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Author's Chapter Notes:


It was a chilly morning, the sun had just peeked over the horizon and a teenage girl, full of life and bursting with energy, excitedly awoke from her bed and skipped downstairs to make a wonderful breakfast for her loving mother. And while she did take pleasure in helping her mother out once in a while, something about today was especially exciting for her…

With a glint in her clear maple eyes and voluptuous body, she entered the kitchen with a small cardboard box in her hands she gleefully approached the kitchen counter making sure to be as quiet as possible as to not wake her mother up. It was her mother’s birthday and, like a good daughter, the girl wanted nothing more than to celebrate by doing something extra special for her. However… although her plan may have been special, it was far from something her mother would willingly enjoy. With the dim glow of sunshine bleeding through the kitchen window the girl flipped her long peach shaded hair to the side, tied a homely pink apron around her waist and gently opened the box, revealing a truly bizarre and staggering sight that had left the girl completely unfazed…

Her name was Ambriel and, despite her name, she was far from a perfect angel. Unbeknownst to her mother and all her many friends, Abriel had a hidden side— A little personality trait that most normal people would call weird, or even downright creepy. Ever since the girl could remember, she had a sadistic and almost sexual urge to look down on and torment things that were smaller than her. Whether that be bugs, toys, or even younger/shorter, girls. Her mother loved her very much, but even she would feel some discomfort over how much of a problem child she was, that is until young Ambriel hit the developing age of 16. From then onwards it was like the sadistic trouble maker Ambriel had done a complete 180. She became a gentler and kinder individual while completely disregarding that sadistic side of hers. Completely surprised by her seemingly sudden personality change Ambriel’s mom was incredibly glad that she was finally living up to the perfect little angel she was destined to be. While she and many others believed that Ambriel’s problem child side was gone for good, that wasn’t exactly the full story. It wasn’t like she just stopped being sadistic all of a sudden, it was more like she finally found a way to indulge in her sadism without a single soul knowing of her deranged antics…


The reasoning for the seemingly drastic change was quite simple: Ambriel had the power to shrink people. And while being unable to explain how or why she got that power, the eager girl didn’t question it, and in fact, took it in stride, using her newfound and miraculous powers without a care in the world. Initially, she only used it to shrink people she absolutely hated, but after very quickly running out of those she moved on to anyone that pissed her off, and after running out of those, Ambriel had moved on to shrinking whoever she pleased. From cute boys, she wanted to dominate, to just any random person she could find. 


No one was safe around her and soon the girl had dozens of one-inch tall slaves for which she could use and abuse however she wanted, and there was no end to her creativity when it came to her new “tiny toys.” Stress relievers, massagers, sex toys, insoles, foot worshippers, torture subjects, and as of recently, food! You'd be damned if you were the only person around when Ambriel felt like dominating someone. And worst of all, Ambriel was completely uncaring with whatever tiny she decided to play with. They were disposable to her and she knew no consequence in ending the lives of dozens of people and when she was finally bored of playing the poor tinies in her possession would end up in one of two places: plastered against the bottom of her foot, or digested away in the depths of her stomach. After a year and a half of being extremely infatuated with all the power she had felt, Ambriel was finally ready to share it with the person she cared about the most in life, her mother. After waiting impatiently for so long, the day had finally come.


Flipping on the kitchen lights, the sadistic 17-year-old stared down excitedly into her box of one-inch playthings. Figuring that it’d be bad if her mother had noticed their tiny struggles in her food, Ambriel found the most battered and despairful slaves in her collection and realized that they’d be perfect for this occasion since they no longer had a will to live, let alone struggle. Though, she did have some fresh ones saved up just in case her little plan worked out exactly as she wanted it to. Sealing up the box once more, Ambriel switched on the stove, tied her hair back, and started to cook a wonderful birthday breakfast, humming gently all the way through. And while some people would say that she had a nice voice, for the terrified and depressed tinies, that humming was a horrifying hymn of what was to come. After a couple of minutes, the delicious smell of bacon and pancakes wafted through the house as a sultry woman with an ample bosom and generally attractive yet mature appearance groggily approached the kitchen. Despite having a severe case of bed head, her silky sleek and elegant similarly colored peach hair was a sight to behold. As she took her first step towards the table, she was surprised as Ambriel came in gingerly holding a plate of raspberry pancakes.


