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Story Notes:

This is an erotic story that was written for mature adults with a sexual preference for vorarephilia. It contains depictions of physical and psychological cruelty that some people may find disturbing. Minors and people who feel that such depictions upset them are therefore explicitly asked not to read this story. Moreover, this story is entirely fictional and all characters are at least 18 years old.

A Saturday in Town

Slowly, Manuel regained consciousness. The first thing he felt was a piercing headache. As he tried to open his eyes, he found himself facing such a glaring light that he had to close them again right away and turn himself away from its source. Along with the gradual return of the rest of his senses, Manuel also began to feel the rest of his body again. It felt as if it had been through a meat grinder. He felt a strong limb pain which went right down to his bones, and his muscles were terribly sore as well. It was as if he had been hammered into the ground by a sledgehammer or pressed together by a giant hand. Was he ill? That had to be it. So, it would probably be best to keep lying down and just sleep it off.

Keep lying down? Surprised, Manuel opened his eyes again, and even though he was still enveloped in the strange bright light, he could at least see a little bit better than before. Only now he realised that he was lying on the ground, and on a fairly hard surface. Despite his throbbing headache and limb pain, Manuel forced himself to get up. But from this movement alone, his eyesight became blurry and he briefly thought that he would have to throw up. Luckily, there was a wall right beside him, allowing him to support himself a little, even though it gave away slightly. After taking a couple of deep breaths, Manuel carefully rose up further and realised to his relief, that the pain was slowly subsiding. The glaring light was still there, and he still felt terribly weak on his feet, but it wasn’t as bad as a couple of moments ago, and so Manuel managed to carefully look around.

The room in which he found himself barely deserved to be called one at all. It wasn’t much bigger than a shower cubicle, and it very much felt like one as well. The floor was made of a hard, black plastic, while the ‘walls’ appeared to consist of a translucent, but only semi-transparent plastic, also similar to the panels of shower cubicles. Behind these walls, Manuel now recognised the silhouettes of other people. Relieved, but also slightly anxious, he went towards one of the walls and carefully knocked on it.

“Hey! Hello! Where am I?” He asked one of the mysterious shapes and tried his best to suppress the anxiety in his voice.

Where on earth was this place and how did he get here? The last thing he remembered was how he had been on his way home from university in the evening, and how he had been waiting for the bus to his hometown at the train station. Now he also recalled how he had suddenly felt a sharp pain while waiting at the deserted bus stop. Along with the pain, he had been enveloped in a bright light, and then had lost consciousness. Someone had a lot of explaining to do. But the silhouette behind the plastic wall seemed to ignore Manuel. Annoyed, he knocked on the wall again, even though now he was almost hammering.

“Hey! What’s going on?” He asked again. This time, however, he was barely able to conceal his fear, and also the anger rising up inside him along with his returning senses.

The shape, which had been walking back and forth the whole time, suddenly turned towards him and yelled something. But due to the strange plastic walls, Manuel could not really understand what it was saying. What he could hear, however, was the sheer panic in the voice of the other person, which sent a chill down his spine and further fuelled his own lingering fear. Now Manuel could also hear someone talking behind the wall beside him, but again he couldn’t understand a single word. Communication appeared to be impossible through these walls. Nervously, Manuel turned back towards the source of the glaring light, and even though he had to squint again, he got used to the light much quicker this time. After a few moments, he began to recognise a different shape, and as he was finally recognised it, it made his blood freeze in his veins.

Again, he was facing a wall, but this one was entirely transparent, so that the light of the outside world could enter the room unimpeded. This explained the extreme brightness in the cubicle. The light was only partially blocked by a very familiar company logo, which showed a stylised whirl. And as if to dispel any remaining doubts, there was single word on its underside. From his perspective, it was mirror-inverted, but Manuel could still read it: Vortex.

Manuel suddenly felt his chest tighten, and his heart started beating up to his neck. Vortex was a globally successful and popular restaurant chain. Along with conventional fast food products such as hamburgers, hotdogs and sandwiches, they specialised in what they called ‘micro-human food’ – what they meant by that was shrunken humans. And even though it sounded strange and even cruel, the concept hat taken hold surprisingly well. This was also due to large-scale marketing campaigns, which tended to point out issues such as rampant overpopulation and the increasing stress on social security systems. This was why Vortex restaurants were now a very common sight in all bigger cities around the world. Manuel himself had never taken any particular interest in them, even though some of his friends and acquaintances liked to go there.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he had been sitting together with his good friend Julia between lectures at university, while she had been enjoying a caffè latte, a donut and a small box with shrunken people from Vortex. With a slightly uncomfortable feeling, he had observed Julia as she occasionally fished a tiny human from the box and casually ate them during their conversation, just as if there had been no discernible difference between them and the donut. The only difference had been that Julia had swallowed the shrunken people whole and therefore alive. Manuel had been told that this apparently caused a pleasant tingling sensation in the oesophagus and sometimes even inside the stomach, which was why most Vortex customers ate them that way. Some time afterwards, during another lecture, he had taken a glimpse at her belly from time to time. Feeling slightly sorry for them, he had tried to imagine how these poor people must have felt like as they were being digested alive by Julia.

However, in response to the – fairly rare – enquiries from concerned citizens and eager journalists, Vortex repeatedly assured that the shrunken people were just criminals and other undesirables who only were a burden to the rest of society. Additionally, more cynical voices claimed that anyone who seriously annoyed the company simply ended up in the belly of one of its customers, never to be heard of again. And in any case, Manuel had thought, all of this wasn’t his problem.

At least it hadn’t been back then. Now it was. By now, Manuel had also realised that he wasn’t wearing his own clothes, but a kind of overall, which wasn’t made of cloth, but from a strange synthetic material. The consistency of this clothing was somewhat reminiscent of thin and very flexible edible paper. Allegedly, it served to enhance the unique original taste of the shrunken people. But Manuel had heard that it didn’t really taste like anything and had only been introduced because the shrunken people originally had not been wearing any clothes at all. Apparently, Vortex had feared that this would literally not go down well on certain markets. It was a depressing example of the priorities people had.

