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Author's Chapter Notes:

Part 2 of a 2 part story for J, who has allowed me to share it publically, please enjoy.


"Is she really gonna..." 

"I don't know, Hank." 

"But what if she gets hard?" 

"I don't know, Hank!" 

In front of us, Effie swung the cage back and forth, delighting in what she was about to do. Both her hands were full, but she was able to scoop us into the apparatus with  surprising ease. Hank and I tumbled into the cage, sliding along the cold steel bars until we hit the bottom. It was a simple device, contoured to the shape of a moderately-sized cock. There were gaps to the outside, wide enough that I could fit my head or arms through, but my shoulders were far too broad to have any chance of escaping. 

"Ok, sit tight. Here comes your new roommate!" Effie called down to us, sitting up on her knees, her pendulous penis and balls hanging above us. She let gravity do the work, guiding herself to the opening of the cage as she simply fell into place, her cock sliding into the already cramped space, pressing me and Hank into the bars. She was warm, and soft, so soft. If it weren't for the uncomfortable metal jamming into my back, the sensation of being enveloped by the massive member of my ex would have almost been pleasant, like a full body hug. Hank screamed, panicking as he felt Effie's embrace overtake him as well. He kicked his legs and thrashed his arms, trying to fight back against the seemingly unstoppable penis, woefully unaware of how dangerous his actions were.  

"Ooh.. my, my." Effie gasped.

"I didn't realize you were so spirited... whichever of you is doing that. I'm not complaining, but are you really sure you wanna keep that up?" 

Her booming warning seemed to change Hank's mind none. Haphazardly, the frightened athlete pounded away at the pillar of soft skin that pinned us against the bars of our new prison. From my uncomfortable position, I could feel it happening, the quickening of Effie's pulse followed by the subtle twitching and swelling that pressed us against the cage even tighter, the only reward for Hank's futility. 

"Idiot! Stop fucking squirming, you'll get us both killed!" I yelled, managing to move my head with what little space I had. Effie, being rather gifted in the downstairs department, had more than enough to fill out the moderately-sized cage even without the help of our two tiny bodies to pad it. Her soft cock was almost too large for the kinky contraption, the effort of stuffing all of herself in there seeming almost impossible if I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes before. I'd even had a few spins in the cage myself, finding the constant constricting to be anxiety inducing at my normal size. But now, as I found myself pressed against the softly trembling monster of a penis belonging to the girl I broke up with, I almost wished to have those moments back, to be alone with Effie in her bedroom, almost anything would have been preferable to this. 

We were happier then, when we were together. Love is a difficult thing to quantify, but I knew in the golden days of our relationship that I wanted this one to last. Effie was everything I needed, a gift from the very gods themselves that couldn't have come at a better moment in time. She helped me find fulfillment within myself when I felt so worthless, I couldn't see the point in getting out of bed. I have nothing but fondness for the memories of us at our best, the days spent close together, the nights spent even closer. As we lay, our beautiful bodies intertwined after a night of passionate lovemaking, for the briefest of moments, I felt alive. 

But all things change, people too. One morning, we woke up and the sheen had come off of the relationship, the lustre of our love had faded. We grew irritable with each other, short tempered and frustrated. I remember one week where I asked her what movie she wanted to see and she kicked me out, told me to stay at my apartment and leave her alone for the week. The time apart was a welcome idea, I had hoped the absence would help us cool down and recharge but it didn't take long for us to be at each other's throats again. I couldn't bear it, the monumental highs of our relationship crashed down into unfathomable lows, something my heart just couldn't take. We tried, for seven agonizing months we tried to become better for the sake of our love, only to come out of it as bitter and as resentful as before. 

So I took the initiative and ended the relationship. 

I had never broken up with anyone before, I wasn't sure how to do it, I was scared. But, Effie and I were miserable and each passing day only made things worse. I thought cutting things off would have been the right decision, but she didn't see it like that. See, Effie was the possessive sort, a control freak at times. When I sat her down and told her that we should split, she nearly made me deaf with how loud I heard her scream and shout in protest. I had no idea why she was so upset, it was clear that she didn't like me, she was suffering in this relationship just as much as I was, but when I broke the news to Effie, it was like I had blindsided her with a truck. Perhaps the thought of me being the one to end things seemed so unlikely that she never considered it an option, perhaps she wanted to hold that power in our relationship.  

