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It was a wonderful late summer day.  Classes had just started back up, and the weather was cool enough now that I no longer burst into sweat the moment I stepped outside.  The fresh air felt good to breathe, and I kept a good pace as I weaved between my fellow students on the way to class.  My only burden was the small laptop in my messenger bag, and I felt light as the refreshing breeze on my face.


Turning the corner around the mathematics building, my day took a sharp turn toward unpleasant.   Taylor and Rebecca, two of the more enthusiastic players on the women’s volleyball team, were coming from the other direction, and there was nowhere for me to hide.  Last year they had taken a strong interest in making me a fan of their team, so I did what I could to avoid them.  Unfortunately, they had found me again.  Now I would have to endure their exhortations to come see them play until either the season ended, or I found a different route to class.


“Hey there!” Taylor called out, giving me a big wave.  “Long time no see, little dude!”  From a distance, it was difficult to tell them apart: they were both tall and very fit, with long blond hair.  The main difference was that Taylor had a few inches on her friend.  While that did not help me up close since I had to look up at them both, it worked from here.


“Yeah, we’ve been looking all over for you!” Rebecca added.  “I was starting to worry someone had stepped on you!” 


“I definitely checked my shoes before putting them on every day.”  They were already starting with the short jokes, as though they would endear me to them.


 As they approached, I considered running away and hiding somewhere, but did not want to be rude.  Besides, if I tried to get away, they would easily catch me.  Their legs were almost twice as long as mine, and they were in peak physical.  Instead, I forced a smile and gave a little wave back, then slowly walked toward them.


They were dressed to enjoy the cooler weather, which surely made a lot of people not subject to their aggressive badgering happy.  Their hair was down so the breeze could blow the long blond strands behind them.  Taylor had gone for something fashionable, with a dark orange shirt and loose red skirt, with russet-colored riding boots that gave her already impressive height one more inch.  Rebecca chose something more basic, with a dark blue volleyball hoodie and black, skin-tight leggings with brown Ugg boots.  The only way she could have been a bigger stereotype was if she had a White Claw in her hand – and, I guess, if she switched heights with her companion.


The pair closed the distance quickly and got so close they were practically standing on top of me.  My eyes were level with their chests, and before I could crane my neck back, Taylor scoffed and pointed at her face.  “Um, my eyes are up here,” she said with a smirk.  I had lost track of how many times they made that joke to me.


“So, what’ve you been up to, little guy?” Rebecca demanded.  She leaned forward and rested her hands on her knees so I could look directly in her blue eyes, bending her legs so much she was practically sitting in an invisible chair.  I would have preferred simply staring up at her: this was patronizing and made me feel like a child, and I suspected she knew that.  “You didn’t get stuck in a glue trap, did you?”


“Was someone keeping you in a jar on their desk?”  It never failed.  If one of them made a crack about my height, I could expect the other to chime in with one right after.


“No, I’ve just been busy,” I replied.  “You know how it is with classes, right?”


“Too busy for us?”  Rebecca opened her mouth in false offense and stood back to her full height, then leaned back some more and placed her hand on her chest.


“Come on Becky, have some empathy for him!  It must take him a lot longer than us to get around since he has to worry about everyone stepping on him.”


“You’re right, I was being selfish.”  Rebecca smirked and leaned down so she was on my level again to directly address me.  “Do you also have to stand on books while you read them?  I bet that takes a long time, too.”  I turned away to crane my neck up at Taylor, refusing to answer such an insulting question.  “If you need someone to turn the pages for you, I’d be glad to help you out.”


“Look, we’ve taken up enough of your time already, and I’m sure you’re eager to get back to hopping over the gaps between cobblestones,” Taylor said.  “I know you’re not busy tonight, though, it’s Friday!  Why don’t you come watch us play?  It’s our first home game of the season, and we can get you a seat right on the court!  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.”


“I’ll see about letting you sit with the team!” Rebecca added.  “We usually have a few seats empty, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“Oh yeah, that’s a good idea!  All the other girls are like us, you’ll have a blast.  I’ll make sure they all know about you beforehand so they don’t accidentally sit on you.”