Manuel took a deep breath and again tried to fight off the rising feeling of panic. He didn’t know why all this was happening, but he knew one thing for sure: If he didn’t find a way out of here soon, he would share the same fate as those poor shrunken people he had observed in their last moments before they had been eaten by Julia. He didn’t know who would ultimately eat him, but he didn’t want to find out. He had to get out of here.


Nearby, a crowd of people just left one of the town's many shopping malls and flocked onto the shopping street, which ran parallel to the river promenade through the picturesque old town. It was bathed in the warm sunlight of a summer afternoon and crowded with pedestrians. Among them was a group of four friends: Alessia, Tanja, Jessica and Lisa. All four girls had been on a shopping tour for the last couple of hours and were now walking along with the flow of people, not yet quite sure what to do next. Even though they were quite exhausted, they were still happily chatting and laughing with each other. Now that it was the summer holidays, they had finally found a day on which all of them had time to do something together.

Alessia, who had Italian roots, but had grown up in Germany, was a stunningly beautiful and athletic girl with a slightly darker complexion, deep-brown eyes and long black hair, which she mostly wore in an elegant braided hairdo. She was the liveliest one in the group and talked almost non-stop, but she was also very amiable, and her friends liked and even admired her for her honest, straightforward personality and her seemingly endless energy. Tanja and Lisa looked fairly similar at first glance, due to their blonde hair and blue eyes. Tanja, however, wore her shoulder-long hair open, while Lisa usually tied her hair into a neat ponytail. In terms of personality, Tanja was on the same wavelength as Alessia, which was why it was quite unusual to encounter either of them without the other close by. Lisa, however, was much more laid-back and relaxed, in fact she was such a wholesome and nice person that it was almost a bit boring. Jessica, a girl with smooth, shoulder-long black hair, was very intelligent, but also more reserved and restrained than her three friends and therefore didn’t really seem to fit into the group at first sight. However, she had been good friends with Alessia and Lisa since kindergarten. Tanja had only become a part of their group during school, but now, the four girls were inseparable.

 “Hmm... should we maybe go grab something to eat?” Tanja asked the group. “All this running around has given me quite an appetite.”

“Now that you mention it...” Said Lisa, whose stomach already had given off a slight, barely audible rumble a couple of moments ago. She hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, and after walking around for several hours, she really didn’t mind the thought of getting something to eat. Jessica and Alessia also nodded approvingly.

“But where?” She added while searching for her smartphone in her handbag, all the while trying not to drop her full shopping bags. Quietly, Jessica helped her out by taking one of the larger bags. “You okay there?”

“Yeah, I’m alright.” Lisa replied with a laugh and took back her bag once she held her phone in her hand, thanking Jessica. Then she quickly typed a reply to the message her boyfriend Konstantin had sent her a couple of minutes ago.

“No idea.” Tanja resumed the topic at hand. “But maybe we can just look around?!”

“Sure. But let’s go somewhere we can sit down; my legs are killing me.” Lisa explained. The other girls nodded approvingly again, and while they continued to chat with each other, they further strolled down the busy shopping street with the flow of people. The street had just led into a small square, which was connected to the riverside promenade via a small alley reserved for pedestrians. Since they still weren’t sure where they wanted to go, they just continued to follow the other people to the promenade, where they walked down the road along the riverside lawn. After couple of moments, Alessia saw a black-and-white Vortex sign.

“Vortex?” She proposed and questioningly raised an eyebrow.

Jessica simply shrugged and nodded again to show that she was okay with anything. Tanja quickly nodded approvingly and then also pulled out her phone, which just had started to ring.

“It’s Jana. I’ll just answer that quickly!” Tanja apologised and somewhat awkwardly pinned her phone between her head and her right shoulder, all while trying to hang the heavy shopping bags around her left shoulder with her free hands, since her palms were a little sore from carrying them around for several hours. Again, Jessica was there to help her, but Tanja quickly declined with a gesture of her hand and whispered a ‘thank you’. While she answered the phone, Alessia quizzically looked over to Lisa, who had pulled a bit of a face and was sceptically biting around on her lower lip.

“No?” Alessia asked. “We can look around a bit further.”

“I dunno... That stuff really goes to your hips.” Lisa said musingly and pinched her waist through her thin top, scrutinising her figure. She had put on a little bit of weight recently – it wasn’t much, but she also didn’t want it to get out of hand. But another faint rumble from her stomach finally changed her mind.

“Oh well. We walked around so much today, that’ll balance it out.” She said with a slightly laboured grin. She normally hated that type of argument, but she was just too hungry and tired to walk around town much longer. Also, she still felt quite warm despite her airy summer clothing, and she hoped that the restaurant may have air conditioning inside.

“Hello to you all.” Tanja called over to them, after having walked away from the group a bit to talk on the phone.

“Hello back.” The three girls replied almost simultaneously. Alessia turned around and went towards the entrance of the restaurant, but while Lisa and Jessica followed her directly, Tanja appeared to be too preoccupied with her phone conversation, so that Alessia stopped again and looked at her questioningly.

“You coming?” She asked. Tanja looked around with a surprised look on her face. “What? Oh, yeah, sure.” She replied and hurried up to her friends, who now entered the restaurant.


Manuel felt around the edges of his prison, hoping to find a weak point through which he might be able to escape. Now that he knew where he was, he hoped to have at least half a chance of getting out of this situation. A Vortex box was very much structured like a box of chocolates. Depending on their size, the boxes consisted of different amounts of cubicles, which were separated from each other by the semi-transparent plastic walls. At least he was lucky enough to be inside a cubicle on the outer edge of the box. The edge usually was completely transparent, just like the plastic foil which closed off the top of the boxes. This had allowed him to get his bearings during the last couple of minutes.

As was common in Vortex restaurants, his box was placed in a glass display counter beside the cash register, along with hamburgers, sandwiches and various pastries. Here the customers could have a look at the available food if they hadn’t yet decided on what they wanted to eat, or if they were just waiting in line. Since it wasn’t very busy at the moment, Manuel had a surprisingly good view of the entrance area of the trendy and modern interior of the restaurant from his cubicle. But the sheer dimensions of the outside world nearly blew his mind. Even though his box inside the counter was probably only at knee height, Manuel felt like he was looking into a gigantic, surreal landscape from the top of a high cliff – surreal because it was still recognisable as the interior of a restaurant.