“Happy birthday!!!” She yelled happily presenting the plate to her. As her mother praised her for doing such a great job, Ambriel couldn’t help but smile for all the wrong reasons. She was without a doubt happy to receive so much praise from her caring mother, but currently, the fact that she could finally share the wonderful gift she had received filled the girl with all the joy in the world. She could just barely contain all the excitement that was bottling up inside and as the two of them walked towards the kitchen table, Ambriel’s mother was greeted with more appetizing dishes. Bacon and eggs, biscuits, sausages, and a delightful looking breakfast sandwich that had each been meticulously spiked with a healthy amount of tortured and tiny playthings. After Ambriel had set the plate down, her mother wasted no time digging in. As she scarfed down her food Ambriel could only imagine all the helpless tinies that she was unknowingly biting down on or all the ones that were being slowly digested by her stomach acid, feeling the most joy whenever she hungrily picked off some of the raspberries from her pancakes and tossed them into her mouth. As she chewed down on the raspberries, Ambriel could barely distinguish blood from raspberry juice as it coated her teeth and slid down her throat.


“Mmmmmm!!!” She moaned, licking her peachy lips. “You did an amazing job with these, sweetie! If you keep this up I might have to ask you to make breakfast every morning~” She teased scarfing down some more tinies and washing it down with a glass of orange juice that was also laced with a couple of Ambriel’s playthings. Savoring the last piece of pancakes that was left, as well as the tiny that was sneakily hidden within the batter, she then moved on to bacon and eggs, and then the sausages and biscuits, and then finally finishing off with the sandwich. Hungrily eating it up, Ambriel watched smugly as she got a small glimpse of one of her playthings barely struggling to escape from within the contents of the sandwich before being bitten clean in half and thrown straight down her esophagus to meet and digest along with every tiny that came beforehand


“Thank you so much for making breakfast today, sweetie.” She said, giving her a gentle hug. “I don’t know your secret, but that was the best breakfast I’ve had in ages!” Patting her belly, she let out a satisfying belch, much to Ambriel’s sinister amusement.


“Well, if you have to know, I added a little something special while I was cooking…” Ambriel explained looking at her mother with a smug grin. Holding her box of playthings behind her back she psyched herself up before she finally decided to reveal her little secret. Fidgeting nervously she set the box down onto the table. Confused at first, Ambriel's mother gently brought the box over to herself, examining it a little before deciding to open it. 


"What is this some kind of new-age miracle spice, or something?" She asked, picking the box up and giving it a little shake. She could hear light thuds and groans come from within, and her expression immediately changed from cheerfully interested to confused. Looking back at Ambriel, she carefully opened the box to find 5 one-inch tall struggling humans bound and silenced by small cuts of duct tape. “W-What is this??” Shocked and bewildered by such an unusual sight, she dropped the box onto the table and back away. Ambriel’s mother was speechless. ‘This isn’t real!’ She thought, trying to rationalize the situation in her head. She didn’t even think shrinking people was physically possible but that thought was undoubtedly challenged by what was right before her very eyes. After calming herself down, she sat back in her chair and examined the tiny people once more. Confirming that they were in fact living breathing people, she then looked up at the oddly satisfied Ambriel hoping for an answer.


“I know this might be hard to believe, or understand, but I have the power to shrink people.” She said fiddling around with her hands. “I-I don’t know where it came from but it just happened to come out of nowhere.” Ambriel nervously scratched the back of her head, while anticipating the inevitable barrage of confused questions, but it seemed as if she would get a completely unexpected response.


“I see… that’s um, quite an interesting ability.” Ambriel’s mother, while seeming rather nonchalant about the news, actually had something else plaguing her mind. ‘Did she actually use tiny people in the food that I just ate??’ Looking down at her stomach, she couldn’t accept the fact that she had just unknowingly eaten dozens of people, that was until…


“Huh?” Staring down at her plate of breakfast once more, she flipped over a piece of lettuce that had fallen from her breakfast sandwich to find the dismembered corpse of what looked to be a miniature human. Audibly gasping, she then looked at her stomach once more. It was true. She couldn’t believe it, but it was true!! She then looked back at Ambriel with a look of complete disbelief.


“Why would you do such a thing?!” She asked, almost angrily in a harsh tone of voice.

“I just wanted to make sure you had the best-tasting meal for your birthday…” Ambriel explained, her voice becoming timid. After being scolded she couldn’t help but feel bad about what she had done.


“NO!! That’s not an excuse!! Y-You… you can’t just do something like that, especially to your mother no less!! Have you lost your humanity?!? How could you possibly believe that serving people’s lives for breakfast is acceptable in any capacity?!?” She asked, desperately trying to not throw up. It was too much, she couldn’t comprehend it. ‘Why? Why? She was so good for so long. Why is this side of her poking out again?!’ Her mother thought, her already ruffled bed head hair becoming more and more disorderly as more and more stress and disbelief piled onto her. In response, Ambriel just silently stared towards the ground. Lifeless eyes stared depressedly at the kitchen's hardwood floor. They were seemingly filled with so much regret, and yet… they seemed completely fake. 


