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A Burger King wasn?t the kind of place where Derek normally stopped.

Anyone who looked at him could tell he was the kind of guy who exercised and watched what he ate. If he was completely honest with himself, he had no idea why he even entered the restaurant to begin with. Something just drew him in.

The lobby wasn?t very full with only a handful of tables in use, the standouts being a table of three goth-looking teen girls. Behind the counter was a couple of pimply teens taking orders and a matronly, overweight, upper-middle-aged woman who was wiping down the lobby tables, sporting an immense, drooping bust that strained against her uniform top and an enormous ass that filled her pants to capacity.

Sitting down with his food, Derek couldn?t help but to think back on his life. It was something that happened whenever his mind wandered.

He was only twenty-five, but he was so very tired. He?d been basically taking care of himself since he was twelve, when he?d lost his parents to a car accident. No siblings, no grandparents, he had only a handful of years in apathetic foster homes before being set loose in the world.

There was no fallback plan, no safety net. Not for him. He couldn?t go crawling back to mommy and daddy if life decided to crush him. He was very aware that life was in no way fair. He was tired of the stress, and wished that someone would just take care of him for once. It would be so nice to not have to worry about money, or housing, or any of the trappings of adult life.

Derek had finished only half of his combo meal when he began to feel queasy. He should have known that the fast food wouldn?t sit well with him. He glanced across the lobby at the gothic trio, who smirked nastily at him before returning to their conversation. Derek wasn?t even offended. Goths weren?t known for being accepting of any kind of conformity, the hypocrites.

Then things got weird.


Leanne took her time wiping down the tables in the lobby. It wasn?t often that such a fine specimen of the male species stopped into her workplace. She stole glances whenever she thought she could get away with it.

Leanne was a realist. She knew that the handsome and built man, who was probably half her age, would have no interest in a fat old woman who worked at a Burger King. The fantasy was pleasant, though.

Leanne was lonely. She?d been lonely for years and years. She?d been lonely for so long, that she was resigned to just being that way for the rest of her life. She knew that she was well past her sell-by date, and the chances of companionship were not only miniscule, but dwindling even further by the day.

For the most part, she?d made her peace with it. She just wished that that she had a man for herself. A companion to share her life with, to share her dreams. Someone to take care of.

Someone to give her orgasms here and there would be nice as well.

Stealing one last glance at the sexy man, her eyes widened as she saw him vanish, his clothing falling to the bench seat in a crumpled pile.

Leanne glanced around the lobby, and no one else seemed to have noticed the disappearing man at all. Careful to not cause a scene, she made her way to that table, in time to see a six-inch tall naked man scramble out of the neck hole of the shirt, trying to cover his nudity with his arms and hands, and looking around wildly.

She carefully bent over the seat, and whispered very quietly when she spoke. ?Are you okay!? No. Stupid question. What happened??

The miniature man looked up at her wildly and fell to his butt, scrambling backward in fear.

?Hey, shh, shh. I?m not going to hurt you.? Thinking quickly, she gently grasped him in her thick, chubby fist and laid him in the large pocket of her work apron.

Leanne's breasts were too large to wear the black apron as it was designed, with it over her neck. She instead had to fold it in half and tie it around her thick waist. ?Stay down,? she whispered to her passenger. Then, as nonchalantly as she could, she walked to the women?s restroom, put out the sign that said it was being cleaned, and entered the room.


Derek did as he was told, and stayed buried in the pocket of the apron. This was, all of it, impossible yet somehow had actually happened.

He?d shrunk. Somehow, he had become only half a foot tall, if that. Instantly.

It was a little hard to gauge his own size.

When the giant fat woman loomed over him after he?d finished crawling out from under the collapsed circus tent of his shirt, the primal monkey hindbrain had taken over, gibbering in abject terror and screaming at him to run. So he tried to do just that.

The woman had tried to calm him, and hidden him from any others. He was grateful for that, at least. But being completely naked and very small in the air-conditioned building with only a worn-thin apron pocket of cheap cloth to insulate from the cold was taking its toll. By the time the woman fished him back out of the pocket and brought him up to her face, he was already shivering.

?Hi,? she whispered with a compassionate smile. ?I'm Leanne.?

Derek tried to smile back, even though he was terrified being at held aloft with a single giant hand gripped around him from mid-chest to mid-thigh. ?D-Derek,? he shivered.