But even stranger and ominous than the mountain-sized chairs and tables were the gigantic humans populating the restaurant. Manuel tried to ignore the giants as well as he could, but nevertheless he still occasionally found himself looking over to the tables. The people sitting there were almost exclusively young, but also impossibly large from his perspective. They were talking to each other, enjoying themselves and occasionally eating something – the fact that they were also eating shrunken people like himself was something that Manuel’s brain was still trying to suppress. Now it was much more difficult than back when he had been hanging out with Julia, because back then, he had been the same size as her. These people out there were almost a hundred times bigger than him, and if he found himself at their mercy, he would be devoured just as mercilessly and end up in a complete strangers’ belly.

Increasingly haunted by nightmarish visions of gigantic mouths, teeth and gullets, Manuel looked around his cubicle again. His greatest hope lay on the airholes in the cover above him. Since it was only a plastic foil and not a solid wall, he hoped that he might be able to tear it open through one of these small holes. The problem was that the ‘roof’ was just out of reach and that he couldn’t steady himself on the smooth plastic walls. Furthermore, it was quite difficult to concentrate on anything, because many of the shrunken people in the neighbouring cubicles were making a hell of a noise, yelling for help or swearing and hammering against the walls of their prisons. Manuel wondered why he also didn’t just lose his mind, but maybe that was yet to come. For now, he had to tell himself that all was not yet lost. Again, he jumped up at the airholes and tried to hold onto them, but once more he missed them by just a little bit and crashed back onto the hard, cold floor of his cubicle. Just as he got up again to attempt another jump, he heard the sound of the bell above the entrance, which always rang when someone entered the restaurant. For all intents and purposes, it was merely an inconspicuous ‘ding-dong’, but in that moment, Manuel could not have imagined a more terrible and ominous sound.

Suddenly overwhelmed by a fresh wave of panic, Manuel turned around and stared through the window of his cubicle to the entrance, where four girls were just stepping into the restaurant. Back when he had been his normal size, Manuel wouldn’t have paid much attention to this. Maybe he would have risked a furtive look, since all four of them were very good-looking, and due to the summer heat, they also were wearing fairly skimpy clothing. But now he just stared at the giantesses, who slowly started to approach the counter. And even though this seemed impossible, they only seemed to become even bigger the closer they got. Furthermore, every one of their steps was accompanied by a slight vibration. The closer they got to the counter, the stronger the tremors became, so that it almost felt like an earthquake every time one of their mighty feet touched the ground. This inadvertently reminded Manuel of the stomping of the giant carnivorous dinosaurs from a famous movie series, and it basically meant the same as well: A group of giant monsters was coming to eat him. From the perspective of Manuel and his shrunken companions, it didn’t really make a difference that these four monsters were really only four girls.

The normal-sized humans outside obviously didn’t notice it, but their thundering footsteps caused a feeling of trepidation and hopelessness among the shrunken people inside the boxes which Manuel wouldn’t have been able to imagine before. As the giantesses finally stopped in front of the counter, the boxes inside were plunged into the strange semi-darkness of their shadows, almost like during an eclipse.

The last few quakes had thrown Manuel of his feet and he now had almost instinctively retreated into a corner of his cubicle, gaping up at the enormous bodies of the girls who now filled out his entire field of view. Paralysed by fear, he looked up at the giantesses, who, somewhat undecided, let their gaze wander over the various foods in the display counter. Feeling completely at the mercy of the gigantic beings, he simply stared at them like a cornered mouse, especially at the girl who was standing right in front of his box, which alone was enough for her to almost completely fill out his vision.

Just in front of him, approximately at the same height as himself, he could see her bare knees, continuing up into two smooth thighs, which ultimately disappeared underneath the girl’s fringed denim hot pants. Even at this point, Manuel had to tilt his head back painfully far in order to look up any further. Above the hot pants he saw a pink top, beneath which he could still see the faint contours of the giantesses’ soft belly. Even further up, he saw the sizeable bulge of her breasts, which slightly bobbed up and down inside her top as she talked to her three friends. Beyond that, Manuel couldn’t really see anything, only that she had turned her head to her left and that she was discussing something with one of her friends. With each movement of her head, her blonde ponytail wiggled back and forth just a little bit.

Then, she suddenly bent over and looked directly into Manuel’s box. Anyone not in his situation would probably have noticed that her rather revealing cleavage now filled out a considerable part of his field of view, but Manuel only looked at the giantesses’ pretty face, especially her large and crystal clear blue eyes, which seemed to stare right through him. He also nervously took note of her soft lips, which she slightly pursed at that moment. She seemed to be thinking about something, and Manuel could virtually feel his life hanging from a thread, which slowly began to tear.


“So? Do you know what you want?” Alessia asked Lisa, who had bent over towards the counter and was contemplatively looking at a medium-sized box. Lisa pursed her lips and stroked her belly, before her stomach gave off another slight groan. She took absolutely no note of the panic this subconscious gesture caused inside the box. From her perspective, she could only see the small shapes run around and wiggle inside their cubicles, which she found rather cute.

“Hmmm... I’m still thinking. You?” She asked and looked back at Alessia.

“I think I’ll have a hamburger set with a small box.” She answered and burst into a sly grin as she realised what her friend was thinking about. “Or do you want to share a medium one?”

Lisa tilted her head to the side in a somewhat bashful manner and smiled with exaggerated innocence. This meant that both of them would have a few more shrunken people each, but she was really hungry now.

“Well, okay.” Alessia said and gave her a playfully patronising nod before turning to Tanja and Jessica. “What about you?”

“A salad set with an iced tea and a small box.” Jessica said and turned to Tanja, who was still on the phone with Jana. She was distracted again, so Jessica gave her a tap on her shoulder.

“Huh? What?” Tanja smiled apologetically, admitting that she hadn’t been listening again.

“What would you like?” Alessia asked once more.

“Oh, yeah... uhm... a hamburger set with a coke and a small box!” Tanja replied cheerfully and immediately got back to her phone conversation.

“And what drink will you have?” Alessia turned to Lisa, who was standing upright again.

“Iced tea, too. You gonna order?” Lisa asked. “We can look for a table. I’ll take your bags.”

