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Story Notes:
 Transformation occurs. The human metabolism is turned around....
Author's Chapter Notes:
 As shewn at start of story....
The CometBy R.U. Wild      This is a story about a young man captured by aliens from outer space. He endures exciting experiences but finds himself doomed to exist perpetually in the body of a series of young females. 

The morning light shone through the three skylights, down onto the bed and Tony thought that it was just about the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. He tried to remember last night but it was mostly a blur. He had been rushing home to his family through streets clogged with hysterical people as the huge comet glowing in the night sky hurtled toward Earth, when grasping hands came from the doorway he was passing and pulled him into it. Tony struggled and brought up his fist to strike his attacker when his lips were suddenly covered with another pair and they were quickly followed by a young woman’s body being pressed urgently against his own. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth, as he stood in shock her hands groped his body, pulling at his belt to loosen it, and then attacked his trousers button. Finally Tony collected his wits enough to grip her wrists and stop her frantic clawing at him.


“What do you think you’re doing!?!”


He barked at her as he pulled her face into the hellish light being given off by the comet and could see that her cheeks were streaked with tears. He almost gasped she was so strikingly beautiful. Dark black curls framed frantic blue eyes, flawless white skin and a small pert nose over full red lips that only a moment ago had been pressed eagerly against his. Anger flashed in those eyes as his question settled into her brain.


“I’ve been a good girl all my life and kept my knickers in their proper place, now we’re all going to be destroyed by some damn comet and the jackass I pull from the crowd to spend the last minutes of this world making a woman of me wants to question his good fortune! Are you a homosexual, sir? Shall I throw you back into this sea of people and fish again?”


Tony’s mouth dropped open in amazement at her question. Brief thoughts of the family he had been rushing toward, with no real expectation of actually reaching before the comet struck the Earth, flashed through his head. She pulled him to her again, filling his mouth with her eager tongue and all his resistance melted away.


They stumbled up the stairs to her flat, kissing and groping each other all while she tried to undress him. Bursting through the door she grabbed the front of his white oxford shirt, gave a heave and ripped it open, scattering buttons all over the wood floor. With a strength born of desperation his white under shirt met with the same fate as she ripped it down the front and shoved both shirts off Tony’s shoulders then attacked his pants. Within seconds Tony stood naked before this beautiful young woman in only his socks. To his eyes their difference in age was quite apparent, but she took no notice of it. She was a starving woman and he was nourishment in its rawest form. The hunger in her eyes was exciting to Tony in a way he couldn’t quite put his finger on, but his penis needed no explanation. His fleshy member stood out rigidly from his loins eager to be put to use. Her eyes fixed on his throbbing meat and she grabbed it with her hands. Dropping to her knees she devoured him to the base. Had Tony been a younger man, less jaded by the world and previous lovers he would have exploded on the spot, but he resisted and held onto his orgasm until several long minutes later she released him. She swept up off the floor with spit trailing from her mouth to the crown of Tony’s turgid pole.


“You are quite delicious, but before I waste another moment on oral sex I must have you inside me.”


Using his prick as a handle, she led him to a large bed in the corner of the flat and practically threw him onto it. Tony landed on his back, his thick manhood standing straight up and glistening with her saliva. Without taking her eyes off his swollen maleness she licked her lips hungrily as she shucked gauzy white panties down around her feet. Kicking free of them she climbed up on the bed, pulled the hem of her short black dress up and straddled Tony’s saluting penis. She reached down and after a few seconds of rubbing the tip along her extremely slippery slit she pushed it into the mouth of her hungry hole and began feeding him into her. She was very tight, but also very wet. With no small effort she slowly and steadily devoured him with her ravenous pussy. Tony watched her face as she took him and never once did pain creep into her eyes. If anything the hunger there only intensified as the light of the comet grew more brilliant in the skylights above. She grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head to cast it onto the floor, releasing young breasts that had no need of a bra. They were milky white, jutting out firm and round above her narrow waist. The bright light streaming into the loft was unearthly and cast harsh shadows across her face making it almost look evil. She started off slowly at first, grinding her wet gripping vagina around the base of his throbbing hunk of flesh. With her eyes closed she was in her own world as she rocked and moved her hips to some music Tony couldn’t hear. She leaned forward placing a hand on each of Tony’s shoulders, squeezing her hard nipple breasts together as she began to pound him into the bed. She was thrusting down so hard onto his penis Tony feared she may break it off altogether.


