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Bursting Her Bubble

By Ty and Supernova


Opening is always kind of a bitch. Beth sighed, scanned the room, and felt a pang of resentment at whichever dumbass they left in charge of closing. Spritzing the countertop and almost having to scrape away a dried, sticky sugar spot, Beth was reminded of the main reason she kept this job.

The grasping hands were a truly bizarre sensation.

Unlatching the freezers and opening the bags of tapioca pearls, she felt her heart flutter just as she squeezed her knees together. Beth tugged her apron down, giving her crotch a subtle scratch, thinking of how cute her outfit was. Her short skirt barely reaching below the apron itself, the length gave the illusion that she had nothing on below the waist. Another grasp down there made her exhale breathily. Walking towards the door, Beth lightly bit her lip, her chest growing flush thinking of “Her,” the regular, the one who comes in at 7:15 sharp every single morning. Looking down at her Apple Watch, she sank. 6:30. Ugh. At least Lena’s coming in soon.

Flipping the sign to “Open” at 6:45, Beth scratched her nose and squeezed her thighs together as the grasping intensified. Rolling her eyes, she wondered if she’d have to “say something” to Lena for being late for the third time in two weeks, but she felt that she wouldn’t want to bust her work-friend’s chops. It’s not like they could check the security cameras for compliance, they weren’t real.

After unlocking the front door and returning to the counter, a light “ding” quickly followed. A short Latina girl ran in, clutching her backpack and purse under one arm. The tension Beth felt quickly melted away now that she wouldn’t have to start the shift alone. 

Lena ran behind the counter as she removed her bicycle helmet, quickly locking eyes with Beth. “Ahh, sorry, had to deal with some of mom’s bullshit this morning, sorry I’m late again.” Free from the helmet’s constraint, Lena shook her shoulder length brown hair from the matted tangle it had become on the ride over. “Just tell me what’s left to do, no one’s come in yet, right?”

Beth couldn’t help but smile in spite of the undeniable annoyance gripping her chest. “Nah girl, it’s all good. We’ve only been open, like, a minute anyway. Just work the counter for me, I gotta visit the ladies’ room.” 

“Gotcha! Sorry again, B!” Lena chirped, swinging around the tea station to the back room for her apron and hat. She pulled her pretty black hair into a ponytail, putting her round, smooth cheeks on display, her left marked with a pronounced beauty mark that gave her appearance an undeniable element of cuteness. She was always pretty, if a bit naive. This was only her second job, and she was resolved to be as responsible and by-the-book as her hectic student lifestyle would allow. Customers often became regulars after dealing with her charming, sweet personality.

Stepping back into the Cafe’s only bathroom, Beth plopped on the toilet and peeled her panties to her knees. Her heart pounded in her chest as she only saw two women, both around two centimeters tall, squirming in the middle of the wet spot of her white underwear. Her eyes widened. “Where’s the third?” She thought, quickly becoming frantic. Feeling a light tickle near her crotch, she giggled to herself, more at her own panic than the sensation itself. She didn’t realize she was so wet and sweaty that the last one could get stuck to her taint. Knowing the tiny woman was now dangling over the bowl itself, she suppressed a feeling of pity as she peeled her off the sticky skin between her legs. Seeing the woman she shrunk stuck to a wet spot on her fingertip, a feeling of immense power washed over her as she saw her fluid soaked over her whole body. Running over her tiny glasses, one lens with a crack in it, Beth felt another wave of excitement thinking of how this woman would have never expected to be covered in some stranger’s pussy juice before 8 AM. Exhaling so heavily she had to suppress a moan, she placed her in the front pocket of her apron, along with the other two tiny women.

Her routine rarely changed. Three times per week, she’d wake up at 4 AM, put on a dark, but unassuming, outfit, and began her hunt for two or three morning commuters. Always fiddling with her pink, bejeweled ring on her middle finger, she’d follow someone into a bathroom stall or down a dark alley or in between subway cars. After making sure she was well-isolated, she’d use her shrinking device, the ring itself, and shrink them until they were helplessly small. Always making sure to act almost invisibly, the dark areas also enabled her to slip them into her favorite hiding spot: her panties. They were always so whiny. Shouting shit like “Oh my god!” or “What the fuck” or just a long, high-pitched scream, Beth never cared. Their cries were always muffled by the band of her underwear snapping over them, sealing them against her crotch.

After washing her hands, she stared at herself in the mirror, hoping the pink blush around her pale chest would fade before “She” came in. Tucking in a few strands of her long, dirty blonde hair into her green hair band, Beth posed for a few moments in the mirror. Whipping out her phone, she took a mirror selfie, bending over to hide the fact that she’s 5’11 and covering her blushed chest with an expertly manicured hand, captioning the photo *’The daily grindddddddddddddddd’* before posting it on Instagram. The first comments came in almost instantly. 

*Danalux97: ’that’s the tea girl! lol’*

*Liv&LetDye: ‘Gorg as always. Fuck, can I just have your cheekbones?’*

*TravisKeeter: ‘Hot’*

They played out as usual, only a few were actually her friends, as was the case with her old pal Lily. *’Way to still be a skank on the clock. Haha! Need to stop by dragonfly and say hi lataaaa ;) ‘*

The Dragonfly Cafe was a small stop along one of the larger shopping centers downtown. On either side were larger chain fast food places, a regional rice bowl restaurant and a national Mexican joint. The former was better for business, based on what the Dragonfly specialized in: Boba and Milk Tea. Only a few other shops supported the Asian aesthetic they were going for, but the beach town they lived in was white washed to Hell anyway. Just the two shops and an 88 Ranch Market around the block dubbed this shopping center as the “Asian District” in the eyes of the city.