“Thanks.” Alessia said as Lisa took her shopping bags and then turned around to go over to one of the free tables with the other two girls. Then she pulled her wallet from her handbag and went over to the cash register to place their order.


Inside the box below, Manuel was still staring up at the giant blonde girl, shaking with fear. Following another conversation with her friend, which Manuel could not really understand through the glass of the display counter, the girl suddenly took her shopping bags, turned around and walked around with the other two giantesses, which once again sent a series of earthquakes through the box. Under normal circumstances, this would have provided Manuel with another quite pleasing view, as she now had turned her shapely buttocks towards the counter. As she walked away, her well-formed glutes slightly jiggled in her tight denim hot pants, but this sight only made Manuel wonder whether these soft curves also contained the digested and absorbed fats of previously devoured shrunken people like himself. He had no idea just how correct his assumptions were. The notion that he himself might soon be nothing but a little bit of fat on this girl’s derriere brought him back to his senses.

With the courage of despair, Manuel jumped back to his feet and collected all his strength to take another leap towards the airholes above him. But once again, he nearly missed the roof of his prison and crashed back onto the plastic floor. A sharp pain went through his body, but after a couple of moments, he realised that he apparently hadn’t broken anything and that it would only result in a couple of bruises at worst. Again, he got up and got ready to attempt another jump. He had already strained his muscles and tendons to the point that they felt like they were on fire, but just as he wanted to jump again, a violent jolt went through the box, much stronger than the vibrations caused by the giantesses' steps before. Manuel wasn’t just thrown to the ground but was pressed flat against the hard plastic and felt an unbelievably powerful upward acceleration, almost like he was sitting in a rocket. It took quite an effort to turn his head to the side and look outside the window, where he could see how his box was lifted up with incredible speed. Then it was taken out of the counter and started flying towards the cash register. There, the giantess with the graceful braids in her black hair just pulled out a bank note from her wallet and placed it in a money tray on the counter. Beside the cash register, Manuel was horrified to see a large serving tray with two more boxes of shrunken people, three cardboard boxes with hamburgers as well as a bowl of salad, four bags with fries and four paper cups with straws.

As the salesclerk finally placed Manuel’s box on the serving tray, it almost felt like a plane crash to the shrunken people inside. Like everyone else, he too was violently thrown through the air and crashed against the Vortex logo on the window of his cubicle, before bouncing off and smashing onto the floor once again. He let out a groan, rolled on his back and looked up through the plastic foil, where he could see the girl’s enormous hand as she received her change from the employee. He shivered as the salesclerk told her to enjoy her meal and the giantess thanked him with a friendly smile. Then the box was again caught in a sudden strong upward movement when she lifted the tray. Since Manuel was already on his back, he at least didn’t fall over again.

Once more he could hear thunderous footsteps, but this time they weren’t accompanied by the usual tremors, but instead by a soft, rolling up and down motion, somewhat like on a ship in heavy seas. Above him, Manuel gazed onto a completely surreal picture: Beyond the walls of his cubicle, he could see the girl’s belly, concealed by a white top which rose up straight into the air like a cliff. In what seemed like dozens of meters above him, this cliff turned into the two mountains of her breasts, which wobbled slightly with each of her steps. They also blocked him from seeing anything further above.

Just as Manuel rolled to the side in order to lean himself against one of the walls, the tray was gently put down again, though the shrunken people inside the boxes could still feel a noticeable tremor. Since the tray had stopped moving, he managed to carefully get back on his feet and looked out the window. Beyond the tray he looked onto a wide, flat surface, which he recognised as the fine wood grain of a table surface. And beyond that, he once again saw the gigantic blonde girl which he had seen at the counter before. She was just typing a message on her phone, but then looked up and thanked the other giantess who had brought the tray over. Then she put her phone on the table beside the tray with a loud thundering sound and leaned over towards the box. Manuel could almost feel how all the shrunken people in his box held their breath in mortal fear as she reached out towards their box with her gigantic hand, casting another dark shadow over them. Then a sudden jolt went through the box as the girl grasped the flap of the plastic foil and pulled it off in one fluid motion.

A collective scream went through the box, and even though Manuel was also trembling with fear, his mind was still clear enough for him to realise that this had also opened up a new possibility: The roof of his prison had disappeared, so he now only had to make it over the walls, more precisely over the window. Maybe he would be able to pull himself up somehow and escape from the box. Then he would only have to look for a place to hide from the giantesses’ sight for some time. The chances that this plan would work weren’t particularly high, but if he didn’t do something now, he would soon end up inside the belly of one of those girls. Once more, he collected all his strength, focused only on the upper edge and jumped.


Lisa pulled the plastic cover from the box, casually crumpled it up and put it beside her on the table, where the ball of foil immediately expanded again a little. Then she took a big sip of her iced tea, let out a satisfied sigh and leaned against the back of her bench to relax.

“How much do we owe you?” She asked Alessia, who had sat down opposite from her and was just putting her wallet back in her handbag.

“We can do that later.” She declined with a slight wave of her hand. “Let’s eat first.”

Then Alessia grabbed one of the carboard boxes, lifted out the hamburger and took a large bite. Since she also was hungrier than she had initially thought, she only briefly chewed the soft bread and juicy meat before greedily gulping it down. After another bite, Alessia chewed a bit longer and let her eyes wander over the box, before finally reaching into a cubicle in the middle. Carefully, she lifted out a squirming shrunken person, led him to her mouth and then swallowed the chewed remains of her hamburger before casually flipping him inside.

“How about we just lie down at the riverside and chill later on? I can’t really be bothered running around the place much more.” She asked her two friends while sucking around on the shrunken person in her mouth.

Then she grabbed her cup and washed him down with a deep sip of her ice-cold coke. It was the ignominious end of Frank Schuhmacher, a middle-aged office clerk who only two months before had been promoted to department manager, making him think that his dead-end job had finally taken a turn for the better. Now he briefly travelled through Alessia’s oesophagus and finally splashed into her stomach, landing in the masticated remains of the burger she had eaten before him. It would not take long for her strong stomach acids to rip him apart.

