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Author's Chapter Notes:

Part 1 of a 2 part story for J, who has allowed me to share it publically, please enjoy.



The haze was impermeable, swirling around my head as I came to. Muffled voices and the feeling of nothing beneath me but the cold, solid floor flooded my senses as my entire body jolted to life. I was awake, a puzzling revelation considering I had no memory of falling asleep. No memory of going home, in fact.

"Tommy's up." A familiar voice said, directed not at me, but to people I couldn't see yet. My head was pounding, but I felt a hand grab at my arm, pulling me upward as I followed it and found myself standing, dizzy and ready to fall.

"Easy, man. Easy." They said, holding my shoulders steady as my vision unclouded slowly. As dazed as I was, I knew that voice anywhere, and as I shook my head, my sight cleared slightly, revealing the form of my best friend, Charlie. He looked rough, like a person that hadn't seen an ounce of restful sleep in days, but he smiled at me, seemingly glad to see me.

"What... what is this?" I asked, my voice hoarse as I croaked the question out, my dry mouth catching me by surprised. Charlie didn't give me an answer, his face showing some concern as he took me by the hand and pulled me along. Wherever we were, it was dim. Light seemed to come in from somewhere, shafts of illumination poking through what looked like holes in far off walls obscured by my own weariness.

"Take a seat here, Tommy." Charlie said, guiding me to something like a log, cylindrical and smooth. I sat on the uncomfortable makeshift chair, my eyes adjusting more and more. I saw shapes sitting across from me, one of them on a log of their own, the other sitting on the ground. Charlie sat down beside me.

"We were starting to think you weren't going to wake up, Tom." A shape said, amusement in their voice. I still couldn't see them through the haze and low light, but there was only one person of this planet that called me Tom, Big Mike.

"You were out for 16 hours. We think." Charlie said speaking to me.

"It's hard to keep track of the time in here." Big Mike said. I stared back dumbfounded, feeling like a caveman coming out of the ice after thousands of years. My friends were here, as was someone else sitting silently, this was the extent of what I knew. Anything beyond that was information I desperately wanted, but I feared I'd be unable to comprehend anything I was told, so completely confused that I felt as if I was still dreaming.

"Where is here?" I asked weakly, turning to Charlie, his visage now almost clear as day, revealing a shocking detail I hadn't noticed until now.

"And why is Charlie naked?" I blurted, turning to Big Mike who laughed at my question as I realized that he too was naked, as far as I could tell, anyway. He was still a little blurry. It was a perplexing sight, but anyone could answer, I raced to confirm another suspicion, looking down to discover that I wasn't clothed either, the silent 4th person likely nude as well.

"My guess is that whatever she did to us, our clothes couldn't come with." Big Mike said, casually drumming on his knees as he made no attempt to clarify his cryptic statement. I felt like my chain was being yanked at this point, but before I could ask another question, Charlie put a hand on my shoulder.

"How much of last night do you remember?" He asked.

"None." I responded. Indeed, it felt like I had been asleep for days, weeks even. The thought of recalling last night seemed to only worsen my confusion rather than clear anything up.

"That's real funny, considering it was your idea to go out." The 4th figure said, staying silent no longer. Their voice was familiar too, but less so than that of my friends. I struggled to recall who could be talking, a name dangling by the tip of my tongue when Big Mike spoke up.

"This isn't anyone's fault but hers, Hank." He said, turning to the blur. I squinted hard, trying to focus my vision and cut through the last of the haze to see if what I was hearing was true. The fog seemed to fade, their shape becoming clearer as my head stopped pounding.

Enrico "Hank" Jimenez. You've probably heard of him if you follow baseball, he won rookie of the year last year pitching for the Jays. I didn't know him too well, he was a friend of Big Mike's, but we hung out a lot together as a group, enjoying the benefits his fame afforded us. There wasn't a bar in town he didn't know, or a bartender he wasn't friendly with, which made him a great addition to our weekly outings. But Hank and I never spent a second together without the buffer of our friend-group, I didn't know him like Charlie or Big Mike.

"What the hell is this? What happened last night and who do you keep talking about?" I asked, the situation driving me to my rope's end. Charlie gave Big Mike a look as Hank stared me down, none said anything. I stood up, but before I could say anything, there was a noise, a distant sound of creaking wood followed by a low, rumbling thump.

"Well, Tommy, here comes your answer." Charlie said, his eyes now fixed upward towards the ceiling. The thumping drew closer, grew louder, as if something massive was approaching fast. I felt my whole world shake, the small distant lights flickering as though they were windows, with something outside passing them by. The boys didn't seem too concerned by the whatever was happening, nobody made any attempts to run or hide. Unsure of what to do, I sat back down. Either we were safe or there was nothing we could do.