“Sure, I’ll be there.”  I was definitely not going to be there, but I’d say anything to get them out of my face.


“Excellent!” Rebecca exclaimed, standing up and clapping her hands rapidly.  “We’ll be looking for you.  Now, do you need any help getting to your next class?  I’m sure Tay wouldn’t mind carrying you in her pocket for a bit.”


“I even have a pair of tweezers to pick you up!”


“No, that’s fine,” I replied, stepping around them.  Thankfully, neither of them moved to block my path, but Taylor gave me a hard clap on the shoulder as I passed her.  Once I stopped stumbling, I got back on my way.


“Okay, see you tonight!” Taylor called after me.


 “Yeah, we have magnifying glasses!”


I let their snide remarks roll off my back.  I had been hearing those for years, but it was rare to find someone as dedicated to them as these two.  It did not seem like they were being mean with them, but they heavily clashed with the rest of their overly friendly demeanor.  Still, they must have known that I had made an empty promise, and there was no way I would go to one of their games.  They would act upset the next time they hunted me down, I would make another lame excuse, and the world would go on.  In the meantime, I had a class to hurry to.

As it turned out, I was busy that night after all.  A new game was released that afternoon, and it was not going to play itself.  Between researching builds online and doing quests, I was set to be occupied until the early hours of the morning for the next several weeks.


Three loud knocks on my door cut through my headphones, and I got up to answer the door.  Whoever was there must have had something pretty urgent to pound on my door with such force.


I opened the door and found a dark blue wall on the other side.  My eyes shot up and I saw Taylor and Rebecca staring down at me, looking much angrier than usual.  They put their hands on their hips while glowering at me, and I jerked back into my room.  Their presence was making me feel physically smaller, as though just being around them was making me dwindle.


I tried to slam the door on them, but Taylor’s huge blue sneaker made it onto the threshold, blocking it.  Rebecca gave it a solid shove, easily overpowering me, and I staggered backwards as the door swung inward.  They stepped into the room standing abreast, leaving me nowhere to go.  The volleyball players had trapped me in my own room, and as they advanced I backed away until my back was against the wall.


“I didn’t see you at the game today,” Taylor started calmly.  They had clearly just finished, and were still wearing their tiny blue shorts and white kneepads with white knee-high socks.  “I even scoured the floor with a magnifying glass in case I missed you.”


“All the girls were so excited to meet you, too!” Rebecca chimed in.  “You didn’t just stand us up, you stood up ten other women.  We all had to check our shoes after the game to make sure you weren’t splattered under one!”


“Look, sorry, I got carried away and lost track of time,” I said, holding up my hands defensively.  They had spread so their broad shoulders touched each other and the wall, blocking any possible escape I could make, and stood close enough their toes to touch my shoes.  As they stared down at me, I felt even smaller than before as they used their size and presence to intimidate me.  “I’ll make you a deal: you knock off the short jokes, and I’ll definitely make it to your next game.”


The two of them looked at each other in confusion.  It really did seem like they were getting bigger.  With how freely they used their height to tease me, I could tell they looked about a foot taller in my view.  “Short… jokes?” Taylor asked, turning back to me.  “We’ve never made a single joke about your height.”


“Yeah, if anything we think your height’s cool!” Rebecca chimed in.  “We’ve always been tall, so we want to know what it’s like to be smaller than our fingernails.”


“We would never make fun of you just for being short.  Like, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to go through life while everyone can step on you, it must be so hard and I want to understand your struggle.”


“And I was legitimately worried you had gotten caught in a glue trap.  I even spent time looking for you, and I was so relieved when I saw you walking around today!”


Obvious bullshit, of course.  They were no more concerned about me than they were a cartoon character, but they still succeeded in making me feel smaller.  I felt about half their size now, waist-height to the longer-legged Rebecca, and Taylor was soon to follow.  It sounded ridiculous, but I had to ask, “You two aren’t growing, are you?  I’m feeling increasingly small around you.”