Lisa, Jessica and Tanja also weren’t particularly interested in walking through the town much longer and therefore agreed to Alessias’s idea. Tanja had finished her phone conversation with Jana and was now completely busy eating, so that she only made an approving “Hm-hm” sound while sucking a shrunken person into her mouth through her soft lips. Then she happily closed her eyes and sloshed him around with the chewed-up hamburger bits in her mouth, which she hadn’t even swallowed down yet. These were the last moments in the short, but eventful and exciting life of Ralf ‘Ralle’ Wischnewski, a notorious playboy and convicted bank robber. This made him one of the few people in the girl’s meal who Vortex had actually taken from a prison. The fact that Ralle tended to demand from his countless affairs that they ‘swallow’ made his demise somewhat ironic, since he was now washed into Tanja’s gullet with some chewed bread, minced meat and a torrent of coke. Then he was forced down into her stomach with a wet gulping sound to be slowly digested.

“So, how’s Jana doing?” Jessica asked, pulling a shrunken person out of the box by his collar.

The fearful screams of Javier Gutiérrez, a Spanish exchange student who had just gotten used to university life in Germany, went unheard as she casually popped him into her mouth and swallowed him almost instantly. Luckily for him, the combined influence of the pressure created by the peristaltic movements and his mortal agony made him lose consciousness halfway down Jessica’s oesophagus, so that he would not have to live through his arrival in her stomach and being digested alive.

„Pretty okay. She’s doing this internship at the moment, sounds really stressful.” Tanja explained while taking another sip from her coke. Then she raised her hand to her mouth to stifle a short, faint burp which left an aftertaste of hamburger and shrunken people in her mouth.

No one at the table knew or cared that this marked the end of bank robber Ralf, who would now be gradually converted into a couple of unsubstantial fat deposits on her shapely round buttocks. Tanja only took another bite from her burger and then leaned over the box again, looking around the cubicles to pick another shrunken person.


With his last determined jump, Manuel had indeed managed to grasp the upper edge. Now he was holding onto it for dear life while the blonde girl with the ponytail reached into the cubicle beside him and lifted out a screeching shrunken person. Disbelievingly, Manuel followed him with his gaze, and although he felt the urgent need to look away when the giantess pushed him into her mouth, he somehow could not help but look on. Her lips moved just a little as she happily pushed him around in her mouth a bit, then he was suddenly swallowed with a faint, almost invisible contraction of her throat. Manuel could not help but imagine how the poor guy was now travelling down her oesophagus behind her large, soft breasts and into her stomach, but then he tried to shake of these thoughts and his burgeoning sympathy. He didn’t have time for this.

Putting in all his strength, he slowly pulled himself up the edge, feeling the rough, sharp plastic cut deep into his palms. Manuel clenched his teeth in pain and secretly cursed himself for not doing more sports in his free time. But due to the flood of adrenaline he finally managed to pull himself up to his waist, so that he now only had to lift one of his legs over the edge. While attempting to do so, his sweaty hands slipped, and he lost his balance. Manuel reacted quickly and shifted his weight towards the other side of the window, so that he wouldn’t fall back into the cubicle, but out of the box, where he crashed onto the tray.

At least the paper on the tray, which had all kinds of advertisements for Vortex printed on it, cushioned his fall. And even though every fibre and every bone in his body was burning and throbbing with pain, Manuel got up again and hastily looked around. The blonde girl with the ponytail didn’t seem to have noticed his escape. She simply bit into her hamburger and raised her hand to her mouth as she started giggling at a story the Mediterranean-looking giantess was telling about a shared acquaintance.

In some distance Manuel saw some table napkins on the tray, under which he could possibly hide from the giantesses. As fast as he had never run before, he now started sprinting towards the enormous serviettes. But he was so fixated on the oversized napkins that he didn’t notice how the girl next to the blonde giantess was watching him from the corner of her eye, just as she dropped a shrunken person onto a forkful of salad. Then she placed the fork in her mouth and started chewing.


“Lisa, looks like you’ve got a runner.” She mumbled with a full mouth. Then she apparently remembered her table manners, so that she quickly swallowed the chewed-up salad together with the masticated remains of the shrunken person and pointed at the eloper. “There.”

Surprised and still chewing, Lisa looked at Jessica and then followed the direction of her index finger to the tray. Indeed, there was a shrunken person running around there. With a mixture of amused surprise and mild irritation, she just stared at the tiny person for a moment before remembering to swallow the food in her mouth. That was a first.

“Oh, thanks.” She then said and placidly put her hamburger back on the table before stretching out her hand towards the fugitive shrunken person. He had obviously heard their conversation, because just in that moment, he froze and turned around to her.


Panting, Manuel threw himself around after hearing the fateful words of the girl with the black hair and looked up at the blonde giantess - apparently, her name was Lisa. But he couldn’t see much more than her enormous hand, which now cast a gigantic shadow over him.  Before he could act, his collar was suddenly pinched between two manicured, discreetly painted fingernails. Then he was suddenly lifted up from his feet and high into the air with unbelievable ease. Paralysed, he just stared at the gigantic Lisa. He was completely at her mercy and her blue eyes again seemed to look right through him. It was only now Manuel realised that she may have been looking at him, but not like another human being. To her, he was just an object, in this case a snack which she would eat now. As he was lifted towards her, time seemed to slow down around him. His gaze travelled from her soft lips, which currently were formed to a content and innocent smile, down to her throat, which he would probably see from the inside very soon. Even further down, her throat continued into her generous cleavage, in which her bulging, soft breasts slightly jiggled as she leaned over to receive her tasty morsel. And underneath her top, Manuel could see the faint outlines of her belly again - the place in which he would apparently meet his untimely end.

Suddenly, a hot, humid breeze blew towards him, smelling of hamburgers and iced tea. And as Manuel looked up again, he looked right into Lisa's gigantic mouth, which was now approaching with alarming speed and soon filled out his entire field of view. His paralysis quickly turned into an animalistic fear of death as the clear and white teeth flashed up behind her lips. Every single one of her teeth was bigger than Manuel’s entire body and could easily cut him into pieces or crush him to pulp, if the giantess to whom they belonged only wanted it that way. Manuel began to scream and thrash around with his legs and arms, but it was all for nothing and didn’t change anything about the iron grip of the two fingernails on his collar.