Perhaps this was her revenge. 

"Shit, I didn't expect to get this worked up this quickly." Effie giggled sweetly overhead. 

"TBH I don't exactly know what'll happen, but I guarantee it won't be comfortable for any of us." 

There was a telling throb, a sudden pulse as her cock seemed to stretch outward again, pressing me and Hank into the bars of the cage even tighter than before. A rung of metal pushed against my shoulder blades with intense force, my muscles flaring with painful heat. In the distance, I heard Hank scream, his shrill cries of pain reverberating through Effie's cock. I wanted to call out to him, to try and calm him down, but before I could, there was an abrupt and sudden motion. It was difficult to see anything, but we began to move, the dark curtain of my ex's skirt enveloping us as she stood up from the bed and began to move around. Completely shrouded in darkness, the motions of Effie's legs caused our prison to bounce and bobble with a sickening violence. 

"And how are you two doing? Don't think that I've forgotten about you." She said, her muffled words penetrating the veil of pleathery fabric that surround me and Hank. It was difficult to tell, but I got the impression that Effie wasn't talking to us, instead having made her way back to the shoebox where Charlie and Big Mike had stayed. I considered those S.O.B.'s the lucky ones for not having to put up with this kind of torture, but our imprisonment left out captor with two free hands to play with her other toys. I shuddered to think of all the depravity Effie had in store for us and mouthed a silent prayer that my boys would be ok. 

"I hope you guys aren't bored all by your lonesome. I figure I should be a decent hostess, huh?" Effie said, moving again. There was a shuffling sound, like cardboard moving against a solid surface. She must've picked up the box again.  There was a few more steps, my body being battered against the sway of her cock as her legs pumped in their rhythm. We came to a stop and Effie bent forward, presumably to place the box somewhere when the light returned, blinding me once again. 

"See, this is the fun you guys could be having!" She declared with a giggle, hiking her skirt up to give Charlie and Big Mike a view at Hank and my's suffering. She swayed her hips, giving her caged cock a little shake to emphasize our position above the other two. Hank started up again, crying and babbling like a child on a roller coaster as we rocked back and forth, only to be interrupted by Effie's thunderous voice. 

"Ok, boys. Hate to be that bitch but I need to break up the fun a little bit and explain some things, lay out some ground rules." She said, shuffling the shoebox to the side as she sat on the bed, laying her massive legs around the cardboard cage. I tilted my head, barely able to see Charlie's concerned face and for a moment, I looked away, almost shameful to be seen like this. 

"Charlie, Mike, Hank, and Tommy-Bear. Let me start by saying that I'm so excited to have you all here as my little pets, you're all just so super cute like this. We're gonna have so much fun! But, in order to have that fun, you all need to do what I say, when I say it. Do we all understand?" She asked, putting on her playful tone as she very literally talked down to us. I felt a shiver run down my spine at the mention of being anybody's 'pet', with Effie being the last person I'd want to belong to. 

"I can see some hesitance on your itty bitty faces, and I think that's ok but, I don't need to remind you all of the oath you took, do I? Each of you pledged your service to me and signed the contract willingly, so I expect all of you to behave yourselves accordingly." Effie explained her sweetness fading in place of a more serious tone. What was she talking about? What oath? I had no idea what the hell my ex was rambling on about, but I knew I didn't like it. 

"As you can see, Hank and Tommy-Bear are test-driving the cage." She continued, placing a finger inter the tip of the cage as she lifted her penis upward, giving Charlie and Big Mike a good view at Hank on the underside. 

"This is just one of the many punishments I have cooked up for anybody that falls out of line or disobeys me. Do as I say or go to cock-jail. Fun, right?" 

Effie laughed, her amusement pouring down over me and the boys like a harsh storm. I felt more confused, more concerned, than I ever had before as I painfully tried to recall last night's events. I wouldn't put it past Effie to be fabricating some sort of tall tale, but the fact remained that we were impossibly small and trapped with her. The how's and why's eluded me, but they didn't seem to elude her. I knew that if I was going to get my answer, it's likely come from Effie directly. 