Taylor’s lips pulled to the side in a look of confusion.  “No, we’re definitely not growing,” she answered.  “As much as I’d love to-“


“I could certainly use another few inches to even the score.”


“-I haven’t grown at all since I was 16.”  More obvious bullshit: they were growing in front of me!  My eyes were level with the gray swoosh on the bottom of their shorts, and as I stared up at them I could see their shirts tucked in.  I had definitely not been shorter than their legs earlier.


“There’s a reason you’re feeling a lot smaller now, though,” Rebecca offered.


“Come on, I want to tell him!” Taylor protested.  “I’m the one who did it!”  My eye level had completely slipped beneath their shorts and was now falling along the lightly tanned skin of their toned thighs.


“If you get to keep him, I get to tell him, that’s how this works,” Rebecca replied.  “We’ll trade off with the next one.”


Taylor crossed her arms over her chest and looked away, dejected, but agreed.  “Fine, I guess that’s fair.”  I was level with the middle of their thighs now, and hoped one of them would finally clear up what’s happening.


Rebecca leaned forward, sliding her long fingers along her thighs until her hands cupped over her kneecaps.  Even though she was almost bent in half, I had to crane my neck back significantly to look her in the eyes.  Whatever was happening was causing her growth to be perfectly proportional.  Her face was three times its previous size and hung over me like a ceiling fixture, and the bulbous base of her nose was the size of my hand.


“You, my already very small, itty-bitty man, are…” she drew out the announcement, and her eyes widened while her lips formed the next word, “shrinking!”  She shouted it and I stumbled back, pressing my body against the wall.  While I looked up at her in confused horror Rebecca shot back to her full height and began hopping up and down, clapping her hands.  In the time it took her to tell me, I had shrunk down to their knees.  “You’re shrin-king, you’re shrin-king, you’re getting very sma-ll!” she sang while hopping. 


Taylor started hopping along with her and joined the song.  “You’re shrin-king, you’re shrin-king, you’re getting very sma-ll, soon we won’t be able too see you at a-ll!  You’re dwin-dling, you’re dwind-ling, don’t hurt your neck, when you’re looking up and the size of a speck!  You’re ti-ny, you’re pu-ny, yes, it is true!  Soon you’ll be squished underneath a shoe!”  They erupted into hideous, booming laughter, but at least they finally stopped moving.  With their feet flat on the ground again I could tell I was several inches below their knees, and by the time they calmed down I had reached the tops of Rebecca’s socks.


“But how?” I asked, looking up at them pleadingly.  “People don’t just… shrink.”


“Tay here cast a shrinking spell on you earlier today,” Rebecca explained.  “If you had bothered to show up tonight she would’ve cancelled it, but you didn’t.  Hope your little game was worth it!”


“How… how small am I going to get?”  As an answer, Taylor smiled and held a hand up to her face, thumb and forefinger extended.  There was so little space between the tips of her digits I was not even sure she was holding them apart.  “Look, if you want me to come this badly, I will!  If you stop shrinking me, I promise I’ll come to all your games for the rest of the season.”


“Oh, it’s too late for that, little man!” Taylor declared, taking a small step forward.  The toe of her huge blue sneaker touched my knees, and I had to look straight up at her from midway down her shin.  She was gigantic, towering over me like a building, and it was only going to get worse.  “You promised you’d be there tonight, yet here we are.”


“Come on, there has to be something I can do!” I offered, pleading with them.  It seemed like the shrinking was getting faster now.  I was halfway down the length of Taylor’s socks and rapidly approaching their ankles.


“Yeah, there is,” Rebecca cut in.  Her voice was deeper now, much fuller, like someone was slowing down a recording of it.  I eagerly looked to her, and she simply smirked and said, “Keep shrinking.”


“You’re about to be the volleyball team’s smallest fan,” Taylor said as I dwindled to be level with their ankles.  “You’ll be at every game, scrimmage, and practice.  You’ll be on the court, in the weight room, and at our meals.  Wherever the volleyball team is, you’ll be there… at least, until one of us squishes or eats you.”  She let loose with a booming laugh as I became shorter than her shoe.  All their jokes about stepping on me were now all too real.


