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All of sixty seconds. That's all it took for there to be enough damage behind him to make him smile. Eruza licked his lips as he just lifted his foot up again. He could see the debris falling from between his toes. He could sense the surprise in the populace. It had been only a few seconds prior after all that he had made landfall. That his foot stepped out of a portal from one world, to this one.

He had noticed a remarkable lack of worship of him here. And he was rather determined to change that.
He also felt his loins stirring. It may have been a bit of a personal call as well, he had to admit.

His foot made landfall again, and he relished in the contours of the planet, for the moment they existed before he flattened every one of them. He was damn near thirty miles tall, rather short for him honestly. He wanted to toy with this planet after all, no use just pop it between his toes. No no, that wouldn't do. He wanted to really make them wonder why they hadn't given themselves to him yet. Not shock them for life. He lifted his foot again, and grinned as he marveled the indentation it had left behind. A perfect crater, an imprint of his own power, like the stamp of a king on an envelope.

Fitting, considering what he was.

"You all should know who I am." His voice boomed, but he made sure all could hear it. He had learned that trick even early on, throwing his voice magically, back when he was but a simple magician and not well... all that he was here. He used to trick his professors by throwing his voice across the room. At the time he'd make it all the more booming just to tease.

Now? Well, the booming was all natural. The magical part was making it normal. Small. Calm. Not excited in the slightest, unlike how he really felt about all of this. After all... his goal here was to attract. Leave them in awe and make them long for more.

Not that he didn't naturally do that anyway. He couldn't help but smile as he ran a hand down his body. His stomach was flat, not exactly toned, but he liked it that way. He loved to eat. Loved to make people watch him eat. Loved to enjoy the company of worshipers who may even enjoy being eaten.

They all came out with a snap of the fingers after all, so it was all harmless fun. Harmless... incredibly hot fun.

But his most coveted features were those big broad feet of his, and the thing currently getting thicker between his legs. That thing he caught himself almost subconsciously rubbing against, and licking his lips as it jetted a nice clear lake of pre across whatever crater he had just made.

"You all should know that I am Eruza, magician extraordinaire, God and Emperor of everything before me. If a world does not bend the knee to me, it is simply out of ignorance. Because who wouldn't to such an all wonderful God?"

He snickered aloud, the sound shaking the earth itself. He didn't tend to over do his introduction quite to that extent normally, but this was play time after all. A world that needed to be shown what all he could do.

And he was going to enjoy the hell out of it.

He started again on his march ever forward, just smiling wide as he felt the rhythmic thump of his feet hitting earth, enjoying the puffs of dirt and debris that ran from his feet as they made touchdown, throwing themselves in all directions. He enjoyed the gentle slopes on the side of his indentations that he caused. He enjoyed the feeling of popping trees, crushed buildings as they came under the assault of his all powerful nature.

Really enjoying them.

He bit his lip as he finally came to a stop in front of a noticeable city. An achievement in and of itself at his size. He looked down, and couldn't help but feel the urges building in him. He wasn't always this bad but again... play time.

He licked his lips as he just pulled his loincloth down, enjoying how it felt across every inch of his cock as it slid past it. He was hung like a hero after all, and at his size he had thousands upon thousands of inches for it to slide by. Even at a "normal" height he normally found himself clocking in at ten to twelve inches in length, though like every part of him it could vary depending on mood and well, the desires he or whoever he was with had.

Tossing the loincloth aside, he watched with a chuckle as it landed across a few towns among the outskirts. Immediately he could sense the flare up, the immediate conversion of a few hundred, then a few thousand lucky worshipers as that smell alone drove them deeper and deeper into lust and depravity in his name.

He grinned, running a finger across the length and breadth of his shaft. He had no qualms in showing off every glorious inch of it to these people. It excited him really. Enough that he grabbed it with a gasp, and started to openly stroke.

"Mmm, I can already feel the wind changing under my feet. You all wish for anointment. Well, be pleased, as your God desires it too~"

He again snickered to himself. He was so bad, playing up that greedy God persona. He was never quite like this at home, always eager to hear the words and desires of his flock and being a bit more laid back, a bit less "regal." But he had to admit letting loose and playing the part of the almighty was... really hot.