The square was normally pretty crowded by midday through the evening, when the high school and college kids were out of class and looking for places to chill. The Dragonfly was a reliable stop for that, open as late as 1 AM for those that wanted a relaxed atmosphere to study and hang out. The appeal of the tea bar was how chill and hip it was kept, thanks to the trendy owner. In recent years, they’d expanded their brand to two other locations, leaving the initial establishment and its management in the hands of one trusted, ambitious young woman. Beth, who was in charge of the day shift and all business operations.

With the open sign lit, customers began filing in to their favorite local boba spot. Lena greeted them with a rehearsed smile, taking their orders with a cheerful tone familiar to those who’ve worked in customer service. Customers generally liked her, finding her appealing in a ‘girl next door’ kind of way. Her Cuban accent came through when calling out orders, sometimes she chimed in with a “gracias” once in a while. Eventually, traffic picked up, and Lena found herself needing to focus on making the tea instead of working the register. When Beth finally left the bathroom, she sighed with relief, trying not to show how quickly she was swamped. “Can you take the counter? We’ve had seven orders in fifteen minutes, and I’m tryna find a groove back here.”

Beth pursed her lips as she looked down at her watch. 7:01. Only a few more minutes until “She” arrives. Or should, at least. Feeling the light struggles beating from within the front pocket of her apron, she could feel her heart begin to pound harder as the minutes passed. 7:10. She could feel herself grow hotter, physically, thinking that if those tiny women were still in her panties they’d have probably drowned by now.

Before the clock passed fourteen after seven, the bell chimed. Striding in with her eyes on her phone was a voluptuous woman sporting shoulder length brown hair that fell in lovely, staggered locks around her round, heart-shaped face. Her deep brown eyes reflected the light from her screen, contrasting with her creamy, lightly-tanned skin. She wore a short pink dress that ran halfway down her full thighs, the imprint of her hips and belly revealed by how it molded to her front. Following the dress upwards, Beth could see it was pushed outwards by her substantial breasts, which would’ve been prevalently displayed had the dress any fight in it. That said, it draped her body loosely, giving her an airy, comfortable presence. As she continued into the cafe, she was mid-speech, speaking in a lovely, resounding voice. 

“I don’t think I can go in ‘til noon…. Man! I’m not even dressed for that now, I need time to get rea- Hey! I don’t think how rootin’ tootin’ I am is in question here,” Evidently, she was in a call via AirPods hidden by her brown, wavy locks. Still holding the conversation as she approached the counter behind the two customers in line, she continued. “I know this is just another talk. Not an interview, so I don’t need to get ‘dolled-up’, but I want to. Let me be the boss bitch we both know I can be, okay Lisa?” Beth hung on every word, thinking her humor oozed from every syllable, imagining that her spunky attitude carried through in all facets of her life. 

“Girl. Look. Imma get breakfast, head home, get ready, then I’ll take the scenic route to the theater just the way you like it.” She was baiting a response, which was audible through her earbuds to those around her. “You’re right. The 10 should be much faster. Let’s see... that’d put me arriving aaaaat-” she was entering some information in her phone out of Beth’s view, then a few beats passed before her eyes lit up, “Aha! An hour-forty to go eight miles!”

She smirked prettily while the woman on the line responded to her sarcasm. Beth was so distracted at this point, she hadn’t addressed the next customer in line, currently snapping their fingers in her face, “Hey! Yeah, hi, can I finally have your attention, ma’am?” She was a scrawny but tall kid with a garish bright blue blouse, khaki shorts, a backpack, and an undignified look of annoyance on her face from having to wait.

Beth continued to stare, entranced by the loose-fitting pink dress “She” wore today. Her eyes scanned up and down, the world blurring away as her focus remained locked. “She” was talking to someone on the phone and Beth wished it could be her. Working with her would be an absolute dream. For now, the closest she could get would be blessing a few people to be with her forever. To swim in --

Violent snapping shook her back to reality. “Hellooo?” the snotty, khaki-wearing girl sneered. Beth shook herself awake and cocked her head to the side. “Excuse me?” She responded, annoyed.

“Excuse you? Sorry, but I’m the one that’s been standing here for a minute waiting for you to be done with your stupid lesbian daydream!” she scoffed back at her, which brought her spat to the attention of the curvy woman behind her.

“Are you finished?” Beth crossed her arms, feeling the tiny lumps within the center pocket beat back at her. Her lower jaw quivering, her arousal now being replaced quickly by anger, Beth had to force a few words out. “What… can I get for you…” Her eye twitched, scanning between “Her” and the brat in front of her.

“Better service than this. Hey, how bout I have a word with your manager! That sound good?” she commented, crossing her arms indignantly.

She smirked. “Actually, I am the manager. What’s your problem, maam?”

Her blue eyes grew wide with embarrassment which quickly turned back to anger, “Ya kiddin’ me? I heard this place was cool, but if they got a bitchy dyke like you runnin it-”

“Hey! Asshole,” a voice chimed in behind her. Turning from her chat with the cashier, she was faced with the beautiful, large bodied girl behind her, “How bout you cut the bullshit down a few notches before 8am? Yeah?”

