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Author's Chapter Notes:

Heavily inspired by DankMip's works!

This is a WarioWare fic. If you don't know WarioWare well, don't worry: it'll introduce the cast with time. Just keep in mind that 5-Volt is the mom, 9-Volt is the son, and both of them have experience making microgames for Wario.



5-Volt's arms and legs pumped up and down, jogging in place - Wii Remote bobbing in her green sweatpants. Every step rattled the minuscule city below, spread out across her living room's floorboards. Lighter homes on the outskirts crumbled instantly from the intense shaking as her flesh made impact with the ground. Rivers overflowed from the rain of salty sweat drops crashing off her forehead - with strands of creamy golden brown hair - and bosom - clad in a warm red hoodie and yellow apron. The meteor-like beads of perspiration snaked through the streets, engulfing scores of cars and fleeing people. Every time the beautiful mother's powerful body went slightly off-balance, her massive bare feet scrunched another set of mighty skyscrapers beneath them - adding their twisted steel frames to the shapeless clumps of debris and toejam.


"Oh God --!"

"Make it stop..."

Swiping a finger over her smartphone, the mega-scale woman briefly scanned their complaints onscreen. "Aww, their reactions are so realistic! I'm impressed." With one lazy flick, she dismissed the speech bubble notifications from her city. "Now don't be so pouty. When's the last time anyone got hurt stretching their legs a little?"


"No pain..."


"...No gain~!"


She flipped back to a home shopping channel to tide her over for the rest of the jog. Between the echo of destructive stomps, and the cracking of city streets, the tiny citizens screams drowned in advertisements for gimmicky kitchenware. Trains and subways full of escaping passengers periodically flew off the tracks from the almighty quakes, tossed in the air like toys. Planes, meanwhile, could barely navigate the clouds of dust 5-Volt's running lifted off the floor. When they did, they soon found themselves making emergency landings on her carpet; the fog from her feet's humidity was too thick, and their emergency oxygen supplies quickly ran out. The highest-reaching ones could barely make out her ankles from the windows, over 2000 meters in the air.

The city of "New Fitsburg" - named thusly in a fit of boredom by their owner, the name now plastered all over their city halls and official documents - could only look up and pray... Until the mountainous pounds slowed down, the mega mother wiping a few final sweat meteors off her arms.

"There!... Hah... That wasn't so bad, was it? I'm sure you little guys got a nice workout, too!" She rubbed her back, and took a deep breath, before picking the Wii Remote back up for the next routine. A little buzz on her phone interrupted her.

"Mom!" Her son, 9-Volt, squeaked in a digitized voice. A hologram popped up of him bowing in desperation, balancing atop the screen's surface. "You've broken it all! This isn't some sort of game! Please, you've gotta help us out..."

5-Volt blinked back, smiling, before giving him a playful "bop" on the top of his hat. "Heeey, don't use that tone of voice with me, mister! I've seen all the disasters you've started to kill time in SimCity." She shrugged a little. "But I'll forgive you. You're so cute, even when you're simulated!"

Now shouting up to his mom's bright brown eyes, he flailed his arms around. "No! These are real people! I'm really 9-Volt! R-remember how I tried to beat your high score on Sheriff? Taking care of Fronk together? Those nights I stayed up late gaming? You're squishing real people, mom--!"

A hint of concern popped up in her massive face, looking panicked for a moment. "Wow, my son programmed a lot of personal details into this game's AI... I sure hope he takes that out of the final version. Anyone could be playing this!"

Standing tall above the living room colonies, 5-Volt jumped in place briefly. "Oh, whoopsies! If I don't start stretching, I'll get cramps! Hold on for a sec, everyone~" She performed a static stretch, holding one leg up. As her bare foot ascended, people spotted ruined chunks of their old city blocks, and survivors clinging for dear life - all smashed and compressed thoroughly into a shapeless grey mass between every shallow, narrow wrinkle. Before long, the sole smashed down into her city again - only for her other legs to lift up, showing off an equally filth-coated fleshy surface. A dangling, five-digited monstrosity, littered with crushed concrete megaliths tangled in toejam, hovered above ominously. Below, only smoking footprints remained.

New messages popped up on her device:

"It's... It's all ruined..."

"My house! My house is stuck between her toes!"

"When will we ever get our proud civilization back?"

"ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Have your city survive an earthquake at magnitude 8 or above. Rebuilding is now available at x5 speed!"

