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Story Notes:

This is a story all about vore with some stomach stuff too. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

VORE. This is a commission! 

It was a fairly average day and the 27-year-old salary woman, Ayaka Ayatsuki had finally arrived at her snug apartment after a long day at work. Opening the door she felt a violent rumbling in her stomach. She was hungry and had wasted no time preparing a simple dinner for herself. On the menu tonight, was crispy honey chicken with a side of rice; the same standard meal Ayaka ate every Tuesday. Seemingly, the only thing that would differentiate this meal from all the other times she’s eaten it was the delectable banana milkshake that she had stashed away inside her fridge. For most, this would be a pretty run of the mill dinner, but despite its appearance, this was not going to be just an ordinary meal…

Wrapping an apron around her waist, Ayaka tied her long black hair back and got to work eagerly preparing her dinner with a gentle hum. As the stove burned high and the frying pan sizzled, one would never be able to predict the sheer carnage that would soon arise from her humble little meal. But how? How would something as modest as a plate of honey chicken, rice, and a banana milkshake be dangerous? Well, it wasn’t really the meal that was dangerous, it was Ayaka. Despite her average Japanese appearance, black hair, and slim body, Ayaka Ayatsuki was a force to be reckoned with. 

While some people like to put salt, pepper, or other spices on their meals, Ayaka had tastes that were a bit more… refined. She liked the taste of people, or to be more exact, shrunken people. When Ayaka had discovered her power to not only shrink people but also to transport them to her with a simple snap of her fingers en masse, she began to use it as much as she could. Criminals, homeless people, people she didn’t like, and even random bystanders who just happened to cross paths with her. No one was safe from her wrath and soon she’d use her powers for all kinds of things, and today’s thing just so happened to be “enjoy a meal with her shrunken guests.” A task that she’d soon find herself enjoying a little too much. 

As Ayaka excitedly prepared her meal, somewhere within her purse were the screaming distressed bodies of over 15,000 shrunken people that had been dwindled down to a size that was smaller than a measly grain of salt. And much like the condiment, they were going to be used to season Ayaka’s splendid meal, though, they didn’t know that yet. As far as they knew, they were just mysteriously transported into a large crowd of panicking people. Before Ayaka even showed her face to them, human nature had kicked in and thousands of people began panicking within a small plastic container that acted as their holding cell. 

The mouth-watering smell of freshly cooked chicken wafted through the air and the ding of Ayaka’s rice cooker had echoed throughout her apartment. She was finally done cooking her dinner and, in time, she’d be done with genociding an entire stadium worth of people. With a plate of steaming chicken and a bowl of rice, she entered the living room and placed her food on the table. Ayaka clicked on the TV to her favorite evening show and reached into her purse. Her hand daintily wrapped around the plastic container and the thousands of people within were finally given a glimpse of the one who would be the cause of ALL their untimely deaths. She placed the container on the table alongside her food and milkshake, with a smile she clasped her hands together and dinner time… had officially begun.

“Thank you for the meal!” She said with an innocent tone. Just looking at the food was making her hungry and she wanted nothing more than to dig right in, but first, she had other plans. She picked up the plastic container once more and pressed it up against her stomach. Right on cue as she pushed it into her abdomen, a violent growl uproared from her belly. With just that sound, the people within the container were given a horrifying realization. She was going to eat every. Single. Person. Inside. Their lives were worth no more than a simple seasoning and that fact was incredibly evident to every man, woman, and child that was unfortunate enough to be served up alongside Ayaka’s evening dinner. The screams of each and every tiny reverberated within the plastic container and panic wrought forth as thousands of people began fruitlessly yelling, banging, and scratching on the 4 clear walls that locked them within. However, all the panic and screams were instantly drowned out as Ayaka’s stomach let out another horrifying growl. Their soon to be mass grave was inviting them in with each convulsion, sound, and rumble. 

Before the main course even began, Ayaka popped open the container. Her giant face and boobs loomed high above the mortified tinies. They had a bad feeling about what she was about to do, but then again it was pretty much impossible to get a good feeling about anything the woman did, and that bad feeling would only get worse as time went on. But for now, they had to worry about the topic at hand. Ayaka beckoned the thousands of tiny people, who were screaming up at her at a volume that was dead silent to the giant Ayaka. Wiping the drool from her mouth, Ayaka ogled the tinies with a sick, ravenous look on her face. The tinies cowered in fear of what she was about to do.

