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      The last day of summer is usually a solemn day for many students; the last day of freedom before you're thrust back into your desk and forced to listen to some teacher drone on and on about mathematical equations or world history. While some may use the time to finally finish up all the summer homework they had been procrastinating, but those who were responsible enough to get it done early had the privilege of being able to go all out on their final day of freedom. Light some fireworks, hang out, have fun, play games, and in the case of our wonderful group of excited friends, go to the beach!!

      Or at least that was the plan. But as luck would have it, things didn't exactly go the way they had hoped…

      "Damn it!!" A furious cry rang out only to be muffled by the rain as it poured heavily from the downcast sky. Taking out all her anger on a nearby wall, Furyu cursed the weather out one last time through the fogged window of her bedroom. She was always prone to anger but she never thought she'd find herself seething with rage at a little rainstorm, but it wasn't really the rain that had her mad, it was what had occurred thanks to it, or rather what hadn't occurred. 

      "It's alright, big sis! We already went to the beach this summer. You don't have to get upset because we can't go again." The meek reassurement of Furyu's half-inch tall sister, Haryu, barely registered in her ear thanks to how small she was but, considering how she's lived with Haryu throughout most of her life, Furyu was able to pick up on her tiny voice. And while she may have been trying to calm Furyu down, she too was extremely frustrated at the current situation.

      "But you said you really wanted to go again before summer break ended." Furyu sighed, flopping down onto her bed and bouncing Haryu into the air as a result. As she landed softly back onto the bed, Haryu wondered if there was something they could do that was as fun as going to the beach, but nothing came up. All they could think to do was make idle chit chat as the two of them stared aimlessly out the window, or at the ceiling. Eventually, one of their idle conversations lead to the topic of stuff they did together when they were really young, and as they recalled memories the two eventually remembered a time at which they had brought a small kiddie pool inside on a very similar rainy day. This epiphany struck like a lightning bolt outside and the two decided to retrieve the kiddie pool from a hidden away moving box within Furyu’s closet.

      Eagerly searching through the box of old clothes, random knick-knacks, and unread books, Furyu hoped to find their childhood kiddie pool. After sifting through another pile of more junk, Furyu flipped over a large unused water basin to find just what she was looking for: A deflated lump of plastic that vaguely resembled a children’s inflatable pool! Pumping her fist in triumphant excitement, the two of them quickly went to pump the thing up with a bike pump they had lying around. But soon into this process, the two ran into yet another problem.

“Hsssss.” After a few measly pumps of air, the kiddie pool let out a very despairful sound. Furyu and Haryu could do nothing but stare, as all the air leaked out from the inflatable pool and it returned to it’s disheveled deflated self once more. 

      “You son of a...!!!” Furyu snarled at the deflated mess of plastic and picked it. Her hands were shaking with plastic and in a moment of absolute frustration, like a star pitcher on a national baseball team, Furyu threw the deflated mess of plastic against the wall as hard as she could, undoubtedly causing irreparable damage to it. Amid her hot-headed fit of anger, she failed to realize that they could’ve just patched up the holes with tape or something. Furyu, writhing in despair, slowly crawled up to the deflated pool only to find that a very large tear had appeared on one of its walls. Collapsing to the floor, Furyu anguished over the kiddie pool’s final moments.

“It’s alright, big sis! We can always just go again next summer. And it’s not like a kiddie pool was ever gonna top a resort beach in Okinawa, so don’t sweat it!” Haryu said, walking up to Furyu’s hand and softly patting her on the finger in hopes of cheering her up a little.

“No! You said you wanted to have fun in the sun on your last day of summer and I won’t stop until I get that for you!!” She yelled throwing her fist up in the air, accidentally knocking Haryu over. Furyu was determined and after thinking of a solution for a couple of minutes the lightbulb in her brain began to flash! She let out a confident “Aha!” and returned to the closet once more. Flipping through all the cluttered junk she found the solution to all their “no-beach problem.” Grabbing her phone and the large water basin she had found earlier, Furyu dashed into the bathroom. All while Haryu looked on with confused curiosity at what her plan was. 