“You can’t be serious!” I shouted, hoping they would hear me.  Their laughter may have been answer, but not a good one.  “Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t let that happen!”


“When someone finally does smash him, do you think it’ll be an accident or on purpose?” Rebecca asked, giving me the same dispassionate look she would a weed, and I shrank beneath the blue wall of their shoes.  Now I was dwindling against the white foam soles of their shoes, and still getting smaller somehow.


“Hard to say.  With how puny he is, it’d be really easy for someone to accidentally step on him, and I don’t think they’d even notice.  If he keeps making those annoying little squeaks, though,” her rumbling voice became a growl as Taylor said that, and she stared right at me.  She lifted a foot as high as it could go, and I gaped up in amazement and fear.  It looked so far away, but was still enormous in my view.  If she aimed it at me, there was no way I would be able to escape.


Taylor’s gigantic shoe rushed back to the floor, snapping me out of my reverie.  Worse, it was on a course right for me!  It rapidly got larger in my vision, blocking everything else until all I could see were the foam squares and ditches that made up the treads.  Reflexively I held up my arms, though I knew they could not protect me against the behemoth that was Taylor’s foot.  If it hit me, there would not even be enough of me left to scrape off her sole.


Fortunately, it stopped just short of landing on me.  I was crouched down, cowering and whimpering at the sight of a titanic shoe hanging above me.  Its shadow had completely engulfed me, and if it moved down just a little more I would be crushed.  Tension hung in the air as it lingered, and I watched the foam square above me wavering with her minute, involuntary movements that she likely did not even notice.  A single small slip on her part would end with me smashed into unrecognizable mush.


The treads blurred together as Taylor moved her foot to the side so it no longer threatened me.  She set it down beside me, close enough that I was still underneath the bulge made by her foot, though I could still see her.  When she saw me, Taylor burst out into terrible, bone-shaking laughter.  “Look at you!” she managed to say between fits.  “You’re so small and pathetic!  I feel like I ought to smash you on principle!”  I was indeed pathetically small, and I wondered whether she would even know if she had stepped on me.


Mercifully, that was where I stopped shrinking; I was getting so small, I was worried I would literally shrink into nothing.  However, I was far from pleased with the situation.  Taylor’s shoe loomed large over me, and the woman herself loomed even larger, almost a thousand feet tall by my reckoning.  The shoe itself was the size of my dormitory, easily large enough to pulverize me without her noticing.  Next to her, I barely even felt human.


I glanced between her and Rebecca to see how big people were compared to me now.  It was horrifying, but I could not tear my eyes away as they slowly scrolled up their bodies.  Reaching their ankles would be a feat on its own, to say nothing of their knees hundreds of smooth-skinned feet above.  Their tremendous legs stretched further into the sky than I could normally see, then they were taken over by dark blue shorts with fabric as thick as I was tall.  As I imagined the tribulation that climbing them would be, I continued gazing upwards, past their mountainous breasts to their faces.  There was surely some distortion from our extreme differences in size, but her mouth was easily large enough to devour me whole if I did not get stuck to her lips first.  Their blue irises were my size, and if I ended up in blond scalps it would be a forest I could never escape from.


Taylor glared down at me smugly, and I was struck dumb as I looked up at her.  She was gargantuan, able to crush skyscrapers beneath her enormous foot.  Even if I could have said something, I would not have.  They were so huge there was no way they could hear me and I would just be wasting my breath.


I could not decide which of them to focus on: they were both equally dangerous to me.  Noticing my indecision, the pair of titanesses leaned over, laying their hands atop their knees, and stared down at me.  I did not think it was possible, but with them standing over me and looking down like this I felt even smaller.  They were driving home my new size in the same way they always had.


Rebecca’s eyes darted back and forth, scanning the area around me, and she squinted at the ground.  “I’m having trouble seeing him,” she boomed, and her voice made my insides shake from its vibrations.  “I guess our song was right.”