“A little taste wouldn’t hurt, right?” She giggled before licking her finger and dipping into a crowd of tinies. While most scattered, some weren’t as lucky or weren’t fast enough to avoid her colossal fingertip. Those who weren’t completely crushed were trapped in the saliva that coated her finger. They were stuck hopelessly in her spit and lifted up slowly into her maw. The remaining tinies looked on in absolute horror as Ayaka slipped them into her mouth and gulped them down in an instant. She let out a pleased moan and removed her finger from her mouth, a small strand of saliva emerged from her hand before dripping down into the plastic container drenching over a dozen tinies in her spittle. “Mmmm! Just as good as I hoped, this meal is gonna be great!” She giggled and picked up the plastic Tupperware prison that held over 15,000 people within. Their screams were low but undoubtedly present. They sobbed and despaired knowing that their lives were at the hands, or rather, the mouth of some woman they didn’t know. As her hands wrapped around the container they got a glimpse of true despair. Her finger was coated in… blood?! Tiny splatters of blood lined the outlines of her fingerprints and within the gaps of her prints were the mangled bodies of those unlucky tinies. Panic entered their minds, but this was just the beginning. She lifted the Tupperware over her food and thousands of people got a grim glimpse of their next destination through the translucent plastic that acted as the floor to their despairful prison.

“Thank you for the meal!” She said, as she very tipped the plastic container over her food and began to sprinkle thousands of tiny people onto her dinner. Dozen by dozen they fell onto every inch of her food. Onto the chicken, on the rice, and she even sprinkled some into her milkshake. The new environments were harsh. Those landed in the chicken were trapped like ants within the viscous honey that coated the delectable chicken. The ones that landed inside the rice were treated to a searing steam bath among grains of rice that were nearly 10x’s their size. And for the unluckiest ones that were daintily sprinkled into Ayaka’s delightfully sweet banana milkshake, they were submitted to a freezing cold ocean of tasty banana cream, though most of, if not all, would get hypothermia before they could even enjoy the flavor. 

Typically, being tiny amongst such delicious meals and delightful beverages would be a dream for many who love to eat food, though, there was one big thing keeping them from digging into the literal mountain of food, and that one thing is, the impending and unavoidable threat of being mercilessly eaten by a woman who was astronomically larger than you. Any plans of enjoying the food, or appreciating how it felt to be so small among tasty meals, was turned into a horrific reminder of how they, along with 15,000 other mite sized individuals, were about to meet their horrible fate. Escape was hopeless— Impossible, even. Her eyes stared at the food with an insatiable look of pure hunger. Grabbing chopsticks, she was finally ready to enjoy her meal. 

Licking her lips, she unceremoniously used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of chicken and slowly brought it closer and to gaping maw. The tinies were stuck to the chicken’s savory honey coating and had literally no choice but to watch as Ayaka opened her mouth revealing a pink cave that held a ravenous tongue within. Strands of saliva dripped down from her mouth and the tinies looked on in dread knowing that this was their final moment… or so they thought. Bringing the food into her mouth, she bit on the chicken with her titan sized teeth and sealed all the unfortunate tinies inside her steamy, damp mouth. In mere moments, all light had vanished and only the ear-splitting sound of Ayaka’s chewing remained. Much like the piece of honey chicken, the tiny people that were stuck to it were thrown about within her saliva ridden mouth. Her tongue slithered catching a couple of them within a forest of taste buds the size of people. Dizzy in a haze, most tinies wished to escape her hellish mouth, but many were too small for her teeth to even crush quickly and a majority were thrown down into her esophagus soon to meet an acidic grave down within her stomach. But that wasn’t all, as Ayaka was looking to introduce more tinies into her deadly maw. Next up was the rice…

Tumbling through a steamy hot forest of bus-sized grains of rice the tinies soon found themselves in a fatal pachinko machine where the only prize was prolonging the inevitable. As long as they were trapped in that bowl— as long as they were trapped anywhere near that horrifying glutton of an office lady, their lives were on the clock and stuff like luck and miracles were only good for buying them a couple more moments to enjoy their perilous situations. Most of the tinies that were dropped into Ayaka’s bowl of rice got stuck like flies near the surface while some fell deeper in, and in the case of Akio Itsumi, he was lucky enough to tumble his all the way to the bottom. Stuck at the bottom of the bowl all he could see was darkness— the humid steam was the only thing he could feel, and the far off and fading screams of all the unlucky innocent tinies assaulted his ears but, for some reason, he felt safe. “Better them than me,” He said to himself, confident in the fact that there was no way she’d notice someone so small at the bottom of a bowl of rice, however, what had originally been seen as a blessing by him would eventually be a curse as he watched the light slowly filled his safe “rice cave.” 