?I don?t know what to do,? she admitted. ?Is there anyone I can call? Your wife, or girlfriend, or parents or anything??

Derek shook his head in despair, slumping into her hand some. ?No. No one. I?m all alone.?

He watched her look through him, eyes taking on a distant cast as she thought. ?Maybe? maybe the university? They?ve got scientists, right??

Derek didn?t like that at all. ?I don?t think science has anything to do with this,? he said slowly. The change was too instantaneous, too random. There was no large machinery or anything like that around to effect the shrinking. ?They?re more likely to put me on display or dissect me, or even hand me over to the military.?

Leanne chewed her plump lip for a moment. She tried, ?Maybe it?s only temporary? Maybe you?ll pop back to normal in a couple of days or something??

Derek felt himself brighten at the thought. ?Yeah. Yeah! But, but what do I do until then??

?You could stay with me?? she blurted.

Derek just stared.

She shrugged helplessly. ?It'll be nice to have some company. Would? would that be okay??

Derek didn?t have a lot of options. He was more or less helpless now, and the woman had actually asked his opinion rather than just doing whatever she wanted. The giantess didn?t actually need his cooperation for anything, and her trying to work with him meant a lot. ?If you?re sure, then yes please. I, uh, probably don?t eat much,? he shrugged.

Leanne giggled softly. It was a remarkably pleasant sound. ?A sense of humor! You and I are going to get along just fine, Derek. Now we?ve just got to figure out how to hide you until I get off of work.?

Derek shivered more. ?Wherever it is, it has to be some place safe and warm. I?m freezing here.?

Leanne paused. She had an idea, and it would be safe, and warm, and near her at all times. Only, she?d be baring herself a little to one of the sexiest men she?d ever seen, even if he was the size of a Ken doll. Then she shook herself. Derek was completely naked, what was she even worried about?

Suddenly, Leanne became very aware of the feel of his nude body in her hand. The way his tight ass pressed into the meat of her palm, her fingers around his broad chest and thin waist. His hard thighs. His defined arms resting atop her nearly closed fist, tiny hands gripping her thumb knuckle and the tip of her pointer finger like the armrests of a comfortable chair. She even imagined she could feel his manhood beneath a fingertip.

Leanne blushed. ?I have an idea. You?ll be safe from discovery, and warm, and I won?t lose you. But, it?s a little awkward, and might not be all that pleasant.?

Derek shivered more, and a little more violently. The warmth of her hand was helping, but only so much. ?Warm is kind of winning here, Leanne.?

Leanne hesitated for a moment or two, mentally bracing herself. Then she stood from where she had been sitting on the closed toilet seat and began to untuck her uniform top one-handed, pulling it over the immense bulges of her bra-covered breasts and holding the bunched-up fabric in place beneath her chin.

With her free hand, she parted the massive divide of her cleavage and tucked the shrunken man into the pried open gap between her breasts, and then used a pair of finger-tips to sink him in until he was held in place, his shoulders and head the only things visible.

?Sorry about the sweat,? she shamefacedly apologized. ?I?ve been working. It this okay? Warm enough? Comfortable enough??

Derek sighed in relief. It was incredibly warm between Leanne?s tits. Yeah, there was some boob sweat, but that was a small price to pay. Her skin was tacky enough to hold him in place securely, and she had such big breasts that they were not only large enough to hide his entire body within them, but her bra kept them pressed together. He wouldn?t be falling out.

She smelled nice, as well, which was a pleasant surprise. There was the faint odor of fast food, which was to be expected, but mostly it was a light smell of perfume and the slightly musky scent of her skin and sweat.

Derek tilted his head back to look at her face. ?This is kind of perfect, Leanne. Thank you.?

Leanne smiled in relief, then got to work pulling her top back down and tucking it back into her pants. She left the stall and checked her reflection in the bathroom mirror, finding a problem. There was a lump in her shirt where Derek?s head rested.

She pulled the neckline of her top out to whisper to her passenger. ?I have to tuck you in a little deeper, Derek. Sorry. You?re showing.?

?Uh, Okay!? his teeny voice carried back to from the inside of her stretched tight shirt.

