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Chapter 1:

Jenny was on her way to her therapy appointment. It was Wednesday—hump day—and work was killing her. She was a secretary at a law firm, and she felt like a tool for her boss. He ordered her around to get him coffee, files he needed, or anything else he wanted at that particular moment. It was not a fulfilling job to say the least.


Jenny had been out of college for 8 years already, and she wasn’t any closer to her dream job, a television news anchor. Her dad always told her she had the looks for it, but she was always shot down.


Liam, Jenny’s therapist, was her saving grace. All her feelings of inadequacy vanished when she was with him. He made her feel safe and valuable.


And as soon as she stepped inside his office, a feeling of tranquility washed over her. Part of it was the calming colors that Liam’s office was decorated with. Sky blue walls. White fluffy carpeting. Sage gray desk. But it was the man himself that had the true calming effect.


“Jenny!” Liam bellowed from his desk. “How the heck are you? You haven’t been pulling any shenanigans at work, have you?”


If she weren’t already so comfortable with him, she likely would’ve taken that as an insult. But she knew he was just joking.


“No, not at all, Liam,” she let out a disarming laugh.


“Good. Why don’t you sit down? My next patient cancelled, so you can talk for as long as you want.”


Her heart soared. A full two hours with Liam? That nearly convinced her she would be cured of all her mental foibles.


So, she poured her heart out to him. She was lonely. Her job was soulless. She couldn’t sleep well. All of it.


“You just need to slow your heartbeat, Jenny,” he said. “You brain is going at a hundred miles a minute. When you feel yourself freaking out, just think, ‘slow down, everything’s going to be alright.’”


The rest of the therapy visit served as a venting session for her. But for the rest of that week, whenever she started freaking out, she thought back to what Liam said. In her head she would hear, slow down, everything’s going to be alright, in his soothing, manly voice.


Over the weekend, she reverted back to her normal routine. Wake up, masturbate to the thought of Liam, cook herself breakfast, go for a run, then masturbate to the thought of Liam again. After that, she would go for lunch with her one true friend, Maeve, who’d she known since high school, after which she would go home and masturbate a little more to the thought of Liam. Then she would cook some dinner for herself, watch some TV, then if she saw a man that kind of looked like Liam, that was enough to send her into another masturbatory frenzy.

She headed off to work Monday, drained. All she did the entire weekend was think about him, and she was already longing to see him again. She wished she could make him hers. But he was married and ten years her senior. He wouldn’t want to date some bimbo ten years younger than him.


Well then again, Jenny thought, she had quite the body. Her tits were massive. She often struggled to find bras that could hold them in, and she’d caught Liam ogling them on multiple occasions. Her ass too, was nothing to sneeze at. She was a busty gal, and from the pictures on Liam’s desk, his wife was a stick figure. Sex with her must’ve been like doing it with a middle schooler. Yuck, she thought. That would make it easy to convince him to drop his wife like a sack of potatoes.


So, at the next therapy session, Jenny flirted with him. She twirled her cascading blonde hair. She a wore a low-cut top that she constantly tugged at to let more cleavage show. She would stretch her legs every so often, just to emphasize how thick and healthy her thighs were. She talked in a breathier voice than usual.


And boy, did he notice. He was practically staring her up and down. She even caught him not listening to her a few times.


“Oh, I’m sorry. Long day. What were you talking about?” he would say.


But she knew better. It wasn’t the long day that was making him not pay attention to her problems. It was her bangin’ body.


“You don’t have to play coy with me,” she finally said. “I know you like looking at me. Admit it.”


Without putting up a fight, he freely admitted it. “You got me. You’re a beautiful woman, Jenny. And I’m sorry for staring, I’ll try to keep it at a minimum.”


“No, I like when you stare. It gives me that boost of confidence I need, you know?”


“Well, I’m glad, Jenny. I just don’t want you getting the wrong idea. We’re friends. Good friends, I think. But I’m married. Happily married,” he said.


Jenny was fed up. How could he reject her? She would’ve been the best thing to ever happen to him. He was drooling over her, and still, he didn’t have the courage to leave his wife? That was it. She would have to take more drastic measures.


“Do you want to hear a story, Liam?”


“Of course. That’s what I’m here for. Tell me.”


“OK, so I had a crush on this guy in high school. Danny. I told my friends about my crush on him, and they told me to just ask him out already. He was one of the popular guys.”


Liam was trying to focus on Jenny’s story, not on her assets. And it was proving hard for him. His eyes would wander down to look at her breasts every few seconds, then his attention would snap back up to her face.


“It was a Friday when I asked him on a date. I figured if he said no, I could just flee the school and cry all weekend until it was time to go back Monday morning. Hopefully, by the next week, some new drama would’ve happened to overshadow my rejection. But anyway, so I approached him at his locker, and I asked him ‘would you want to go out some time?’ A simple question that demanded a simple answer. Yes or no. Right? But no, that piece of shit went on and on about how weird I was and how I dressed funny and how I was a fatty!”


Jenny took a long pause to compose herself. She took a deep breath, causing her breasts to rise and fall, leaving Liam in a sort of booby trance.


“Anyway, that night, I wished that that boy was as small as he was on the inside. He was a petty, mean jerk and he deserved it. Next thing I know, I waltz into school on Monday, and all anyone was talking about was how Danny disappeared. And that made me wonder. Did he really get small? Did he shrink like I’d imagined, and someone hadn’t found him yet because he was so small?”