The girl was confused, not expecting to get reprimanded on a second front, “Y-the fuck does that mean? This isn’t your business, bitch!”

“It is when I have to wait longer to order while you bitch someone out who’s trying to do you a service.”

Her little face went red, and he huffed into a march away from the counter, “Fuck you! I don’t need any shitty coffee anyway!” she stormed out. Luckily the only other customers seemed sympathetic, or just didn’t want to get involved in a pointless fight. The disturbance dealt with, the curvy brunette hopped up to the counter and crossed her arms over it, just ahead of her chest, “So, uhhh, I’ll go ahead and take my medal with a large black tea. Iced please!” She said this with a grin, hoping a joke would cut the tension left in the jackass’ wake.

Beth stared, mouth agape. The blush on her chest has now taken over her whole face. “Th-thank you. That was sweet of you.” Her heart was pounding through her chest. She knew that the tiny women could feel it. Shaking, she turned to the mixing machine, deposited the tapioca pearls into the cup, and quickly covered it with cold, black tea. Turning her back to the counter, her voice quivered. “I… I never asked you your name… well… uh. What is it?”

“Hmhm, well, we can start with my douche-given name if you prefer Lesbian Daydream?” she winked, reaching out her hand to the cute, bespeckled blonde. “Vanja. Vanja Radic.” Her hand was proportionally smaller than the rest of her arm, dainty and unpolished, giving her natural charm more validity as it extended to grasp Beth’s. “And I guess you’d be Ms. Manager? No name tag, so I only presume you’d be someone like Audrey, or Bridgette.”

Beth’s mind was spinning as she reached out her arm and actually, physically touched “Her.” She shook “Her” -- Vanja’s hand slowly, trying not to shiver. Her skin was so soft and she smelled of Japanese cherry blossoms. Trying not to come off as creepy, she timed the handshake just right and felt a sense of loss and longing as her fingertips drifted away. Turning around, she reached under the counter for a Sharpie. Making sure neither Lena nor Vanja could see the cup itself, she deftly picked up the three tiny women from her apron pocket and dropped them into the fat boba tea straw. Flicking away some fingertips grasped desperately on the edge of the straw, she disguised her motions by writing ‘Thanks Vanja - Elizabeth’ and a big, flourished heart next to her name.

Staring at the three shadows dropping down the opaque green straw, the thrill was combined with relief that no one noticed anything other than her writing a sweet message, not even Vanja. As far as everyone was concerned, it was a completely normal black boba tea. 

“Uh, you okay down there sweetie?”

Beth blushed relentlessly, hoping her rock-solid nipples weren’t poking from her apron. “I made it extra special for you, Vanja. I… I really do like seeing you here every day.”

“Wouldn’t be trying to drug me, would you?” she teasingly asked, grabbing the cup from Beth with the message on it. “I mean, that was an awful long time to tell me your na- oh!” She finally noticed the cute little letter stuck to the condensation heavy exterior of the cup, ironically blocking the people dumped inside from her view.

“Well, Elizabeth, today’s pretty busy. But... maybe I could thank ya with some lunch tomorrow? You can tell me aaaall about that daydream of yours.” Her cheeks rose up to her eyes as she smiled gleefully, happy with this little bout of flirting at the start of her day.

“Oh! And what do I owe you?” she unlocked her phone again, opening the apple pay screen and holding it out expectantly for Beth to scan.

Beth smiled, noticing no one was behind Vanja. “This one’s on me. So long as you promise not to tell anyone.” She tried to wink, but awkwardly squeezed one eye closed while blinking the other. Sucking down the pang of embarrassment, she perked up. “But we can split lunch tomorrow over at the food court across the street at 12:30 while I tell you all about my daydream.” Beth looked down, shyness overwhelming her as she pressed her thighs together thinking about the three women still within Vanja’s straw.

“Oh wow, you’re actually shy, huh?” She laughed briefly, bringing the cup up to her lips, “Hehe, don’t worry. It’s cute~” Her heart shaped lips pursed around the end of the straw and slurped casually, pulling up the first batch of pearls from the base of her cup. As soon as the orbs and tea burst into her mouth, she greedily gulped down the first few slurps with a few orbs, then sucked again to empty the straw. The last mouthful, she kept a few pearls inside to swirl in her mouth before swallowing them individually. All the while she was making eye contact with Beth, thinking nothing of her drink besides how cute she likely looked drinking it.

Beth’s mind cracked in ecstasy. She pressed her knees against each other with such force she wondered if they’d be bruised later. Watching Vanja’s throat flex, sending those lucky few sliding down into her beautiful body, behind those round, perfect breasts almost made her sweat. She’s blessed people to become part of her maybe a dozen times, but none was so perfect as this. Time seemed to slow down, imagining those three spluttering into Vanja’s stomach at that very moment, to be surrounded by her on all sides. To be bathed in her perfect body heat. To add to her fat, gorgeous tits and become part of her beautiful, round ass. In those few seconds, Beth absorbed every detail of Vanja’s glossy lips. Every wrinkle, every glint of light that reflected off of the pink tunnel that those three women slipped through, never to leave again. “Y--you’re cute too.” Beth blurted out, transfixed on her mouth, still curled around the wide, plastic straw.

