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Author's Chapter Notes:


You awake in a daze. You can't remember how you got here or where you are, but the tiled floor, skyscraper-sized lockers, and giant benches clue you into this being one of school gym locker rooms. There was an apparent humidity in the air and the locker room smelled of sweat...


It was after school and a crowd of female students exited the locker room one by one until there was only one left; a rough-looking delinquent girl by the name of Furyu Mitsukabe. With a small towel draped around her neck and sweat dripping off her body, she walked towards you...


Furyu was a tough & violent delinquent through & through, and you had no idea how she'd react if she found you snooping around the girl's locker room. Trying to hide, you ran under one of the benches and hoped to not be found, but much to your dismay, that's where she sat down...


You froze and hoped she wouldn't look underneath the bench. But, luck wasn't on your side as Furyu roughly dropped her gym bag underneath the bench, inadvertently hitting you in the process. Furyu cursed herself as it tipped over causing her clothes to spill out on top of you...


You were assaulted by Furyu's clothes and you soon found yourself completely buried in them. It was dark and the only thing you could feel was the cloth of the article of clothing had landed on you as it pinned you. Your fate was sealed as everything around you started to move...


Light flooded the area and you finally realized that you... were inside Furyu's sock. You could see her silhouette through the threads of her sock as she brought it closer to her foot. You couldn't see how sweaty it was, but you could definitely feel the heat rolling off her foot


She placed her foot inside and almost instantly you were hit with a humid wave of heat. It approached you with a slow and imposing motion until her toes had snaked forwards, pinning you to wall of her sock. Instantly your body was drenched in her sweat.


You struggled but your efforts were useless. You were trapped and she couldn’t even feel you. A few moments later everything went dark one more as Furyu put her shoes on. Much like her foot, the environment in her shoe was just as humid and carried a very unpleasant smell.


The heat was overwhelming and your consciousness started to fade, however, just when you were about to knock out you were jolted awake as Furyu prodded you with her toes. This cycled continued with each earth shattering step and that was before she even exited the locker room.


"Damn, it's so hot outside." She said, wiping the sweat from her brow. It was a long walk from school to Furyu's house and it wasn't exactly the most enjoyable ride. The heat had doubled tenfold and you were jostled all about within the inside of her sock.


It getting harder and harder to breathe and every breath was filled with all the odor and humidity that radiated from her massive foot. Over the next couple minutes you were thrown around ruthlessly with each step, smothered by her toes, and almost drowned by her sweat.


You had to get her attention! There was no other choice. Even if she thought you were a foot perv that snuck into her sock you had to make her notice you before you were CRUSHED to death. Gathering all of your strength you began hitting her toes, praying that she'd feel you...


After 1 painstaking minute of banging on her big toe you were gassed out and drenched in her foot sweat, but luck had finally been on your side... Or so you thought. Up above you heard an annoyed sigh from Furyu; she felt your attack on her toes... Just not in the way you hoped.


"These socks are so damn itchy!" You heard her say, and without warning the big toe you had been punching retaliated, slamming down on your tiny body and pinning you to her sweat soaked sock once more. It began assaulting you, prodding your face with its sweaty flesh and odor...


The attacks were endless until her toe was finally satisfied. You hoped to be free from it's attacks but thanks to all the commotion your arms and legs were trapped hopelessly under her smelly flesh. This was even worse and no amount of squirming could save you...


You stared mortified at her big toe and realized there was only 1 thing you could do now, and it wasn't something you were gonna enjoy. You took a deep breath in order to psyche yourself up, but you only managed to fill your lungs with more of Furyu's putrid foot odor...


You gulped and brought your face closer to her toe. Reluctantly, you started to lick at and bite Furyu's big toe as a last resort. The taste was horrible! A gross rancid flavor invaded your mind and pieces dead skin and toe jam slithered down your throat.


