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(Formerly titled "Giantess/shrinking & farts - Spending time with 'Auntie' Sheila")

One day, for reasons that escape your comprehension, you shrink really small (ranging from about 1/2 inch to 1/10 inch or 1cm to 1 millimeters approx.), and you don't really know why. Did someone do it? Did something cause it? Who, or what? Unfortunately for you, you won't get many chances to find out, as you have to try your best and survive as you're not alone. The girls that you were just hanging out with or happened to be around are now seemingly impossibly gigantic. You might try to alert them of your presence, but that might not end up being the best idea.

[This story is sort of a spiritual successor to TinyMan0001's 'Giantess/fart shrinking' stories, though not intended to be a carbon copy of it. One difference is that whether farts shrink you is up to whoever is writing, though I at least chose to leave the cause of shrinking mysterious at the beginning, and also because it slightly contradicts some backstory (I also left open the possibility for a girl to intentionally shrink you). However, like it, it's largely focused on the shrinking side, though I guess I can leave a branch dedicated for a giantess/growth route if anyone's interested on adding to that. Also, similarly, the girls may be aware or unaware of your shrunken form. Usually, I'd say they should progress from unaware to aware, depending on the girl and the situation though.

This story is a more user-friendly display for the interactive I made at Writing.com, though here we have to do away with the ability to have other people directly add chapters, and instead I'll be posting the more relevant routes done so far.

Original link here: https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2234425-Giantessshrinking--farts

PS: The Giga tag was just selected in relation to the main character's perspective, this is mostly a shrinking story, not growth focused, though a growth route may be done in the future.

Rated: R
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Growth: Giga (1 mi. to 100 mi.)
Shrink: Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
Size Roles: F/m
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Published: October 15 2020 Updated: October 14 2022
Story Notes:

The main focus of these stories are butt and farts, though boobs are not discarded. Not into feet, piss, and not much into vore either (mouthplay would be fine though).

1. Intro/Character Profiles by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1563 words)

This is the introductory portion, not a chapter per se back in the original interactive, where all characters I've made so far are described, though not necessarily all of them will be featured here.

2. It's the weekend! And you have no plans... by anonlol [Reviews - 0] (662 words)

Again, it's a fusion of the first few chapters leading to this route.

3. You're greeted by 'Auntie' Sheila... by anonlol [Reviews - 0] (780 words)

4. Shrunk, and found by her... by anonlol [Reviews - 0] (1180 words)

5. Planet Booty, Population: You by anonlol [Reviews - 1] (1718 words)

6. Down Sheila's Chasm by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1329 words)

Chapter originally written by anonlol

7. Your Auntie Lets You Have It by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1797 words)

Chapter originally written by NotOnTime

8. Nothing Left Between You and Her Hole by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1850 words)

9. Gassier Than You Ever Imagined by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1437 words)

10. Auntie’s Onslaught of Farts Continue by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1191 words)

11. Lillian Interrupts The Fun by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1769 words)

12. A Giantess Fart Sandwich by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1833 words)

13. Storing Fuel For Later by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (829 words)

14. Asking the Real Questions by NotOnTime [Reviews - 1] (1376 words)

15. Planet Sheila by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1622 words)

16. Micro-Sized on Her Giant Gassy Hole by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1529 words)

17. Things Get Sweaty by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1227 words)

18. Devoured by her Hungry Backdoor by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1559 words)

19. Welcome Inside Auntie’s Bowels by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1762 words)

20. Inside a Woman’s Farting Ass by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1611 words)

21. Consumed by Sheila’s Bowels by NotOnTime [Reviews - 0] (1717 words)