As the light continued to intensify so did she. Her coming orgasm seemed to be connected to the arrival of the comet and her lovemaking took on a nightmarish quality. Her eyes were rolled back in ecstasy, as she snarled and growled, pumping her impossibly tight, grasping pussy up and down upon him. Tony felt as though he was being ravaged by some demon lover, but in spite of the fear he felt welling up inside him, he couldn’t help reaching up and groping those wildly bouncing young breasts. Tony was caught up in the hellish scene and as he pinched her nipples her face contorted into a mask of pure wanton hunger. He felt her vaginal muscles suddenly seized him so tightly tears came to his eyes. She let out an almost inhuman scream of rapture as she began to orgasm, without warning the light of the comet suddenly exploded into such incredible brightness Tony had to close his eyes. Her pussy held him in an iron grip so tight that he didn’t think he would be able to have an orgasm of his own, but her velvety muscles began milking his swollen member and drew from him an orgasm that was so intense he felt as if his whole body were being sucked through the end of his penis. In a wave of ecstasy more powerful than he had never known before he exploded deeply into her sucking, squeezing pussy and passed into blackness.


As Tony lay in bed the next morning and marvelled at the sunshine he realized that he was alone in the flat. He didn’t understand why he was alive or how the earth even still existed yet here he was. Tony looked at his surroundings and it struck him that the bed seemed bigger this morning and in fact the whole flat seemed larger. He shrugged his shoulders and chalked it up to the effect of the strange light from the comet. Picking up a remote from the night stand he energized the flat screen on the wall. A gaunt and tired news woman was in mid report.


“…seems that the comet actually skipped across the earth’s atmosphere and went on its merry way back into space. Experts at USA’s NASA headquarters said considering the trajectory of the comet that should not have happened and are investigating the incident. While NASA investigates those of us who have escaped what seemed to be certain death are busy celebrating. Experts are already predicting that in nine months hence there will be a spike in the number of births due to all those folks having ‘one last fling’ last night. Well I can tell you one thing; this reporter sure felt the urge to…”


Tony heard the door open and thumbed the remote again, turning off the screen. Through the door came an absolute vision, she was back in her short black dress from the night before, her dark hair was slightly mussed and her arms were loaded with groceries in bags sporting the logo of the market down the street. She pushed the door closed with her bare foot and worked her way to the nearby kitchen table to deposit the bags. As he watched her go by he thought, ‘Even she looks bigger this morning.’ She glanced over her shoulder and saw that Tony was awake.


“Well it’s good to see you’re up, Mr. Sleepy Head,” she said in a sunny voice.


  At the sound of her voice Tony’s manhood quickly expanded to make a tent of the sheets. It was as though it had heard her call and was rising to serve her.


“I don’t remember a lot of what happened last night, but when I woke up this morning I was so hungry that I just had to go get some food from the market. That place was a regular zoo! It was packed with women of every shape and size, and we were all out of control, just eating stuff in the isles. We were taking a couple of bites of this or that and then dropping it on the floor unsatisfied to move onto something else. I thought of you and that you might want something to eat so I finally just grabbed some stuff to bring back to the flat. The funny thing was as soon as I thought of you my hunger became almost unbearable.”