This was your final hope. You were at your lowest point and all that was left to do was wait and pray that she'd notice you. It was silent, but right when you gave up hope, you heard her say something that filled your tiny body with hope. "Is there something in my shoe..?"


After hearing her say that you gave her toe a few more licks as if to respond to her question, and as if they were responding to you, Furyu's toe began to smother you once more... but this time was a lot more gentle. "Crap..." She murmured quickly pulling off her shoe.


You had finally done your part and as light invaded your surroundings once more you felt an extreme wave of awful smelling odor and relief wash over you. You barely had enough time to comprehend the situation before you finally passed out, still clinging to her big toe...


Hours later you wake up, only to find yourself on Furyu's desk. Her socks are in a crumpled ball a few inches away from you and Furyu herself was staring right at you. After seeing that you were awake, she confronts about what had happened.


She looked at you with an incredibly menacing glare, however, as you looked closer at her face you could tell... she was blushing?! You tried to explain yourself but, the salt from her foot sweat had dried you out and your body was too weak to move, let alone speak.


Staring at your limp body, Furyu turned her head away still trying to hide her blush and that's when you noticed something. Looking down towards your crotch you saw that your **** was erect. 'But why??' you thought to yourself. You hated being tortured by her feet... right?


After a couple moments of awkward silence, Furyu finally said something, but it wasn't exactly something you wanted to hear. "I can't believe you snuck into my sock! Are you some kinda pervert or somethin'??" She sighed and then look down, her blush becoming more apparent.


"S-So you like... my feet?" You heard as you saw Furyu gazing at your crotch with an embarrassed gaze. Her menacing aura was reduced to an awkward yet cute air and you couldn't help but appreciate it. But you soon snapped out of your trance and thought more about what she said.


"Gah! You should really ask before you do this stupid shit!" She scolded, only to let out a sigh shortly after. With a blush on her face, she picked you up gently and reached down toward the floor. You were still limp in her hand, but you had a bad very feeling about this...


Trying to build up the strength you needed to speak, you were interrupted as an intense odor filled your senses. Your heart sunk as you saw Furyu pick up a discarded sock off the floor of her messy bedroom and bring towards you. "I think I used these when I was working out..."


"Since you like my feet so much, I doubt you'd mind the smell." She took a quick sniff and recoiled in disgust at the crusty sweat-soaked sock before bringing you closer to the opening.


"You're gonna be my workout buddy!" She said, trying to simple for you to do. Originally relieved at the seemingly simple task, but that thought was soon shattered when you were lifted over to the opening of her sock. Your heart sunk as you were starting to realize what she meant


Still limp from your earlier sock experience, you could do nothing but watch while Furyu grabbed you by your torso and dropped you down into a whole new, and definitely smellier, prison. You could still see an embarrassed look on her face, that was almost endearing... in a way


It was too late to even attempt to talk her out of it and you were now plummeting down a malodorous abyss pit. It felt like an eternity but you finally fell all the way to the bottom. Landing face first in some sweat-soaked cloth, you were shocked by the much stronger smell.


Looking up at the only source of light, you saw Furyu's face looking down towards you. She seemed antsy and it was clear she had no intention of torturing you, but that wasn't enough to change the fact that you were being forced to endure against her deadly toes once again.


You tried covering your nose, but that only accomplished in coating your face with more of her gross sweat. Trying to calm yourself down, and wipe some of the sweat off, you were abruptly shrouded by darkness as Furyu began to shove her foot inside the sock.


"My little sis' ain't home yet so I hope that you'll keep me company while I work out." She said pulling her socks up and sandwiching you between her big and second toes. It was a safer position but it was already starting to get uncomfortably humid.


"Well, normally my sis' cheers me on from the sidelines, but I'm sure you'll do just fine in there. You better not pull anythin' weird while you're there!" She exclaimed, flexing her toes in an effort to know where you were.


While that action did help her get a good idea of where you were, it also caused your whole body to be tightly compacted between her two bodies. As this happened your face ended up getting pressed deeply into a piece of toe jam that you failed to notice earlier.