Beyond her straight teeth, he looked onto Lisa’s enormous tongue, which looked like a slimy, organic carpet. Manuel could even make out remains of bread, salad, and minced meat. As she opened her mouth even further, he could briefly see thin strings of saliva stretch between her tongue and her palate, but they quickly disappeared and revealed her gigantic, gaping throat. Her uvula slightly glistened with saliva and appeared to point down into the sheer endless darkness of Lisa’s gullet and the depths of her digestive system like an arrow, as if he still needed a reminder where his journey would go from here. If there really was something like a gateway to hell, Manuel thought, it probably didn’t look much different.

Even though he struggled to breathe in the hot, humid air that now washed over him, Manuel let out a shriek as he was pushed between the gigantic lips. Then, the unbelievably strong grip of Lisa's fingernails on the collar of his overall suddenly disappeared as she released him. He fell down on the girl’s tongue with a wet squelching sound, next to some chewed meat. Squirming like a suffocating fish, he tried to get up, but this proved next to impossible on the slippery and warm tongue, which seemed to be in constant motion. Instead, Manuel was soon quickly covered in viscous, hot saliva, which he frantically tried to wipe off his face in order not to drown in it right away.

While still thrashing around, he noticed how the light around him began to disappear, and even though he was unable to see very clearly due to the gooey, sticky saliva in his face, he still was able to recognise how the enormous rows of teeth around him started to close. Hoping to see the light of the outside world one last time before getting devoured, Manuel desperately glimpsed beyond the titanic teeth and lips out of Lisa’s mouth, which was rapidly closing around him. But everything he could see out there was Alessia, who was sitting opposite from Lisa. She too just lifted another shrunken person into her mouth and swallowed them almost instantly. It was in this moment, when he finally understood that all his efforts had been in vain, that he was no longer a human being, but merely a piece of meat inside the mouth of a pretty and hungry girl, that Lisa’s lips closed and plunged the inside of her mouth into complete darkness.

For a couple of moments, Manuel was tossed around her mouth as Lisa played with him a little. Then the movements stopped all of a sudden and Manuel felt how he started to slip towards the back of the tongue. He could almost feel the power of the gigantic jaws and swallowing muscles around him, the latter of which tensed up a little in that moment. Then he was thrust back with tremendous force, washed along with a tidal wave of saliva and chewed up bits of food. Before he realised what was going on, he fell over the rear end of the tongue and was squeezed into the oesophagus as Lisa swallowed him.

The journey through the girl’s oesophagus probably only lasted for a couple of seconds, but to Manuel it felt like an eternity. Again and again, he feared that his body would simply burst under the overwhelming pressure of the peristaltic movements, which mercilessly forced him further down into the giantesses’ body. To make things even worse, there was barely any breathable air inside the tight organic tube, and the further down he slipped, the hotter and stuffier it seemed to become. As he heard and felt the regular, mighty beat of her enormous heart and the steady, calm breath of her lungs around him, he knew that he was currently travelling through her chest, right behind the soft hills of her breasts. Below him, he could also hear ominous gurgling and smacking noises, which he was rapidly approaching with every further contraction of the oesophagus. Then he suddenly passed through a tight muscular ring, and just as he thought that the overwhelming pressure would break all the bones in his body, the powerful muscles suddenly budged and Manuel was ejected into a pitch black, hot and unbearably humid void.

For a couple of moments, Manuel was in free fall. Legs first, he splashed into a warm, foul-smelling sludge, sinking into it up to his hips almost instantly. As he noticed that he kept sinking into the slush, albeit at a slightly slower rate, he frantically waved his arms and tried to hold onto something, but he seemed to be entirely surrounded by the strange swamp. Furthermore, it was so dark that he was unable to see anything. His movements made him sink in more quickly again, but once the sludge which stank of wet bread, fried minced meat and digestive juices stood up to his chest, he noticed that he began to stabilise a little. And although he still didn't have the feeling of being on solid ground, Manuel somehow managed to calm down a bit in the following moments.

Only as the worst of the panic had subsided somewhat, Manuel became really aware of the fact that he was now inside Lisa’s stomach, stuck in the masticated remains of the hamburger she had already eaten. And even though he was completely blind, he still was able to almost feel the might of the enormous body he was now trapped in. The stomach was not a static place but appeared to be in constant movement due to the peristaltic movement of its walls. This meant that the chyme Manuel was stuck in also was constantly moving and shifting. High above him, he could still hear the breath and heartbeat of the giantess, though it sounded slightly more muffled than back inside her oesophagus. Around him, he primarily heard the loud bubbling, gurgling and squelching of the stomach, and to his horror, he now also began to hear the suppressed coughing and wailing of the other shrunken people Lisa had already eaten. Then he registered a loud smacking sound from high above him, followed by a hoarse scream which quickly travelled downwards and ended in a wet splashing sound somewhere in Manuel’s immediate vicinity. The girl had swallowed another one of his fellow sufferers.

Manuel too began to sob with despair. So here he was, inside the stomach of some random girl called Lisa, and there was nothing he could do about being slowly digested alive by her in the next couple of hours. Not only was he in the last moments of his life, even after his end, his remains would not find any rest. Instead, Lisa’s digestive system would break them down into their chemical components and integrate them into her body. By tomorrow, all that he still was right now would probably be nothing more than nutrients inside her bloodstream, or a little bit of fat on her breasts, her soft belly and her round butt cheeks. And if anything of him would ever get out of this gigantic organism, it would only be a couple of small, semi-digested bones, embedded in one of the next bowel movements of the girl that had eaten him.

Almost as if to confirm his thoughts, he noticed that his skin was starting to itch and burn. Lisa’s stomach walls were beginning to secrete more and more digestive acids, which were now slowly starting to attack his body. With every passing minute, it became increasingly difficult for him to breathe in the hot and moist air. And even though he already couldn’t see anything, he realised that his eyesight was slowly getting weaker. Furthermore, his head and limbs grew ever more heavy and numb due to the lack of oxygen in the stuffy air.


Outside, Lisa continued to devour several more shrunken people as well as the remains of her hamburger and her fries. She kept chatting and laughing with her friends for another half hour before she looked at the box again. There was only one shrunken person left, who was still helplessly squirming around inside their cubicle.