5-Volt giggled in excitement as the notification popped up. "Oh my, I gotta give that a spin! Get to work, everyone~" She gently tapped at the destroyed regions onscreen. Instantly, every minuscule citizen within a 1 kilometer radius of the ruins - or about 5cm to her - stopped their panicking or sobbing, and grabbed construction tools. Time flowed differently; they worked tirelessly, entranced, at rebuilding the crushed structures, under their owner's watchful gaze in the skies. They only put down their tools and regained their normal flow of time once the buildings were all standing exactly how they'd been before. What was a tedious, long project for them happened nearly in seconds to the eager woman's massive eyes.

"Gold stars, for everybody!" She leaned over, kissing her vast finger - and reaching it over to nuzzle the valiant, impromptu construction workers. Some of them clung between the ridges of her fingertip, among thin traces of dirt - slammed into the controller's buttons as she navigated the game menu.

Once more, 9-Volt's image popped up from her phone, overseeing it all. "Come on, mom! Just because you can fix things, doesn't mean you can break them apart like that!"

His mother clicked her tongue, wiggling her index in his face. "Don't try to dodge responsibility! Why would you program in all these destruction effects, and all these achievements, if you didn't want players to try them out?" She hovered her green-clad backside over another region of New Fitsburg, shamelessly flaunting the mountainous curves. "Now, before I get distracted again, the next stretch is a sitting one..."

And she disregarded the messages on her app, while her butt crashed towards multiple city blocks...

---Some time ago---

The summer code camp retreat was long; but it was worth it. Within large team rooms of computers, far from Diamond City, dozens of eager devs poured hours into programming. Everyone's games had finally come together so well. A groovy music game; a cute platformer; a terrifying horror game; and one that mixed stealth mechanics, pet simulation, and flower-raising gameplay for something intensely relaxing.

As for 9-Volt's creation...

"Sweet! A city-building game?" One of the older devs asked

The boy smiled back. "Yeah! I wanted to make an old-school management simulator! Like SimCity, or Doshin the Giant..."

"But it's a mobile app. Is this a gacha or something?"

"Hahah," the young developer laughed smugly, "you'll see why this needs a phone to work." He tapped on a button - and right on the floor, by the bottoms of the table, a miniature town phased into existence.

Various campers gazed into the buildings - bustling with AIs following simple routines.

"No waaay! It uses AR?"

"It's so small! So small!"

9-Volt beamed in pride. "This way, you can have 3D cities on the go, on any surface! I'm gonna show it off to my mom later. I couldn't have gotten it working without her advice, and Penny helping with the code..."

"Speaking of." Another dev stepped ahead, accidentally trampling a few city blocks flat. "What's she doing there?"

The red-headed scientist, Penny Crygor, adjusted her glasses, and tapped into a microphone on a podium in the center of the camp room. "Ladies, gentlemen, demons, and cetera! I present to you: the Isekaizer Z!" She unveiled a hulking contraption that looked pieced together from a Porta Potti; a satellite dish; and two-and-a-half Amiga 600s; held together by hopes, dreams, and at least eleven rubber bands. "A machine with the power to transport humans into video games!"

She patted it proudly, flipping a set of levers on. "An immersive VR experience like none other! As a reward for your hard work, all the devs here will be able to explore their games! We'll start with a safe game, with no enemies, to get everyone used to it - 9-Volt's City Simulator."

As soon as she said that, a blue energy dome with wavering static lines grew from the machine. It surrounded everyone in the camp - from eager attendees; to valiant maintenance staff and security; and even stretching outside, phasing through the homes and businesses surrounding the area, much to their surprise. With a crackle, and a pulse, they all vanished in a beam of light leading to the phone...

...Only to materialize seconds later, shrunken to minuscule size, in the phone-generated cityscape across the floor. The chairs and monitors they were once sitting at were simply mountainous, huge distances in the sky.

"Wooooah..." A dev stared at his reflection in a building window. He fit perfectly in, the same size as one of the programmed inhabitants. Others, bursting with excitement, started chasing each other up and down the hills and rooftops. Not only was the environment completely solid; loose roofing tiles wobbled beneath them, responding to their movements like the real thing.

One programmer gazed at her footprint from before, littered with ruins. "This wasn't on the waiver..."

Suddenly, one chunk of roof fell on a young man's head - flattening him instantly, and making his eyes roll back. But it was only instants before he got back up to his feet, looking around in confusion. "...Huh? Did I just... die?"

