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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks for reading my first story! Before starting I’ll explain something. Every chapter have a “Chapter type” defined as “Ero” and/or “Plot”, a > sign will determine what will be the most abundant content in a certain chapter with both focuses.

Note: In presentations, the last names go first and the first names after.
Note2: I’m not using honorifics (kun, san… etc) because I’m not pretty good at it, excepting for certain situations, like a professor (sensei) for example.
Note3: I’ll be uploading one chapter weekly until the novel have reached the spanish version, just for this time I’ll be publishing two chapters in a row (Prologue and Chapter 1)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter type: -Plot-

Actually I’m assisting to my first middle school day, the name is Danny Wakahisa, 12 years old. Naturally, the people wonders why my name is western-like and my last name is Japanese, that’s simple; my father is Japanese but due to family reasons, he moved to US to study in the college, where he met my mother, in the end, I inherited his last name, but with cultural balance purposes, I received a western name, after he finished his studies they decided to live in Japan with the family of my father until the two of them managed to buy a house and subsequently, having me.

I have many expectations from this new experience, I heard that a lot of interesting things usually occur to students when they leave the primary school, it’s a totally different level, the flower of youth blooms in our hearts, we begun to live our adolescence and also begun to see everything in a different way, boys and girls don’t treat each other like enemies and start getting along.

Who knows? Maybe I will have the chance to live an anime typical romantic comedy, I’ll fall in love and…

Unfortunately there’s something pretty important: reality and fiction are totally separated. I can’t wait for something awesome to happen the first day, no, definitely nothing will happen.

But even so, the life is full of unexpected turns and things that initially were apparently impossible, even if the future is a mystery, the fact of not knowing it only makes me more curious and rise my hopes.

—I’m leaving! —I said after putting my shoes on and open the door.

—Take care! —With a smile, my parents waved their hands saying goodbye.

I went to school at an accelerated pace, definitely it’s a no arriving late to the year-beginning ceremony.

The cherry trees dropped their petals around me, this beautiful view, despite being used to it for going through this same path for some years now, it’s something that doesn’t stop amazing me, the start of the year with the fresh wind of the morning and pink petals painting the landscape. I remember this time when I had to clean my room because I left the window open and a lot of petals entered, if they had been like two or three over my desk there would not have been a problem, but the floor was flooded… I couldn’t ignore it, it was a funny and curious event, thanks to it, now I never forget to close the window of my room.

I promise this is going to be a new start… that timid boy, incapable of making friends in the primary school is not the same anymore, now… I will be able to relate to others, that’s one of my goals.


The opening ceremony passed normally and everyone headed directly to their classrooms, I approached to my designated place and left my things where I was supposed to before taking seat.

I could observe a little stir at the entrance of the classroom, so I focused my attention there without moving from where I was, sincerely… we’re just starting and they’re already rampaging…

But then I saw her and understood perfectly “why”, I was feeling totally like a ridiculous with myself now and felt like the time stopped for a brief moment. A girl was entering… an incredibly long pink hair reaching her waist, red ruby eyes that when you saw them, you could feel like you were being absorbed by them, white skin, a notably longer height than the other girls in the room and a shape… too perfect, with a chest that doesn’t protrude too excessively, but it’s not small either, maybe a C or D cup. Waist and thighs perfectly shaped and adapted to the rest of her body, a short skirt and legs a little stuffed, so… fluffy… (I needed an inhuman effort to not stand up and touch them) covered with black long socks above the knees, leaving only a bit of uncovered skin between the socks and the skirt.

Everyone took their seats when the professor arrived, and I think that not only me, but we were all enraptured with her appearance, how… no, who the hell is she?

—Riedel —the teacher called methodically, Reading her last name from a list on white paper on his desk.


Synchronized with my thoughts, the assistance list arrived to her place and she raised her hand energetically. So… Riedel.

In fact, until today I never believed in first sight love, I consider that is something rude just leave oneself be enchanted by some cute face, but… that’s not something I can control in this situation. For the first time in my life, the only presence of a person captivated me that quickly and in an inexorable way, I never thought that something like that could happen to me, but looks like that everything in life have a first time reserved.

The thing is that not only her appearance, but her presence too, without she saying something, you can tell that she has a divine aura, in this case, I can tell easily that I’m not the only one perceiving this, it’s not something that you can see with the naked eyes, but you can simply know that everyone had their eyes fixed on her, doesn’t matter if they’re boys or girls, EVERYONE is under her spell without any restriction.

Riedel stood up in front of the class seeing us, everybody is supposed to give a brief introduction, things like name, likes or precedence in her case.

—My name is Monica, Riedel Monica, I’m from Germany, I’ve been living a year in Japan now, but I’m still accustoming to this culture, I can talk the language pretty fluid but there’s the chance of misspellings or things like that, I apologize in advance. I hope to get along with all of you —that said, the girl did a brief reverence before the class.