One more suck and swallow, and she released the straw with a satisfied, “Ahh~... you put some salt in there, Beth?” She raised one of her full brows inquisitively, but broke into a smile. “Heh, made special. I like it! Hope you realize you’ve set a new precedent though.” She winked, and still reached into her pocket. Pulling out her wallet, she procured a twenty and put it down on the counter, “For goin’ beyond the call of duty, and whatever expensive drink you’ll get me tomorrow.”

Still shaking, she pocketed the twenty and turned to Lena, who was leaning on the back counter with her arms crossed, an eyebrow raised, and a tiny smirk on her face. Looking back to Vanja, Beth smiled widely, and muttered “Looking forward to it!”

Vanja caught her stare immediately going back to her lips as she took another slurp of her tea, then raised a brow, “Damn, you’re a bit freaky, huh?” Before Beth could respond, she smiled and brought her hand down over the blonde’s. “Makes two of us. Think I’ll have to get your number tomorrow if that’s cool. Kinda in a hurry.” She smiled sheepishly, winked, then turned to speak over Beth’s shoulder, “Ey, make sure she’s not broken, aight?”

“Will do. Thank you for coming in!” Lena happily retorted, giggling and waving at the pretty woman, well aware Beth had been obsessed with for weeks now.

“Thanks! Have a good one!” she cooly called over her shoulder as she turned to leave. The exchange completed, she turned back to her tea and drank more while exiting the shop. As Vanja turned for the door, Beth’s eyes remained mesmerized on her body. It was if every part of her had the perfect amount of bounce with every step she took. Her hair, her ass, even her beautifully thick thighs. Beth’s lower jaw fell slack as she watched Vanja wink while she closed the door behind her, walking right across the street into the nearby McDonald’s. She knew that the people she chose to join her that morning were in for something truly special.

“I know frat guys that keep it in their pants better than you. Have some respect Boss!” Lena chuckled with her arms crossed. Not speaking so loud that the few people dining in could hear, but enough that Beth understood the tease in her tone.

Beth rolled her eyes at Lena. “Oh stop! You’re just jealous!” Still getting over from her shivers, she crossed her arms. 

“Pfft, as if… though I guess it hurts when I never see you look at me like that.” she rubbed her arm in mock shame, sporting a playful pout, “What, am I not pretty enough?”

Smiling gently, Beth replied “You know I wouldn’t be able to see you like that even if I wanted to. Of course you’re the prettiest girl in the cafe, but you’re like a sister to me at this point.” Contorting her face to a smirk, her demeanor changed. “Now go work the counter! I have to go again.”

“Hehe, yes B!” she dutifully took her place with a girlish smile, happily enjoying the friendly compliment while waiting for more customers to come in.

Traipsing over into the bathroom, Beth clicked the lock on the door behind her, sat on the toilet, and hooked her wet panties off to her ankles. Spreading her knees apart, she bit her lip, licked her fingertip, and started swirling her fingers over her clitoral hood. Her eyes rolled back into her head, knowing for a fact that there were three people - three living people - inside “Her,” inside Vanja at that very moment. Blasted on all sides by her stomach. Swimming in a torrent of tapioca pearls and chewed fast food breakfast. Breathing in her stomach odor under a rain of the very black boba tea they were served in. Their last moments would be spent screaming within a stranger that doesn’t even know they exist. Dying, not even knowing how lucky they were to nourish the body of someone so beautiful. 

Growing wetter, she intensified her strokes, focusing on the fact that she gave true meaning to the lives of those strangers. “Ungh” She moaned, before slapping her hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle her own pleasure. Now completely obsessing over what those tiny, pathetic women must be experiencing, she knew that by now they must be completely submerged in Vanja’s puke. Part of it. To soon be part of her. Beth almost screeched as she thought of where the three would be during the date the next day. Roiling through Vanja’s lower guts as they both enjoyed lunch together. Beth exhaled sharply and bit her lip so hard she almost broke the skin as she jolted in pleasure sitting on the toilet at work. The orgasm itself had her sweating enough to feel a bead roll down her cheek. Slumping down, coming to the realization at how vile it was to masturbate at work, she stood up, washed her hands, and looked at herself in the mirror. Not nearly good enough for an Instagram selfie this time.

Leaving the bathroom, her hair disheveled, Beth took the counter from Lena for the rest of the shift, joyfully thinking of the date with “Her” tomorrow. She felt as though it was going to be the best day of her life. 


The next morning, the throng of morning commuters flooded through the city; the first wave of workers heading mostly to service jobs to start the day ahead of the rest of the world. Beth woke up extra early. She wanted to find the perfect candidate to add to Vanja. After making sure her outfit was classier than the one she had on yesterday and her makeup was extra perfect, she slunk into the subway.

Spending a half hour scanning the crowd, she spotted a meek, young, red-haired woman wearing a backpack, focused on her phone and keeping to herself. A loose strand of copper hair fell over her forehead, which she brushed back behind her small ear to the side of her narrow face. She had few freckles to speak of, her blue eyes fixed to whatever she was reading, blocking out the world around her. To others, she looked simply dressed, with a skinny figure that deceived most into thinking she could break if you so much as blew her direction. Sitting in isolation in the final subway car, somehow empty besides the two of them, Beth made her move.

The blonde boldly crossed through the rows of vacant seats to the back and plopped down hard next to the girl, hard enough for the stranger to jump in surprise. After the initial, she raised a quizzical brow, already annoyed with the disturbance.

