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Story Notes:

Commissioned by August's winner over on my Patreon, Rail Pibb asked for straight forward, simple premise.  Didn't have to cut scenes because of massively overwriting or anything like that.  It was really refreshing!

It was crunch time for most students.  Mid-terms started once the weekend ended and Devin was determined to pass this year.  Despite being a full 4 years older than his sister, Hope, he was only a senior at their university while she was a junior, but then again taking time off and failing once will do that.  However, in an effort to retain some of his dignity as the older sibling, he was more motivated to apply himself to his studies.  It still annoyed him that Hope was able to get better grades than him without studying, and because of careful planning in her early university career, she had the majority of her credits to graduate already so she was free to party day and night whenever she wanted.  Sure, the house was more peaceful with her and their parents out of the house, and he was free to wander the house and study in his underwear which he was more comfortable in, but it was frustrating to have such a perfect and beautiful sister.


As the sun began to set Saturday night, Devin was interrupted from his studies when the family dog, a Boxer named 'Pawl', opened his door and jumped up on his lap.  "Hey, Pawl, what did I tell you about opening my door like that?"  Devin asked in mild annoyance at the just-too-smart-to-keep-out-of-trouble pet.  "Get down, I'm trying to study."  Lightly pushing and nudging the dog, he tried his best to encourage the young canine off his lap without hurting it or coming off as too mean.  Annoyance or not, Pawl was a great dog.


The pure white dog wouldn't budge.  He simply sat on Devin's lap and whimpered, tilting his head to the side.


"What?  I can't play right now."  Devin insisted, finally picking up the dog as he stood up and went over to his door.  "C'mon.  I've gotta study.  Where's your cat squeaky?  Play with that for a bit,okay?"  He bargained, setting Pawl outside of his room.


Pawl barked once at the mention of his favorite toy and chased his tail for a loop before sitting in front of Devin.  Looking up at the young man, the dog licked it's chops and whimpered again.


"You lost it again, didn't you?"  Sighing heavily, Devin dropped his shoulders in defeat but smiled to the lovable canine.  "Fine, I'll find it for you, but you have to be good the rest of the night and leave me to study in peace.  Deal?"  He offered, not bothering to get dressed as he exited his room and closed the door.


A decidedly happy bark from the energetic Boxer was as close to an agreement as Devin could expect, so he began looking in all the usual places Pawl's toys happen to end up.  What Devin initially believed would have been a short search, however, slowly resulted in him back tracking and researching all the common areas of the house, living room, kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, even the pantry and basement with no success in locating the thoroughly chewed cat-shaped toy.  He knew it wasn't in his room, Pawl had it in the morning and he was in his room all day studying.  Running out of places to look, Devin quickly looked around his parent's room, with no success and then Hope's room, with similar results.


Huffing, Devin was ready to give up.  Hope's room was the last in the house.  "Sorry boy, but I've got to get bac- huh?  Whatcha doing?"  As he was about to leave the room, he saw the dog trying to squeeze under Hope's extremely low clearance bed and scratching at the floor.  If nothing else, Pawl was adamantly trying to get something that was under there.  "Is it under there?  I don't want to be snooping around Hope's room if I don't have to."  He said, getting down to look under the bed.  "Ha!  There it is.  How'd you manage that?"  Devin asked, as he reached past dirt, clutter and a shoe box but just barely couldn't get it.


"Just a bit more..."  He said, half under his sister's bed, when he felt something crawl onto his hand.  Snapping his attention back to his arm, Devin saw a strange looking spider as it got spooked by his jerking movement and bit into his flesh.  The pain from the bite made him flick his wrist, tossing the arachnid off his hand, but then, in the blink of an eye, Devin was laying in a dark and dusty area with the illumination of a soft light coming from a large, wide opening behind him.  "N-No way..."  He said aloud, standing up and looking around at what he could immediately identify as the junk under Hope's bed.  To the right was the shoebox he was just reaching past but motion to the left caught his attention.  "Oh, fuc-!"  Jumping back just in time to dodge the chelicerae of the arachnid that bit him previously.  "Why the fuck am I remembering that spiders have chelicarae instead of mandibles now of all times!"  He cursed, turning away from the violet and green colored predator and running for his life.  The spider followed close behind him and was gaining on him by the second.  "Shit, shit, shit!  What the hell is goin- Over there!"  Approaching the shoebox, Devin saw a circular hole that he could potentially dive through and hide.  Pooling all of his strength into his legs, he could just barely feel the trichobothria of the spider's fangs graze his feet as he propelled himself through the hole.  Before the hungry arachnid could figure out where he had gone he pushed the cardboard tab back into place, sealing himself in pitch dark.  "Trichobothria too?  Man, I must be studying too much lately."  He thought, sitting against the wall of the cardboard box to catch his breath.