I think that all the pressure accumulating between us was released with that presentation, given that at the end of it, the entire classroom flooded with applause. Yeah… definitely everyone noticed her aura, she is a special person and not only for her beauty or the powerful thing about her presence, but also for her practically perfect domain of the Japanese. The applause haven’t ended when she approached her place and took a seat, the teacher applauded a pair of times to conclude with the ovations of my classmates.

—Pretty good Riedel, I also hope that every one of us can get along great —adverting his gaze from her, he headed his gaze at us—. There’s no need for me to say to help her in anything she could need, remember that adapting to a different culture is not easy… — Clearing his throat, he continued with presentations—. So, next one… Wakahisa.


Waking me up from my diurnal dream full of flattery and admiration about the new girl, I stood up from my seat a bit startled receiving a sudden external stimulus, almost like if someone bathed me in cold water with ice. Walking stiffly and shy between the other stalls, I felt whispers and gazes centered on me, Would it be egocentric to think that all of that is focused on me? Maybe, but somehow I feel that they’re talking about me behind my back, that’s why making friends was so hard to me my entire life.

Straightening myself in front of the classroom, my breaths were accelerated and I felt my legs trembling slightly, my heart started to beat faster when I saw everybody gazing directly at me, and just thinking that I need to talk and tell them who I am… I closed and then opened my eyes again, unfocused, I was adverting my gaze from one side to another. Apparently the scenic panic that I experimented was so obvious that the teacher realized it.

—Wakahisa, are you ok?

—Y-yes sir!

Worsening my situation, I answered so formally that it hurt to see it, I was clearly in panic… why? Surely it’s the question that everyone is asking internally, probably they already think strange things about me, “Is he planning something?” “Is he sick?” I can imagine it.

—Excuse me, umm… Wakahisa, no?

A feminine voice broke the hard silence that was deafening me, but I was sure that I heard that voice before, a couple minutes ago, from nothing more, nothing less than…

—Did you have scenic panic?


I left out a thud when the proportionally perfect pink haired girl questioned that with an angelical voice, can she also read minds? Or am I so obvious?

—Wakahisa, is that true? —The teacher adverted his gaze from the refined girl that talked a brief moment ago and adjusted his glasses, looking me one more time.

—Ahh, I…

—Don’t worry! We don’t bite, true? —Looking around her and meeting with the various curious eyes from the other students, she smiled radiantly closing her eyes.


—Sure! —I heard a voice coming from among the students.

—It’s ok, Wakahisa! —Another voice.

—We won’t laugh! —Another one.

—Relax, you’re pretty tense! —And another one…

Voices from boys and girls equally, everyone started speaking to me while I remained speechless looking at them, this can’t be… she…

—I-I’m sorry… um… —Trying to recover my confidence, the tension in my arms vanished slowly, my pulse stabilized and my breaths progressively went back to normal—. M-My name is Danny… Wakahisa Danny…


When the first class reached the end, our teacher took his way out of the classroom, everybody excepting a few ones (including me) stood up and arrived to the central desk of Riedel. The questions directed to her had a lot of diversity, many named her at the same time. However, I was one of the few who remained seated seeing the noisy reunion around her, I think that it’s ok just to see the thing from here, I’m not one of those who likes to pounce over somebody just because it’s flashy.

After an intense session of questions and simple and concise answers coming of our most popular partner, the next professor arrived, so the interrogator-like guys and girls returned to their seats again.

And the rest of the day was exactly like that, girls and boys bouncing directly into her; when I thought that I had a chance of approaching her to introduce myself, not only my class, but the entire three years of middle school flooded her surroundings, with a quick glance you could tell that it was a terrible harassment case, still, she seemed very happy, smiling to everybody and answering their questions, repeated questions in various occasions. Apparently, all of that attention did not bothered her, although, a teacher who passed through the corridor scattered all students by telling them repeatedly that she was new and could feel overwhelmed, distressed, they all took their own way; I think it won’t be a good time to approach, not only for being careful about professors but because I wouldn’t like to be someone else bothering her. I will surely have another chance… man… I really want to talk to her.

Wait a moment, why do I want to talk to her? Never before in my life I have felt the need to talk with somebody like this, the reason? Maybe her presence? Her appearance? I think I’m not the only one feeling like this right now… in fact, all that people flooding her surroundings were a clear example, it’s… it’s like she’s awakening an instinct in us? What kind of feeling is this?

She took her way leaving the school, passing through the crowd of students, she disappeared among the people. I remained idle in the middle of the entrance, seeing her leave like an idiot, before realizing I was clogging, so decided to take my own way.

It wasn’t easy, days passed, weeks passed, months too and eventually the years.

But I never had the chance of approaching her, not because a constant river of people around always but because every day that passed I grew more anxious… why? Was it due to my reserved personality? Will I be like that lonely boy back at primary school? Will the cycle repeat?

When it’s about Riedel, I can’t understand even my own feelings or actions…

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry in advance if you notice grammatical errors or misspellings, after all we’re not English experts but we’re trying our best, also sorry for the lack of “literary feeling”, I mean, the lack of an extensive variety of words it’s something you notice when you’re used to write and then you repeat some words in more than a couple of situations.

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