“You still gonna eat that?” She casually asked Alessia, who was just slurping the last drops of her coke through her straw and lifted her hand to her mouth – just in time to stifle a belch.

“What? Oh, nah, you can have that.” She replied and ostentatiously patted her belly to show that she was pretty full up.

“Okay, thanks.” Lisa said and fished the last shrunken person out of the box. Without further ado, she popped them into her mouth and then sent them down to her belly with the rest of her iced tea, where they would join all the others. Then she leaned back with a content sigh, stretched her arms and let out a small yawn. She wiped some of the sweat on her forehead away with the back of her hand - the air conditioner in the restaurant was running, but not particularly effective - and looked at Jessica, who already had finished her meal and was just returning from the restroom, where she had freshened up a little.

“Good idea.” Lisa remarked, picked up her phone from the table and put it back into her handbag. “I think I’ll also just wash my hands before we head out again.”

“Sure.” The other girls replied as Lisa got up from the table and went towards the restrooms.


Only a couple of hundred metres separated Werner Schulze, by his own account one of the most charismatic and best used car salesmen far and wide, from freedom. It actually was only around three of four metres, but since these morons from Vortex had shrunken him down, it was obviously much further for him.

He really had no idea which misunderstanding had led to him, an upright citizen and taxpayer, being shrunken down by these nitwits - he wasn’t a criminal, after all. Even though his prices really were a steal. But at least the box in which they had placed him had turned out to have a serious manufacturing fault right around his cubicle - so the imbeciles couldn’t even get that right. The outer wall had not been welded correctly, and so he had been able to force his way out of the box through a thin gap during the early morning hours. Shortly after that, his box had been purchased by a somewhat chavvy-looking, big-chested young woman in a tracksuit. The mere thought of having almost ended up as a high-calorie breakfast for some woman from the lower classes offended Werner. Following a veritable odyssey through the enormous restaurant, during which he had been almost stepped on or wiped away by an oversized mop several times, he had finally almost made it to the exit.

Once he made it out of here, he would only need to get someone's attention in order to resolve the situation. Then he would be returned to his normal size and sue the hell out of Vortex. While he wasn’t sure how much he’d ultimately get in compensation, he was an eternal optimist, and so he already saw himself living in a spacious seaside mansion. He could just leave business to that pushover Murat from the repair shop.

Beneath the entrance doors, there was a sufficiently large gap for him to fit through and finally get out of this wretched restaurant. Unfortunately, the large girl with the shoulder-long black hair had returned from the restroom just when he had started on a last, valiant dash across the corridor between the tables. Heading back to her table, she almost had stepped on him. But clearly that was not what fate had in store for him. Nothing would stop him! He had the reflexes of a cat!

Now the giantess had re-joined her gossiping friends, and the coast was clear. Determined, Werner set out on another sprint, so that he didn’t realise that another one of the girls was getting up from the table. Only as he was in the middle of the corridor, he noticed the ominous boom of massive, rapidly approaching footsteps, which violently shook the tiled floor beneath him. Then a humongous shoe hit the floor in such close proximity that the tremor and the shockwave alone threw him off his feet, causing him to fall flat on his back. Suddenly panicking, he scrambled to his feet again and looked up, but all he could see was an enormous sole coming down towards him. In an instant, he was pressed down on the floor again and for a split second, he felt the hard rubber of the sole all around him. Then his bones gave in with a loud crack and his body burst like a grape.


Lisa didn’t even notice the silent crunch with which she crushed the shrunken fugitive beneath her pink-white sneakers, and simply continued to walk over to the restrooms, leaving only a small splat of blood in the place where Werner had quit this mortal coil. The rest of him simply continued to stick to her sole and was further squished beyond recognition with every subsequent step, soon indistinguishable from other debris underneath her shoes.

After entering the restroom, Lisa went over to one of the sinks and washed her hands and then her face. While she freshened up a little, her gaze wandered to her belly, and she felt a brief touch of remorse. She wasn’t hungry anymore, but her stomach did feel very full indeed. Had she given in too quickly again?

She gently massaged her belly, unintentionally causing the air in her stomach to shift and travel up through her oesophagus, before finally leaving her body as a hearty, not particularly ladylike burp. Slightly shocked, Lisa pressed her hand against her mouth and hastily looked around, but to her relief, she appeared to be the only person in the restroom, so that she at least didn’t have to apologise to anyone. Finally, she straightened her top and her hot pants and left the restroom again to re-join her friends.


Inside her stomach, Manuel had repeatedly been buried by hamburger bits and more shrunken people periodically raining down on him. Several times, he had to dig himself out of the nightmarish sludge in order not to suffocate right away. In the corner of his mind, he was aware that this only prolonged his suffering, but by now his intellect had completely surrendered to his instincts. Just as he had dug himself through yet another layer of wet chyme, he had been almost washed away by the last barrage of ice tea and would have drowned in it if Lisa hadn’t gotten up so soon after, making the contents of the stomach shift yet again. This had caused the puddle of iced tea which had formed above him to break up, and Manuel found himself gasping for air, even though the oppressively humid air inside the stomach appeared to contain barely any oxygen at all.

Along with the other sounds of Lisa’s enormous organism, he could hear her thunderous steps deep below. Moreover, the content of her stomach also sloshed around with every one of her movements. With the last ounce of his strength, Manuel tried to stay afloat in the mixture of chyme, iced tea and progressively more concentrated stomach acid. But the previous ordeals, the intensely hot, barely breathable air and the increasingly stronger, burning digestive acids made his aching body go numb and he already found himself drifting in and out of consciousness as Lisa appeared to stand still again.

For a couple of moments, nothing seemed to happen at all, then Manuel felt how the entire stomach suddenly contracted and all of the remaining air was pressed into the cardia high above him. This was accompanied by a sudden change in air pressure, causing a painful plop in his ear canals. It was followed by a deafening, wet rumble which seemed to vibrate through the giantesses’ entire body. And so, the last thing Manuel ever heard and felt in his short life was how Lisa let out a content burp. Then he was pressed deeper into the chyme by the peristaltic movements, his last thoughts being that he would now be digested by the giant girl who had eaten him.