She turned to look at Tony lying on the bed as she continued, “Isn’t that just the strangest thing you’ve…”


In mid sentence she trailed off to a stop as she spied Tony’s turgid manhood standing up under the sheets. She looked as if she’d been struck dumb; her mouth hanging open, her eyes wide, the only sound in the flat was of something dripping. After a few seconds Tony noticed that the dripping sound was coming from her and whatever it was seemed to be dripping from her crotch onto the floor between her feet. Tony thought to himself, ‘It’s as if her cunt is drooling.’ Then it suddenly all came together in his head and the coldness of a dark realization washed over him. Terror flooded through him. He threw back the sheets and raced for the door she’d just come though.


Before he could even reach the edge of the bed she was upon him. Tony struggled madly, thrashing with all his strength, because like a hunted animal his instincts screamed at him that his life depended upon his reaching that door. They tumbled from the bed and as luck would have it he landed on her and heard a whoosh of air as he knocked the wind from her. Momentarily stunned she lay there gasping for breath as Tony scrambled to his feet. Completely naked he burst out the door and into the stairwell. He almost fell down the stairs, twisted his ankle on the recovery, and continued his plummet to Earth from her flat. He burst out of the doorway into a mob of naked women chasing equally naked men. As if in some surrealistic Freudian dream he noticed that all the women appeared to be bigger than the men. Tony turned to his right and had only taken a dozen steps when he was slammed up against the brick wall of the building by a buxom blonde woman who was a head taller than him. The Amazon grabbed his still hard prick in her right hand and squatted down to envelope it in her dripping cunt, but before she could get him inside a fist snapped into her jaw, spinning the woman away from Tony. He watched her hit the ground and for a brief second he thought he’d been saved until he heard a familiar voice say,   “Dumb bitch! This one’s mine, go find your own!”


There stood his agonizingly beautiful brunette with her flashing blue eyes. She looked down at him and he expected to see anger in those blue eyes, but the only thing he saw was her all consuming hunger. She was several inches taller than him, but last night he was sure she had to lean up to kiss him. Now she had to squat slightly as she lifted the hem of that same black dress to swallow Tony’s ever engorged penis into her ravenous pussy. She let out a great sigh of relief and then made an “mmmmm” noise of incredible satisfaction as she engulfed him to the base. A few short thrusts and her vagina crushed him again with an orgasm. Tony exploded in that unholy ecstasy as she drew another orgasm from him and again it felt like his body was being drawn through the tip of his penis as he passed out.


Tony came to on the bed as the twilight sky was coloring the skylights shades of purple and pink. He knew where he was and was pretty sure of what he was there for, and yet he felt an inner calm even though his brain still clamored for him to try to escape. Her arm went under his head and down along his side past his hip. Her hand rested on is upper thigh which made him about the size of a lad of maybe 8 or 9. He looked to his right and there towering above him was a pert young breast with a hard nipple. The breast was slightly larger than his head. Tony looked down his own body which was pressed tightly against her side to see that his feet stopped just short of her knees. He had no idea how long she had fed on him, yet there stood his traitorous manhood, undaunted and waiting for her to feed again. It appeared to be the only part of him that wasn’t shrinking. Had he been hung in these proportions before his body shrunk he would have had a promising career in the porn industry. Tony closed his eyes for a moment and could feel her size beside him as well as her arm protectively along his body pulling him against her. Suddenly it dawned on him that though she had not told him her name, he knew it; Rebecca, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.


“Thank you for the complement and I know your name as well, Tony,” she said softly.  He was startled by her voice and jumped slightly. He said, “I know what is happening. I know that you are devouring me in a…most…unusual manner and yet I don’t seem to be afraid anymore.”


“Oh, you’re still afraid, she smiled.  I’m just holding your fear at bay for you.”


“Holding it at bay?”


“Yes. I felt that since you are my first I would do that for you, but I don’t have to.”