“Um, excuse me? There’s so many other spots, did you have to si-” She wouldn’t get to finish her thought. After a quick click on one of the bright pink jewels on her ring, a camera-like flash blipped before their eyes; and in the wake of the brilliant blast, the young redhead had wound up in Beth’s palm, smaller than a jelly bean. She had a brief moment to process her surroundings, a difficult task for one thrust into her situation. The usual scattering commenced where she crawled back, swinging her head every which way to reevaluate her surroundings, then finally laying eyes on the smiling face above her. Like most, she defaulted to crouching and shouting, “The fuck’s going on! What happened! HELP! HELP!” 

Beth heard it all before, and had no interest to repeat the mundane exchanges that inevitably came from actually speaking to her victims, not to mention the struggle of hearing them. That was the benefit of kidnapping shrunken people: no one can hear their tiny, tiny voices. Hiking up her knee-length skirt, Beth hooked the waistband to her panties and dropped the woman through her dirty blonde pubic hair and snapped it shut on her. The immediate sensation of imprisoning someone in her underwear always made her jittery with thrill.

After arriving at the cafe and scraping what the closing crew left behind, Beth shivered with excitement. Twirling the ring on her finger, she didn’t even mind that Lena was extra late. The thought of Vanja stayed fresh in her mind. The tingling jolts springing from her panties didn’t help keep her mind off the day's agenda. This girl was a fighter, she could tell. Wouldn’t matter soon. Her smile broadened at the thought, a shiver racing up her spine and releasing as a lusty sigh.

She always wondered if “She”, no, if Vanja felt them. Not knowing how to place it, one might just assume the weird tickles and pokes were just gas. Nothing to be concerned about as long as it didn’t hurt. Beth wondered if it affected her at all. If the unknown sensation of little movements inside her gave the curvy girl the same thrill she pursued. Maybe she’d get to see it bloom on her face when they had lunch, watching the experience of totally digesting a whole person into nothing before her eyes, hopefully touching on a dormant arousal she might let Beth help her explore…

Her heart racing, she decided to make Vanja’s drink early, preparing for her 7:15 visit at 6:44. She’d just need to put it in the fridge to keep it chilled until she arrived. No biggie, no one expected iced tea to be fresh. When the drink was finished and sealed, a tall pool of tapioca and ice, she found herself at a loss with what to write on the cup. She wanted to do something similar to her note yesterday. Should it be simple? Funny? Maybe refer to the douchey bitch? No. Beth was sure both of them would rather forget that asshole. Finally, she decided to go with something nice and simple, something that had just popped into her head. Alone in the shop, technically speaking, the sound of her scribbling “To the prettiest girl in the cafe” on the cup was akin to a light melody for her ears. Turning her head, she looked out the glass door and didn’t see anyone coming yet. The store only opened when she allowed it, after all.

In one smooth, quick motion, she slipped her hand into her underwear and picked up the tiny, squirming woman, still wearing her soaking backpack. Smiling at her, she began lowering her toward the fat boba tea straw. Whatever she was saying didn’t matter, profusely shouting obscenities and pleas for clarity no doubt. Soon she’d be gone. Like all those who’d had the bad luck of being alone near the blond romantic. 

Just as she didn’t care to notice the tiny girl’s protests, she didn’t notice how much her ring had adjusted. Loose from the excited twirling, it had slipped down on her finger. An innocuous occurrence. If it bothered her enough, she’d just slide it back down to where it’d fasten around the base of her ring finger. All the while, the redhead was smacking and kicking wildly, somehow with more purpose than she’d seen a panicking tiny person commit in the past. 

Before Beth could even gasp, she saw the tiny woman kick one of the jewels on the ring below her, blinding Beth before she was enveloped by a sharp sensation of descent.

Screaming, she looked down to see the gaping abyss of the straw fast approach. Fear exploded within her chest as she watched the woman she shrunk drop next to the green plastic hole below. “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!” the tiny woman screamed as her voice faded with distance. Adrenaline giving her just enough reaction time to grab onto the ledge of the straw, Beth whimpered as the ring clinked on top of the straw and rolled away, out of sight.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.” She kept repeating, a sense of dread creeping into her chest, feeling like magma gushing through her blood stream. A tear fell down her eye, knowing how much trouble she was in. 

“You! What the fuck did you do!?” A high pitched shout came from below, outside the plastic of the straw, the redhead likely landed on the seal covering the top of the trendy plastic cup of boba. “Where’d you go!? I know you’re here bitch!! Show yourself!”

“I…” Beth gasped, hearing the voice of her would-be victim angrily call for her. “I’m here! In the straw! Help me!”

A few seconds passed until the redhead’s response came, “Y-you fell in… well get out of there! Get down here and fix this!”

“How the fuck can I get down there?” Beth exclaimed. “Fucking help me! I can’t get out of this fucking straw.”

Tinnitus began ringing in Beth’s ears. Her heart beat so fast she could hear it almost clicking within her chest. She exhaled, thinking that the worst outcome from this involved being close to Vanja.

“Well how am I supposed to get up there!?” the retort was completely devoid of concern for the panic Beth was experiencing, “Look!... How do I reverse this? We reverse this?”

Beth’s fingers felt electric with sharp pain. Before this, she had no inkling that there could be this kind of strength in her. “Can you get to me somehow? Any way?”