And while you shut your mouth and did your best to resist, you soon found that the gross mass was starting to suffocate you. You desperately didn't wanna smell it but soon, your survival instincts took over and you were forced to open your mouth in order to catch a breath.


You would soon regret that action as toe jam started to make its way into your mouth coating it in a pungent and slimy concoction. It wasn't pleasant and as soon as she relaxed her toes, you wasted no time in spitting it but that did nothing to get rid of the horrible taste.


"Sit tight little guy, it'll only be an hour so I'll try to be as careful as possible." She said, her muffled voice barely reaching you in the depths of her sock. Jumping to her feet, you were slammed roughly into the wall of her sock as she began her dynamic stretches.


Finding yourself lodged between her big and second toe, you tried to get in a more comfortable situation only to be quickly denied as the entire world, or rather, Furyu's foot began to shift. What once was the floor was now and straight drop down from her toes to her heel.


Knowing that getting trapped under her heel would mean certain death, you grabbed on desperately to her toes. It might have not been obvious to you but Furyu had been doing straddle stretches, which meant that you were probably going to be in that position for quite some time.


As Furyu stretched you slowly felt your grip start to slip as her warm sweat coated the surface of her foot. Trying to hold on for dear life you pressed your face and body closer to her toe drenching yourself in even more of her sweat.

Slowly but surely, more and more sweat started to pour and you found yourself in for yet another session in the

world's smelliest sauna. And with each drop of sweat, you were forced to hold on tighter and tighter until you were practically making love to Furyu's big toe.

Scrunching her toes with every stretch, your face was submerged deep within the gap between her toes and was covered with whatever toe jam or pockets of sweat that had been lodged in between. With how rough things were it almost like she had forgotten about you..


After enduring 5 minutes of stretching you were finally able to catch a break, as Furyu returned to a standing position. However, your little break wasn't as pleasant as you'd hope. Trying to catch your breath, your lungs were only filled with Furyu's mid-workout perspiration


The raw humidity and less than pleasant made it almost impossible for you to relax and before you even had a chance, she had already started another exercise. Not wanting to be constantly hanging from her toe again, you crawled in between her big and second toe.


Ignoring the even harsher foot sweat and heat, as well as the ample amounts of toe jam, you tried your best to hold on. Just as you suspected, Furyu's foot began to shift once more as she started to lie down on her bedroom's carpet.


Thinking that this was your lucky chance to finally relax and take a break, you'd soon be caught off guard as Furyu began actually began her exercise... In an instant, you were thrust into the wall of her sock as she quickly pulled her knee towards her chest.


'Oh, no!' You thought as you finally figured out what Furyu was doing: Bicycle crunches. In quick and repetitive motions you were slammed into her foot, and then the wall of her sock over and over again without fail.


You tried to make Furyu feel your distress but your tiny efforts were fruitless as any time you'd try to speak up, your face would be slammed into her foot in which it'd make contact with a wave a sweat, or some of the grime that had been trapped between her toes.


The world's smelliest sauna had very quickly turned into a dizzyingly pungent washing machine and you were thrown about all over her foot. Despite your 'you know what' still standing to attention, you wanted nothing more than to get off this wild and sweaty ride.

Finishing her bicycle crunches, she relaxed her legs and took a caught her breath. You, on the other hand, were dizzy as hell and as Furyu laid her legs flat on the ground, you threw up a little in your mouth a little filling your maw with the taste of her foot sweat once again.

Head spinning and unprepared, you were surprised as Furyu jumped to her feet in a single swift moment, knocking the wind out of you. Miraculously unharmed, you tried to regain your breath only to realize that Furyu's toe was now smothering you.

Threatening suffocation, you began hitting and licking at her big toe hoping to give her a sign that you were in danger. As the now rank tasting sweat filled your senses, you somehow were able to get the message across as Furyu scrunched her toes and lifted her foot.