Shortly after, Furyu had walked back into the room with the water basin in hand, but something seemed different. As Haryu looked closer at it he saw that Furyu had filled it with water while she was in the restroom. With a satisfying clank and a tiny splash of water (which was more like giant splash for the tiny Haryu), she placed it on the floor. But that wasn’t all… 

“Knock knock!!” Through the pouring rain, almost as if on cue, a knock banged against the door, and a voice yelled out. “Fu-chan! We’re here just like you asked! Sorry, it took a while, hehe.” With an optimistic giggle and confident tone, a girl with a stunning silver ponytail and bag of aquarium sand walked in. It was none other than one of Furyu’s best friends, Megumi Shiro, and coddled up within her busty shirt pocket was yet another friend. A tiny guy by the Rentaro Kitagawa and they both arrived with their clothes slightly drizzled with rain. But aquarium sand wasn’t the only thing they brought with them, they also brought… swimsuits!

“Eh? W-What the?” Haryu questioned looking at the two of them with a confused expression on her face. She then looked back at Furyu to see that she had a more fitting prideful look on her face. As for what was going on, Furyu was more than happy to explain…

Earlier, when Furyu filled up the water basin…

“Please pick up… Please pick up… Please pick up.” With her fingers crossed she held her phone close to her face as the dial tone rang. Like an angel, Megumi picked up the phone with a cheerful “Hello!”

      “Yo, Megumi! Are you busy at the moment?” Furyu asked.

      “Not really~ Rentaro and I were just watching some anime over at my place! Did you need something?”

      “Uh, you own a fish, right?” 

      “Yeah! I do. His name is Shiromi, and you better not forget it!” Megumi said jokingly, though she was actually serious when it came to looking after it. 

      “Ok, that’s good… um, do you happen to have some spare bags of aquarium sand?” Silently hoping that she’d say yes, Furyu was very glad about Megumi’s response…

      “Of course... But what would you need aquarium sand for?” Before Furyu was able to respond to her question, Megumi belted out into an excited tangent. “Are you getting a fish?!?!” She gasped, breathing heavily from excitement.

      “What? No, I just need it for-” In her enthusiasm, Megumi had completely ignored whatever Furyu had been talking about.

      “So, what are you getting?! Goldfish? Betta? Neon Tetra? Angelfish?” Megumi let out yet another gasp, cutting Furyu off before she was even able to say a word. “EHHHH?? Don’t tell me… Are you getting a koi?!? Ahhhh! I love koi fish so much!!! I’ve never owned one before but Rentaro has the Yamabuki Ogon (a metallic-yellow colored type of koi fish) that looks like it’s made of gold!! Though, personally, if I had to choose, I’d say I’m more of a Shiro Utsuri or Bekko girl. Their black and white patterns make them kinda look like cows, hehe~ It’s really cute! Though my grandma had Karasugois and Koromos, those were also really cute. I wanted to get a koi when I was younger, but my parents bought me a betta, which I’m still really grateful for, and Shiromi does kinda look like a Bekko since he’s white with black spots. But if you were to get a koi I’d say the best one to get would be a-” Tired of being ignored by Megumi as she went on her tangent about fish, Furyu finally spoke up.

      “Shut up about fish!!!!” She yelled, hoping to silence Megumi while also not hurting her feelings. After Megumi finally took the hint, she very quickly let out a sincere apology and allowed Furyu to finally explain herself. “Jeez,  you get super passionate about the weirdest things.” She sighed.

      “Look, I wanna do something for my little sis…” 

      “And that’s how it happened! Now, sis… get your swimsuit on and let’s have some fun!” Furyu cheered as she carried Haryu to the bathroom to change. In the meantime, Rentaro and Megumi stayed in Furyu’s room to set things up, which included pouring the sand into their “little ocean” and making it look like a proper beach. After that, they tried to think of more things that'd improve the look of it, and then they realized… 

      "You can't have fun in the sun without… a Sun!!" They said in unison, looking around the room, though for Rentaro, thanks to his height he couldn't really see… anything, but it's the thought that counts and in his case since he was on the floor, he was able to get a good look at Megumi's socked feet as they shuffled as she turned about looking for something interesting to spice up their little beach, and as her eyes passed over Furyu's desk she finally understood what she needed to spice things up. 