"Hold on tight!" She called, followed by a jostling of the cage. Her massive fingers came into view and quickly, she began to remove the cage that had trapped me and Hank. I felt myself become loose from the confines of the soft, fleshy prison, clinging to the bars as the apparatus was pulled off of Effie's cock. 

"Alright, hop off." She commanded softly, depositing the cage into the bed with Hank and myself inside. I let go of the bars and fell to the soft sheets below, having never been so grateful to be on solid ground again as Charlie came to help me to my feet. Behind me, Hank crawled from the cage, looking somewhat shellshocked as Big Mike rushed to his side as well. I was relieved to see my boys in one piece, doubly so for having been returned to them intact, but as I saw Big Mike pass, I felt incensed. He flashed me a placative nod, an empty smile as he ran off to help with Hank. 

"Christ, Tommy. Are you ok?" Charlie asked, snapping me out of my fixation with Big Mike. His hand was on my shoulder as he stared me down, perhaps looking for guidance, some reassurance I couldn't give. 

"Just a little frazzled." I said, stretching my sore neck. 

"She didn't do anything to you guys?" 

"No. She just paraded around the room a little bit and then moved us over here." Charlie answered, his gaze returning to the monolithic girl overhead. As the other two rejoined us, Effie began to shift, her impossibly long legs moving to ensnare our little group, keeping us penned in atop the bed. 

"I don't like this one bit." Big Mike said. 

"We can try and make a run for it if she moves her legs and clears us a path. She can't catch all of us, right?" I asked, looking Big Mike directly in the eye, being far from subtle. He sighed, a disappointed look pulling over his face, he must've understood what I was saying. 

"Look, Tom, it's not like that. I didn't mean to.."

"Didn't mean to do what?" I interrupted, taking and admittedly antagonizing step towards Big Mike. 

"Didn't mean to offer me up on a silver fucking platter?! How about you take a ride in the cock cage next time?!" 

I didn't want to escalate things as far as I did, but in that moment I found myself quite heated. Instead of punctuating that question with a simple question mark, I elected to give Big Mike a shove, pushing the larger man backwards in a frustrated fit. He took a few staggered steps and caught himself, standing firmly as Hank got up in my face and started barking at me. 

'It's your fault' this. 

'She's your ex' that. 

For a solid half a minute, Hank laid into me, turning read as he screamed expletive after expletive. I was never the strongest conversationalist, typically choosing to let my actions speak for me, and as Hank shouted inches away from my face, my blood boiled as I prepared to lay him out with a single hit to the jaw and be done with it. But, perhaps mercifully, the booming voice from on high showered over us before a brawl could break out. 

"Well, I'm glad to see you're all getting along at least. Y'know how you bring a second cat home and they fight a lot and don't coexist and... you know..? Never mind." Effie said, pulling up the pleats of her skirt to get a better look at us. 

"Anyway, I think it's play time and I have the perfect game in mind." 

That devilish grin of hers taunted us as she let out a soft giggle, sitting back on her bed like a queen atop a gilded throne. Slowly, a massive hand traced the inside of Effie's thigh, finding its way towards her naked cock as she gently pulled a finger along it's length. Still soft, her enormous penis twitched at the touch, no doubt further fuelled by whatever perverted thoughts ran through our captor's mind. 

"Because this is our first game, I'm gonna give you boys an easy one. How well you do will gauge just how much we can play in the future. Now, listen close, the game is simple. All you have to do is get up here and make my fucking cock hard." Effie declared, pulling her mammoth member, still held by a lone finger, up as she held it aloft with a laugh. I shuddered for a moment, considering the task. That couldn't have been it, that can't have possibly been all she was asking. Getting up to her penis was one thing, but that actual task at hand didn't seem all that difficult to accomplish. Sure, the four of us combined were still no match for that monster cock, but beyond the unknowable satisfaction granted to our twisted tormentor, the objective we were given didn't seem to be much trouble, something I think Effie considered. Cautiously I waited, feeling a sickening knot of anxiety balling up in my stomach as she continued. 

