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First of all i am sorry for my english, it is not my main language, so I hope the expressions and language are enough to understand the story.


Adam: the father, 185 cm tall, slightly muscular body, brown hair, single since his wife died by giving birth to their last daughter. Despite being alone, he has no money problems due to a good inheritance of shares in successful companies and his insurance company is also quite good.


Lucy: 17 years old, 160cm tall, short brown hair, quite athletic body from the exercise she does every day and a good B cup on her breasts. Finishing high school and preparing for college, she is jealous of her sister Lucy because of her body and height because despite being younger she developed much better than her.


Tara: 15 years old, 168cm tall, long blonde hair. She is sexy and she knows it, she has a C almost D cup, a very firm and big ass, and good hips. She likes to be flirtatious, especially with her father who she likes to tease as she knows she has a certain charm about him because of his attributes.


Lily: 12 years old, 145 cm, short red hair, is too small to have developed her body a lot, just a modest A cup. She loves her father a lot, maybe too much and she wants him just for her.


It was a fairly normal summer day, Adam was going to the car to take his daughters to school as usual after ordering their papers for work, when they got to the garage the girls were already sitting inside. Tara was in the passenger seat listening to music from her cell phone (or at least that was what she intended) and watching Instagram while Lucy and Lily were behind talking about some topic that I couldn't hear.

Upon entering the car and seeing Tara, my eyebrows rose, she was wearing a much more pronounced neckline than the ones I used to wear, a pink top with 3 buttons on the neckline that were not being used at all, they could hardly be joined because that the fabric was already quite taut.

- Are you not too exposed young lady? I don't think the school approves of that dress- Adam said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

- Don't bother dad, I dress how I want, also there is a new exchange boy at school that I must impress and apparently this fulfills its mission because it did not take 10 seconds that you got into the car and you already noticed - Tara answered in a surpassing tone arching his back so that his gifts stand out even more.

Adam was alarmed, he cannot deny that it was true, his daughter's body was statuesque, in fact, one of the best he had seen in person in his life. He can't help but feel a bit blushed at this demonstration but being his father, he can't allow it. But before opening her mouth Lucy interrupted

- Leave her dad, everyone knows in school that Tara is a bitch, she is always around moving those things (referring to her breasts)

- Don't be jealous, little sister, you know it's not true, I just love myself and I'm sure of myself, not like your little wooden board. Don't worry in a few years they might grow up and the boys will start looking at you.

- Don´t call me little you bastard, I am older than you, you just have a premature growth spurt last summer, but thank you because what you just said confirms what I said - Lucy answered crossing her arms

- Well enough, you two behave please- Adam answered cutting the discussion in the most authoritative way possible for him - Lucy apologize to your sister right now, it is not right for you to say so. And so, do you Tara. Also, could you even fasten some buttons? I don't want to have to leave work again for a warning.

- Ok dad, sorry Tara - Lucy said sticking out her tongue as soon as she finished saying it.

- Thank you, sister, - Tara answered - and it's okay dad, but if a button pops up and takes an eye out of a teacher it won't be my fault.

-So with breasts like Tara's you can be popular? - Lily said innocently

- No darling, just be yourself and good with others - Adam corrected

- Of course if you are a witch people will forgive you more easily - Lucy said

- It is not essential Lily but it helps a lot I must admit - Tara added

- Enough girls do not fill your head with those things

- ok daddy - the two older ones said in unison

- When I grow up I will have the biggest tits of all so everyone will love me, especially you dad!

- No, Lily, I already love you just the way you are, don't pay attention to your sisters, someday they will also realize it.


On the way they went through the middle of the industrial zone between their neighborhood and the school to save time. They generally try to avoid this area due to the potholes, smells, and noises, but since they were late, there was no other choice.

In the middle of that area they saw a slightly thick fog in the distance, it seemed strange due to the time of year but they thought that it might be a steam from one of the companies and they did not give it importance. Only when crossing it did they notice a slight aroma that they did not recognize, a little acid. But since it didn't seem like a big deal, they let it pass.


After 20 minutes driving they arrived at school, the girls got out of the car but not before saying goodbye to their father, Lucy gave him a kiss on the head and ran to where her friends were waiting, Lucy one on the right cheek next to A big hug and Tara, wanting to prove her father one more time, arched her back again and leaned towards her father to give him a sweet kiss on the right cheek as well. Her hand was placed tightly on her right thigh very close to her penis


"See you later daddy, have a good day at work," she said keeping her face a few inches from her father's. Adam could not believe this; he could not help but see a little below how her cleavage applied the laws of gravity and was enlarged when suspended in that way. Tara noticed that and pretended to slide only so that her chest fell onto her father's lap and she assisted with her breasts how big was her father's erection, which was already very hard.

-Are you okay Tara? Get up, it's going to be late, I love you too, now go

-Yes, thanks dad, see you at home

When he got to work he felt a little dizzy, he didn't really know because if up to that moment he was perfectly fine, maybe it was at that moment in the car with his daughter. But still he sat down to work.

He couldn't help feeling a bit lighter, as if he had lost weight, but he didn't give it much thought either.

What did alarm him very much was the fact that his seat seemed much larger than usual. He knew it was the same from the marks on the characteristic leather of his old office seat, plus the monitor looked higher than usual. It was at that moment that he got up from his seat and saw that the shirt was already quite loose and his belt was no longer doing its job. Then he noticed: he was getting smaller! He knew that it was the same height as a cabinet he had in his office so he went to him and when comparing himself he realized that he had lost at least 10 centimeters. He panicked and then called his secretary on the phone despite being a room away

- Excuse me Karen, I have to be absent for today I really don't feel very well today. Can you cancel my meetings today?

- If Mr. Macbig there is no problem, do you want me to help you with something, maybe call a doctor?

- If it's not too much trouble, but tell him to go to my house please, I really need to go

- Ok I hope you get better sir.

He was afraid of leaving Karen alone since it was only her first few months in his study. But she was a 23-year-old recently graduated with the best grades, with the information that I already gave her, she should be able to take charge even for a couple of days.

Adam came home half an hour later. It was a bit difficult to handle with his new height because even if it had been a few centimeters, his perspective changed completely, and all the objects seemed much a little bigger and it was difficult to get used to. As soon as he arrived, he took off those loose clothes and put on one of his old clothes that he still kept from a few years ago, although they were still loose it was no longer so obvious.

As she passed through the hall, she remembered that in Tara's room there was a giant ruler to measure her height over time, she decided to use it to find out how her condition followed. He was still the same, 175 centimeters tall, a little taller than Tara. Then he remembered: Tara and her tits, if they were big before, now they were bigger and also she would surely take advantage of this situation. He knew it was not correct and he shouldn't think about it but he had to admit that it caused him some illusion.

As he was going to do to explain this to his daughters, he did not even know how to explain it to himself, nor would he know who could explain it. But to comfort himself a bit, he realized that it was not the end of the world either, 175 cm was still quite an acceptable height for a man, now he felt good so there was no worry about when he would shrink again. So he sat on his daughter's bed to meditate a bit about the situation and wait for the doctor's response to make an appointment.

- I just hope there is a solution, I don't want to stay like this forever - he thought and then he lay down on the bed


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