Unable to see and his nerves calming down, with every breath Devin became more and more aware of the odd smells trapped in the container with him.  Lingering fruity and flowery scents barely noticeable under the mixture of tangy and foul odors hanging in the air.


"If the pain I'm feeling didn't wake me up... this all has to be real somehow... right?  I though radioactive spider bites were supposed to give you superpowers, not this."  Steadying himself on his feet, Devin carefully felt around his surroundings to get his bearings.  "What does Hope keep in here anyway?"  Bumping into some sort of hard, smooth object, he could tell it likely wasn't a shoe but couldn't start to think of what it could be if not that.  "How long until someone comes back?  I'm hungry and need help."


As if on cue, he could hear the front door open.




While not quite disappointing, her night had not played out the way she would have liked.  "Prolly bester he waz a jerk enyway."  The blonde girl thought she was thinking as she opened the front door of her home.  "Az fun az it waz fuckin' wit Devy in da necks room... axeually, fuck it!  Let'im see ma asshole again!  Hey!  Devy!  Imma fucking shove yer nose up ma bum if itz still stuk in a fuckin' book!  You hear me!"  She yelled, kicking off her shoes and drunkenly staggering towards the stairs.


Her steps were anything but gentle as she pulled the paper bag around her unopened bottle of rum.  Opening the bottle, she tossed the cap aside and took three large gulps of the burning liquid with ease by the time she got to her brother's room.  "Heh heh heh, reddy for my shi-huh?  Hey!  Devy?  Where you at?!"  Seeing Devin's room empty, Hope's hopes of sexually teasing him were dashed.  "Fine then!  I'll jus have fun bi meself!"  Her target for a one-night stand already a bust and now unable to take out her drunken frustrations on the next best thing, Hope stormed down the hall to her room and saw Pawl scrambling to get under her bed.  "Paul!  Hey wittle guy!  Yuu loze someting boy?"  Cooing sweetly to the canine, Hope peeked under the bed and grinned when she saw the shoebox but also noticed the dog toy a bit further back.  "Oh, don'chu worry.  I'll git it for you sweetie."  She promised, roughly slapping her hand around around the toy until she was able to knock it out into the open.  "Heh heh.  I'm pretty awesome!"  Hope congratulated herself, going to dust off her hands when she noticed the remains of a purple and green spider crushed under her palm.  "Oops!  Sorry mista Spider."  She giggled, unknowingly grabbing Devin's underwear to wipe her hand clean and tossing them aside without concern as she pulled the shoebox out from under the bed.


Pawl, seeing the box finally in reach, jumped up at it, trying to knock it out of Hope's hand to rescue his other master, but Hope pulled it away too quickly.


"No!  Bad Paul.  Deze are my toyz!"  She scolded, picking up the dog's squeaky cat and tossing it out of her room.  "You go play wit yurz."  She added, pushing the Boxer out of her room and closing the door.  Picking up her box of 'toys', the drunken blonde dumped the contents out onto her bed and grabbed her booze as she looked over her small collection.  Guzzling down about a quarter of the bottle, she was ready for some fun.




At first, Devin was ecstatic to hear the front door open so soon.  His parents weren't supposed to be back for a few days and Hope said she was going to party all weekend, so he thought his luck was turning around.  Hearing his younger sister drunk yelling did little to reassure him however, especially the comment of shoving his nose up her ass since at his current size she could easily shove his entire body up her anal orifice with likely little problem.


Try as he might to forget the time she brought a guy home one day to sleep with when she thought she had the house to herself, he couldn't forget the sight of her with her ass in the air while blowing him when he awoke to strange sounds coming from her room and went to investigate.  Needless to say, having your brother walk in on you killed the mood and the guy quickly left.  Hope was understandably upset at him for walking into her room without knocking.  She threatened that, if he stuck his nose in her business again she'd shove it up her ass, hence the odd threat.