“Fine… I’ll tell you the real reason.” She said in a low depressed tone. Truth be told… Ambriel didn’t give a damn about anything. She knew her mother would react this way, but most importantly she knew exactly how to convince her mother. “You miss it, right?”

“Huh?” A confused noise blurted from her mouth almost as an automated response. ‘What does she even mean?! Miss what?? The taste of human flesh? I’m not a cannibal! What is she talking about?!’ She questioned in her head.

“The thrill, of course! What else could I be talking about?”
“W-What?” Before her mother could speak up any more, Ambriel started to talk once again.

“Dad told me that you used to be a gambler, and a pretty successful one at that. State-wide poker champion for 5 years in a row, nicknamed the “Queen of the Cards.” Ambriel, then started to chuckle to herself. Her lifeless eyes slowly dilating and filling with a newer, stranger emotion.

“So, what?” Her mother asked.

“Well, that wasn’t your only nickname, was it?!” Ambriel then leaned in close in order to whisper something. “Mistress of Gambling, right?” She whispered, smiling. Much to her mother’s dismay, it seemed as if a certain part of her past hadn’t been buried deep enough. Surprised that she knew that such a fragment of her past, Ambriel’s mother still couldn’t understand how she could possibly relate any of what she was saying to the consumption of human lives, however, it didn’t take her long to finally understand what she was talking about...

"You weren't called because of how good you were at gambling, were you? You got that name because of how ruthless you were!! How else do you think I was able to get this way in the first place? It was because of you! Remember how we had that old box of VHS tapes? There were some videos of your past poker tournaments, and seeing how you sadistically and mercilessly trampled over your competition. You were such an inspiration to me! But, the thing I saw in those passionate eyes of yours was a lust for something more than some cards…” With bated breath, she grabbed her mother’s hand and held it gently. “You loved that feeling of power, right? You loved dominating the weak, just like how I love dominating these pests.” Giggling she looked deep into her mother’s eyes with a certain craziness in her eyes. For Ambriel’s mother… It was like looking in a mirror.


“We’re one in the same, mom!” Breathing erratically, it was almost like she was getting hot and bothered and to any normal person, this would be creepy, but Ambriel’s mother only felt nostalgic. Everything she had said was true. She hated that awful sadistic side of her daughter not only because it was unjust, but because it reminded her of herself. She may have regretted her past, but deep down those feelings still resided within her and they were what she desired the most.


Ambriel’s mother was speechless. ‘How could she read me so well?’ She asked herself as she fell back onto her chair to think about things. She thought about how she thought it’d feel to eat such pitiful creatures. ‘At that size… could they even be considered human?’ The thought bounced in her mind only for a moment, but was quickly perished as Ambriel’s mother tried to maintain her senses.


“N-No I can’t-” Before she could even finish her thought, she was cut off once more.

“How long have you lived in this mundane life? Don’t you want something more? Please, I don’t want you to keep having to lock your hearts desires away! I want you to experience how good it feels! I want you to be happy!!” She pleaded, grasping her mother's hand with an even tighter grip only to let go shortly after. At first Ambriel's mother thought nothing of it, but looking down at her palm revealed a different result. In her hand was the depressed 1-inch body of a tiny who had lost all will to live.


She stared at the miniature human in front of her with confusion. It's cold dead eyes could no longer think of even attempting to escape, and even if they did there was no way it'd have the strength to do it. With pleading eyes, Ambriel then looked at her. Ready to reveal one last secret, she hoped deep down in her heart that she’d finally be able to convince her.


“Remember that amazing breakfast you had? You may have thought it tasted delicious, but actually, I barely made anything! The pancakes were frozen, the raspberries were canned, that breakfast sandwich was store bought and a day old too! The only thing I actually made were the eggs and even those were a little overcooked." She said smugly. 


‘There was no way! If that's true then the breakfast she had made would only be mediocre, how could it be that a couple of bodies could make something taste so good.’ She pondered. She backed up in denial. There was no way! Did she really enjoy the taste of humans? Still hesitant, Ambriel stared deep into her mother's eyes. 


"Please!" She murmured. "Just once…" Her maple eyes were the most earnest at this moment. Like the captivating lure of an angler fish, it was almost as if Ambriel’s mother could not resist their temptation. Her mind was enticed, and slowly it became to have more and more unhealthy thoughts about the tiny captive in her palm. She stared shakingly into its eyes, feeling the sorrow within them… It was pathetic. Just looking at it was causing her to unconsciously giggle. But even despite those thoughts, Amrbiel’s mother was still scared, but bundled up with that fear was a burning curiosity. Gulping down, she held the plaything tightly and slowly started to bring it closer to her mouth.