Unaware of and not caring about the events in her stomach, Lisa returned to her friends, who were just about to clean away the empty packaging, the paper cups and the tray. Lisa took her cup and the empty box she had shared with Alessia and casually tossed them into the bin near the entrance. Then she returned to the table, where she picked up her handbag and shopping bags, before she and her friends left the restaurant, again chatting and laughing with each other as they stepped out onto the boardwalk near the riverside promenade. To Lisa’s surprise, the afternoon heat had subsided a little, and there even was a gentle, almost cool breeze along the riverside. Dreamily, she looked at the river's water glistening in the golden afternoon sun and watched a large tour boat sailing down the river at some distance from them, while the girls slowly strolled along the bank to the riverside meadows.

Even though there were a lot of people there, the girls quickly found an empty spot where they laid down in the sun, exhausted from their activities during the day and slightly tired from their meal. As they continued to chat, laugh and relax, the shrunken people in their stomachs were gradually digested, and as Lisa got up to stretch a little in the early evening, Manuel’s remains – now merely a part of the chyme – slowly slipped through her pylorus and into her duodenum, where they were subjected to the next phase of digestion.

This process continued in the depths of her body as Lisa and her friends strolled over to a nearby tram stop, where she said goodbye to them for today. Alessia and Tanja wanted to head over to a friend to drop off their shopping bags before going to a party tonight. They also had invited Jessica and Lisa, but Jessica didn’t really have time since she had to get up quite early in the morning the next day. Lisa had briefly considered the offer, but then decided that she wasn’t really in the mood and only wanted to relax at home after this long day. Also, she wanted to go see Konstantin tomorrow, so it probably would be better if she didn’t stay up too long, perhaps even ending up drinking too much again - she still had vivid memories of that hangover a couple of weeks ago.

When their tram arrived, she and Jessica gave Alessia and Tanja an affectionate hug and wished them a nice evening, then they got in and sat down on two empty seats opposite from a pensioner, who was sadly staring out of the window. During the tram ride, they talked to each other a bit further and Lisa exchanged a few more messages with her boyfriend. After a while, the tram arrived in the quiet, somewhat affluent neighbourhood they lived in, where they gave each other a heartfelt hug and then parted ways. As Lisa finally arrived at her home after a brief walk from the tram stop, she quickly put down the heavy shopping bags in the hallway and took of her sneakers. Some of the remains of the shrunken person she had unwittingly stepped on were still stuck to her sole, but she didn’t take any note and simply placed her shoes in the rack beside the front door. Then Lisa dragged herself up the stairs to her room beneath the roof, where she dropped onto her bed with an exhausted sigh.

Lost in thought, she gently stroked her belly, which was giving off quiet digestive sounds, and continued to exchange some more text messages with her boyfriend. Following this, she went down again and into the bathroom, where she got undressed, took a brief pee and then stepped into the shower. As the water ran down her body, there was a slight growl from her belly. By now, her afternoon meal had been digested far enough for her stomach to be empty again. Once Lisa had dried herself off, she put on some fresh underwear and briefly considered putting on a pyjama, but since it was very humid and she was home alone for the week, she opted against it and went to the kitchen to warm up some spaghetti from the previous day.

Meanwhile, deep inside her digestive system, the first nutrients which once had been Manuel were resorbed into her bloodstream, where most of them would indeed be transported to be integrated into fat deposits on her breasts, her belly, her hips and her buttocks. Later in the evening, the indigestible bones and other components of his body which the girl’s digestive system could not process just as well were squeezed through her ileocecal valve. From there, they slowly travelled through the depths of her larger intestine and towards the last stop of their journey, further mixing with other undigested chunks of chyme along the way.

All the while, Lisa was sitting on the couch in the living room, eating her slightly mushy spaghetti and zapping through various TV programmes until she finally decided to settle on a moderately interesting casting show. As it ended around midnight and Lisa noticed how she was starting to doze off, she turned off the television and went back to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Then she went upstairs to her room, opened the window in the pitched roof to let some air in, and let herself fall back into her soft bed again. Since it was still unbearably warm, Lisa didn’t even bother to put on her pyjama now and simply lolled around in her bed in her underwear. Finally, she let out a tired yawn and fell asleep around half past twelve.

As Lisa calmly slept through the night, the last remains of Manuel were distributed throughout her body, and when the sun began to rise in the morning, all he had ever been was either part of the fat on her breasts and her buttocks or drifting through her bloodstream or her large intestine. As the girl inside of which all of this was happening was woken up by the cheerful tune of her phone’s alarm, she sleepily rolled around in her bed for a couple of more minutes. Then she hopped out of bed, causing her breasts and butt cheeks to jiggle slightly in her tight underwear. A loud rumble from her stomach pointed out that it was time for breakfast, but before she went down to the kitchen to pour herself some cornflakes, Lisa headed to the bathroom first to go to the toilet and brush her teeth.

After entering the bathroom, she pulled down her underpants a little and frowned as her soft butt cheeks touched the cool porcelain of the toilet seat. Then she relaxed her sphincter and let the contents of her rectum slide into the toilet bowl below with a wet splash. Manuel’s remains followed with a second load, accompanied by a quiet fart. Then Lisa also emptied her bladder on her bowel movement, washing some of Manuel’s bones out of the pile of excrements and into the water of the toilet bowl.

After she was done, Lisa thoroughly wiped herself and tossed the paper into the bowl before casually flushing its contents into the sewer. Then she washed her hands and looked in the mirror, again scrutinising her figure. As Manuel’s undigested remains drifted into the municipal sewerage systems below her naked feet, she carefully pinched into her belly, right at a part where some of his digested remains had been integrated into her body. Then she admitted to herself that she really did have a good figure, turned away and went down into the kitchen with another yawn.

All that had made Manuel human once was now part of the body of a girl who was sitting in her home’s kitchen, rubbing some of the sleep out of her eyes and eating a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast. Chewing around on her cereal, she exchanged some more text messages with Konstantin, trying to agree on the place where they would meet up later on.

And once Lisa had eaten her breakfast as well, she cleaned herself up a little and got changed. Then she put on a pair of shoes in the hall and headed outside to meet up with her boyfriend.

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