"Sorry about that little guy." She said with a nervous chuckle. "I get really focused on my thoughts when I exercise. You only have to endure one more though, so sit tight!" Despite this being practically torture, you felt relieved at those words.
However, as you'd soon learn, this exercise would push you to your absolute limits (and you weren't even the one exercising). Resting just above the ball of her foot, you very suddenly felt an intense amount of pressure fall upon you only to be lifted off a couple moments later.

This happened again and again, and each time the pressure would increase pressing down on you harder and harder. Over and over Furyu's massive foot would smother you. It took you a moment, but then you finally realized: She was doing squats...
Furyu's pungent foot flesh squeezed you against the sock and it felt like you were being stepped on over and over again by an entire locker room's worth of odor and foot sweat and yet, you were still able to tell that your "little buddy" was enjoying every second of it.
That feeling would not last though, as Furyu kept ramping up the intensity again and again to the point in which she'd hold a single squat for over 20 seconds at a time. Every time she held a squat you were forced to hold your breath as Furyu's foot periodically caved in on you.

It became increasingly difficult as she started to sweat more and more. Around the 50th squat, you were literally drowning in her sweat and had no choice but to start willingly gulp down some of her sweat to not suffocate. It was a nightmare, but things only got worse from there

Struggling to maintain consciousness you finally relieved as Furyu stopped holding her squats as she reached her 75th one. You could finally breathe, and despite it being 99% Furyu's foot odor it was still nice not to be constantly compressed under her toes. That was until...

"All right! 25 left, let's give it all we got!!" Furyu yelled, starting to rapidly increase the pace of her squats pounding you into her sock. BAM! BAM! BAM! Again and again, her foot would slam into you. The speed was so fast that it was starting to dislodge you from your spot.

You were being mixed all around her foot and were praying for her to stop. It was impossible to even alert her to your distress and before long you were underneath her big toe as she completed her 100 squats!

"100!! Woo, that was nice. Having you down there actually feels pretty good! Give me a sign that you're still kicking!" She said scrunching her toes. After waiting for you to lick her toe, she realized that she may have gone a little too far. "Crap..." 

You were out cold and sandwiched between Furyu's toes as her intense post work out odor wafted over your body and sweat coated you from head to toe. After chugging some water she sat down on her bed and reached down towards her socks.

Taking her socks off she tossed one across the room before grabbing the other one, and with a shake, she dumped you onto her hand. Your unconscious body landed roughly on her palm along with a couple drops of sweat and some sock lint.

Looking at your "you know what" awkwardly, she let off a nervous chuckle and placed you on top of her sweaty sock. "I guess I might've gone a little too far there, sorry about that little guy." She said with embarrassment in her voice. "Though from the looks of it..."

"You seemed to have enjoyed yourself quite a bit." Giggling she poked at your crotch a little before getting a sudden flash of inspiration.

"Well, since you like my feet so much... I bet you'd wanna be with all the time!"

Smiling mischievously Furyu picked up your tiny body and tossed you into her sock. "Have a nice time, little foot perv." You woke up only to see Furyu's wiggling toes slowly encompass your entire world. You were now her foot pet, and would be for the rest of your life...






"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?" Somewhere in a certain mixed sizes school, an angry scream rang out from the Micro-Rep Support Squad's club room. Inside was a furious looking delinquent girl with blonde hair and a red stripe.

She was holding what looked to be a hentai magazine in her hands. "I'd never do any of that crap, are you insane??" The girl yelled pointing at another girl with green hair. "It's only a doujin, calm down, Fu-chan." She said smugly.

"Little Ren-ren over there's c***ing in his pants from how good it was. Just goes to show how much of a smash hit you are Fu-chan!" The smug girl giggled, glancing at the flustered micro student to her right. "It was so good..." He murmured trying to hide his excitement.

"You two better shut the hell up before I pound your asses into the ground!!" She threatened, tossing the doujin into the trash and walking out in a fit of embarrassment. 


Chapter End Notes:


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