For the first time in the therapy session, Liam was listening intently to Jenny. This is quite the story, he thought.


“Later on that day, Danny was found,” Jenny continued. “Except, he was found at the bottom of a teacher’s shoe. He was merely a bloodspot. The sucker must’ve run to try to get help, and a stiletto came down on him. It was true. My wish had shrunk the little guy. It was never my intention for him to shrink down like that, but this time, it is my intention.”


“What are you? What are you talking—? Jenny what is that? I feel…weird.”


Jenny watched as Liam noticeably began shedding inches off his height. He was an impressive 6’2”, and she was a mere 5’2”, but soon, she would look like a giant to him.


It was genuinely thrilling for her to see him literally shrink into his chair. Seconds after her wish, he was shrinking substantially.


“Stand up,” she said. “I want to see something.”


“Jenny, I’m afraid I’ll fall. I feel lightheaded all of a sudden.”


“Come on, Liam. Just stand up for a second. I’ll catch you if you fall.”


As went to stand up, he said, “How are you gonna catch me, you’re a foot shorter than—”


His voice trailed off when it became apparent to him that his patient was no longer a foot shorter than him. In fact, she was his height.


“Hey cutie! Like your new height?!” she poked him.


“What the hell?! Did you grow or something? This is impossible!”


Jenny put her hand on top of Liam’s head and began pushing down. He felt himself sinking into the floor. To him, Jenny kept getting taller and taller. First, he was below her chin, then her shoulders, then her breasts.


“What the hell is going on, Jenny?! You’re getting taller right in front of me!”


She took her hand off the top of his head and kneeled down so she was at his level. “No, Liam. I’m not growing. You’re shrinking. Just like Danny shrank when I wished for it.”


Suddenly, it clicked in Liam’s mind. This crazy bitch wished for him to get smaller because he rejected her. He thought he was helping her for the past year, but all he’d done was become her new obsession.


He ran for the door, but the faster he ran, the door seemed to get farther and farther away.

The doorknob too, was getting higher and higher. His heart sank as he realized what was happening. Two gigantic feet in sandals stomped down on either side of him. He looked up and saw Jenny, only she was the size of a skyscraper.


“I should’ve told you. Physical exertion speeds up the shrinking process,” she stifled a giggle.


“Put me back to normal, right now!” he demanded.


She sat down on the floor in front of him. The shockwaves of her sitting down nearly caused him to fall. She had a pensive facial expression, and after a few seconds of rubbing her chin, she came back with the answer he expected.


“Nope,” she said cavalierly.


“What gives you the right to do this to me?!”


“I don’t know, to be honest. But some great force apparently granted me the power to shrink anyone I please. Listen, Liam. I’ll make you a deal right here and now. You are going to spend a week as my tiny little guy. If you end up enjoying yourself more with me as your giantess caretaker, you’ll stay with me. If you tell me at the end of all this that you seriously enjoy spending your time your flat-chested wife, then I promise, I’ll return you to her.”


Liam was still outraged that Jenny did this to him, but she was giving him a relatively fair deal. And this was likely the best he was going to get, so he took her up on it.


“Fine,” he said. “I accept. But you promise to return me to normal, right?”


“Of course, if you end up truly wanting to return to that wife of yours, then sure. I’ll send you right back to her.”


“Ok, I guess I’ll indulge you for the week,” he sighed.


At the back of his mind, he told himself that he would tell her he preferred being returned to normal no matter what.


“Yay! That’s so exciting! Get ready for a super-duper fun week, little guy!”


He groaned at her giddiness. Then he realized something.


“Wait! Jenny, how am I going to explain being gone for a week?”


She lifted him with two fingers until he was dangling in front of her face. It was genuinely unnerving to see a face that was as big as he was. Her mouth was easily wider than his shoulders. Her nose was bigger than his head. Her hazel eyes were terrifyingly huge as they burned through him.


“Do you have a relative that lives far away?” Jenny asked.


“Yes, my Aunt Polly. She lives almost a thousand miles away.”


“Is she old?”


He was confused as to where she was going with this. “Yeah, she’s 87.”


“So, tell everyone you went to go visit her. Tell them she’s sick.”


He flailed around in her grasp, not comfortable with her suggestion. “But she’s not sick!”


“If you have a better idea, I’m all ears,” Jenny said.

He couldn’t believe her. She was actually expecting him to brainstorm ideas to explain his own kidnapping. But he didn’t want the people in his life thinking the worst. So, he acquiesced to Jenny.


“Fine. That’ll be our story,” he agreed.


“Good, now it’s purse time for you,” she said.




She let him go, and he screamed at the top of his lungs. He believed he was about to fall to his death. Unbeknownst to him, she had put her purse underneath him, and instead of falling to the ground, he fell right into her open handbag. He was surrounded with giant vials of lip balm, huge sunglasses, and a wallet as heavy as he was. Then he heard the zipper above him closing.


“Leave it open! I’m going to suffocate in here!” he shouted up to her.


“OK, Liam. I’ll leave it open a crack. Can I trust you not to make any noise?”


He thought about that. His secretary was still at her desk. If he yelled loudly enough, perhaps she would be able to hear him, and he would be rescued from this insane woman.


His silence demonstrated to Jenny that Liam was not to be trusted. She knew he was scheming in there, so she zipped up her bag. He would just be fine in there until she got to her car.


Liam banged at the sides of her purse, but it was no use. For the next week, he was her toy.

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