“Well… one couldn’t hurt right?” She mumbled hesitatingly, bringing it closer and closer until the tiny was basically in direct contact with her luscious lips. He could almost see its reflection in her saliva covered lips. Ambriel’s mother took a deep breath and very quickly tossed it into her mouth and quickly chewed down on it’s tiny body. Her teeth sank into the plaything’s body and coated her tongue. She let it sit for a couple seconds before gulping down and sending their tiny remains down her throat where they would slide into the deepest depths of her stomach in which they’d meet the remnants of her wonderful breakfast as well as the bodies of the tinies that had been stuffed inside it.

“...” Ambriel’s mother sat there in silence. She didn’t know what to say… but that was for different reasons. Rather than being silenced by a feeling of guilt or remorse, the reason she had kept quiet was because the taste was… indescribably amazing!! Licking her lips, Ambriel’s mother was absolutely shocked by how wonderful it tasted. And it’s not only the flavor that had captured her. It was satisfying. With one bite, she could feel all her week’s worries wash away. Ambriel’s mother was hooked, and after gathering her thoughts, she turned to face her daughter.


“I’m sorry I yelled at you, sweetie. No matter what you’ll always be my little angel… and you were right.” She said, pulling Ambriel in closer. After their loving hug, Ambriel, grateful that her mother accepted what she had done, thanked her deeply.

“Thank you so much, mom!” She smiled, wiping away some small tears that had formed during their emotional hug.

“I may not be mad anymore, but I cannot deny the fact that what you did was a completely awful deed.” She reprimanded. Feeling the consequences of her actions, Ambriel stared away in sadness. Despite knowing how good it felt, Ambriel herself couldn’t deny that fact, however, her mother was not done speaking. “Though… I also can’t deny just how good they taste.” With a cheerful smile, Ambriel’s mother licked her lips and placed her hand on her daughter’s shoulder reassuredly.


Accepting this as an amazing bonding opportunity, Ambriel grabbed the box of the table and flashed a mischievous smile towards her mother.


“You know… they taste even better when they’re struggling.” Ambriel giggled. “That feeling when they’re flailing for their lives while they’re going down your esophagus is just the best.” Just the thought alone seemed to rile her up. Soon after saying those words, Ambriel greedily plucked one of her more lively playthings from the box and tossed it into her open maw. Horrified by what was happening the plaything desperately tried to escape from her mouth, their barely audible screams echoed a little in her mouth before being abruptly silenced as the girl gulped down. It’s hopeless kicks and desperation slid down her throat and fell into her watery stomach where he would scream and struggle to no avail as his body was slowly digested away.


“Now, now, didn’t I teach you to never be stingy? Let me have some more!” Her mother said. With a satisfied yet smug smile on her face, Ambriel couldn’t be happier to oblige. 

“Open wide~” Ambriel giggled as she gently guided another one of her helpless playthings towards her mother’s awaiting mouth, taking pleasure in how they fruitlessly clawed away her hand before being deposited onto her mother’s tongue before it completely dominated their tiny existence. Drowning in her saliva and swishing around in her mouth, Ambriel’s mother made sure to taste every inch of their tiny body. After a few seconds of this, she was done playing with her food and decided to chew down on the tiny before giving it a one-way trip straight into her stomach in which they could be happily digested along with the rest of their tiny companions.


“Mmmmm!!!” She moaned. “That was so amazing, sweetie! You were absolutely right. Feeling their tiny struggles is just the best feeling.” Ambriel’s mother drooled a little and grabbed another from the box. This time, she decided to be a little more sadistic when it came to feasting on the plaything. Lifting her shirt she grabbed the tiny person and pressed them firmly against her stomach.

“Hear that?” She asked as a hungry growl emanated from her stomach. “That's where you’ll be in just a moment~” With a giddy attitude, she continued to rub the plaything on her belly until she could feel their tears splash against her tummy. After sensing their despair, she quickly tossed their tiny body into her mouth and gulped down. “At least you won’t be alone anymore.” She said with a mischievous tone of voice. 


“Awww, looks like that was the last one,” Ambriel remarked, shaking the box to see if any were left. “But don’t worry… I can always get more.”


“I’d love to see all the other stuff we can do with your little playthings…” The two of them laughed with each other as they fantasized about all the stuff they were gonna do, and Ambriel couldn’t be any happier with how fantastically her mother had taken the news. And with a newly forged and way deeper bond, their mother and daughter relationship was strengthened to an even greater extent. With tinies digesting in their stomachs, the two of them couldn’t wait to get another taste… a taste that would undoubtedly come very soon.

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