"I hope my darlings are decent!" A voice said, powerful and terrible, booming from beyond whatever walls were placed around us. The sheer volume rattled my insides, the sonic force of whoever, whatever was talking being felt throughout my whole body. I had never heard anything like it, the tremendous strength sounding far too natural to be electronically amplified but far too loud to come from any human vocal chords. And yet, the voice, their chipper tone and inflection, sounded so damn familiar. Sweat beaded upon my brow as I looked around to the others, each of them silently sitting still. I struggled to desperately piece this mystery together, my mind fighting what felt like a devilish hangover to recall what happened to us when the earth shook again.

The walls vibrated, the ground below quaking as the things we sat on began to roll out from under us. There was a scrape, like the sound of a blade being dragged upwards  along the wall of this place, stopping as shafts of light began to pour in as if the ceiling was being torn away. I felt blinded by the sudden flood of light, shielding my already-weary eyes.

"So glad to see you're all finally awake! I've been waiting for you for so long, Tommy." The booming voice said, their voice coy and taunting. They knew my name, whoever they were.

"Well, now that you're all up and ready to go, it's time to have some fun! Whaddya say, boys?" They asked. As my eyes adjusted to the light, Big Mike and Hank murmured something to each other, nervous and quiet. I blinked a few times, the bright new world coming into view for the first time.

I still can get over what I saw. Not to this day.

I had to crane my neck upwards to fully see her, the source of our apparent imprisonment. I almost didn't believe what I was seeing at first, as if I was locked in a nightmare that I couldn't wake from. But as I started upon the gigantic face of Effie, my ex, the events of last night came back to me like a powerful psychic hurricane.

We were out. One of the usual places, nothing fancy, just a nice place to hang. Hank had a string of away games coming up so we decided to hit the bar now and see him off. The night went about the same as they always do until she walked in, Fiona, Effie, my ex-girlfriend. Big Mike saw her first, getting a round from the bar. Her and him were always on good terms and they chatted before he returned with our drinks, with him never mentioning that I was there. Good lad. But the bar was only so big, it was only a matter of time before my cover was blown and she found me.

With her typical disarming smile, she strolled on up to the table, saying hello to Charlie and introducing herself to Hank, apparently she was a fan.

"Oh. My. Gawd. You're number 17! I have your jersey at home!" She had exclaimed, putting some extra vapidness into her already air-headed delivery. She instantly struck a chord with Hank and easily wormed her way into our night, getting friendly with the boys as she joined in on the revelry, I have to curse those guys' good-hearted nature. Effie and mine's breakup was nothing more than that, such that she remained in good standing with Charlie and Big Mike based on their understanding that her and I were 'cool'. We were, but that sure as hell didn't mean I wanted to spend the night with her, especially after she had waltzed in without an invitation, but I knew I couldn't protest so I sat and drank in silence. And I did just that, as I recall the rest of the night following a trend of beers and shots and merriment, all but the latter enjoyed by all but me. But how did we wind up here? Why was Effie so big? Why were we all naked? A maelstrom of puzzlement swirled around me, the questions coming faster than any amount of answers could ever hope to quell. I was able to remember some of last night, but evidently not enough, the circumstances leading to the present a complete and totally mystery.

"Charlie, what the fuck is this?" I balked, taking a step back in shock. I didn't think she could hear me, but as I called out to my friend, Effie's head snapped in my direction, her short pink hair bouncing as her soft brown eyes locked onto me. She laughed, folding her arms as she peered down, past the soft swell of her breasts that delicately filled out her blouse, staring at me with a cocky look in her eye.

"Oh, what's the matter, Tommy?" Effie asked, putting on a mocking pout to taunt me.

"Let us go, you dumb bitch!" I screamed up at her, waving my arms frantically. Her smile faded as she rolled her eyes, leaning forward as he braced herself against whatever we were stuck on top of. 

"Ok, I'll be honest, I can't actually hear what you're saying, but, Tommy-Bear, I can't tell you're pretty worked up about it." She said, her face pulling close over our prison. I always hated that name, and I told her as much, but Effie loved her pet names, giving anybody or anything endeared to her a cutesy moniker.

"Tommy-Bear?" Big Mike said, turning to me with a stupid smile on his face. I felt myself turning red, either from embarrassment or from rage, I wasn't sure.

"Shut up!" I yelled, feeling ready to smack the big smile off his big face, interrupted only by the melodious chuckle of the Titan looming above us. 

"You guys are just so cute, I could just watch this for hours." She said.
"But, I did have some festivities planned now that you're all awake. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to break up the fun a little bit."