      “Aha!” She said, grabbing Furyu's desk lamp and positioning in a way that’d make it look like a mini sun was beaming down onto their cozy little beach. And with that, their perfect little ocean was complete and all that was left was to get changed and have some fun. While the other two occupied the bathroom, Megumi and Rentaro decided to change into their swimsuits in Furyu’s room. 

      "Oh, you probably don’t want me looking at you change, right?" Megumi asked, nervously. “Here, just change in here. I promise I won’t peek~” She teased gently tossing Rentaro into one of her discarded socks before going to change into her swimsuit. Surrounded by the white fabric of her thigh-highs he shakingly changed into his swimming trunks, trying his absolute hardest to not lose self-control while also catching a quick sniff every now and then. When other boys may have been hot and bothered after the thought of a girl changing in the same room as them, Rentaro was absolutely enthralled by the slightly damp fabric that had blocked his view from seeing "the promised land."

      Once everyone got changed they stood in front of the water basin with satisfied looks on their face. It had actually been raining for quite a while, so seeing a tropical scene, even despite its size, was actually quite refreshing. But at the end of the day, this was all for Haryu so Furyu didn’t waste any more time before dumping her into the water basin to enjoy her little fun in the sun. Dropping into the water it was almost indistinguishable from any other beach, and while normal-sized beaches seemed a lot like deserts for micros, this seemed like an honest to goodness beach and Haryu was thrilled about it.

      “Come one in! The water’s great~!” Haryu said, waving towards Rentaro with a big smile on her face as she. Smiling back, Megumi nodded towards Haryu and she gently placed Rentaro into the water with a little swim ring. In the meantime, Furyu and Megumi spent their time enjoying themselves as an oscillating fan blew back and forth between the two of them, but even with the fan the humidity from the rain was beginning to get uncomfortable and without even thinking Furyu absent-mindedly dipped her feet into the water causing a small tsunami for the two micros. While Haryu was safely pushed towards the sandy “shore,” Rentaro wasn’t as lucky. As he innocently floated through the water he was confused as he found himself under the shadow of Furyu’s whale-sized feet. Without even a second to react, Rentaro was thrown off his pool float and submerged into the water. Realizing her mistake, Furyu quickly pulled her feet out of the water, saving him from a watery grave. 

      “Crap! Sorry about that.” Furyu apologized, scratching the back of her head while her wet feet dripped down giant drops of water onto Rentaro from above, some even managing to hit Rentaro directly, covering him in slightly salty water that managed to somehow find it’s way inside his tiny mouth. But even despite her apologizing, Rentaro definitely enjoyed the experience and it seemed like only Furyu hadn’t noticed. Subtly glazing toward each other, Megumi and Haryu decided to give the two a little push. 

      “Gross, sis~ Now that your sweaty whale feet have been in the water, I don’t feel like swimming. If you need me, I’ll be sunbathing over here.” She said, walking over a tiny bit of towel fabric that Megumi had cut up when they were preparing the beach. While to Megumi it was barely the size of one of her nails, to Haryu it may as well have been a full-on picnic blanket. Nonetheless, this “complaint” of hers was enough to get Rentaro alone in the water exactly where they wanted him to be. Now it was Megumi’s time to “stir up the pot a bit.”

      After texting her friend, a certain friend of hers, she was able to get specific instructions on what the best thing for her to do in this situation, and considering how her friend was a hentai artist, the instructions were very… interesting. Morphing her personality to fit the instructions given to her, Megumi dipped her feet into the water and began to snake her towards Rentaro. And like a shark jumping up to snatch its prey, she lifted her foot snatching up Rentaro between her toes.


      “Don’t worry about it too much, Furyu. I’m sure Rentaro didn’t mind it all too much.” She giggled, wiggling Rentaro around between her toes. “Oh, and also, you know what I noticed?” She looked at Rentaro with intent-filled eyes before bringing him over to the shore and spreading her toes so that he’d fall gently onto the sand. Following that, Megumi reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. “You’re not wearing any sunscreen. Even if it’s just a desk lamp, you can never be too careful…” She teased, squeezing out a glob of sunscreen onto her big toe and lowering it towards Rentaro. All he could do was watch in disbelief and arousal before the moment had finally arrived. Pinning him down with her big toe, she flipped him onto his back and began “applying” the sunscreen on him using her toe. As she pushed lightly trying to get the sunscreen all over his back, Rentaro was in heaven, it was almost like receiving a massage of some sort. When she was finally done doing his back, Megumi lifted her toe off of him, leaving him in a massive toe shaped crater in the sand… but things weren’t over yet.

