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Chapter 2 after 3 months!! Wow, these commissions are murdering me. I promise I'll start posting again once they're done.

Born to be a Foot Slave for your Sadistic Sisters Chapter 2: April

      After June, your oldest sister, first trapped you inside her socks she was adamant about sharing just how great dominating your tiny body felt underfoot. At first, she was thinking about letting her friends have a go at you, but then she got an even better idea. After a couple more weeks of making you her personal foot toy, she finally released you from your sock prison and dropped you onto the living room’s carpeted floor. Gasping for a breath you collapsed on the floor hoping to take in any and all fresh air that was available but the lingering scent of June's feet was too potent for you to ignore.

      As you tried to get away from her pungent foot, a completely new smell started to viciously invade your senses. Finally readjusting to the light, you looked up only to see girls towering over you. Sharing the same exact body type, and black hair color, t was clear that they were twins. The only thing that set them apart was their highlights; green for the girl to your right, and red for the girl to your left. To the right of you was your second oldest sister, April and to the left was your other older sister May. Both of their socked feet were casually hovering uncomfortably close to you. They hadn't even said anything yet and you already had a bad feeling about this. 

      "Oh, so that's where he went. I was almost worried for a second." The girl to the right of you, April, said flexing her toes and causing an assortment of dirt, sock lint, and other particles to rain down from her heavily worn green and black athletic socks.

      "You were keeping him in your socks?! That's super gross, June. You're lucky mom and dad had to extend their business trip. If they found out they'd probably kill you." May, the girl to your right said, poking and prodding at you with sweat-soaked, hole-ridden, black, and red socks. On their own, the scent was definitely not as strong as June’s horrifying odor but combined, the pungent scent of their feet could definitely go toe to toe with your eldest sister.

      “So, why’d you call us here?” April asked.

      “Well, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to take him for a spin…” June said slamming her now barefoot down on top of you. After a couple of seconds of grinding you into the carpet, she lifted her foot to show off your tiny body as it adhered to her sole like glue. “He makes for a great insole, and with some training, I think he could do so much more.”

      Uncaring yet intrigued, April and May gave a curious shrug before saying the words that’d soon fill your life with unbelievable amounts of pain and suffering.

      “Sure, why not?”

      From that point on and many years later, you were passed around again and again from sister to sister. It was a routine for you and each day was more painful than the last but for some reason, you began to feel a strange pleasure from all these horrible things that were being done to you. Despite hating how abusive and uncaring your sisters seemed to be, at times, you felt yourself longing for their feet and during your extremely rare “break days” you’d sometimes even daydream about how much it turned you on. Still young and unable to explain these feelings, you felt absolutely tortured by the kind of things your mind would think about it. “Why would I ever enjoy this…” You’d find yourself thinking from time to time, but considering how feelings of servitude and feet were hard wired into your mind since you were basically a kid, for some reason, it just kinda made sense…

      You first started to feel these feelings a couple of years after all your sisters decided to make you their personal foot slaves. You were being used as an insole for your sister April’s beaten up and incredibly smelly converse sneakers and had been continuously drowning in her vinegary sweat for hours as she went about her day. You were already being constantly used day in and day out at that point, but even after years of use you never got used to your new conditions. That was mostly due to your sister’s newfound negligence to keep up with personal hygiene in an effort to make your life even more of a nightmare than it already was. It was a horrible situation for you but you finally felt some relief as April dumped you from her smelly sneaker and onto the floor of her bedroom.

      Finally free you gasped for fresh air but much to your dismay all the air that had entered your system was tainted by the putrid smell of her feet. Even when released from your prison you couldn’t escape the sweltering humidity and foul odor of your sister’s feet. It was practically embedded into your body and inescapable as a result. April’s fresh sweat, as well as your other two sister’s stale sweat, lined your body from head to toe, and not even covering your nose or holding your breath could help you escape from their disgustingly cheesy scents.

      “P-Please…” You whimpered trying to crawl away from her, but with how beaten and flattened you couldn’t get far. Barely noticing you trying to escape, April acted quickly to stop you.

      “Are you really trying to run?” She said slamming her big toe on top of you. It’s sheer size encompassing your entire body. Knowing about how durable you were, April pulled no punches when it came to pressing down onto your body as hard as she could. You felt your bones contort and creak in pain. All the air was pushed from your lungs and replaced with even more of her toxic foot stench. You wheezed and gasped, desperately hoping for air all whilst you suffered greatly under the intense pressure and weight of her toe. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, April started to speak up once again. “Since you tried to escape from me, I think I might need to punish you…” Grinding your tiny body into the floor with her foot she rubbed her chin, presumably trying to come up with some way to torture you. 

      “Oh! I know!” She exclaimed, sadistically pressing down harder on your tiny body. “If you want me to stop, give me a tongue bath with that tiny mouth of yours...” In intense pain, you barely questioned her orders and placed your tongue against her toe for a few seconds. Lifting her toe off slightly, April stared down at you once more with a more menacing expression on her usually uncaring face. “Are you deaf? If you think one measly lick qualifies as a ‘tongue bath’, I’ll punish you with something a lot more painful and disgusting than just stepping on you. Now, I’ll give you one more chance. Do it right, or else...” She said threatening to crush you once more. The thought alone made you wanna throw up, but it seemed like you had no other choice. Shakingly bringing your head closer to her toe you planted the tip of your tongue against it. Up close and personal once more you could feel April’s pungent aroma and foot sweat burn your lungs with a beyond disgusting odor. The heat radiating from her foot was like placing your tongue against a space heater and combined with the humidity of her perspiration it was like licking the floor of a horrid sauna that reeked of April’s massive feet.