Tony instantly felt a new emptiness in his head and terror surged again through his body. His mind was screaming for him to try to escape again, but his body wouldn’t even flinch. After a few seconds his body did move, but to his horror instead of off the bed toward the door, it began to climb up onto her body. It rolled onto her young firm belly and as she spread her incredibly long smooth legs it dropped down between them. She spread her legs wide and Tony’s mind began jabbering in terror as he looked at her drooling pussy. Clear fluid oozed from it to make the sheet wet with her excitement. She put her hands behind her head and watched eagerly as she made his body betray him. Both his small hands gripped his unwieldy penis and pushed the tip into her very wet, yet still normal-looking vagina. As soon as the tip touched the slippery opening her pussy came to life. It pursed around his tip and with a sucking noise much like that of an enthusiastic young child sucking a piece of spaghetti into its mouth, her pussy slurped him fully inside her. He lay down on her taught young body with his face pressed between her pert breasts and her muscles began to milk his aching prick. She was taking her time now, savoring the taste and feel of him. Tony felt like he was at the edge of an orgasm with a steady flow of pre-come dribbling from his penis. His head spun and swam, but he didn’t lose consciousness. For the first time he could feel himself ever so slowly shrinking as his body was steadily drawn into hers. Rebecca made noises that were a cross between a woman nearing the throws of an orgasm and one dining on her very favorite slice of chocolate cheese cake. She sighed in a breathy ecstasy-filled voice,


“I was practicing today while you were passed out. I have become adept at slowly drawing you into me so I can enjoy you to the fullest!”


She looked into Tony’s eyes which were wild with fear.


“I can still calm you. You don’t have to be terrified of what is happening to you. My body is devouring yours, but you are not going to die in the normal sense. Your essence is going to be drawn into me and as I absorb the very last of you, that essence will live on as part of me. You will still be aware and your knowledge will join with mine.”


Through a throat that wouldn’t do his bidding Tony growled out,


“You mean I will be trapped, forever imprisoned inside your body!”


Now anger did flash in her impossibly blue eyes and his hands of their own volition reached up and began to pleasure Rebecca’s nipples. With her hands still behind her head she looked deeply into Tony’s eyes and within seconds the Tsunami of her orgasm washed over her. Once again the crush of her vaginal muscles brought Tony to an orgasm outside of his own control and his mind spun away into the darkness.


Tony came up from the depths of unconsciousness to find himself propped up against a gigantic pillow. He looked out over a great expanse of empty rumpled sheets. Rebecca wasn’t in the bed with him, but he could hear her voice outside the door. She sounded agitated. Tony looked down at the impossibly large penis that lay between his legs. The tip was even with the soles of his feet and he felt faint from the effort of his body working hard to maintain the erection that he now knew would be with him till he died, or ceased to exist, or whatever, he really didn’t care anymore. The terror had drained from him and he was resolved to face his fate as man, though a very small one. The door burst open as Rebecca said to whoever was outside,


“I can’t fight it and I’m not going to fight it Sara! It feels good and I’m really enjoying it!”


She slammed the door and stalked back to the bed, dropping her robe on the way. She looked incredible. Her body was glowing, young and vibrant, like a giant goddess she climbed upon the bed to feed upon her helpless slave. She towered over Tony her huge breasts swaying from side to side as she got back into bed with him. She reached down and scooped him up to cradle him in her huge arms.


“You are no larger than a new born babe,” she murmured with tears in her eyes.


“Should I feed you before I finish taking you inside me?”