As it turns out, Ayaka was a really fast eater. Scarfing down her food at the speed of a competitive eater, the taste of every squirming and screaming tiny motivating her to eat more and more. Soon, Akio’s little rice cave was flooded with light as he saw Ayaka shuffled rice into her mouth using her chopsticks. His pupils dilated from horror as he watched hundreds upon hundreds of tiny people hanging off, falling off, or just hopelessly stuck to each sticky grain of rice. They struggled and struggled, and while some managed to break free, they'd only manage to find themselves falling directly onto her outstretched tongue. Akio was mortified— even if he could barely see all the unfortunate souls that were shoved down her throat, just the thought was enough to give him nightmares, though it’s not like he could ever sleep, or even have the opportunity to sleep thanks to the hellish sights that he witnessed. After Ayaka’s ravenous spree, Akio had found himself hiding under a single grain of rice that had been adhered to the bottom of the bowl.

‘She had to be full right?’ Akio thought to himself, as he silently feared for his life. Shaking and sweating from both anxiety and heat, Akio was met with odd silence— It was almost eerie. Seeing this as a good sign, Akio took a sigh of relief and, momentarily, came out from under the grain of rice to see what the situation was. To his shock and awe, Akio soon found that this was a horrible idea. Looking around the empty bowl he saw, that he wasn’t the only one who decided to hide underneath spare grains of rice. Dozens of groups had been hiding thinking that they’d be safe from the office woman’s onslaught, but as Akio turned his direction towards the sky, he saw Ayaka’s face looking down from above. She knew… she knew that there’d be some tinies who were dumb enough to hide in a place where escape was impossible and as some kind of sick reminder of that fact, Ayaka’s stomach rumbled with what seemed like the force of an earthquake. Despite eating so much food— despite eating so many people, she was still hungry. She placed down her chopsticks and reached down into the bowl with her slender fingers. 

“Awww, it was nice of you tiny guys to gather around in such obvious places.” She giggled, her condescending voice and taunts booming down into the bowl crushing the hopes of almost every tiny there. While some panicked others chose to delusionally believe that she was bluffing and continued to hide under their grains of rice; this was their first mistake. Ayaka chose to continue her onslaught by pressing lightly onto singular grains of rice. She made sure that those dumb enough to still hide were pressed down hard enough that they too would adhere to the rice that once “protected” them. As the rice got stuck to her finger she daintily brought her finger into her mouth swallowing the grain whole. She repeated the process, over and over again until the bowl was completely clean and all that was left were hopeless, panicking tinies as they ran around the porcelain bowl. Ayaka watched in amusement as some tried to fruitlessly scale the walls, and when some got even remotely close to getting out, she’d reward them with a gentle tap with her finger. Slick with her saliva, they’re reward was a wet ride all the way into her gluttonous mouth. After all hope of escaping was shattered, the tinies found themselves huddling up near the middle in despair, and Akio… was a little less fortunate. As one of the unfortunate few, Akio was scooped up by her saliva soaked finger and brought into her mouth… except instead of sliding down her gullet, Akio had the displeasure of accidentally escaping her mouth and getting stuck to her mouth like some unwanted crumb of food. Now drenched from head to toe in her sticky saliva, he had a front-row seat to the eventual slaughter of over a hundred innocent people. The thought made him sick, but ultimately, he was safer unknowingly stuck to her mouth than he was inside that bowl. 

Without saying a word, Ayaka picked up the bowl and slowly tilted it into her mouth at an almost insulting motion. Unable to get a grip on the smooth porcelain surface, the tiny innocent souls slowly slid into her awaiting mouth and subsequently played with her tongue before falling down into her seemingly endless stomach. She lowered the bowl down and after a deafening light belch, Akio was finally relieved to know that fate had saved him… for last. Feeling a bit of drool on her mouth, Ayaka promptly licked her lips sending Akio back into her mouth and into her stomach. 

Sliding down her esophagus for what felt like an eternity, Akio finally landed in what felt like a gross pool of who knows what. It was damp, humid, and an unpleasant odor permeated throughout the area. The remnants of what was once pleasant-smelling honey chicken and rice were reduced to malodorous piles of bolus (undigested food) that grossly floated around in Ayaka’s stomach. And worst of all, the horrified and pained screams of every single one of Ayaka’s victims echoed in her gut, as well as the occasional deafening growl of her uneasy stomach. Akio had no time to think about the suffering of others as he began to feel a burning sensation shoot through his entire body; Ayaka’s stomach acid was beginning to melt his body and he had no other choice but to get out of the acid lest he becomes part of the bolus that had been floating in her stomach. Fearfully swimming over to a lump of chewed up and chicken, he threw himself onto it to save himself from her fluids. Gasping for air among the foul-smelling bolus, Akio had successfully delayed his inevitable death, however… his break from Ayaka’s acid would not last long.