Really... really hot.

His hand sped up as he bit his lip, wanting this to last but not sure how he could hold it in. His flock wanted it after all... that dirty thought just floating in his mind as his eyes closed.

But he held off, slowing his hand as he whined to himself. It would be almost cute for those below except even a whine, not magically changed, sounded like a roar to those beneath him. He paused and just let his cock drip, reveling in the tiny craters his pre alone was making. After all, a few gallons of liquid splashing from the height of ten miles up well... every part of him did damage.

And damage was just making it even harder to hold back. But he had a plan.

"All of you that can, form into the main plaza."

He had spotted a main plaza in this city. His foot wasn't quite big enough, to his chagrin, to stomp across the entire cityscape in one go. But it was plenty big to hover over this plaza. And so he did. Without as much as that command, he let his foot hover, some ten feet or so, above the plaza. It was a skill he'd learned with enough practice, and one he could do rather well at this point even without any sort of magical intuition. Ten feet, to the inch.

"Come, and lick, and await anointment."

He was so bad.

"And join me in the merriment. Don't be afraid to get out your own desires with those around you who desire it, and me, just as much."

He grinned, watching as a trickle of clearly enthralled people turned slowly into a flood. Partners coming out already naked, the smell of his feet doing it's own magic. He knew it would, after all he was the one who had imbued them. He had so many people near his feet all day he figured teasing them by making the smell of them an aphrodisiac in and of itself would be a good prank for his original flock.

Turned out he grossly over estimated his own magical powers (not the first time) and caused a bit of a week long orgy the first time he revealed said "prank." No one seemed to mind afterwards, but for fear of never getting anything done he had turned them down.

… Unless he was in a place like this.

He watched them all start to grope and go after one another. Mostly it was partner with partner, but he saw more than a few come on to complete strangers. Some rejected them, having enough on their plates, or wishing to enjoy the feet alone, and their desires respected, only for another stranger entirely to pick up on the desire and join in. Pretty soon anyone with a partner had one, fucking and grinding in a mass across the floor in celebration of their new God's might.

"That's it..."

He didn't even hide the lust in his voice now as he snickered, and just let his foot fall to the side of this orgy, shocking most of them out of their stupor momentarily. But the smell and the feeling of it all was so potent they couldn't stop. Didn't stop.

"Revel in it. Praise me as you do. Mmm, I want to feel every potent wish and desire..."

The orgy continued, and Eruza with it as his hand once again began stroking across his shaft, huffing with reckless abandon. What was once self teasing just gave into sheer desire. He was way too pent up to want to do anything but cum.

And on that thought, it was enough. He roared into the heavens he so rightfully owned above as his cock erupted, blasting across the fragile lands beneath him like the raging torrent it was. He jetted right over the reverent crowd, making messes of their former homes and businesses, not that all of them could care at all. The smells, the sheer need displayed by their God was enough for many of them to go another round.

"Mmpf..." It didn't stop, and Eruza didn't want it to stop. He felt his cock empty itself, blasting again and again until there was a noticeable moving lake of cream splattered across the landscape, Eruza smiling, licking his lips at the destruction he wrought, even as he peered down at his converts.

"Spread the love my disciples. You know to whom you now hold allegiance."

He grinned, and continued. He was hardly sated, but before he went again or left this place he had one more thing he wished to do. One more powerful show of force he wished to give to these people before he could count on them to lock down their love, their adoration.

And it was brought on by his stomach rumbling so sweetly.

He licked his lips as his hand still idly rubbed up and down his shaft. It was still eager to go, dripping pre like nothing had even happened. Every time he went to a place like this he just got so horny. He was never exactly a prude at home but getting able to flex, and stretch out... it did things to him. Horrible, naughty, awesome things.

His footfalls once again echoed across the land as he just yawned, idly teasing against himself. He was getting pent up just thinking about what he was going to do next, but he needed a good city to do it on. Just the right...