Leanne?s fingers dug into her uniform top, wedging between her gargantuan breasts until they came in contact with Derek?s midsection. Then she gently pushed him a little further downward until only his head was out. A quick peek down her shirt to make sure she hadn?t buried him in her boobs so far that he wouldn?t be able to breathe showed his head resting where her cleavage began, the inverted U-shape at the top holding his little head snugly.

?Okay, I?ve got about three hours left of my shift. Hang tight, Derek.?

Then Leanne carried on with her day. She checked over the bathroom, so she wouldn?t get in trouble for putting the sign out and not actually cleaning it. She gathered up Derek?s clothing in a garbage bag and brought it out to her car, with no one the wiser. She cleaned tables and floors, took orders when others went on their breaks, and generally stayed busy.

The entire time she worked, she couldn?t help but to dwell on the feeling of the doll-sized man hidden in her breasts, and the unexpected and confusing feelings of excitement and anticipation.

She was absolutely not concentrating on the arousal caused by the feel of a naked man against her skin, no matter how small he was.


Derek quickly became bored.

There was wasn?t much to see from his vantage point inside of Leanne?s shirt, the dark material letting very little light through. Other than the ceiling of cloth, there were the acres of breast flesh he was encapsulated within, and really nothing else. As far as he could see was the soft-looking pale skin of her mammaries, the pair of them the size of entire rooms to his diminished height. Directly in front of his face was the dark divide between them, the endless crevice stretching on and on until it curved out of sight.

The pressure of the big woman?s breasts as they held him wasn?t so great that he had trouble breathing, but any movement at all look serious effort.

Derek, like most young men, was fascinated by breasts nearly to the point of obsession. He had to train himself to not stare at cleavage out in public, as the valley between any pair of boobs was magnetic to his gaze. Now here he was with nothing else to look at.

As Leanne worked, her giant boobs jostled and jiggled all over the place. They swayed up and forward when she leaned, they bounced when she walked, they swayed to the sides when she turned. When she wiped down tables, they swayed forward and wobbled violently. As they moved, Derek moved with them. His head was held fairly securely to her sternum area, so he never really got motion sick, but the rest of him tended to get brought along for the ride as his pocket of security shifted this way or that.

That?s not to say there was nothing happening at all. He could hear just fine, and he listened to the music of the restaurant lobby and the conversations happening around him. That really did help pass the time.

Also, Leanne was sweating as she worked. Not profusely, but still, sweating.

It would collect between her tits where Derek?s body was, and had no where to go afterward. Some was reabsorbed back into her skin, but within the first hour Derek?s little body was soaked in musky woman water. Derek began to feel like he was in a sauna. Maybe a hot tub.

It wasn?t as much of an imposition as some might think. Derek enjoyed hot tubs. He worked his arms from his sides, fighting against the sticky tit skin gripping him, and folded his arms over his stomach.

For the first time in years, Derek allowed himself to completely relax. Maybe there was something encoded in his DNA that found being pressed against giant tits comforting, like a baby would have found it. It was the only reason he could come up with as to why he wasn?t freaking all the way out. What would come would come, and nothing he could do right then would change that in any way.

The only problem he really had at the moment, (besides being six inches tall,) was the raging erection caused by the vista of titty before him and the cloud of pheromone-laden scent, and then also being unwilling to do anything about it. He was sure Leanne would notice if he tried jacking off, and that would not be the best way to endear himself to the woman who would be caring for him for however long this lasted.

Assuming, of course, that it actually would end. Derek tried very hard not to dwell on that last thought.


Leanne finally was able to clock out for the day, and hurried to her car.

She sat in the driver?s seat, fished the keys from her purse and started it, before turning her attention to the little man.

She pulled back her neckline and looked down at the top of his little head where it peeked out from the top of her cleavage. ?You still okay, Derek??

?Uh, Yeah? I could use a drink and a shower, but I?m good!?

Leanne closed her eyes in mortification, thankful that he was deep enough in her cleavage that he was unable to look back at her face. ?I am so sorry, Derek. Really. I didn?t have a better idea, and I know how? uh, hot and bothery it gets between my girls. I can take you out for the drive home, if you want??

?Oh, hey, don?t get the wrong idea here, Leanne. I?m not complaining at all. It?s like a hot tub in here, and you smell nice. I like hot tubs! I?m just sticky now. And thirsty. And I?m soaking wet, so if you take me out right now I?ll freeze into a Derek-sickle in a hot minute... er, so to speak.?