9-Volt, nearby, rubbed the back of his helmet. "Uhm, kinda?... I only coded so many NPCs, so when someone dies, the game restores them somewhere else. It also duplicates people if the game needs a bigger population. But everyone will be back to normal once we leave the game's code. Right, Penny?"

He looked over to Penny in their "landing" area - to find her frowning at a set of controls. "...Oh. This wasn't part of the plan... The emergency override broke...?"

In the distance, the thin bindings holding the "Isekaizer Z" together snapped. The whole machine collapsed into a booming avalanche of scrap and junk. The excited hubbub stopped abruptly. Everyone gazed at the scientist who'd shrunken them, with expectant, targeted looks.

She inhaled slowly, and sharply, and pulled her orange braids. "Okay. Yes. Everyone, you just witnessed science. Science is about failing and trying again." Swallowing long and hard, she forced a smile. "Let's look at the positive side. We can't die as long as we're here. And our should bodies automatically revert to normal within a matter of days. Or weeks. Or... months? This is the first real test, but... Crygors are all about rebuilding. I'll have the Isekaizer back to normal in a jiffy!"

Another dev crossed her arms. "As long as nobody squishes us first."

Penny laughed, stepping in close to her personal space. "Yeah, as if. The Isekaizer Z transformed everyone in the camp! Nobody's coming in or out for a while."

And as soon as she said that, a powerful, mechanical buzz resonated beyond the skyscrapers. 9-Volt's smartphone, the source of the micro city, shook and made Mario noises. A text message notification appeared on the massive screen, for all to see:

"Mom: im coming in now. cant wait to see you again!"

Now, the downsized citizens' furious stares pointed to the boy who'd programmed the code city. He seemed to shrink even further, smiling nervously. "Uhm, you see... I kinda told my mom that... I had... An early beta version of the game... and that it'd be great if... she could test it out..."

As his voice trailed into a pathetic whimper, a new rumbling approached. Even at a distance, it brought the phone buzzing to shame. The pounds jolted people and small vehicles in a steady rhythm. Footsteps.

With a brief knock, the outside door creaked open, revealing a mountainous 5-Volt. Short, tall, from skyscrapers or roads, everyone had to crane their necks up to even get a glimpse of her enormous, worried face. Her brown hair bobbed around her neck as she took her first steps in - already annihilating the outskirts of town without the slightest notice. Her womanly, clear voice echoed off the distant ceilings, bouncing into hundreds of tiny ears:

"Hello? It's so empty... Are they gone on their lunch break?" Her voice tensed briefly. "My 9-Volt better be eating healthy. Chips and soda aren't enough for a growing programmer!"

She carelessly proceeded to trample building after building - though they grew taller, none of them left any sensation on the rubbery bases of red shoes - only joining the dirt caked underneath. Her eyes remained fixed to the empty seats, navigating around them in search of her son. Unbeknownst to her, him - and all the others - were fleeing in panic, below shouting over each other.

"She's... ginormous!"

"Can't she hear us?"

"We're all dead. Nice knowing you."

"Over here! Down heeere..."

Still distracted, the immense 5-Volt dialed her phone anxiously. Her son's phone rung and shook nearby in response. The titanic eyes widened above as she followed its chirpy 8-bit ringtone - seeing the city spread out around it, littered with footprints and debris. She wiped the sole of her foot to find ruined structures covering it, and catching between her fingernails.

"What the...?" For a long moment, her caramel eyes shimmered in the ceiling light, staring at the wreckage coating her foot. There were dozens of skyscrapers beneath, twisted and compressed beneath her weight. "Is this... a city? Did I just... smush all this?" She rolled her ankle, to make sure it wasn't just a trick of the light. With a small twist, rubble crashed from her red shoes, to the floor below.

Still dazed by the unfolding events - the various screams registering as a muted buzzing by her wobbling ankles. She leaned over the expansive landscape, the shadow of her titanic frame engulfing dozens of procedurally generated structures and hundreds of shrunken citizens. Hesitantly, her fingers wrapped around the phone, looking at the scrolling messages onscreen:

"Residential area down 31%... Citizens are saying: 'Help!' 'Look down!'... Reconstruction cost estimated in millions..."

Rubbing her forehead, eyes blinking between the smoking ruins and the interface onscreen, 5-Volt read off it. She rubbed her lower lip, and swiped on a slider onscreen. "Will this help...?"

Instantly, the skyscrapers shrunk down even smaller - the surface area of the city now minuscule enough to fit cleanly under a single finger. She got on all fours, her bosom alone overshadowing all the devs' makeshift hideouts. Even the dust particles that flew off her mountainous chest were like sandstorms.