“Hold on, I came prepared.”  Taylor reached behind her and pulled a magnifying glass from her shorts.  “I grabbed this out of the car before we came up, figured we might need it.”  I looked at it in astonishment.  Was I really so small they’d need that to see me, or were they just messing with me again?


Taylor got down on her knees, making the floor tremble beneath her weight again, then leaned forward onto her elbows.  While I recovered from the seismic calamity she unleashed, she pulled up the hand holding the magnifying glass and began scanning the floor.  As she searched, I studied her face.  She had a big smile showing her teeth, and I realized even they dwarfed me like a high-rise building would, while her lower lip could cover me entirely.  Her nose was the size of a ski slope, and I could take shelter from a storm in the small wrinkles beneath her eyes created by her smile.  Were it not for the cornea, I could lay down on the great blue field of her iris and relax, momentarily losing myself in the magical world.  It was terrifying, and beautiful, and I just wanted to be back at my original size.


The magnifying glass passed overhead, and Taylor’s iris was distorted by the lens to fill the whole thing.  Her mammoth eye filled the sky, and there was nowhere for me to hide from it.  “I see him!” she declared, and I covered my ears to protect them from the sonic assault.  “He’s so fucking puny.”


“Small enough to get lost in my shoes?” Rebecca asked.


“For sure,” Taylor answered, and that seemed to amuse her friend.  “Poor bastard would never find his way out before you got your foot in.”


“Well don’t just talk about it, get him up here so I can see!”


Taylor moved her other hand toward me, thumb and forefinger extended.  It descended toward me, and it took all of my nerves to keep from running as her gigantic thumb descended above me.  “Okay, now don’t move, little guy,” she ordered.  “If you move even a little bit I just might pinch your head off by accident.”  While I had no desire to live at this insignificant stature, I also did not want to have a humiliating death like “head yanked off by pinch.”  I stood still while she lowered them onto my collar and gently squeezed, grabbing my shirt in her unbreakable hold.


My stomach dropped to my feet when she lifted me out of the carpet, and black spots appeared on the edge of my vision.  “Got ‘im!” she shouted, the horrific rumble of her voice jolting me back to full consciousness.  She held me aloft for a moment, studying me with her gigantic blue eyes, and a low rumble emanated from her throat.  “Kind of feels like finger food.”  Taylor grinned, and I gasped in shock.


Her lips parted, revealing the gaping cavern behind them, and she began raising me toward it.  “No, please!” I begged, knowing they could not hear me.  “Do anything you want to me, just don’t eat me!”  My words went unheeded as expected, and the titanic volleyball player continued drawing me toward her mouth.  As I passed between her lips wider than any highway, I wrestled with the idea that I was going to meet my end in her stomach.


“Come on, stop playing around, Tay!” Rebecca intervened, and my advance into her mouth halted.  “I know threatening to eat them is fun, but he needs to at least meet the rest of the team.”


Taylor withdrew me from inside her mouth and closed her mammoth lips in front of me.  “Yeah, I know,” she said.  Even though it was in a normal speaking voice, I was stunned by how loud it was, and the whirlwind from her voice made my hair and clothes whip back.


She stood back to her full height, raising me what felt like hundreds of feet in less than a second, and the ascent left me dizzy and on the edge of consciousness.  Taylor waved her digits back and forth, keeping me firmly held by them while making sure I stayed awake.  The landscape of her pink lips stretched as far as I could see in either direction, and I was not sure whether she was smiling or that was how every mouth would look to me from now on.


Taylor moved me away from her mouth, much slower this time, as she raised me up to eye level.  Though it still strained my body, it was a relief after the ordeal I had just been through.  Slowly she moved me away from her face entirely, and I could for once see something that was not a titanic volleyball player.  Rebecca quickly filled the gap, however, and her bright blue eyes commanded my attention.