?Well, okay,? Leanne capitulated. ?If you?re sure you can put up with it? It?s about twenty minutes to my apartment. You'll be okay??

Derek was silent for a moment. He could hear the embarrassment in her voice, and wracked his brain for a way to reassure her all was good. ?I'm a straight male between the biggest pair of boobs that?s ever existed. I?m not just okay, Leanne. I?m darn-near fantastic!?

Leanne let her neckline drop back down, blushing furiously. She fastened her seat belt, thankful that Derek couldn?t see what his statement had done to her nipples from his vantage point.

She was almost positive that she could use them to cut glass at that moment.

As she backed out of the parking spot, she became hyper-aware of the hot, young guy?s body tucked away in her bosom. While she was working, she could distract herself, but in the car she didn?t have that luxury. Her brain meticulously mapped every detail, every contour, every single point where her flesh touched his, which was most of him. She felt like she could visualize his whole body through the sensations in her breasts. Like brail, but infinitely sexier.

Leanne allowed herself a sliver of hope. Derek seemed nice, as well as so very attractive. He had just experienced a trauma that no other ever had, and he was still nice. Still found a way to make her at ease, found a way to make her giggle. Made a joke a minute after he found himself a half-foot tall.

Leanne let herself hope, just a little, that she?d found a man to let close to her heart.

She parsed her last thought again, and a snorting laugh escaped her before she could stop it. Her hand quickly clamped over her mouth, and she glanced at her chest where Derek lay hidden, listening for anything at all from her new friend.

A man close to her heart? Derek couldn?t be literally closer to her physical heart unless she somehow got him inside of her lung.

Leanne unconsciously rubbed her thighs together the entire trip home.


Leanne let herself into her efficiency apartment, securely locking the door behind her and hanging up her purse. She was a little embarrassed to show the hovel she lived in to her tiny houseguest.

Still, she drew the blinds over the single window, and once she was sure no one would see inside, she took her uniform top off completely so that Derek could see out.

Standing in the single room of her apartment, with only the bathroom not contained within, Leanne reached in and carefully grasped the sweat-slick boy within her cleavage by pressing her thumb to his back and a single finger to his chest, and scooted him up and out a bit. Not so much that he?d get cold, but enough to see around a bit.

?So, this is my apartment,? the large woman explained needlessly. ?Sorry it?s so small.?

Derek pried his upper limbs from between the gargantuan boobs to rest his arms out to the sides and took a look around, chuckling. ?You?re kidding, right? As far as I?m concerned, this is perfect.?

Leanne stared down her chest. ?Are you just saying that??

?No. Think about it. If you lived in a three floor house, how would I get anywhere? Your apartment is the size of a city block to me now as it is.?

The thought sank in to the woman?s brain, and she brightened. Her apartment was tiny by any standards, but for the sole exception being the miniature man she?d offered to care for. While it was far too small for two people to live there, it was just fine for one fluffy woman and one mini-man.

Derek swung one of arms back and forth, stroking her skin with his palm in a big arc to get her attention. ?So, any chance I could get that drink now??

?Oh, sure! Um, just let me figure out where to set you down first.?

Derek hurriedly spoke, ?You don?t have to.?

Leanne glanced down again in confusion. ?What??

?I am so super-comfortable, you don?t even know. It?s really soft and warm in here. If it?s okay with you, think I could just hang out here a bit longer??

Derek didn?t exactly lie, but he didn?t tell the entire truth either. He really was comfortable in the hot water beds of her vast breast flesh, but more importantly his boner hadn?t really ever gone down. A little more time to try and get control of himself was needed.

Leanne walked to her fridge in her bra and uniform pants, grabbed a bottle of water, and then eased herself onto her recliner. She twisted off the cap, and realized there was no way for him to drink from the bottle. She was going to have to make a list of things to get for him, and at the top of that list was a couple of sewing thimbles to use as drinking cups.

Carefully, she poured some water into the cap, and handed it to the tiny, handsome man nestled in her cleavage, before taking a huge swallow from the bottle. Was it hot in her apartment? It sure felt like it.

