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Story Notes:

The main focus of these stories are butt and farts, though boobs are not discarded. Not into feet, piss, and not much into vore either (mouthplay would be fine though).

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the introductory portion, not a chapter per se back in the original interactive, where all characters I've made so far are described, though not necessarily all of them will be featured here.

Main Characters:

Blaise (You): 17 years old guy on his senior year of highschool. Tall (190 cm/6'3") for your age, with a somewhat tanned skin tone and messy black hair and eyes. You're a quiet guy that likes to keep a low profile, slightly athletic with a bit of muscle (Blaise weighs around 198 lbs/90 kg), but never joined any sports team. You get decent grades with little studying, except on numerical things like Math, but you never fit in with the intellectual types either, although you enjoy reading quite a bit. You also like anime and videogames like most guys, and are rather introverted. You didn't have many friends, though you have quite a few acquaintances. You wonder if the friends that you do have are the reason for that...

[Additional notes: You have a crush on your friend Jen, but have never worked up the courage to ask her out, and at the same time, Lillian makes things extremely difficult and awkward. Also, while this won't be mentioned a lot in-story but is relevant for minor background stuff, Blaise is of Mexican origin]


Lillian: 17 years old. She's massive for a girl, standing at the same height as you (190 cm/6'3") and weighing even more than you (105 kg/231 lbs). She's got fair skin, long straight black hair and emerald eyes. As these numbers suggest, she's on the chubby side, though she has a proportionately slim waist and somewhat large boobs, and instead, most of her weight is in a gigantic jiggling ass, the biggest in school that you know of, and thick thighs to go with it. She does have a bit of a tummy, but admittedly, this only gives her a cute look. Lillian has been your friend since kindergarten, and self-proclaimed best one at that, however, as you didn't really have any other friends for a long time, there was no contesting that claim. Still, you know each other very well, and she's comfortable around you beyond measure. Your relationship has also become a bit odd as you both hit puberty. The reason being that Lillian loves to tease you more than anything else in the world, and has practically no shame when it comes to it. She loves teasing you using her body, and specially her biggest feature, her ass. She often sits on your lap, chest, or even your face whenever she gets the chance, or lean her butt against you so you can feel it, or downright grab your hands and make them squeeze her rear, or shove them into her crack, and adores your shy/embarrassed reaction; she also tries to get you to rest your head or face on her butt whenever she gets an excuse for it. You wonder if you only put up with this because you've been friends for so long. She downplays all of this as just innocent teasing like old times, a claim that you can't deny since even since you were kids she often liked to sit on you or pin you under her weight in one way or the other. She doesn't exactly bully you, many times she just enjoyed the feeling of you resting on her soft body like a pillow, to the point that you've taken naps resting your head on her belly or lap/thighs sometimes, though she also enjoys the opposite, feeling you under her own mass. It just comes across as overwhelming because of her own sheer size.

Since she loves to show off her big ass to you and tease you with it, she always wears extremely tight pants that make you wonder how she managed to fit into them, and isn't shy at flashing you her underwear, which, as far as you can tell from the times you've been at her house (and she lives next to you, to top things off), all consists of thongs and variants of that. She's cheerful, mischievous, playful and fairly lazy when it comes to physical work. Despite her appearance, she's surprisingly strong and athletic when she plays sports or does some activity for P.E, but only when forced to, or taunted into, otherwise she chooses to laze around whenever she can get away with it. Her rationale being that she doesn't want to do any serious amount of exercise because she doesn't want to burn off any fat, and specially her butt's. In fact, she wants it to get even bigger and fatter, much to your dismay and embarrassment. Because of this, and her aforementioned size, she loves to eat and eats a lot, most of it being fatty and sugary foods. And it's this habit which brings about her next 'quirk', so to speak; because of the immense volume of food she eats all the time (or whatever reason, as you can't think of any other) she's pretty much gassy all the time, and unlike most girls, isn't shy to let it rip right there and then (and she's practically incapable of sbd's, all of her releases are huge and loud, and even what she considers a small fart is pretty darn big to anyone else). In fact, she often farts when she sits on you, which she finds hilarious. Also, due to her hanging out in your house a lot, she fell in love with Mexican food, specially with burritos, which only make her even gassier. She practically eats at least one serving every day, and when she can, she gets away with eating much more.

She's been friends with Jen for as long as you have, and while they're mostly on good terms, their relationship is also a bit odd, in that at times she's supportive to her, knowing she has a crush on you (unknown to you), but at other times, she stands as her rival over you. They also have a sort of rivalry regarding their 'best features', her boobs vs her ass. However, most of the time they hang out as good friends, with you most of those times.

Measurements: 37 - 32 - 56

[Additional notes: Admittedly, she's my favorite character, and I hope to see a lot from her]


Sheila: 38 years old. Lillian's mother, a big woman in all senses of the word. Standing as tall as yourself (190 cm / 6'3"), but much heavier than either you or even Lillian herself, weighing a massive 150 kg / 330 lbs, most of which is below her waist, though she has a sizable bust, and a relatively thin waist in comparison, but her tummy is definitely a bit bigger and pudgier than her daughter's. She was apparently one of the most if not the most successful dancer back in Brazil, being an expert at shaking her enormous assets in ways not apt for the faint of heart, and boasts that she has the biggest booty in Brazil, and probably the whole world's, given the country's fame. By her appearance, that's a very difficult claim to challenge. Personality wise, she's even more carefree and relaxed than your mom, but like her, she's playful almost to a fault.

She's been your mom's best friend since high school, as they both went to the US to study abroad, and stayed in touch ever since until they finally moved there, and made sure to live in the same neighborhood (and literally next to each other). Given the massive quantity of money she earned in her youth, she's more or less unofficially retired, though she has a job for the sake of having something to do, teaching Portuguese at the school you attend to. Given her long friendship with your mom, she's also your unofficial 'aunt' and babysitter whenever needed, but as you grew up, she came to tease you nearly as much as Lillian does, and given her much greater weight, it comes across as far more overbearing. Your mom finds her antics with you hilarious, however. They've even joked that if you're not taken by the time you turn 18 she's willing to take you herself, or at least 'teach you how to be a man'.

Being Miriam's friend, she got hooked to Mexican food years before you were even born, but unlike her, she didn't get much of a resistance to some of the food's spiciness, thus, she's less fond of chili peppers and more of beans and other stuff. She often comes by to get some burritos from your mom's pantry or fridge, just like her daughter. Lillian claims that both her big butt and 'gassy tendencies' came from her, though thankfully, for a long time you wouldn't know, besides her claims of her mom's farts being 'legendary' or that hers were nothing in comparison. Sheila has been mostly kind enough to spare you from them, though a few times, many on Lillian's request, she's let loose to show off her 'power'. A few other times you've been exposed to her massively powerful gas include visiting her while she's felt sick, or when she arrives to the house, not knowing you were there, and assuming it was only Lillian and herself.

Measurements: 45 - 36 - 70

[Additional note: As it may be inferred from her description, she raised Lillian as a single mother, and in fact never married. On an unrelated note, she never stopped practicing her dancing despite retiring, a fact that she's made you VERY aware of, at times when you've gone to her house]

Chapter End Notes:

More chapters to come, but I'll eventually stop as I'm only doing the setup, and await for contributions.

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