"If you guys succeed, I have a wonderful prize for you, I think you're going to love it. It can get a little drafty in here so I took the liberty of preparing some sleeping bags for your shoebox so you don't have to sleep on the ground!" Effie exclaimed with glee, holding up two short-length ankle socks high. She wasn't lying about that part, her bedroom was notoriously cold in the evenings and the thought of having to sleep on cold cardboard made me almost more uncomfortable than getting close to my ex's gigantic cock for the second time today. I wanted those socks. 

"I'm giving you all one hour to get it done. Make me hard, get yourself some comfy beds, understood?" She said, raising her phone with a prepared timer, her thumb lingering over the start button. I focused, looking for the best possible route. 

"On your mark, get set, go!" 

Hank and Big Mike broke off to the 

left, deciding to try their luck at the low point of Effie's ankles. I had considered that option, but in the interest of saving time, I knew I needed to be direct. 

"Charlie, follow my lead!" I shouted, charging ahead, straight towards Effie's crotch with my buddy reluctantly keeping pace. From where she sat, the gargantuan game mistress had her legs spread with her hefty sack resting on the bed. 

"Up the nuts, come on!" I shouted, crashing into the soft expanse of Effie's man-sized testicles and began to climb. I felt her shift, a sudden but unmistakeable gasp of delight escaping her lips. Charlie slowed his pace, noticeably perturbed by the oath I had chosen. 

"Seriously?" He asked, stopping just before her balls, I'm certain he could feel the heat emanating from them. I climbed to a point where I  could stand, steadying myself against the soft, supple skin as I looked up. Above us, Effie continued to hold her massive cock back, no doubt to keep us from using it as a ramp. From here, the options were limited, but I saw a path, I just needed Charlie's help. 

"Get up here and gimme a boost, man. Once I'm up on her Crichton, I'll pull you up from there." I shouted, offering out a hand to aid my partner in climbing to me. Again, Charlie hesitated, taking a few small steps onto the soft expanse of flesh. 

"God, it's like a fuckin' beanbag chair, ugh." He groaned, taking my hand as I pulled him up. 

"Try not to think about it, now boost me up." I said, giving him some room. He sighed, looking upwards only to see the curious gaze of Effie peering back down at him as he backed up against the walls of her crotch. 

"Why are you so jazzed to get this done, bro? All this for a stupid sock?" Charlie asked, cupping his hands as he waited for me to move, but I was caught off guard by his question.

"You're gonna thank me when you're snug and warm tonight." I said, putting a hand on his shoulder and my foot in his hand. He counted to three and with a surprising degree of skill, Charlie was able to springboard me up onto Effie's leg by the base of her cock. She cooed softly, clearly amused to see me of all people make it to her first, a satisfaction I'm sure she delighted in. Paying her as little mind as possible, I crouched down, thrusting my hand downward to help my friend up. 

"It just doesn't seem like that's it, man." Charlie said as I pulled him up, the two of us now stood beneath Effie's monster. 

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were almost excited to get over here and start doing... whatever this is." 

As he gestured towards the obelisk of obscenity, I felt my skin crawl a little. Charlie was perceptive, more clever than most people gave him credit. If he had a hunch about something, I did my best to make sure we followed up on it, usually to find that he had been correct. But for him to make an assertion like that, that I was enjoying myself, that just couldn't be. 

"Chalk it up to some firsthand experience in the cage. I think it's best if we keep the big bitch happy, for all our sakes." I said in time to see Big Mike and Hank run up along the length of Effie's leg, joining us at her cock. 

"Oh goodie, you all made it. Now I can let it all hang out!" Effie exclaimed, pulling the lone finger that had restrained her massive penis away. Like a felled redwood, the tremendous tree trunk swung free as it passed our tiny inch-long bodies, flopping onto the bed with  aplomb. From here, the base of her shaft was open to us, and we cloistered around the girthy monster, unsure of how to approach. 

"Never knew Fiona was hung like a horse, there, Tom." Big Mike said, scratching his head with a disturbed awe. I said nothing, taking a step closer as I laid my hand on the drooping dong. Above me, Effie giggled, perhaps due to the site of a tiny man touching her cock, but I had to hope my touch was enough for her to register, otherwise we were boned. 

"Just.. just start doing something." I said, admittedly at a loss. 

"If we all get in there, she has to feel it. Either that or we climb on top of it." 