Derek drank greedily from the unwieldy bottle cap. It was like trying to carefully sip from a soup pot, and he spilled some as he tried, the cold water making Leanne squeal as it ran down his neck and between her breasts.

Having gotten his fill, Derek carefully set the cap off to the side, balancing it on the curve of the giant titty to his left. ?Thanks, Leanne. I needed that. Uh, sorry I spilled a little.?

?You?re welcome,? she smiled. It was so wonderful having company of the male persuasion for once, as impossible and weird as the situation was. ?So, I was thinking you could bathe in the sink while I have my own shower? You did say you needed to get cleaned up, right??

?Oh!? Derek startled, trying to think of anything to just buy a little more time. ?Or we could watch a little TV or something first??

Leanne frowned down at him. She collected the cap from the top of her breast, threw the remaining contents into her mouth and resealed the bottle. ?Is there a problem, Derek??

The young man slumped in defeat. ?I?ve been hard off and on for hours now. I don?t want to offend, especially when you?re being so very kind to me. I?m so sorry.?

?You? hard?? Leanne couldn?t even articulate how confused she was. Confused, and maybe a little more hopeful than before.

?Boobs.? Derek gestured expansively at the array of titty before him. ?Boobs, boobs, everywhere! I?m naked, and all of these giant boobs are all over the place and pressed up against me, all over me! Can you blame me? Really??

In that moment, Leanne felt something she hadn?t felt in a long, long time. Leanne felt desired. ?You could? you could take care of it before I take you out? I wouldn?t mind.?

Derek craned his neck around to look at her face. ?Are you serious??

Leanne resisted the urge to shrug, realizing that it would set his perch into wild motion. ?I doubt you?d really make so much of a mess that I?d even notice, would you??

Derek considered that. If he wasn?t so incredibly horny, hadn?t been teased with tits the size of billboards for hours on end, he probably would have thought more with his head and less with his dick. ?One problem; I?m all sticky still. Think I could get you to squeeze a drop of lotion or something in here??

Leanne looked him over consideringly. She could feel the way he was positioned, in a reclining state. She parted her tits by digging all of her fingers of both hands into her cleavage directly over his lap, leaned forward, and let a big drip of saliva pool into the opened space. And peeked at him while she did so.

It was weird, Derek thought, but far less weird than anything else that had been happening in the last few hours. He wedged his arms back inside of his hot carrying case and grasped his cock. It was very sloppy, but also very slick now. ?Yeah, that works too. Are you really sure this isn?t going to bother you? Like, really, really sure??

Leanne?s hand surreptitiously drifted to her own crotch, her hot and wet pussy begging for any kind of attention, especially after the thrill she stole. ?I?m sure. You?re a healthy man with needs, right? Go right ahead.?

Leanne could feel his little arm working up and down rhythmically against the wall of her sensitive inner breast, slowly at first but gaining in speed. Her own breathing began to deepen and she pressed the ball of her fist against her pussy, the moisture beginning to seep into her pants.

An idea occurred to her. She could squeeze her breasts, and if he asked she could just claim she was helping him out. Abandoning her needy core, she palmed huge handfuls of her aching breasts and squeezed, over and over, causing her tit-flesh to bulge in waves. Here and there she?d drag her palms across the hard bumps of her nipples as they pressed through the thin material of her bra cups.

Derek rode the waves of undulating breast, watching Leanne fondle her own tits from his very close vantage point. It was so very erotic, and while he didn?t know why she was doing that, he wasn?t going to complain. Her breath blew hot and heavy over the back of his head and neck, and between watching her and listening to her heavy breathing, his orgasm didn?t take very long at all. He grunted and strained as the cumshot that had been boiling just below the surface for hours was finally unleashed.

It was one of the most satisfying of his life.

Derek?s head fell back to rest against Leanne?s sternum area, and he took a deep, cleansing breath. Reopening his eyes, he noticed that the big woman hadn?t stopped fondling herself, nor had her breathing slowed. As a matter of fact, small whimpers and moans were escaping her panting mouth.

Derek didn?t say a word. He was able to put two and two together, and while she certainly hadn?t minded him ?taking care of business', that didn?t mean that she wasn?t bothered. She very clearly was, in fact, bothered.

He tilted his head back to watch her lusty expression, her eyes closed and mouth open with a fetching blush coloring her cheeks. After less than a minute, her eyes snapped open and she stared at him, pupils very dilated.