"Oh, please dear God, don't let her find me!"  Now praying that the only help due to come to his rescue for the next few days wouldn't find him until she was much less inebriated than she was, he heard her stomp around the house in search of him.


He panicked for a moment when her hand bumped into the box he was hiding in as she got Pawl his toy back, but for a moment he believed he was safe.  By the sound of it, she even accidentally killed that spider, so he could try venturing out when he got hungry.  At least, he could have, if Hope didn't pull the box he was in out and picked it up.  He was still lost in the dark and couldn't see what he was bumping into as she shook the box to keep it out of Pawl's reach, but soon light flooded Devin's retinas as he was sent into a freefall.  Thankfully he landed on something soft, Hope's bed he'd wager, but something that was in the box with him had settled on top of him, pinning him in place as his eyes slowly adjusted to the light again.


"God Hope, take it easy wou-what the HELL!"  His heart pounding from all the excitement, Devin attempted to free himself from under whatever was laying on top of him and communicate with his sister when he could finally make out his surroundings again.  Majority of his vision was dominated by the rounded, and frankly phallus-shaped, end of a blue color cylindrical object, but from beyond that he saw his sister pull her one piece dress up over her head and toss it out of view.


Even from an aesthetic point of view Devin knew his sister was beautiful, like their mother.  Smooth, unblemished skin; flowing, silky hair and a slender, health physique, he could understand how she could so easily attract the attention of men.  Her breasts were developed, still on the smaller side of 'big' but she was still growing if her frustrated complaints to their mother were an indication and try as he might to forget it, anytime she wiggles her butt at him he can clearly remember its firm, gentle shape.


Slipping out of her panties as well, Hope climbed onto her bed and reached towards Devin's location.  "Hmm hmm hmmmm.  C'mere wittle D, I need somting rigit and long in me."


Devin's blood ran cold when he finally realized what he was trapped under, it was so obvious now.  "Hope!  HOPE!  Wait, it's me, Devin!  I'm stuck under your-!"  He frantically yelled to the nude blonde as her hand wrapped around the massive sex toy, however his misfortune wasn't over yet.  As Hope picked up her bedside partner, residue from previous uses combined with Devin's own sweat caused him to stick to the surface and go along with the sex toy.  "Oh God!  No, no, no!  Hope, Hope, you have to see me!"  Redoubling his efforts to peel himself free, he tried his best to signal his sister as she brought the toy up to eye level to inspect it.


"Hmm... I'm still a bit wet, but bettr safe then sorer."  She reasoned to herself, rubbing her moist fold with her free hand and gauging her sexual fluids.  Devin was stuck to the side of her toy that was facing away from her, so in her drunk state she didn't notice his tiny movements as she grabbed a strawberry scented bottle of ludricant and poured a liberal amount directly on her tingling sex and a bit more over her toy.  "And moar licker to git me off quicor."


Devin frantically swiped the viscous liquid coating his face away so he could breathe and felt the force holding him to Hope's dildo start to weaken.  "Just a bit more..."  He thought, pushing with all his might to find success and as he fell from the giant sex object, "HELL YES!", only to collide with the soft, velvety folds of Hope's excited pussy.  "FUC-!"


Before Devin could try to escape the embrace of Hope's tender lips, she slid the blue sex toy lengthwise firmly against her pussy.  She rubbed the phallic object along her slit both to spread the lubricant across its surface more evenly and also to stoke the embers of her lust, all the while completely unaware that her brother was fighting for air and freedom.  "Ahh, fuck!  Derek yuu jerk.  How cood you leeve me all horny like dis."  She complained aloud, twisting her dildo back and forth for more stimulation.  "Dustin, Donald, Daniel, even fuckin Darren!  Nun ov'um are eny gud.  Maybe I shood stop gittin wit guyz with the furst inishal 'D'."  Reaching over the side of the bed, she picked up her bottle of rum and took another big swig of it.  She was feeling extra horny and her self play felt better than ever before for some reason.  Her pussy was leaking more fluid, the warmth of liquor was being conquered by the heat of her lust and it only made her love tunnel itch more pleasantly than she ever remembered.  "Nah... it'd be ruin the mood ta call out fer 'D' udderwise..."