Charlie turned to me, puzzled by what the vague statement could have meant. I didn't want to stick around to find out, but before I could devise a means of escape, a shadow fell across our enclosure, the silhouette of a huge hand eclipsing the light behind Effie. Slowly, my giant ex reached for us like some sort of twisted arcade crane machine, her claw-like grasp approaching with menace. We scurried away towards the back wall, easily outmaneuvering her lumbering hand, but she clearly had no intention of giving up. Pressing the side of her hand against the ground, Effie began to sweep her massive palm and straightened fingers towards us like an advancing wall of doom. We acted fast, each of us breaking to run for our freedom. Her hand wasn't big enough to completely stretch end-to-end within our prison, leaving a gap for us to run past, but we had to move quickly. Her encroaching grip bulldozed our seats which, in the bright light, kind of looked like containers of lipstick. Nevertheless, we were able to escape her clutches for at least another pass. With the exception of Hank, none of us were exceptionally fit or athletic. Even though the relatively slow movements of Effie's giant size were easy enough to outrun, it was clear to all of us that it was only a matter of time before we exhausted ourselves while all our pursuer had to do was move her hand. But, perhaps unfortunately, it seemed that Effie didn't have the patience to let us tire ourselves out, opting to upset the metaphorical chess board instead.

"Alright, you... little guys! Playtime's over." She exclaimed, her frustration clearly not helping her banter any. Without another word, she grabbed our prison, the floor beneath us shaking as she lifted the entire structure up into the air, tilting it slightly. Gravity began to prove a problem as the incline of the floor became more intense and we began to slide towards the bottom corner. The lipstick logs rolled as well, tripping Charlie as one tumbled into his legs at a great speed, knocking him into the bottom corner first. Soon, there was no fighting the incline, it becoming too steep for any of us to stand against as we all fell into the corner, piling onto each other one by one.

"Fucking, yikes! Jesus, that looked like a rough spill." Effie boomed, suppressing an amused laugh.
"I'm gonna slowly reach in and gently grab somebody. Don't struggle, I don't want to hurt any of you."

We all heard her warning, each of us scrambling to find some footing, fighting for a way to stand up. Poor Charlie, lost on the bottom of the pile with me, Hank, and Big Mike above him trying to get free. I wanted to stop and help him, but it was then that I saw her hand, slowly moving in to make good on her plan. While the boys kept moving, bumping into me as they fought to flee, I froze, standing still as Effie's enormous hand closed in. I think it was then that I got an appreciation for our predicament, time seemed to slow, perhaps out of fear, and I was able to finally see things as they were.

Effie, once the delicate wallflower I used to date, now loomed large, probably several hundreds of feet tall by my estimate, but she wasn't big, we were small. Somehow, we had been shrunk, trapped, locked up in a prison that in all likelihood was a shoebox, sitting atop a dresser or shelf. There was no sky overhead, just the warm glow of the lightbulb in the ceiling of Effie's bedroom, one I used to see quite regularly. Judging by the lipstick in the box, we must've been around 3-4 inches tall, but that couldn't have been possible, right? And if it was, how could someone like Effie have done it? What the hell happened last night?

"Tommy, look out!" Big Mike shouted, snapping me out of my thoughts in time to see a giant finger and thumb come uncomfortably close to me. I jumped, pushing off my pile of pals in an attempt to outrun the dangerous digits, scrambling up the floor of he shoebox prison with some success. However, my evasion of Effie's hand, a small triumph in its own right, spelt doom for Hank as the gigantic fingers redirected, changing their target. He and Big Mike pushed and shoved as they tried to avoid her grasp above Charlie, who had curled up into a ball, but it was no use. With a shriek of utter terror, Hank was plucked from the box like a blueberry off your morning pancakes, flailing in a panic as Effie pulled him away.

"Hiya, Hankie!" She said, bringing her newly-caught prize up to her face to see. Frantically, Hank pounded his fists against her thumb as he tried to break free, kicking his legs wildly as he screamed for us to help him. Effie just laughed, clearly amused by his pathetic attempts to escape.

"Listen, superstar, you're cute and all but I'm pretty sure me letting you go is the last thing you want." My ex said, her voice brimming with that cocky smugitude she knew I hated. But she had a point. Pinched between her index finger and thumb, Hank pounded away at the only things keeping him from falling to an untimely death a relative few hundred feet below. Sure, Effie's bedroom was carpeted, but no amount of padding would lessen the impact of a fall that far and as he opened his eyes and looked down for the first time, I could see Hank visibly recoil in shock. His screaming went silent, all the colour running from his face as he stared downward towards the longest shortest free fall he was a thumb's width away from experiencing.

"That's what I thought, tough guy." She said dryly, turning her hand over to safely deposit the beleaguered baseball player in her palm. Falling to his knees, Hank collapsed in the expanse of Effie's open hand, relieved to be on solid ground after his harrowing experience.

"Now then. How am I gonna get one more of you?" Effie asked aloud, our tipping box-prison in one hand, Hank sitting safely in the other. She looked around the room for a bit, contemplating the best way for her to extract one of us with her hands full. If she set Hank down somewhere, he could run off or get lost, but if she set our box down, we could easily go back to outrunning her slow hands.