I'm certain that suggestion would've been met with blank stares had I turned to look at my friends' faces. Instead, I was focused on the goal, working out the logistics of whether mounting Effie's cock was even possible. It wouldn't be too difficult to scurry up the base and walk down to the tip, but if we did manage to get her hard, what then? Beside me, Hank, who had been quiet since our little spat, got to work, awkwardly hugging the pillar of passion and bobbing up and down. He checked over his shoulder, trying to gauge how effective his strategy was based on the look on Effie's face. She looked down with an amused smile, letting off a quick bite of her lip and a deep, perverted giggle. Then, before our very eyes, the elephantine extremity twitched, a sign of life shooting throughout the massive cock as it spasmed suddenly before returning to rest. 

"Alright, fuck it. Hank's got the right idea." Charlie said, putting his hands on the super-sized shaft. Big Mike followed suit, and soon all four of us were gyrating and grinding and rubbing against Effie's soft cock, hoping to spark some excitement and get the blood pumping. There was no way to be know how much time we spent working at it, but for what felt like an agonizing eternity, we tried our best to rouse an erection out of my ex, only to be met with a few condescending giggles and the occasional flexing of her crotch muscles to taunt us. We were getting nowhere, and I was getting desperate, so I decided to do the damn thing. Breaking off from our ineffective group-cuddling, I took a step back and lined myself, taking a running sprint at the Effie's enormous monster. 

"What are we doing now?" I heard her ask from above. I didn't acknowledge her, wasting no time as I hit the soft slumped cock and climbed, carrying as much of my momentum upward as I could to reach the apex. I felt the penis tremble beneath me, likely from whatever twisted satisfaction Effie was getting from watching. I hated to give in to her, but I'd rather climb her cock a hundred more times than go back in that cage. So, I began my careful descent down the rest of her cock, towards the tip that rested on the bed, flashing a nervous thumbs-up back at the boys as I went. It was like walking on a massive inflatable mattress, my feet sank slightly with each step, but there was enough elasticity to push back with each step. To make matters worse, I could tell our host had taken a keen interest in my antics as I felt a slight pulse coming from below me. Her heart was accelerating, she was getting excited. Good, the sooner the blood began to flow, the sooner we could be done with this game. However, as I reached the tip, Effie's immense cockhead spread out beneath my feet, a complication of a different sort arose. Blood had began to flow, alright. Mine. I'm embarrassed to admit it, even now, but something about the ordeal triggered a feeling within me and as I looked down at my goal, I found myself looking past my own hard cock. I'm sure I could have lit up the room with how bright I began to blush, but I tried to focus and sat down to do my work.  

"Ooh, hey." Was all Effie said, or rather, breathily exclaimed with a sultry air of lust usually reserved for softcore skinflicks. The indication of pleasure was a good sign, but hearing my ex enjoying herself certainly didn't help my situation, only serving to fuel my own shameful erection even further. I got on my knees, massaging my hands over the bellend beneath me and sure enough, within seconds, I felt a tremor surge through Effie's cock. I looked back to my boys. Charlie flashed a thumbs up, behind him. Effie looked on with a rapt fascination, herself beginning to grow red in the cheeks. I kept doing what I was doing, feeling my own penis bounce and throb as the one beneath me began to wake up. I'll never forget the sensation, the feeling of the skin I was kneeling upon as it hardened and grew firm. There was another tremor and soon I found myself moving, the very ground I was on lifting into the air as blood filled the gigantic cock. It bobbed, bouncing up and down, slowly rising higher with each beat of Effie's heart and in the distance, I could hear her exhale a very satisfied breath of air. Looking back, I saw the boys straddling the straightening monolith, sidling up as I continued to lift. There was another pulse, this one more violent than the last, causing Effie's cock to buck unexpectedly. I swear I caught some air time as the twitch flung me upward, landing back on the lengthening pillar like was riding a mechanical bull. 

"Well look at you, Tommy-Bear. I thought you were a clown, didn't know it was a rodeo clown." Effie chuckled, sending a few more waves of force my way as she deliberately flexed her engorging member. I fought to keep myself atop the enormous cock, bouncing up and down with each twitch and bounce, however, as I felt the force of gravity begin to weigh upon me, I realized I had a new problem. Faster now, the whale of a penis I was riding began to stand up, our mistress clearly enjoying myself. I leaned forward to brace myself against the shifting horizon, feeling my own erection pressing into Effie's cockhead, sending a few unsuspecting jolts of pleasure down my spine. No longer could I look back and see my friends, now I had to look down. By my estimates, I was about 30ft above them, with Effie's cock only at a semi and still hardening. I wanted to let go, to let myself tumble safely back onto the expanse of Effie's body, every passing second making it harder to do so. 