“No way! Here’s what I figure,” there was a bite in the response that came back, “You kidnapped me, pulled some harry potter shit and shrunk me, shoved me in your nasty underwear and then got a taste of your own medicine! Only way I’m helping you is after you turn me back!”

Sighing, Beth closed her eyes. She knew it was the only way. “Do you see a… do you see a ring down there somewhere? The pink one you slammed to get us into this mess.”

“Huh? Ring?” a few moments of silence passed while she likely scanned the area, “No, let me check ‘round the edge.”

Trying to force her mind to drift away from the explosive pain within her fingers, she mused upon the possibility of Vanja’s arrival. The last things she’d see may well be her beautiful, soft lips before being permanently surrounded within her hot darkness. She’d spend her last moments at true peace, knowing she would not only join those she had blessed to become part of her, but become part of Vanja herself. “Not the worst way to go” she thought, her fingers beginning to tremble.

“I don’t see any ring around the cup!” the redhead’s voice returned from below, “Are you sure it's around here? Climbing down’s not much of an option either.”

Moving her hands around the edge of the straw to keep the circulation flowing, Beth screamed “Of course I fucking know it’s around there! I dropped it when you made me fall in here!”

“No, you do not get to put the blame on me!” she bit back, righteous outrage oozing in every syllable, “You best accept responsibility for this fucked up mess or I’ll just leave you there!”

“Fine! Whatever! It’s all my fault! Just help me!” As she spoke it aloud, the weight of her actions came back on her, almost increasing the pressure her fingers were fighting by ten fold. There was no one but herself to blame for winding up here. This ridiculous obsession of hers, all of the lives she’d indirectly ended. Maybe this was what she deserved? 

And maybe this was her opportunity to repent. If she was going to survive this, it’d be with this stranger’s help. This girl she was so quick to condemn for her own sick fantasies now held the last hope to escape this fate. No matter how much, deep down, she pictured herself being picked up by the lovely Vanja, carried up to those soft lips, and absolved completely…

No. Beth wanted to live. If it meant she’d never do this again, so be it. She’d get rid of the ring, go on her date like nothing happened. She’d still make it out yet.

Her fingers almost gave way before a booming sound dropped her spirits. A loud clanging followed by a dull, low thud resounded through the shop, followed by a chirpy, massive voice.

“Beth? I’m so, so sorry. Mom’s machine was… sorry I’m late!” Lena squeaked. Hustling back behind the counter, her footsteps echoing larger and larger as her colossal mass approached the proximity of the two tinies and their cup. “I rushed over here so fast I didn’t even eat anyth--” 

“Friend of yours?” the redhead called, falling on deaf ears.

Beth looked upwards, seeing Lena’s massive heart-shaped face scanning the room, blurred with distance. “Lena! Down here! Look!”

“Hey! Hey, down here! Lady!” the redhead joined in, waving her arms and running to the edge of the plastic wrap on top. Surely Lena would notice a frantic, miniature person on the sole beverage on the counter!

A loud yawn deafened the two girls, blotting out the sound of their cries, “Mmm… you here?” Lena looked around the room curiously.The store seemed cleaned and set up. God knows the night staff didn’t do it. 

Then she saw the random tea on the counter. She huffed, stepping over and picking it up. If she had more acute hearing or the awareness to listen closely, she’d have heard the shriek of the small redhead falling off of the cup into the unknown. But why would she listen for something as far-fetched as that?

She was about ready to throw the abandoned tea away when she felt how cool it still was. Had to have been made this morning. Turning it around, she found the message written along the side of the drink: ‘To the prettiest girl in the cafe’. Her heart fluttered a bit, and a cute smile blossomed from her. “Awwww~ How nice.” Her gratitude blew over the cup and into the straw, threatening to force the small girl down into the straw.

“Eres demasiado dulce para mí, Boss,” she commented, enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling this small token of appreciation had given her, raising the straw to her pursed lips.

Beth’s blood turned ice cold. Staring upwards, a new sense of fear gripped her as she saw her friend’s immense face grow closer so fast she couldn’t even scream. Gritting her teeth, Beth let go of the edge and slid along the inside of the straw for a split second before being slammed by a gushing wall of tapioca spheres. Having never wanted to be closer to Lena than she already had been, the sensation of her body heat surrounding her overwhelmed Beth with nightmarish disgust right before a powerful vacuum sealed around her prison. “Not like this!” thought Beth as an otherworldly suction gripped her and the pearls behind her, shooting the contents of the straw upward before quickly being washed between Lena’s puffy, pink lips.

Gasping through her nose, she received a face-full of Lena’s humid morning breath before sliding face-first on her scum-covered tongue. “Eugh!” She screeched, tasting the sourness of her friend’s saliva. Now buffeted by a mass of soft tapioca pearls, Beth attempted in vain to push them away, but a lack of grip just caused them to flow over her with little resistance. Beth screeched as Lena’s disgusting body heat pulsed over her as the immense tongue pressed the spheres into the palate above, forcing her into the smooth, yet bumpy surface below. Already soaked with a mixture of Lena’s hot spit and now lukewarm black tea, Beth flailed as the wet, slimy sounds thumped through her eardrums.

Within Lena’s mouth, Beth continued her panicked thrashing as she was washed into the center of the mass of tapioca pearls. Now able to smell nothing but Lena’s heavy, rancid breath, her teeth chattered as Lena moaned in pleasure. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Coughing out a mouthful of her saliva, Beth attempted to push the spheres away, but the force of them was too great to resist.