      “You’re not licking hard enough!! She yelled, angrily pressing down on you harder with her toe. Tears rolled down your face as you planted your face directly against her toe feeling the ridges of her toe print and lapping away at all the gross sweat and soiled sock lint that resided on the surface of her big toe. Even after serving under sisters for so long it still didn’t feel real. Fueled by denial, you hoped deep down that this was all some kind of nightmare. This awful reality was something that you didn’t want to accept, but it was clear that reality had no intention letting you deny it.

      As you licked diligently at your sister’s malodorous peds for almost half an hour, she finally decided to look away from her phone and down at you. This was it! “She’s finally gonna let me go free.” You thought, feeling a wave of relief wash over you. However, before you were even able to crack a smile and give your numb tongue a rest, April said something that would crush your hopes along with the rest of your tiny body.

      “Alright, you’ve done enough licking there… now, move on to the rest of my foot.” She said, lifting her foot up and hitting you directly with an awful heatwave of stench and humidity that had been building up while she kept her foot on top of you. After what you went through a couple of moments ago, this was worse by an almost exponential level. You stared hopelessly at her massive foot as it completely eclipsed you like some impossibly fetid skyscraper. You knew you had no choice in the matter but you had no idea where to even start. Her massive foot struck fear into you, and this was the first time you were ever sentenced to do something as awful as lick your sister’s foot clean so it was even more intimidating to you. Looking at your body as it froze in fear, April had finally gotten fed up with waiting for you to start following orders again.

      “Gah, how long are you going to stand there staring?!” She yelled, her expression changing from an uncaring to an angered glare. Grabbing you by your head and pushing in on your cheeks to force out your tongue, she then started to slowly bring you closer to her sweat-soaked and pungent smelling foot. 

      “N-No please!!” You mumbled unable to talk properly from how hard she was squeezing your head. Struggling fruitlessly in her grasp, you could only watch as April brought your face closer to her foot until your tongue was in direct contact with her sole. Running you across every nook and cranny like her own personal washcloth, she brings your tongue into her first toe gap and heartlessely relishes in how much torture you were in. When you were being rubbed across her sole it may have been ungodly humid with large amounts of sock lint and dirt, but other than that the taste wasn’t as different, if not worse, than her big toe but as she brought you into her first toe gap, it was like a whole different story. The smell was unquestionably worse and all the complaints you had about her big toe and sole were multiplied tenfold. That wasn’t even mentioning the gross amounts of toe jam that littered each gap like boulders in the world’s most disgusting canyon. 

      April made sure to run your head through every single lump of toe jam until they had completely adhered to your head and started to force their way into your mouth. As the disgusting cheesy flavor filled every fiber of your being and the rancid vinegar odor corrupted your lungs from the inside out, you started to feel a strange feeling build up within you. Surging straight to your groin, you were shocked. The vile toejam started to ooze its way down your throat, and your body, for some reason, was deriving pleasure from this! You could barely think thanks to April’s harsh treatment and nauseating odor, but you knew deep down that you couldn’t let her see it. If any of your sisters were to know that you were starting to develop some sick inexplicable fetish for their feet, they’d make absolutely sure to make you suffer for it. But much to your dismay it seemed as if fate had planned for that exact thing to happen. 

      While April was running your pathetic tiny body through each of her toe gaps, she felt something unusual.

      “What the..?” Freeing you from her toes, she started to thoroughly examine your body. In an attempt to hide it, you blocked your crotch with your arms, however, this was undoubtedly a mistake as it helped April pinpoint exactly what felt so weird. Realizing what it was, April went from mad to pissed. “Don’t try to hide it, you damn pervert!” She exclaimed at a volume loud enough to almost deafen you, before reaching towards your arms with her free arm and breaking them both. You tried to scream out in pain but your mouth was completely blocked by April’s toe jam, your arms fell limp revealing your visibly erect ‘you know what.’ You could tell that April was visibly shocked. She had no idea that you felt this way, but after knowing, a rush of sadistic ideas rushed through her head. 

      “I can’t wait to tell the others about this…” She giggled evilly before taking off her other converse, which she had kept on the entire time as she was making you lick her foot. With little to no remorse, she tossed you inside her shoe and stuffed both of her socks into it, sealing off your only source of fresh air, and blocking off any and all light. The combined odor of her converse and socks was absolutely putrid. It was like a completely different atmosphere and with your body buried under both of her socks you had no choice but to endure against both the awful smelling socks and soiled insole. As you suffered within, you could barely make out what April would say next.


      “Once I tell them about your fetish, you’re gonna wish you were dead especially since I’ll be letting May borrow those socks tomorrow. I can only imagine the stuff she’d do to you…” With that, your fate was sealed once again, and all you could do was silently cry within the confines of April’s unbelievably smelly sneaker.

Chapter End Notes:

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