"I'm impressed, but you're not done yet. Keep it up, literally!" Effie said, following it up with a half-moan, half-laugh at her own benign joke. But despite her insistence, the look on her face told me everything I needed to know. She was in, deep, fully immersed in her own pursuit of pleasure. Her cock was going to get hard, it was going to rage, with our without our help from here. But she no doubt derived enjoyment from watching us debase ourselves so of course she'd want us to continue. Her growth carried one at an exponential rate, her towering penis reaching it's apex, all seven glorious inches of it. I felt my ascent slow to a stop and looked down, almost getting vertigo from the dizzying height. I must've been 60ft above the boys now, holding on to Effie's cock head for dear life. I turned to look at her and our eyes met, or at least I think they did, I didn't know how well she could see my eyes at this size. But it felt like we made eye contact, and in that moment, I could tell my ex was just so pleased with herself, seeing me, so small and helpless, clinging to her penis like a cheap toy. 

"You boys have exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I'm so impressed I could just smooch all your widdle faces." She said, her voice low and seductive as she held her hand so close, almost restraining herself from touching her own cock. We may have accomplished our task, but I knew we weren't done. Effie wasn't done. There had to be more. 

"With your exemplary teamwork, you've all earned some cozy sleeping bags for the night!" She continued, trailing off in just the right way to follow up with a great big 'but'. 


Son of a bitch. 

"Nothing gets me in the mood for a good night's sleep quite like a hearty meal, y'know? I think you boys haven't eaten since we left the bar and that was twenty-one hours ago, you must be pretty hungry, right?" She asked and, on queue, as if I was just now informed of how hungry I was, I felt my stomach gurgle. Looking down, I saw Hank place a hand on his stomach, conversing with the others. 

"So I think it's only fair I give you guys a chance to earn your supper. Make me cum, you get to eat." 

My shoulders slumped, all the morale gained from completing our task draining from my body as I heard Effie's new request. I knew there'd be more, nothing's ever easy, especially with her, but this new layer to the game seemed so Herculean and impossible. Peering down at my boys below, I saw Charlie kneeling with his head in his hands, Big Mike trying to console him. I couldn't let her win, I had to do something, for my friends. Despite the rhythmic throbbing, Effie's cock remained relatively still, such that I was able to maneuver myself to face her, kneeling atop the massive knob without fear of falling off. I waved my hands in the air, desperate to get my ex's attention, unsure of what I'd do when I had it but sure enough, her catlike gaze alone zeroed in on lonely old me. 

"That's right." I muttered, perhaps to preserve any cool I had left as the almost literal spotlight fell upon me, devoid of any actual plan. She looked at me with an intense curiosity, heat radiating off her stare as I felt my whole body begin to sweat. I lowered my hands, looking back at her with a panic, the extent of my plan being exacted when I felt a throbbing of my own. Beneath my legs, my erection remained, standing almost defiantly against our captor an her cruel games. I looked down at it, shocked, something Effie saw as well. She sat back, resting her head against her hand in an almost regal, expectantly-amused pose. She wanted to get off, she wanted a show. Swallowing my pride, I knew what I needed to do. 

With both hands, I gently gripped my cock and began to pump, my head lowered as though I was in some state of masturbatory prayer. I thought that having the unwavering attention of Effie would feel strange, awkward, but instead, I felt comfortable, good in fact. My raging erection had been begging for a release of it's own, and something about this insane situation elevated every touch and stroke to levels of euphoria I never anticipated. I shuddered, gasps of pleasure escaping from me as I leaned back, less timid than before. Effie clearly liked what se saw, letting a few moans of her own hang in the air, her cock twitching sporadically. I felt the world away beneath me, but I persisted, almost eager to finish for my captive audience. I heard the lads below about something, but I ignored them, singularly focused on my pleasure when something warm touched me ankles. The new sensation caught me off guard, enough that I looked down to see shimmering spurts of precum trickling out of Effie's throbbing cock. She was playing it cool, resisting all urges to take her own massive boner in her hands and jerk herself off, I could see it in her now. In a way, I felt empowered, governing her pleasure with my own. 

