Todd felt a sort of “buzz” coming from his body. Excitement. Everything felt new. Like he was experiencing the world for the first time. 


“Turn around.” Todd heard Taylor say. At first he didn’t know why she was saying this but then he knew, they needed to change out of their clothes and into their cozy sleepwear. Todd did as he was told and didn’t bother risking upsetting them by trying to sneak a peek. He knew they’d be watching him like a hawk. One by one they each crawled into their beds, Jalyn first to the top bunk, then Taylor on the bottom, and finally Todd into his makeshift basket bed. Shortly thereafter he could hear Andreas and Jalyn begin to lightly snore, beat after a long day’s work. But then he heard Taylor’s voice whisper softly in the dark room. 


“Todd, are you awake?”




“Are you okay in there? Comfortable enough?”


“I’m okay. I think I’m just a bit on edge after… today.” He heard Taylor rustle in her bed and then felt his entire world lift up, wind rushing past his face as he was carried towards the woman. He must have been right next to her face because he could smell her breath gently brushing against his face, the intoxicating smell of strawberries. Still unable to see anything, she began speaking softly again. 


“I’m sorry about today. I didn’t mean to.” 


“It’s alright. And… to be honest with you, it’s not so bad really.” Relief washed over Taylor like a warm shower. 


“I’m glad. Is there anything I can do for you?” 


Todd’s mind began to spin with ideas. He was in bed with the 24-year-old woman he’d spent years fantasizing about. There was certainly something she could do for him but he just wasn’t sure how to begin to say it. Little did he know that she was thinking something very similar to him and her free hand had already begun to wander downwards the moment she laid down in bed. Taylor knew what she wanted, she just wasn’t sure if he would like it. 


“Todd, have you ever… done it before?” She was speaking again. He must have been lost in his thoughts and forgot to answer her first question. “Done it?” Those two words echoed in Todd’s mind. “Does she mean what I think she means?” he asked himself. 


“No.” He replied. 


“Would you ever… you know… do it?” she asked. 


“Maybe.” Todd answered, instantly regretting saying that. Fearing that she would think he was a creep. He had never had a conversation like this with anyone before. 


“Would you like me to… show you something?”




Todd felt a light pinch as Taylor pulled his body out of his bed. Then he immediately noticed the temperature rise significantly around him and the air became far more humid as he was set down on something smooth but firm and slightly flexible. In the next moment he felt the temperature rise again, though just slightly, followed by the most amazing smell he had ever smelled before. He just couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. He was given a gentle push from behind and felt himself slide and slide along this interesting surface. “I wish I could see something right about now.” he thought to himself. The air was even more humid now than it was before. Wait. He knew then where he was heading. Rather, where he was, because in the next instant he felt it. It was like sliding down a pillowy hill. So soft and… right. But then he felt his body become wet and slightly sticky. It got into his eyes and made them sting a little but for some reason he knew that was okay. The large, powerful finger behind him was still acting as his guide on this mysterious journey, refusing to let him go. Todd knew exactly where he was now. He had finally made it after all these years. 


For Taylor, the moment she pushed tiny Todd against her clit was the moment she knew she could never live without a tiny man in her life again. His tiny struggles only sent waves after waves of ecstasy through her body. It felt so right. For the next ten minutes, Taylor forcefully guided Todd around every inch of her crotch, taking in every tiny movement he made. She pushed his body faster and harder against hers, feeling herself getting closer and closer. She could feel her body beginning to sweat from the pleasure that was coursing through her body. Almost! There! She was beginning to quiver, her legs feeling like jelly, as she pushed one last time on Todd’s body. It was like an eruption of fireworks within her. But at the same time, just as she was approaching the climax of her life, she felt a very distinct snap under her right index finger. Todd. All pleasure stopped in an instant as she wrapped her hand around the tiny man and whipped him out from under her sheets as fast as she could and rushed to flip the light on. 


“What’s going on?” Jalyn asked with squinted eyes. Then she awoke fully upon seeing her friend kneeling on the floor, Todd’s bed empty. Then she saw it. In Taylor’s hand hung a very broken, lifeless Todd. 


“What happened?” She asked again. 


“We finally got what we both wanted but I didn’t know my limits. I didn’t know his limits.” Taylor replied, a noticeable quiver coming from her voice. 


As both girls looked down at what was left of Todd, they felt the pain of loss deep in their chests, but they also felt a hint of power. A hint of power that they couldn’t quite shake. A hint of power that made them want to do it all over again. 


“What did you do?!” Andreas was standing in the doorway, looking at the two girls and then down to Todd. “You killed him?!” Andreas was furious, ready to do something he knew he would regret. But just as he took a step forward, he felt the world around him get bigger. The girls were getting taller. No. He was getting shorter. A second later he was on the floor looking up at two women the size of skyscrapers. Jalyn was standing a half step behind Taylor when Taylor looked back to see her friend holding the small flashlight-like device in her hand, pointed towards where Andreas was standing just a moment ago. Each of them knew they would have to answer to their superiors when they arrived home. They also knew that the scientific community understood that accidents happen when this sort of technology is involved. Taylor and Jalyn exchanged glances and peered down at the now tiny Andreas, frozen in awe. 


—— 5 years later ——


Taylor Johnson sat at her desk looking out her window at the beautiful lake. It was the end of summer and the leaves were just on the verge of changing to their brilliant fall colours. Maple Valley, a relatively small town just a few hours north of the hustle and bustle of the major cities, was always the place to be at this time of year. Taylor always felt thankful she could call this charming little town her home. She had been born and raised here, leaving only for things that required her immediate attention. Taylor had been teaching at the Maple Valley high school for several years, but just a few years ago received a very special promotion after showing what she was capable of. Today was her last day of preparation though. Tomorrow would be a very busy day indeed. 




Taylor looked up at her computer monitor to see that an email had just come through. Excellent, this was the one she was hoping for. “Hello Taylor, I hope you had a wonderful summer. Yes, I am perfectly fine with Gatlin being included in your class this year. It is a very important subject nowadays and it is worth the risks. You have an excellent track record and your reputation speaks for itself. I know you’ll take good care of my young man. All the best tomorrow! Try not to let those boys get under your skin! Sincerely, Lillian Steele”


This email was the last of the consent letters required for this year’s grade 9 sexual education class. The parents were all made aware of what sex ed looks like today compared to when they were in school, although most had already heard this from other parents from the years before. Her methods might be new, she may be young for a teacher, and there are risks of course, but she’s shown that it ultimately benefits everyone in the long run.


As Ms. Johnson was falling asleep that night, she found it somewhat amusing knowing the boys would be going to bed tonight thinking they knew everything about the world, but that they would have their eyes opened wider than ever tomorrow. 

Chapter End Notes:

Hope everyone enjoyed the start of this story! Feel free to let me know what your early reactions are!

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