‘No no no! This is all wrong!’ she screamed internally while her mouth was occupied by the surging carpet of fibrous taste buds. Lena wasn’t capable of this! She was sweet, young. She’d never hurt a fly! Any second now, she’d be spat out. She knew it! She couldn’t die like this to someone so… so normal! Beth’s mind fractured into a daze as another wave of tea washed over her, dragging the entire mass along the surface of her friend’s tongue. Squeezed by the cluster of pearls, Beth retched in horror as she experienced a fleshy constriction abruptly force her forward.

A colossal gulping sound paired with the tapioca mashing around her sent Beth into a frenzy as her chest experienced the familiar sensation of sinking. Her flailing body now slithering down Lena’s throat, Beth attempted to scream, but only managed to hack out a few ragged coughs. Pressed on one side by a mass of soft orbs, she could feel the slick esophagus gently guide her to the stomach below. Lena’s calm, slow heartbeat hammered like thunder beyond the wall of flesh that was now gliding against Beth’s face. Flooded with a heavy sense of grief and doom, Beth screeched again, attempting to whip her torso back and forth in a vain act of defiance. Though it felt like much longer to tiny Beth, the trip down Lena’s throat took only a few seconds. 

Far above, Lena’s thundering voice shook the fleshy world within her, “Ahhhhhhh! Deliciosa…” The compliment for how good it tasted was far removed from the nightmare taking shape. “Hasta now, ni flowers de lo yummy que están estos ‘burbel te.’ Creo que me los pediré again.”

Beth winced as she felt the entrance to Lena’s stomach begin to slither over her feet. Attempting to dig her nails into the warm, wet wall before her, she could do nothing to slow the plunge as the pearls she was pressed against began to fall into the pit below. “Euuuughh” She whined as the sphincter slid over her legs, torso, neck, and finally face. The plunge into the stomach below was quick and horrifying.

Sour fog stung Beth’s face during the fall. She tried to scream as she sunk into what felt like an endless ocean of foamy tapioca balls, already in the midst of melting. Complete darkness surrounded her, almost hugging her as hard as the thick, vomit-laden air. Attempting to crawl was useless, as she’d just fall deeper into the bubbly sea of digesting spheres. A splutter fell from above as another mouthful of tea-covered tapioca spat down from Lena’s esophagus. A stark feeling of desperation came over Beth, her mind frenzied with panic, refusing to accept that this was how her life would end. “Not her. Not Lena. Not Lena.” She kept repeating as the immense stomach began to churn.

Forced upwards into a mucus-covered wall, the orbs around her began to break down as the stinging in her eyes started to intensify. Now attempting to push away a chunky slop, the tiny woman’s heart continued to pound in terror. Trying to claw her way up an undulating wall, Beth began to feel stinging in her arms and fire over her fingers. “Lena! Lena help me! Please!” She choked as the layer of mucus-laden puke coating her continued to thicken.

Now weeping through her acid-etched eyes, Beth’s entire body felt explosive with agony. She could feel her skin split with every movement she made, especially severe around her fingers, where the plastic dug in when she was hanging on. Only able to choke “Lena… Lena…” Beth continued her vain, desperate attempts to climb the sheer, wrinkly stomach wall, only to be washed back down over and over. Not knowing how long she’s been trapped within Lena, Beth tried to run her fingers through her hair, screeching and coughing in horror as she felt chunks of hair easily wash away.

Smelling and tasting nothing but Lena’s stomach contents, Beth ruminated upon her own horror. Relentlessly wanting to be away from Lena, she couldn’t help but continue to claw at the wall in panic. Thinking only of her friend’s face and experiencing only her body, Beth began to experience bright flashes of light before her eyes, despite being in complete darkness. The pounding of her heart began to grow relentlessly painful. Grasping at the inside of Lena’s stomach, she could feel the skin on her fingers peel backwards and slough away into the bubbly ocean of her friend’s vomit. Unable to comprehend the reality of the situation, her panicking intensified as each individual motion led to a new dimension of pain, she found her energy grow limited.

Her body now almost limp, she felt herself become completely stuck to the inside of her friend’s near-empty stomach. Sliding down, Beth knew that her skin was being stripped away as she descended deeper into the bubbly muck below. Her face twitching, the brightness before her eyes became brighter. She could only roughly muster “Lena. Lenaaaaa” before a current of melted tapioca poured over her. Her nose and mouth bubbled as her last breath escaped her, sinking deeper into her friend’s insides, never to leave alive. Her corpse now one with the bile and chyme, it softened and continued to break down as it flowed into Lena’s intestines with the rest of the drink.


Lena was stressed out, darting from register to kitchen and back every other minute. Beth never came back from wherever she’d gone off to after opening, leaving the poor girl with all the work once customers started coming in. Luckily traffic was slow this morning, which gave her ample time to prepare each person’s order without too large a line building up. Just the pressure of running an unexpected solo day shift was exhausting.

She thought Beth would want to be here when her crush arrived? The clock had passed 7:15 a while ago with no sign of that Vanja girl. It didn’t matter much to her. Maybe they’d already hooked up that morning? Lena didn’t peg Beth as someone that’d ditch work for a date. Then again, she’d never seen her so interested in someone like she was with the curvy girl. 