?Oh! Um, I was just, uh??

?Leanne,? Derek said gently while stroking her skin in wide arcs in a semblance of comfort. ?Stop teasing yourself and just do it. I?d be the worst kind of hypocrite to judge.?

Leanne bit her plump lip in indecision, before asking, ?Can I ask for something a little weird to? to help??

The shrunken man chuckled lazily. ?Probably. What did you have in mind??

??can I hold you in my mouth?? she asked in a hushed tone.

?Uh, as long as I can still breathe, then sure? I should probably wash first though.? Derek was positive he didn?t taste all that wonderful at that moment.

Leanne lurched out of her recliner, the only piece of furniture in the room other than her bed and dresser, and hurried to the bathroom. Excitement had spurred her into energetic action.

She turned on the sink water to warm it, snatched her body wash from the shower, and as soon as the water temperature felt right to her she plucked the man from her cleavage.

Impatient, she washed him herself and dried him with a hand towel. Once he was dry enough, she set him down on her pillow and began working her uniform pants down over her wide hips and protruding ass. ?Um, I?m going to get naked. If you want to turn away, now?s the time.?

Derek leaned back and laced his fingers behind his head. ?You must be joking. Miss this? Not for the world.?

Leanne smiled in welcome surprise, and once her pants were down and kicked away, she unceremoniously wiggled her panties down and began to unlatch the multitude of hooks keeping her bra clasped.

Derek drank in her body greedily. She had a full bush, soft auburn curls somewhat matted with natural lubricant. Wide hips, thick thighs. A plump belly that caved in a little around her waist. Then her breasts? Jesus wept, her breasts!

They were full, and hung low once freed from the confines of her bra as huge natural breasts tended to do. She had large areolas and thick, prominent nipples. Thick blue veins spidered here and there.

They were the most magnificent pair of tits that Derek had ever had the pleasure of beholding.

Once Leanne was completely nude, she spread her hands to the sides, shyly presenting herself. ?So? this is me.?

?Wow,? the little guy muttered, and unable to help himself started to stroke his recovering erection.

The unsure plump woman eased herself onto the bed, head nestled on the pillow next to where Derek?s entire body lay. ?You?re not too disgusted, are you?? she worried.

Derek rolled to his side so that they were face to face, in a manner of speaking. ?I?m not disgusted at all,? he assured her. ?As a matter of fact, I think you?re sexy.? At her disbelieving expression, he rolled his eyes and pointed at his very hard dick. ?See? Sexy.?

Leanne?s expression changed then, and she scooted closer until her face was almost touching the tiny man laying on her pillow. She puckered her full, plump lips and gave him a gentle kiss that engulfed his entire face. Then a more powerful one to his chest that lingered.

She dragged her lower lip up his torso, hot breath washing over him, and then out came her tongue.

The drooling, muscled appendage flattened against Derek?s shins and she ran it up his body, delighting in every nuance and leaving behind a coating of her saliva. She enjoyed that so much, she did it again, but even slower. Her hand wedged between her thighs and into the sopping wet heat barely contained therein of its own accord.

Finally wanting to fulfill the fantasy that had been plaguing her for the last few minutes, she scooped up the little man, heaved herself onto her back in the center of the small bed, and raised him over her open mouth.

Derek fought back his fear. It was one thing to agree to be held in her mouth, but it was something else entirely to be held aloft and lowered into a gaping maw that could swallow him whole. Strands of sticky saliva hung between her upper and lower teeth in thin ropes, breaking as her tongue darted out to lick at his feet.

Leanne?s curious tongue slathered all around his legs as he was lowered in. When he was halfway inside of the scary orifice, her plump lips closed around his waist and she began to gently suckle his lower body, the tip of her tongue flicking over and massaging his ass. She even tried and partially succeeded in wedging the tip between his glutes.

Derek watched Leanne?s face. Her eyes were nearly crossed as she focused on him, suckling and licking the bottom half of his body while making lusty moans and pleading hums deep in her throat.

Though he couldn?t see it, Leanne had four fingers of one hand crammed into her juicy canal and was furiously scrubbing her clit with the other.

He was so handsome, and she could just stare at his beautiful face and defined chest while she jilled herself off. Also, it was a happy surprise just how much she was enjoying exploring his ass with her tongue.