Hope was enjoying herself more and more with each passing second, preparing herself to satisfy her sexual desires since the man she had chosen to had backed out.  Devin, however, was unwittingly fulfilling that role, the rough and irregular texture of his tiny body rolling and scraping across her sensitive flesh registering physically but going unnoticed by his sister's drunken mind.  He wasn't able to grab anything for long, the slick flesh too thick for his miniscule hands and pitiful strength, so with every pass of the salivating nethers, he was helplessly dragged to a new position to try and fail to secure himself again.  "Hope!  Stop for a second, would you?!  Can't you feel me down here?"  He was left unable to verbalise his pleas, his mouth was too busy trying to either spit up or swallow the copious amount of her liquid lust.  It didn't help that, as much as he didn't want to admit it, his sister tasted better than any girl he had been with in the past and his own body was starting to react to her pheromones.  Consciously, enjoying his sister was the last thing on his mind, but currently he couldn't even waste the effort to try and deny such base, physical reactions.  "I can only see a therapist after I get out of here."


"Mmmm, wittle D.  Yer feelin super gud today!"  Grinding her pussy even harder, Hope could better feel the bumps and grooves of her double-sided dildo and electricity ran through her body with every inch.  She couldn't have known that the extra pleasure she felt came from a tiny life trying its best just to survive her light masturbation.


Lost in the little space between Hope's pussy and dildo, Devin lost track of how long the nigh crushing torment had been going on.  Just a few minutes?  More than a few dozen?  Close to an hour?  Hope's pleasure had become his whole world and she didn't even realize it!  He heard her arousing moans, the quickening of her heart rate and the sloppy, wet sound of dripping flesh gliding over rigid silicon.  But then, her body quivered and tightened for a few seconds and the sex toy pinning him to his sister's sex withdrew, leaving only her engorged netherlips to  hold him in places.  "God damn... is it over?"  He wondered, carefully pulling himself along her sex towards light and freedom.


Breaching the membrane created from Hope's sexual fluids, Devin coughed up the little bit that had been forced into his lungs as he gasped for air.  The thought that he was merely stuck between the lips of his sister as he struggled to pull the rest of his body free reinforced just how helpless he was.  Unfortunately for the shrunken boy, before he was able to extract his body from the excited sex, the shadow of Hope's favored sex toy descended upon him again.  Without anytime to cry out in fear or beg for mercy, the train-sized phallus rammed into him and pushed him much, much deeper than he had been before.  Sinking past the gentle embrace of her labia, the gigantic sex toy thrust him through a tight orifice and into a tunnel of clenching muscles.


Hope arched her back as she penetrated her pussy.  'Little D' felt incredibly good for some reason, but she didn't have time to question it.  She pumped the sex toy roughly in and out of her pussy, if she didn't at least meet where she had thrust previously then the rush was less extreme.  Luckily, the extra length for a two-ended toy meant she could easily reach deeper with each thrust.  Completely oblivious that it was her brother inside her thrashing about every time he got battered by her play, she moaned with little reservation.  "Oh yes!  Givit to me D.  Fuck my pussy like yuu wanna break it, Devin!"


Devin was able to hear his sister's sensual moans between the beating he was taking at the end of her dildo and the crushing vice of her pussy walls, but he couldn't make out what she was saying at all.  Inside he could better hear her heart with every beat, the wet sucking sound of her pleasure session drowning out anything else.  Every time he attempted to crawl towards where he came in from, the sex toy that shoved him in Hope in the first place returned and pushed him deeper still.  The pain of being repeatedly bashed by the massive dildo caused him to swallow much more of her sexual fluids.  Between the natural pheromones a woman produces to arouse her partner and the life-threatening situation he was in, Devin had never had such a conflicted boner in his life.  Aside from the pain, when the phallus retreated Hope's swollen flesh wrapped firmly but pleasantly around him, caressing his flesh and squeezing his dick better than anything he had ever felt before.  The heat permeating her vaginal walls was sweltering but felt heavenly on his manhood.  However, he maintained presence of mind enough to not lose himself to lust.  This was still his sister he was inside of, to say nothing of the threat to his life.  "Can she even feel me in here?  Hopefully I can just ride this out without her noticing and get help later."


"Ahn!  Haa... haa... Almost... almost there..."  Feeling her body tighten, Hope released her phallic toy and felt around for another of her toys to finish herself off.  Grabbing a small, egg-shaped object attached to a rectangular box through a wire, she clenched her vaginal muscles tightly and pulled the dildo out.  Rubbing her dripping pussy with the ovular object, she slowly slid it inside of her and turned a dial on the rectangular end.  "Ahh!  Fuck.  So goooood!"  Pushing it to the highest setting, Hope slammed her legs together and rolled over on her side as the euphoric waves washed through her body.