… He smiled as his eyes laid upon a massive metropolis. The right place.

The right snack.

He licked his lips as his stomach rumbled again, almost knowing what was coming next. He didn't even bother with the introductions, as most of these people would know precisely their place momentarily. He grinned as he leaned down, and just watched his breath play over the city briefly.

He enjoyed this moment, right before he would lay judgement on a place. Leaning in and watching little things about his form work their magic across the landscape, across the lives of hundreds. Thousands. Millions.

He watched the windows bow and shake as he let out a low groan of excitement, watched more than a few people just stop and stare at him, the little specks looking for all the world like freckles on the surface of the city.

He licked across his lips, before just letting his tongue hang out. No one seemed quite to understand what was happening as that tongue reached ground, and started to just casually scour the earth of everything. Cars, people, skyscrapers...

Everything. He moaned as he felt it all hit his lips, and then slush around in his mouth as he gathered damn near the entire city in one mouthful. He was overly greedy, cheeks puffy and laden with said greed as he swirled it all around in his mouth. Life always tasted so good, even against all better judgment. Dirt, metal, the lives of millions shouldn't really taste like much of anything pleasant but to hold them like this...

It was the best meal in the world. He gulped, and as he did so his hand sped up again, as his tongue just lolled out, and rolled again across the open plain.

He still didn't give them the benefit even of his name as they rolled into his mouth, this time the screams and curses found an unpleasant nest in his ears. He knew better, he knew what was still to come, but it still hurt you know? They should be thanking him. Everyone else did.

And so would they in time.~

He smiled at that last thought as he gulped again and this time laid down. His throat bulged noticeably as the city fell into it's new home, Eruza licking his lips as he lazed across what used to be this city, just groaning as one hand rolled across his stomach, the other continuing to play across his shaft.

"Mmm, hopefully you all now understand why so many bend the knee. Those that do find themselves lost in seas of bliss, and greeted by a gorgeous God. And those that don't..."

He licked his lips again and burped, laughing as he couldn't help himself. All of this, this sort of play acting for his new followers was too much for him. He almost wished he was like this normally, wished he could really just let loose across every world. Leave it ravaged, eaten, covered in spunk. It was enticing, he had to say.

But he knew better. He knew deep down what was to come, but for a few moments more he could dream. He could dream of himself sitting across a world, clad in red, a conquering emperor of malice and pure unadulterated power.

He stroked, feeling himself get closer as he just imagined the sort of carnage he could leave in his wake if he just didn't care. Massive foot falls leaving entire cities lost in their crater, only to be left like that, smelling and looking like him for entire generations, if not entire new civilizations to come across and wonder what sort of beast left his mark here so long ago.

He huffed, getting closer still. But he slowed down again. This time, this one wasn't for show. He could feel the planet coming to him more and more. He had heard news copters. He had seen so many people taking pictures and such. It was only a matter of time really before his image got out there. Before people started getting drunk off his body. Started bowing. Started worshiping.

He groaned, as he felt that power and need flow through him, grabbing his shaft tight to keep from blowing on the spot. He wanted to relish this. He felt himself get bigger as that amount of power all at once was impossible to contain. Felt his cock growing in his hand before the rest of his body followed suit, swelling across the plains of this newly conquered world. He may not be the man clad in red, leaving wreckage in his wake, but tonight he was indeed a conqueror. An avatar of might and power.

A God. His stroking resumed to that. He couldn't get enough of that fact, couldn't get enough of the knowledge that he had come this far already. Magic had led him to power, but peoples adoration, love, and desires had led him even past it. And he wanted more. Needed more. Especially in this of all moments he craved...


With a low and loud roar he thrust his hips into the air and snarled, blowing a load heavenward, as the world around him clicked back into place. Crushed and flooded homes repairing, as if by magic. Craters refilling, mountains popping back out from the crushed earth, and people reforming from the nothing they'd become. He huffed, power rolling through him still as he made right by his new disciples. Made right by his new temple, this glorious, amazing earth, and anointed it... as is only proper.



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