      Furyu could barely believe her eyes after what she saw, but there was no doubt that Rentaro had deeply enjoyed every second of it, however, as Megumi handed the bottle of sunscreen towards her, she’d understand that it was now her turn. Megumi’s mischievous, yet serious smile made that all clear and without even a second thought, Furyu nervously squeezed out sunscreen onto her toe and lowered it down towards Rentaro. Not wanting to hurt him, she gently flipped him onto his stomach and began rubbing her toe on him, being as thorough as she possibly could. She couldn’t explain it, but for some reason, it felt really good and she kept doing it without even thinking. The pressure increased more and more as Furyu put more effort into rubbing her toe onto Rentaro. It was almost like a trance for her and after a few minutes of constantly dominating the little guy with her big toe, she finally realized just how much she had been “applying sunscreen to him.” Giving a quick apology, she lifted her toe only to find that Rentaro was no longer there. Confused, she turned her foot only to see Rentaro face-first attached to her big toe like a fly in a glue trap.

      “Guess I must’ve put too much sunscreen, here let me wipe some of it off.” She said bringing her toe to the sole of her other foot. Rubbing him back and forth lengthwise across the her sole was the most amazing feeling for the little guy and in the process of rubbing off some of the sunscreen, she managed to rub off Rentaro the point in which he was ready to release some sunscreen of his own, though even if he did, it’d be so minuscule that it’d most definitely be indistinguishable from the sunscreen that already covered his entire body. Some sweat dripped onto his body and she was beginning to lose her grip on the tiny boy. To stop him from slipping away, she started pressing him harder into her sole. As she pushed him harder and harder into the wrinkles of her foot, she was finally able to feel Rentaro’s “little Rentaro” as it stood tall to attention thanks to her amazing foot treatment. Blushing a little, she pulled her toe away, dropping his tiny body into the water below.

      “Wow, you look like you’re having a lot of fun, Furyu. Maybe… you should play with Rentaro a little more, you guys seem to be having a blast together. Don’t worry, I’ll keep Haryu company while you two do whatever you guys want.” Megumi said, with a devilishly mischievous look on her face as she planted her feet into the water once again. Gulping, Furyu felt like she was unable to control herself as a newfound interest clouded her mind. Plunging her feet into the water as well, she positioned them in front of Rentaro with her soles pointed up. With a smug look on her face, she felt something awaken in her.

“I think I have some sand stuck to my feet, maybe you should be usin’ your tongue to help clean them off.” Escaped from her mouth and floated down towards the tiny boy that was bobbing on the water’s surface with a pure look of ecstasy on his face. A little intimidated, Rentaro started to swim towards her feet. It was clear that all the sand had washed off her feet when she dunked them into the water, but he knew that he had no choice in this scenario and began to lovingly lick her feet. The more he licked, the harder it was to distinguish the difference between the water within their little beach and the sweat that escaped from the pores on Furyu’s sole. As he tried to climb up her wet sole, Furyu giggled and plunged her foot deep into the water, pinning him down to the bottom of the water basin for a few seconds before pulling him out. “Hehe, that tickled… I think you’ll have to be punished for doing that.” Biting her lip, she sandwiched her soles together and created a little pool of water between her feet. 

“Drink it all up, little guy…” She cackled. Enjoying the feeling so much, she had fully lost control of her instincts, she went all out on playing around with Rentaro as he mindlessly did whatever she said, enjoying every single bit of her seemingly new personality. “You better drink it up fast while that pool is still water. I don’t think you’d wanna be drinkin’ a full pool of my sweat… or maybe you’d actually prefer that.” With that, the little beach paradise they had made, had become a completely different kind of paradise for the tiny Rentaro as felt the most pleasure he felt in such a long time...


HIH:A Bedroom Beach Fun Contest Entry


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