"Fucking.." She muttered, gently setting our box down for a moment. Using her now free hand, Effie snatched Hank up again and delicately set him on her shoulder. Whether he accepted his fate or had become too numb to feel fear, he just quietly let himself be moved with no fuss, quickly slumping down on Effie's shoulder in a way that guaranteed him the most safety. With her first toy sorted, her dark eyes returned to the three of us that remained. She reached for the box, her long fingers wrapping around the corner as we were powerless to do anything but watch.

"Lay down, let gravity take you feet first!" Big Mike shouted, his advice seeming sound. Charlie and I listened dropping to our backs as we felt the box lift up from under us, taking us closer to Effie's enormous face as we waited for the incline to begin. But, to our horror, such a thing never came. Instead, Effie saw an opportunity, an offering.

"Well well, nice to see you're finally playing along, boys." She said. By the time we heard her, it was already to late. Her hand descended upon me and Charlie before we could get up to run. We had just laid there on our backs, waiting for her tip the box like she had before, like helpless turtles. Her fingers closed in around me as I bolted upright to run, feeling them pinch my waist tightly, knocking the wind out of me as she pulled. I felt my feet kick off from the ground, being lifted into the air like a little piece of chocolate and as I went, I locked eyes with Big Mike. I was confused. He had ran to the back of the box, had he known Effie wasn't going to try and fish us out the same way as Hank? Or, perhaps, most troublingly, had he told us to get down to make us easier targets? Whether a twisted act of self-preservation or an honest mistake, Big Mike's advice had gotten me caught, resigned me to a fate I couldn't begin to fathom. Seemingly content with her catch, I watched Effie set the box down and retrieve Hank from her shoulder, plopping me into her palm next to him. With a pep in her step, my giant ex girlfriend bounded over to her bed and sat down at its edge in a hurry, her excitement at whatever plans she had made radiating off of her with a sickening intensity.

"Fiona!" I called up to her, waving my hands high as I tried desperately to get her attention.
"Let the us go! You can't keep us like this!"

Her gaze centred on me as I jumped up and down in her palm. She brought her hand closer to her massive face, so close that I had to brace against the powerful force caused by her exhalation. She raised an eyebrow quizzically, the way she usually did whenever I told her something she didn't want to hear.

"It's a bit late for objections, Tommy." She said with a smile.
"I'm not quite sure what exactly you want, but I don't think you're going to get it. Unless, that is, you wanted to spend some more time with me."

She blew a kiss, unaware of how powerful such a careless act could be as the gust of hot breath knocked me on my ass. In front of me, Hank was on his hands and knees, shaking wildly, the stress of the situation taking its toll. I crawled towards my body and put a hand on his shoulder, to see if he was ok, but Hank shirked me off and turned to look at me with an intensity I had never seen before.

"Don't touch me!" The baseball player shrieked, his face red with rage.
"This is all your fault! You led this giant bitch right to us!"

He spat as he spoke, his accusatory words barbed and piercing. I wanted to protest, to explain how little about the situation I could comprehend, but before I got the chance, a shadow fell over us both. Hank's outburst had drawn us some unwanted attention and, sure enough, Effie's curious gaze peered down over us like two bright moons in the night sky.

"See, you boys can't behave yourself for thirty goddamn seconds, it's unbelievable!" She exclaimed, reaching for the top drawer of her night stand.
"I wanted to have some fun first, but it looks like you two need a time out. Though, I suppose we can do both."

As she reached into the open drawer, Effie made sure to lock eyes with me, her smug, prideful face beaming with an excitement I could only describe as 'disturbing'. More disturbing, however, was that I knew this room, and I knew what treasures Effie stored in the top drawer of her night stand, that was where she kept her toys. There was a metallic rattle, a soft, loose clinking sound as she gripped whatever implement of our soon she intended to use and with a grim chuckle, she began to pull it out.

"I think I have just the thing to help you guys get along." My ex proclaimed with her bright, cheery voice.
"A little lockup in the friend cage oughta do you some good!"

My eyes widened, paralysis quickening through me as glints of light bounced off her torturous apparatus. Hank only gasped, the sudden surprise at what he was seeing no doubt hard to process. I only wished that Big Mike and Charlie couldn't see what was about to happen to us.

Held aloft in Effie's hand was a cock cage, one that I had bought for her some time ago. She brought it close to the hand we were on, showing it to us before she reached downward to her skirt and began to pull. Slowly, she hiked up the billowing garment, revealing her cock, larger soft than any of us now. Hank fell back in disbelief, the totality of our captor's plan no doubt beginning to click for him. Effie let out a soft giggle, sitting back against the headboard of her bed, taking a long look at the cage before turning back to us an with a sly, mischievous grin.

"This is going to be so much fun." Was all she said.

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