"Fuck.." Effie breathed, a free hand caressing her inner thigh before trailing up to her blouse, popping the buttons open one by one. She snaked her hand into the open garment, no doubt giving her nipples a massage as she continued to watch me jerk myself off. It seemed like cheating on her part, but if it helped us get a meal, it was fine by me. I was getting close, now, I hoped she was too. It was difficult to gauge, but the tip of her penis became flooded with her sticky sweetness, mirroring my own cock as I, too, began to leak, signalling the arrival of my impending climax. Effie bucked harder, I stroked harder, each of us building in intensity more and more and as her mammoth member twitched beneath me, I could feel something big coming. 

"Oh, Tommy.." She called out, surprising me. She loosed her other hand and began to run it up and down the length of her cock, shaking with wild, carnal pleasure. Her moans were omnipresent, their volume hurting my tiny ears as they thundered throughout the room. I couldn't hold it any longer, I was at my rope's end, I began to cum. 

My world fell from under me as I found myself sailing through the air. Effie had sat forward, depositing the boys onto the bed below as she began to cum as well. I saw a spurt of silver shoot into the air above me as I landed on something soft and sticky. With no time to turn around, I saw Effie angle herself above me, her cock pointed directly at me as she continued her barrage of cum, absolutely drenching me as I continued mine. It was like a warm Avalanche, being hit by intense waves of thick, ropey jizz, caking me as she came hard. I couldn't see, I could barely breathe, too caught up in what I was feeling, inside and out. 

I think my giant ex just nutted into her hand all over me. 

I felt myself fighting against the churning pool of cum, breaching into the light when my world went dark again, a new force exerting itself over me, this one hot and wet as well. I was kicked around, thrown up and down while some other fluid fought against the jism that coated my tiny form. It was like being in a washing machine spin cycle. But thankfully, my ride didn't last particularly long, and I found myself being deposited back into Effie's hand, clean of cum but covered in spit. 

That bitch really put me in her mouth after nutting all over me. 

I was in stunned disbelief, wiping the saliva from my eyes to see her panting high above me. I tried to stand, slipping against the spit and tumbled back into her palm, feeling moderately embarrassed at the day I was having, all things considered. 

"Holy fuck. You guys really pulled it all out, huh? I mean, it wasn't exactly a team effort, but who cares?" Effie said between her heavy breaths, smiling wryly down at me in particular. The rest of the guys had grouped up by the titaness's knee and, upon seeing them too, Effie quickly dropped me off to join my comrades, carelessly dumping the messy contents of her hand onto her bed sheet. The guys crowded around me, perhaps ready to help me up before seeing the state I was in and opted not to touch me, to be fair, I would t have touched me either. 

"Well, I'm a witch of my word. You made me cum, you guys get dinner." Effie said, her tone almost glad to have been bested. She shifted on the bed and stood, her massive form dominating the skyline as we stood and stared, waiting. She took a few steps towards her bathroom, stopping to turn around to take one quick look at us, her face scrunching at the mess she had made. 

"Fuck, I really don't wanna have to clean my sheets tonight." She said, lazily turning into the bathroom. 

In the hours that followed, we were returned to our box, complete with some brand new beds, though Effie elected to give us some unwashed socks, perhaps as a joke. However, we were given our promised meal, some scraps of bread, tomato sauce, and beef jerky along with some water poured into a bottle cap. A modest selection, but the portions weren't anything to scoff at and as we tucked in under our somewhat disgusting covers, we went to bed with full stomachs, thanks to me and my incredibly brave heroics. 

But that night, I found myself struggling to fall asleep. The circumstances of our capture were certainly a major cause, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around what Effie had said. Something about a contract, her comment about her being a witch, it all seemed so surreal but could that have been the cause? Did we consent to this? 


I rolled over and closed my eyes. I didn't know anything now, so I tried not to let it bother me too much. Besides, there was still tomorrow an whatever indignities my ex could throw at me, I had nothing but time. 

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