“Wow, he’s so small!” she shouted, as though it was a revelation for her.  My ears rang as she peered down at me dangling from Taylor’s fingers, and I still heard her eyelids come together when she blinked.  “You know what though, little guy?  This is how I always saw you.  Just a fleck of insignificant dust that wouldn’t even stain my shoe.”


“Yeah, I have to agree.”  Taylor’s eye was a little darker but even more brilliant, and I turned my head toward it.  Caught between the gazes of two enormous irises, I began to understand exactly how small I was.  Their eyes were bigger than I was.  “You’ve always been this puny to us, we’re just showing the rest of the world how you should look.”


“Forget stepping on you, I could inhale you and not even know.”


“Have you ever wanted to be stuck to fresh lip gloss?”


“I bet you’d never find your way out of my navel.”


“This is done to death, but you could literally be the dirt under my fingernails.”


“I think that’s enough for now, Tay,” Rebecca mercifully ended the new round of insults.  “Stow him for carrying, I’m gonna turn all his shit off so it looks like he just walked away.”  I watched as she grabbed a tissue, then walked out of my limited field of view.  As Taylor lowered me along her monolithic torso, I heard her friend depress the power button on my computer until it powered down.  Not even the RA would come to see what was up anymore.


Taylor brought me around to her back, and as Rebecca turned off a lamp it dawned on me what was about to happen.  “No, not there!” I shouted, for all the good it would do.  She continued lowering me toward her waistline, but with her grim grip on my collar I could not escape.  I was completely at her mercy, and in her eyes, barely a person.


She pulled the band of her tiny shorts back enough to make a huge crevasse to receive me, then opened her fingers.  I fell from them and rolled down Taylor’s back, tumbling over the dark blue fabric of her shirt.  When I reached the bottom, I dropped off the edge and plummeted deeper into her shorts.  My body fell head-first into the tight lycra shorts, their close bond with her skin slowing me to a stop.  With a loud snap she pulled her finger back, letting the shorts completely encase me against her panties.


Taylor rubbed her hand over me, threatening to squish me with just one solid push, but her buttock was fleshy enough to accept me without my body being flattened.  When I breathed in, I was assailed by the strong stench of sweat left over from the game she had just played.  I thought that was the worst part of this until she took a step.  Her shorts tightened around me, pushing me further into her panties, which were in turn tightened around her butt.  As she stepped with the other leg the buttock beside me relaxed, pushing me back into her shorts.  Her ass had complete control of me, and if she sat down it would surely be the end of me.


In the complete darkness inside Taylor’s shorts, the only indication the lights were off was the sound of Rebecca flicking the switch.  “Let’s get him back to the house,” the other titaness said.  “I could use some sleep after that game.”


“Sleep?” Taylor repeated, and the rhythm of her voice traveling through her body made mine shake in an unexpectedly pleasant way.  “You don’t want to play with our new little friend?”


“I could be convinced.  How’re we gonna play with him, though?  He’s just so small.”


“I’m sure we’ll find a way.”  Taylor’s mysterious answer lingered in the air as she stepped forward, pressing me between her shorts and panties again.  The non-stop squeeze and relaxation of her walking was a new kind of torment, but at least I was not at risk of being squished.  I endured it for the entire walk to the car, when I suddenly remembered she would have to sit down in there.


Fortunately, Taylor seemed just as cognizant of how dangerous sitting would be for me as I was.  The world turned, dropping me an unknowable distance as her butt lowered toward the seat, and I strained to stay inside her shorts so I would not be lost on the side of the road.  When her butt set down she leaned heavily on the other cheek, putting only a slight increase in pressure on top of me.  Aware that a sharp turn could result in me being crushed, I grabbed on to her panties for dear life.


The car started, and music I did not recognize started playing.  I was not sure if that was simply because I was too small to enjoy music intended for normal-sized people, or we simply ran in different circles, music-wise.  As it started moving, Taylor leaned hard on her other buttock, doing her best to keep from smashing me by accident.  While I appreciated the concern for my life, part of me realized it was not out of the good of her heart.  She had plans for me, and at my radically diminished size I would have to endure them.


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