One little buzz on 9-Volt's device, inside her quivering hands, signalled a pop-up on the app: "Mom! You just shrunk us smaller!"

The monolithic mother stared at the monitor, the device hovering dangerously close to the city. From her shocked lips, every ridge like a trench, they experienced harsh winds from her breaths. "Oh... So this tiny thing is... 9-Volt's game! The one he wanted me to try!"

Her smile could swallow mountains. Getting used to the game's interface, she pinched and zoomed in on her son: in the middle of a crowd, looking up and pumping his arms. A little slip of her index, and he levitated above the buildings; feet dangling high above the ground. Finally, he rested right between his mother's majestic eyes.

He gulped. "Uhm, there's been an accident here, and we're all stuck in here..." Even though he was close to her, it was still terrifying, seeing the minuscule skin cells and pores spread out like a map before him. "We've got this, so..."

She shook her head, chuckling. "Wow, he even programmed a little version of himself in, and started a plotline! How cute!" A little tap on his face practically covered him in warm, motherly finger flesh. A little blue glow surrounded him. "If I poke here and here... There, you're now my advisor! And I guess that means I'm the mayor. And my first order of business... Is to clean up this mess!"

A few more taps, and that same flashing light surrounded the rest of the minuscule city. In a single breath, the crowd of downsized developers became bits and bytes of data, sent back into the app. There was no trace of the town anywhere, except for statistics on the display.

And on the display, 9-Volt kept banging, as if trying to break out. "Hey! This isn't a game! Well, it sorta is, but - Please, put us down-!"

5-Volt giggled a little at her "virtual" son's complaints. "Aww, is that true? Then it's dangerous to leave you little guys down there where strangers could scoop you up, right?" The light, friendly laughter indicated that she wasn't considering his complaints very seriously. "You'd be way safer back home, where I can test you out properly!"

One small notification popped up, blocking out her son's complaints. "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Dismantle a city."

"How sweet! Little goals to track your progress! I've gotta get more of those..." And with that, the massive mother jammed the phone - and the world - in the back of her green pants' pocket. Her new "citizens" were engulfed by the slow wobble of her ass, as she left the building; and felt the pressure of her planetoid posterious as she drove home. They could only guess what awaited...

---Current Time---


5-Volt's ass flattened much of the New Fitsburg industrial area, their proud factories and machinery providing no more resistance than tin foil against her long stretch. She let her legs lie out over even more of it. Between twisting her torso left and right, the gamer glanced at the app, browsing through its achievement list.

"Build a city that can withstand incredible force! - 10%"

Clutching it in her hand, she sighed. "Still not there yet... Why is it so vague?" She shook her head, burning in her eyes. "No, I can't let go yet! I have to test out every interaction this game has to offer, and find any bugs. That's my job as a bug tester... My job as a mom!"

She thrusted more and more with the exercise, a rotating mountain in the sky. "Buuut, it's also important to take a break sometimes." Her finger flicked away to a music player, where she started putting on her favorite workout music - blocking out the app entirely, muting its notifications, and blasting over all conversations.

9-Volt groaned, covering his ears. As an "advisor", hovering a distance away, he wasn't hit by exactly the same catastrophes - but he was still inescapably caught with his mom, and every one of her activities. And he had a clear view of all the panic she was causing... but no way to make her stop.

Penny Crygor, deep in the city's center, shot a message to him. "I've almost fixed the Isekaizer now!... Sorta... Nearly. It's 80% towards having the first iteration complete!... Wait, hold on, that's never happened... 'Kay, it's 70% towards having the first iteration done!"

He sighed. This was going to be a long workout.

Chapter End Notes:

This idea's been in my head for a while. I wanted to try my hand at the style of story DankMip does ( https://giantessworld.net/viewuser.php?uid=33829 ). That includes:

  • Playful, carefree moms, merged with rough-and-tumble, messy tomboys. (This whole thing actually took root when DankMip mentioned "momboys" in a chat)
  • Mass micro shrinkage, with omnipotence and digitization included
  • A generally breezy, comfy tone, where damage is easily undone and reality is a toy
  • Lots of feet and butt

I've chatted a bit about this scenario beforehand - but I know I filtered the idea through my own lens.

This isn't really gonna have a solid conclusion or story arc - it'll just be here for whenever I feel like writing playful, destructive antics. If I pick it up again, I want to either do vore; or write something based off the "Sneaky Gamer" scenario where 5-Volt shows off her stricter side.

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