Momentarily thankful when the bus-size dildo retreated and didn't return, Devin was soon held in place as Hope's pussy crushed him from all sides and held him in place as a deluge of femcum rushed past him.  He felt his consciousness begin to fade from the abuse, strain and general fatigue.  "Shit... H-Hope... is this where... I... d-?"


Spraying her satisfaction all over her bedsheets, Hope cried out in ecstasy with little reservation.  It was the best solo-play she had ever conducted, maybe even better than a lot of the sex she'd been disappointed with lately.  "That waz so gud... oh, fuck!?  Did I cawl out Devy's naim durin that?"  Realizing a bit late, she looked over at the firmly closed door and was about to get up.  However, the still currently  on vibrator in her quim felt amazing in her, causing her to lay back down and slip her panties back on.  "Well, he ain't home enyway.  Still, I'd like ta..."  Tired, drunk and thoroughly satisfied, Hope turned down the intensity of her vibrating egg, finished off her bottle of rum and laid down to sleep.




While his body was able to sleep through the first few turbulent motions of Hope's slumbering orgasms, eventually he had gotten enough rest to no longer ignore the tight grip of her sexual organ.  What was essentially the world to him turned over but his general orientation was still the same.  "Did I seriously just sleep in... No, not going to think about that right now."  He thought, pushing against the walls of flesh around him to try and get some leverage.  If the throbbing sensation from his forehead was anything to go by, the final thrust of the gigantic dildo meant that he was already facing the direction he needed to crawl to get out of his... confinement.


Scrambling to get to freedom as fast as possible, he kicked roughly and grasped tightly against or onto whatever he could.  However, not even two seconds later, he felt the flesh surrounding him start to heat up again as viscous liquid was secreted from them.  He heard hope mumble in her sleep, nothing audible or intelligible, more like an affirmation of the pleasant sensation his actions caused and she tightened up a bit more, making it harder to move forward.


"Okay... Okay.  Slowly, carefully, gently."  He reasoned, subduing his violent movements.  "Do not get your sister off, you idiot!"


It was slow going, hours had likely passed, but as he progressed Devin quickly learned that the closer he got to the 'exit' the more stimulated Hope seemed to be regardless.  She was tightening up, wet, and hot, not to mention there was a humming that was getting hard to ignore.  The louder the mysterious humming became, he noticed that the vaginal walls were vibrating subtly and getting more pronounced.  As much as he didn't want to admit it, with his naked body rubbing directly across her tender flesh, the sexually charged atmosphere and the pleasant vibrations coupled was the ridges that hugged his hardened member so euphorically, he was ready to blow his load if he didn't get out of her soon.


To his dismay though, he found that escape was impossible as a bright red, spherical object took up the entire tunnel before him, vibrating without rest.  "Seriously Hope!?"  He asked, reaching out to try and push it out so he could breathe some fresh air.  "Give me a breaaaaaak!"  He hadn't considered the consequences for making direct contact with the vibrator.  As soon as his hand were placed on the surface, the waves of kinetic motion traveled through him, causing him to vibrate with her overly stimulating sex and he just couldn't hold back anymore.  Wracked with the most intense ejaculation he had ever experienced in his life, Devin spurted out what was ultimately a minuscule amount of dick milk inside of Hope... but that wasn't the worst of it.  As soon as the throws of his orgasm hit, the vibrator was pulled out and Hope was sitting up!




Despite more than 90% of the liquid she had consumed the day before being alcoholic in nature, when Hope's eyes fluttered open to greet the new day she was revitalized and energized.  To say nothing of the great masturbation session she had just before going to sleep, her diligent little egg kept her in a good mood all night.  It may have also helped that she could still feel the rum coursing through her body.


"The best kind ov drunk is one dat lasses 'till mornin.  You urned a brache, Eggy."  She thought, pulling the red vibrator out, dripping in her cum, and bringing it up to kiss when she felt something still in her pussy spasming.  "Wat da?"  Spreading her vag with her fingers and pushing, she was about to get the foreign object out and picked it up to examine it.  "Okay... I hafta still be drunk.  Yuu look like a teeny-tiny person."  She giggled, her vision not so fuzzy to obscure the humanoid figure she was holding but out of focus enough to not recognize it was her brother.