Speak of the devil! Right around noon, with just a handful of people dining in, the front door chimed open, and Vanja came in with a confident air. She was wearing a cute egg-white blouse with peach trims around her collar and sleeves, tight dark jeans accentuating her gorgeous legs with casual exhibition. She went with a casual look, though her makeup and the extra detail in her hair spoke to her preparation for the meeting.

She strode up to the counter where Lena happily awaited her, “Afternoon!”

“Howdy there,” she said, using a mock cowboy voice for a sec, raising her hand to give a quick ‘pew’ from her finger gun, “How ya doin? Is Elizabeth around?”

Lena rose a brow, confused by the question, “What do you mean? I thought she was with you?”

“Huh? How do you figure?”

“Well, she came in this morning and set up shop, but was gone when I arrived for my shift. I haven’t seen her all day, I thought you two just got in touch and met earlier?”

Now was Vanja’s turn to be puzzled, “No? We were meeting for lunch, I don’t even have her number.”

“Really? That’s not it then,” Lena brought her hand to her chin while contemplating.

“Weird… uh, you have her digits?” Vanja asked, trying to keep her upbeat attitude riding.

“Yeah… but unfortunately store policy says I can’t give out personal information,” she frowned, sad that she couldn’t cooperate. “But tell you what! Lemme call her in a bit, see where she’s at. You want something in the meantime?”

Vanja’s smile waned a bit, disheartened at the budding possibility she’d been stood up, “Uh, sure. Large iced black tea, with boba.”

“Comin’ up!” Lena chimed, reaching over to the cups. She’d used up the first stack of the morning, grabbing the first from the new pile and taking it back to the dispensers. Had she looked closely, she’d have seen the squirming speck flailing at the base before a deluge of ice cold, dark liquid sprayed down from above. Adding in the ice next, the chunks splashed lightly into the drink until a satisfying amount was added. Then it was own to the boba dispenser where the tapioca balls would be added in and the plastic seal was laminated over the rim.

Overall, it took about a minute to make, and soon she was back to the counter handing Vanja her drink, “Eh, on the house, if that helps at all.”

“Thanks! Ya know, the two of you are what make this my go-to spot,” she winked, grabbing a straw from the collection to the side. Pulling it from its paper wrap, she was plunging the straw into the drink while Lena was going through her contacts to find Beth’s number. Hitting the “Call” button, she raised her cheap Android to her ear and waited patiently. Straight to voicemail. Her brow furrowed, but she played it cool to not distress the customer.

“I’m sorry, she didn’t pick up. Lemme text her too, in case it’s just a bad signal,” doing so, her mind wandered to what could’ve happened. Was Beth too nervous to come in today? She always seemed so sure of herself. Well, at least ‘til Vanja came around. Was she really ditching work over nerves? 

“Hey!” Vanja called over, bending down below the counter top for a second before standing back up, holding a weird looking pink ring in her hand with three rosy gems embedded. “Think someone lost this. Look familiar?”

Lena glanced at it briefly, the appearance ringing some bells, but her mind was on the message she was sending, “Maybe? We have a lost and found if you want to-”

“Pfft, think Imma go with finders keepers on this one,” Vanja chuckled, putting the weird ring on her left hand and modeling it, “Jesus this thing’s gaudy! Kinda love it!”

Lena smirked and shrugged, “Suit yourself, sistah!” she exclaimed before returning to her text. With the message sent, she turned back to the concerned girl with her big, sympathetic hazel eyes.

“I’m sure she’ll reach out. Maybe take a seat, and I’ll let you know if she gets in touch.”

Vanja managed a smile, nodding affirmatively, “Yeah, I can chill a bit.” She took a sip of her tea, swallowing a load of boba and cold tea before speaking again, “I’m Vanja by the way!” she said with a grin, extending her hand.

The barista smiled and returned the greeting, “Oh I’m aware, you’re all she talked about yesterday,” she commented as a joke, then regretted bringing up the runaway blonde again, “Sorry. I’m Elena, but just Lena’s fine.”

“Why not Elena?”

“No, no. Elena’s my abuela. Lena suits me fine.” she corrected with a modest smirk.

“Damn right it does,” Vanja chided, winking playfully at her before turning away to find a table, “Nice to meet you Lena.”

“Enjoy your tea!” the cute Latina called out as Vanja walked away. She found a seat close to the self serve water station. A cushioned lounge chair tastefully colored to fit the vibe of the tea shop. Planting her wide ass down, her thighs and rump squished pleasantly into the seat while she fished out her phone from her cleavage. She’d planned on doing a bit where she’d finally ask for Elizabeth’s number when they were on the date and pull it out, get her flustered a bit. Maybe she’d still try it if things panned out. Probably not though. This whole thing felt like a bust at this point. She’d stay to finish her tea, but then probably head over to a friend’s to salvage her day.

Her cup was brought back to her muted dark red painted lips which closed around the straw then sucked up another burst of tea and tapioca. This mouthful had a unique edge to it though; a salty twist that titulated her taste buds before pushing it all back to her gullet and swallowing the lot. She smirked, looking over to Lena. The girl made her tea just like Elizabeth did. How cool of her! On second glance, Lena was pretty cute too. Cute in a way that could easily become drop dead gorgeous under the right conditions.

Taking another drink, then suppressing a small burp, she wondered if maybe this lunch date could be salvaged yet.


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