While the tiny boy caught his breath, he heard Ayaka’s roaring stomach growl once more, but this time it was different. It’s thunderous roars echoed throughout her stomach as it churned. Stomach acid was thrown onto Akio’s bolus float as he hung on for dear life hoping that he wouldn’t be thrown overboard, but as luck would have it, Akio would soon find himself taking a plunge very soon, for Ayaka was still not done with her meal.

Saving the best for last, the office lady goddess eyed up her banana milkshake with hungry eyes. And for the unfortunate ones that had been wading restlessly inside the freezing cold milky beverage, they’re time was up. Originally unable to see all the carnage, thanks to the condensation, the tinies inside were finally able to catch a glimpse at the destruction when Ayaka wiped the moisture off to reveal her empty plate of chicken and desolate bowl of rice, her smug face sending a horrified chill down their already freezing spines. Her mischievous giggles echoed loud for them as the giant office lady picked up the plastic cup and gently spun it in a circle licking her lips with each rotation. After watching the helpless tinies get flushed around the surface of the milkshake, she could no longer contain her appetite and wrapped her supple lips around the top of the straw. With a pleased smile on her face, she drank the whole thing up. After a few seconds of sucking on the straw, she realized something felt off. The milkshake was good, but it was lacking that certain “spice” she absolutely loved. And that’s when it hit her...

Instead of just drinking it with the straw resting at the bottom of the milkshake, Ayaka began to position the straw on top of individual groups of tinies sucking them up along with a tiny bit of the shake’s banana-flavored goodness. Ayaka repeated this process until almost every tiny was sucked up into her “cozy” stomach with everyone else. Happily drinking away, she noticed that there was only one more tiny left in the shake. A tiny woman by the name of Miruku Hitokushi. Cowering in fear and shivering from the cold, she saw that Ayaka had been eyeing her up and began banging against the plastic cup. Screaming how she didn’t wanna die, or how she wanted this nightmare to be over, she desperately did everything in her power in hopes of escaping, but nothing was good enough. Even with the tiny woman’s size being incredibly hard to see, Ayaka enjoyed watching her suffer, and all she wanted was to watch her desperate pleas even more, while also enjoying her meal. After watching her helplessly try and fail to escape, Ayaka, with a smug smile on her face, gently removed the plastic lid off of the milkshake cup.

“Congrats! You’re the last one remaining! You get to go free!” She said raising the cup so she and Miruku would be at eye level, and despite Ayaka’s eyes being the size of an apartment complex for the tiny woman, she was without a doubt happy to hear what she said. Even if she had to see so many others die, she had learned to value her own life above all else, however, that happiness would not last long. “Free to enter my stomach, that is.” She said, laughing maniacally as she tipped the cup into her mouth, plunging Miruku and the rest of Ayaka’s milkshake down her throat. With a shrill and despairful scream, the tiny woman slid down her esophagus like a water slide filled to the brim with ice-cold thick milk. Accompanied by the horrifying beating of her heart and uncomfortable sudden body heat, Miruku slid all the way down until Ayaka’s lower esophagus sphincter opened up, dropping her down into the slimy (and now milk-filled) pits of her churning stomach, filled with unsightly chunks of undigested bolus and dissolving humans. Miruku reached towards the opening of her esophagus hoping to somehow escape but as the giant woman’s esophagus sphincter closed, all her hopes of escaping, and Miruku would soon find herself at the mercy of Ayaka’s gross stomach as she’d slowly digest in Ayaka’s fluids...

A few moments earlier…


Trying his best to stay afloat on a raft of Ayaka’s disgusting bolus, Akio was in a constant state of wanting to throw up from the horrible malodorous environment of her stomach and sickening undigested chunks of food, as well as trying not to cry from how despairful his situation was. As he contemplated all his life choices, a deafening rumble made waves in Ayaka’s stomach acid and Akio was forced to hold on tight to the disgusting clump of chewed and acid-soaked chicken. Suddenly the rumbling stopped, but just as Akio started to relax, the opening of her esophagus opened up, flooding her stomach and slamming Akio with a tsunami of thick white liquid. His face was pushed into the disgusting clump of food and the tiny boy was knocked out and sentenced to slowly sink down towards Ayaka’s sphincter, in which he and every single one of the 15,000 tiny people would meet their demise in the giantess office lady’s intestines.

Chapter End Notes:

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