Finally free and able to breathe fresh air, Devin dreaded the conversation he was about to have with his sister, but still tried to communicate with her.  Waving his hands, he said "Hope!  Hope, it's me, Dev-!"


"Oh wait!  Darien?  Iz dat yuu?  No, weight, maybe yur Dexter?  Or Dunkirk?"  Hope interrupted, guessing at Devin's identity rather than attempt to listen to him.  "Ok, full disclother, I remember like none ov yuu.  Yur all jus subs fer my bestest brother Devy."  Giggling more, she looked around the room as if someone else could have been there and brought him closer to her face.  "Butt dats a secret that I don't let enyone know.  Oh... oops, I guess yuu do now."  Her giggling subsiding, she wasn't even giving her tiny captive a chance to reply as she glared at him harshly.  "So, whoeva yuu are, I donno how yuu didit, but yuu scruued up gittin caught violatin me like dat.  And now dat yuu kno ma secret, I'mma hafta keep ya so nobody elss will kno."


There was a dangerous gleam to Hope's eyes, and her grip had gotten a bit too tight for comfort.  However, he couldn't say anything.  Fear gripped his mind and pain paralyzed his body.  He was completely at his sister's mercy.


Standing up, Hope looked over her bed for her third adult toy.  When she found it, a malicious grin spread across her lovely face and she held it up for him to see.  It was essentially an egg but it was split into four plates that converged at the base, each flowered out but even with the little pressure for her fingers she demonstrated it was designed so they be closed together again.  Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the Godzilla-print boxers in the corner of her room.  "Oh shit!  Devy haz a pear of undies just like those!"  She exclaimed, and for a brief moment he thought she might realize who she was holding.  "Hahaha!  Donovan, did yuu think I'd be moar fergivin becoz I said I liked dem?"  And with that final ray of light snuffed out, she dropped him into the hollowed center of the object she was holding and closed the panels around him.


Her crotch still wet from her multiple orgasms throughout the night, Hope only needed to apply a generous amount of lube to her toy and the perverted creep that snuck into her room.


"I dunno how yuu gotso smol Donovan, but yuu kno wat?  I still remember how upset yuu were wen I said I wazn't reddy fer butt stuff.  Well..."  Bringing the lube soaked toy down around her back, Hope made sure to rub her love nectar into her rosebud and probe it a couple times to loosen it up.  "...  I'm reddy now."


Unable to communicate, trapped in his sister's anal toy and approaching her disgusting shit hole, Devin screamed.  No actual words or anything, it was just a primal, fearful scream that, just as quickly it sounded through the room, it was cut off as she easily shoved him into her practiced anus.


Hope quivered in delight as her asshole expanded over her claw butt plug and sucked it up to the base greedily.  The high-pitched scream reverberated in the hollow cavity of her rectum, followed quickly by what felt like a coughing fit.  "Surves yuu rite ya perv!"  She laughed at who she thought was an old one-night stand, none the wiser it was actually her beloved brother she had condemned to her bowels for a 'violation' that he committed.  "Smells nice, rite?  Well git used to it.  I'mma try ta find someone to fuck me up ma ass tonite, just fer yuu."  She mocked, slapping her ass as she headed for the bathroom.


Opening her door, Pawl was laying on the floor with his cat toy in front of her room.  As soon as he noticed her, he bolted into her room and started sniffing around, following an apparent scent trail from under her bed over to her butt!


Giggling, Hope patted the adorable Boxer on the head.  "I sea now Paul.  Ya new Donovan waz in ma room and tried ta git 'im for me.  Yuu're such a smart wittle pupper!  Yes yuu are."  She said, interpreting his action from last night in a new light.  She felt a little bad for throwing him out of her room for it too.  "Butt doan yuu worry.  Dat wittle creep is rite wear he belongs!"  She reassured, slapping her ass again and laughing.


Unheard to the rest of the world, and only barely audible to Pawl's keen hearing, cries for help escaped Hope's rear as she walked down the hall.


She wanted to get a cold shower to sober up quicker, to be in the best state of mind to feel every little move and scream her ass prisoner made.  "And if I git no takers tanite, I'll uze Little Devin ta make sure yuu get shoved deeper into my ass!"

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