Derek leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose then stroked her cheekbones with his little hands, and that was all it took. Her big pelvis lifted from the bed and she gave a muted scream around a shrunken man and through tight, pursed lips as she came like a freight train.

The look in Leanne?s eyes as she orgasmed was something special to Derek. Heavy-lidded, pleading, lusty, and erotic. Her pupils were so dilated that almost none of the blue was still showing. He?d never had such a close-up view of an aroused woman?s eyes before.

He waited as she cooled down a bit, exhaling heavily through her nose and incidentally blowing all of that hot air across his chest and face. Derek tolerated it with a smile.

Her eyes finally focused back on him, and he felt the lips around his waist stretch into something like a smile. He ventured, ?Hey. Can I ask for a little favor now??

Leanne made a questioning noise around his legs, raising her eyebrows.

?Can you bring your hand up here??

That time, she definitely made a ?what' noise.

Derek stared down at the spoon beneath her nose, and ran his hand over the twin ridges. ?I like the smell and taste of pussy,? he admitted. ?If that?s no good, then it?ll be okay. I just thought I?d ask.?

Leanne rolled her eyes, but dutifully brought her glazed hand up to near his face. She waited expectantly with a single eyebrow raised.

Her hand smelled amazing to Derek. He reached up, grasped her finger with his hands, and tried to pull it closer with all the strength in his arms. Leanne obliged him by drifting it closer.

Once in range, Derek took a tentative taste of the vaginal secretions liberally coating her finger. Finding it very much to his liking, he frantically began to lick the glaze from her digit, desperate to get as much as he could.

Leanne?s eyes widened in shock. The tiny, yet gorgeous man was gorging himself on her pussy leavings. He was enjoying her taste. He actually, really liked it!

Her arousal came back with a vengeance and she yanked her hand away from him to dual-hand her needy core once again.

Derek wondered at her pulling her hand away, but then he heard and felt the moans, and noticed the bed shaking again. He twisted his torso as much as he could, hooked an arm around her chin, and forcibly turned his body a full one hundred and eighty degrees in her mouth. This time he wanted to watch.

The view down her plush body was a wonder. Her giant, full tits sagged down the sides of her body to rest on her upper arms, affording him a view down her plump belly and the very top of her pubic mound. Her thick thighs were propped up and spread wide, and Leanne had both of her hands energetically abusing her cunt.

Then she began to massage his wood with her tongue-tip.

It felt amazing, and Derek wrapped his arms around her chin and held on as she fellated him in a way no one had been before. Lacking any real way to show his appreciation, he kissed and nuzzled the chin within his folded arms.

All the while, the rhythmic suctioning of his legs and pelvis never really ended. The force just gradually increased. Leanne?s powerful tongue slathered against the front of his legs as she concentrated on licking his erection.

Leanne began to squeal and buck her hips as she felt Derek?s butterfly kisses on her chin, and as she wetly orgasmed yet again, she heard Derek shout and clutch at her chin tighter. His hips undulated inside of her mouth, and she faintly tasted the bitter, salty tang of his cum, as little as there was.

It was so good. Leanne felt satiated in a way she hadn?t felt in the longest time. With the least gooey of her hands, she grasped the little man around his shoulders and upper arms, lifting him from her mouth. Then lowering him. She bobbed Derek?s legs in and out of her suctioning mouth like she was giving his lower body a blowjob. Just a few times, and just for fun.

Finally lowering him to sit on her chest so that he was facing her, she blew an errant lock of sweaty hair from her face. ??Thank you? doesn?t seem like it?s a strong enough pair of words.?

Derek leaned back and propped himself up with his arms. ?Thank you? This was a mutual thing, Leanne. You and I, we can have more fun together. As long as you?re careful with me, I don?t see why this has to be it. I sure enjoyed myself.?

Leanne?s gaze became vacant as a hundred new fantasies and scenarios bombarded her imagination all at once.

Finally breaking free, she giggled freely and without care. ?Okay. I?ve got the day off tomorrow. We need to get a few things to make you a little more comfortable, but after that, wanna go see a movie??

Derek blinked. ?How am I supposed to do that??

Leanne grinned slyly. ?I?ve got an idea or two. But for tonight, shower and bath, then sleep. I?m beat.?

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