She rubbed a nipple over his mouth and Tony opened his mouth without her help. He suckled at her breast and while there was no milk it was still rather comforting for him. He had closed his eyes when he felt something warm and wet drip onto him. Tony looked up at Rebecca as another tear rolled down her cheek to drop down onto his face. She began to explain,


“This is an invasion. The comet was only our ship, sent back into space after we were dropped off on your planet. Rebecca is still here with me, yet now we are something more, it is she is who cries for you, not I. Our species is very similar to yours. We have men and women, but the sexes are different. Women impregnate the men and rule the world. Our world is dying, so we invaded yours and have begun to change your species to meet our needs. Only the essence our women were sent to this world to take over the bodies of your women. Now that we have been inserted into your women we will hunt down all of your men and devour them as I am feeding upon you. Even now I can feel some men hiding nearby and my body is eager to finish you and move on to them. It will take time for us to accomplish our task, but once finished we will become dormant for a short period. Then we will give birth and each woman will have a male child. After the birth the women’s bodies with change and develop the proper genitals for a woman of our species…the penis and balls that you so wrongly now possess. Once the men are mature enough the women will begin impregnating them and our invasion will be complete as our species uses your changed bodies to proliferate on this planet. You see, you are my first and therefore your essence will be reborn in the male child that I deliver. All your memories will be left intact and you will remember that you are a conquered race. As that first woman takes your young body and fills it with her throbbing member and then her seed you will cry out in ecstasy, yet know the anguish of complete defeat. Time is short, now I must finish you and move on to the next male.”


Her words weighed on his mind and Tony knew despair even as she moved him down her body to her ever-hungry orifice. Tears slid down his cheeks, but not so much for himself as for his species. His lungs were small and it took great effort, but he said, “We will fight.”


She held him to her and sucked his full sized manhood back inside her drooling snatch.


“Of course you will and we will lose some to that fight. We expect the greatest resistance from your homosexual males, but the rest of you males cannot control yourselves. You always want to stick your prick in some woman. Eventually we will get you all.”

Her muscles gripped him and began to draw him into her. She moaned and said,


“We are close to the end, this won’t take very long.”


With that her muscles began to work hard on his cock, milking him, drinking him away into her beautiful body. He felt himself shrinking and watched in morbid fascination as her body grew ever larger. She steadily devoured him. His face was in her pubic hair and he could feel the crack of her buttocks with his feet. It was easy to hear her cunt’s sucking noises as it slurped his body away. Finally his face was level with her clit which was protruding from its hood and hard like a penis. Rebecca leaned forward to watch as the last of Tony was preparing to disappear into her. She noticed her hard clit and that it would just barely fit in Tony’s mouth.


“How about a little taste of things to come?”


She took control of his body with her mind one last time and opening his small mouth made him suck on her hard clit as she brought his hands up to rub on it as well. She forced him to take it all the way in his mouth to the back of his throat. She made him bob his head a little to give it a feeling she was longing for and would get again soon.  The next thing she knew the best orgasm yet crashed over her. She struggled to watch as Tony’s body shrunk and was bent backward as her pussy devoured him. Tony felt the lips of her pussy open and push out like the lips on a mouth as they prepared to swallow him. He wiggled in vain as they squeezed closed over him and began working him deeper into her body. Everything went dark and all he could hear were the wet sucking noises of her cunt and the beat of her heart pushing blood through her body. He clung to consciousness as long as possible, feeling her vaginal muscles working him into her making him feel as if he were being devoured by a snake. With a couple of extra strong contractions he had been pushed entirely into her and her pussy finally relaxed back to its normal shape. Tony could hold on no longer and passed out of consciousness for the last time. She lay back onto the pillows and rested her hands on her abdomen, smiling as she felt the last of him melting away inside of her.


The smile remained as a tear slid down Rebecca’s cheek, but only one. She wiped it away with the heal of her hand and got up off the bed. She slipped into another short dress and didn’t bother with panties because she knew she wouldn’t need them. She could only feel one of the men nearby now. The others must have already been taken and were probably at this very moment being devoured by a woman’s hungry vagina. It didn’t matter, there were plenty of men to consume and once that was finished the real fun could start. She was going to be sure to do her share to repopulate this world with the right species.


As she left the flat the door crashed closed behind her, sounding the end of the human race.

Chapter End Notes:
 This story was presented by banfield for r u wild esq; who would welcome comments and/or direct contact. His email address is ruwild82@hotmail.com
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