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Author's Chapter Notes:


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      You were born the only boy in a primarily female family. With 3 older sisters, you were at bottom the pecking order, destined to be picked on… but that wasn't exactly the worst part. If you had been born normally then you probably could've gotten off easily, however, you weren't just the little brother in the family, you were the one-inch tall little brother. Your size and your role in the family meant that not only were you destined to be picked on and teased, but you were destined to be abused and put to work at the feet of all three of your sadistic older sisters. And to make matters worse, your parents were always away on business trips meaning that your sisters had free reign to make you their slaves. From the moment you were born, you had been demoted from a family member to a family slave and that role would define you for the entire life.  But, it wasn't all bad, when doctors did tests on you they discovered that your body was not only incredibly durable, but it also healed really fast. Broken bones would heal in days and you could withstand the force of someone accidentally stepping on you, however with most things in your life, your sisters found a way to ruin it. When they found out about your durability and healing, they saw it as free reign to not hold back around your little body. 

      Your torture only began when you were still really young. Since she was the oldest (16 yrs old), your sister, June, was in charge of looking after you while your parents were away on one of their business trips. She was very negligent and only provided the bare minimum of food and nourishment required. Since you were still very young, this treatment was enough to make you cry ALL the time, and rather than trying her best to make sure you were happy and comfortable, all she did was ignore and snap at you whenever you cried. And while this seemed really easy considering that you were 1 inch tall, your parents had thought of this exact situation and installed a baby monitor in your crib that’d amplify any sounds you made which made it a lot easier to attend to your needs. And what was a responsible decision on their part, was genuinely annoying for all of your sisters. After weeks of listening to you cry every day, June had enough! Stopping in the middle of her work out, she busted down the door and walked towards your crib. Her silky long ponytail and sporty tank top were damp with sweat and she had a horrifying angry look on her face.

      “Stop crying you little brat!” She yelled, stomping her socked foot dangerously close to you. The sheer force and impact of her foot did nothing to stop your crying, in fact, it only made things worse. Seeing how you disobeyed her direct order, June clicked her tongue and grabbed you by your specially made tiny onesie. “If you don’t wanna shut up, then I’ll make you!” With a devious and pestered smile, she reached down towards her foot and removed her sock. With a tight grip and smug expression, she brought it close before hovering you right over the opening. From this position, the humidity and smell was unbearable, it was like a sweltering cauldron of horrible toxins and rank foot sweat.

     “Since you wouldn’t shut up, I’m putting you in time out… in my sock!” She chuckled and roughly tossed you inside of it. As you tumbled down towards the toe section your face and body were absolutely drenched in both stale and fresh sweat, as well as a staggering amount of sock lint. And when you finally slid down to the very bottom you landed face-first onto a bit of gross toe jam. It invaded your senses filling your mouth with a putrid salty taste and your nose with a pungent aroma that made you tear up even more. You wanted to ask her to stop using the little words you knew, but it was already too late. “You picked the wrong day to piss me off! I didn't have any clean socks so I just dug around in my room until I found these babies: my lucky socks from when I used to play soccer and boy howdy do they still smell awful, especially since I was just working out in them. Well, hope you enjoy your stay you little crybaby." She winked and slowly brought her sweat-soaked foot into the discolored and unbelievably smelly socks. As it got closer, June wiggled her toes giving you a scary look at how dirty the spaces between her toes were and how much she was sweating. 

    "Oh, and by the way, I haven't washed my feet in days so I hope that helps teach you a lesson on shutting up, you brat. If I ever hear you crying again I'll run a mile with you sewn into these socks." You could hear her laughing as she slid her sock on and began feeling around for your little body with her massive toes. When she finally got a grip on you, she began smothering your face with her big toe until she had forced your tiny mouth open enough to break your tiny jaw. Not only did this hurt like hell, but it meant that you could no longer close your mouth. Of course, it'd heal in a matter of hours, but for now, your tongue was forced to stay in direct contact with all her gross sweat and toe jam. When she had sufficiently broken you mentally and physically she continued to wiggle her toes until you were trapped in between her big and second toe. Without even thinking, she started to squeeze you extremely tightly between her toes. 

    "Damn, this feels so good! It's like I can't stop my toes from moving. I'll definitely have to tell May and April once they get back. Looks like you have a new chore in the house." She wiggled her toes once more causing your face to fall directly into a glob of dirt and slime that was lodged in between her toes. The taste was awful but your mouth was stuck open for the time being. "Wow, if you keep licking and stuff I might keep you in there for an entire week…" She giggled and began to walk towards her shoes. 

    Each step was hell. Your body was thrown about all over the place until you were directly under the ball of her foot. As her foot plummeted to the ground you braced for impact as you were squished into her foot. A horrible cracking sound reverberated from her sock and before you knew it, your arms and legs were broken. And what's worse is that she enjoyed the feeling. When your bones cracked under her foot, June was filled with so much satisfaction that she let out a little moan. 

    "Heh, I'm glad that you were such a crybaby. I wouldn't have been able to experience how good it feels to have your little body under my unwashed feet." You couldn't see it but she had a big smug smile on her face and that smug smile turned into an even more smug look as she came up with a brilliant idea. "About that mile run, I was talking about… since you feel so good, I think I might just do that now. And because you're in my lucky soccer socks, I might as well use my lucky cleats too! You gotta complete the set, ya know?" She said sliding the disgusting cleats on. 

    Unlike her lucky socks, which were only worn for a single season without being washed, her lucky cleats were worn throughout the entirety of her time playing soccer and were absolutely awful. The insoles were ruined with sweat, dirt, dead skin, and massive piles of toe jam from whenever she went to soccer practice with no socks on. And if it wasn't obvious, they smelled horrible! So bad, in fact, that June was forced to put them in a box in her closet to mask their scent. Her cleats were basically if she had combined 50 duplicates of her lucky socks and ran a 15 mile run in them. At your size, the smell was made 1 million times worse thanks to your more sensitive senses, and as soon as she had her laces all traces of fresh air were gone and you were forced to breathe in all the horrible foot air as it slowly burned your lungs. Her steps were made a lot worse and just when things couldn’t get any more disgusting, sweaty, or uncomfortable the heat suddenly shot up high. That’s when you heard your sister say something extremely worrying…


    “Wow! It’s so fricking hot today. I hope you don’t drown in my sweat while I’m out on my run, little bro.” She teased, knowing that you couldn’t be killed. From then onwards, your sisters would find more and more ways to torture you with their feet, but… that’s a story for another day.

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