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Sydney had always been a bizarre girl. I had only known her for a few months, but I noticed almost immediately something in her, something… odd. She was just an average girl, of average height and average beauty, but it wasn’t in the outside. Her ability of infiltrating every group of friends she saw (including mine) and her confidence when talking to anyone, even strangers, was surprising, but it always felt kind of weird, to me. It seemed like she was always trying to obtain something, to gain some benefit from every friendship and from every conversation. Apparently, however, I was the only one who seemed to notice this, because everyone else around her enjoyed her small talk and her superficial flattery. I didn’t mind her hanging out with my group of friends, but… Let’s say I didn’t blindly trust her, either. That’s why I was pretty surprised when she proposed a movie night. At my place. “Come on, your house would be perfect! You said it was big, and you live alone, so we won’t be bothering anyone!” Sydney insisted in front of my group of friends. Of course, I couldn’t back out right away, it would have sounded like an excuse. I didn’t like the idea of her snooping around my place, and I regretted casually telling people how comfortable my house was.  So, I agreed, still baffled by Sydney’s unattended proposition. Most people were pretty busy on that period, and I was about call off the whole thing, relieved. That’s when she spoke. “Well, I’d gladly pay you a visit, anyway. If you don’t mind, of course”. “Great, and that’s how I get stuck with the nosiest person in the world for an entire night”, I thought, “and it’s going to be a very long one”. I could even imagine how wrong things were about to go.    

It was a hot summer night. I had spent my evening lazily, occasionally texting on my phone and browsing the web, feeling uneasy about Sydney’s inevitable visit. When the doorbell finally rang, I was brought back to reality. Before I could even get up from my bed, it rang again. I rushed towards the door, while Sydney was constantly holding her finger on the buzzer. It was only when I opened the door that the annoying sound stopped. “Mind if I come in?” Sydney asked, just before stepping inside on her own. Her short, fiery red hair was just a little bit messy, but she probably had a long day. She was wearing a casual outfit that, unwillingly, did not fail to highlight her abundant curves: a tight black t-shirt that surely had seen better days, a pair of shorts slightly ripped on the back, leaving her thick legs mostly bare and black flip-flops at her feet, matching the colour of her painted toenails. I tried not to focus on that detail and made room for her in the corridor. “Nice place” Sydney said, making her way through my house, and looking around curiously. “Your place is indeed quite roomy… and it’s all yours?” she asked. I nodded and the girl giggled. “You’re quite lucky! I don’t know what I’d give for a place like this, all for myself, to use however I please and doing whatever I want… This way, right?” she said, heading confidently to the living room. I followed just after, still impressed by her unbelievable self-confidence. As soon as she entered the room, Sydney immediately went for the couch and she let herself drop on it, exhaling, and propping her feet on the tea table right in front of the TV. Then, she grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. In the same moment, I received a text on my phone and, when I saw who sent it, I must have inadvertently smiled, because Sydney immediately noticed it. “Who texted you? Is it the pretty girl you like, I wonder…?” she asked teasingly, knowing damn well the answer. I don’t know how she knew it: probably she interrogated repeatedly one of my friends until it came out. Typical. I hopelessly tried to deny it, without success. “Y’know, I can give you a help with her, if you tell me what she said. I’m quite good with love affairs… Who knows, maybe I’ll help you score a date!” she exclaimed, giggling. I immediately put down the phone, leaving it on a shelf beside me. “Thanks, but I’ll prefer to handle this on my own”, I replied, hiding my embarrassment. Knowing her, I could only imagine the kind of advice she was going to give me, and there was no way on earth that I’d follow what she said. “Too bad for you, then” she replied, resuming her channel surfing. With her eyes fixed on the screen, she casually crossed her legs and started dangling her flip-flop over the table. “You know what would be nice? Some snacks. Maybe you could bring something?” she asked me, absentmindedly. I complied to my guest’s request and headed to the kitchen. I put popcorn in the microwave and set the timer to three minutes, thinking about how I could handle the embarrassing night that was awaiting me in the living room.

The popcorn was seconds away from being ready when Sydney’s voice echoed through the corridor: “Can you come here a second? I have a question for you…”. I made my way back to the living room, expecting some trivial question about the TV controls or something like that. Instead, what I saw when I entered the room was Sydney, standing in front of the couch, with my phone in her hands and a broad smile on her lips. I turned pale as I remembered I didn’t set the password and my phone was free to unlock. “At first, I just wanted to read what you have been writing to this girl – you made me too curious, how could I resist? But then, I noticed that you left your browser open and saw, well… This!”. Barely containing laughter, she held my phone in front of me, and my heart began beating furiously. On the screen, there was a picture of a beautiful, half-naked, giant woman about to crush a little person under her foot. I couldn’t believe it: It had to be a nightmare. That was supposed to be my secret, a little fantasy that was meant to be… private. But I was stupid enough to make the mistake of leaving my browser history, and now the least reliable person on Earth knew about it. “Idiot, idiot, idiot! Why did you let this happen? Why with her around?” I thought to myself, as I turned red. Recognising my shame, Sydney’s smile broadened even more, knowing that she hit the mark: “Looks like someone has a hidden side with weird kinks… And plenty of them, judging by the pictures that follow…”. I tried to make up some excuse – that I was redirected by a spam site, that I didn’t intentionally searched it… But I’m a terrible liar, and Sydney was so confident that what she said was the truth, that I couldn’t possibly dissuade her. “Don’t worry, I won’t make fun of you… Much. But… Giantesses? Really? That must be the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of”. I insisted that she gave me back my phone and tried to take it from her hands, but she swiftly stepped back on the other side of the table, putting some distance between us: “I’m not done: you haven’t heard my question yet!”. She tapped a few times on the glowing screen of my phone, hiding her actions from my eyes. Then, she turned again the screen on my direction: this time, it displayed a diagram of my own body, registering my blood pressure, height, weight, pulse, and so on. I knew it perfectly, because I was the one who set it in the first place, and I worried, because I knew what she was pointing at me. And it didn’t take too long for her to figure out what it was. “I don’t know how you found this, or how it is even possible, but there is a button to decrease the user’s size. It’s set on 2,24 cm, a suspiciously precise size, so it must have been used at least once. You… made yourself small… with this, didn’t you?” She laughed out loud, as I lowered my eyes. “I could decide to overlook those weird pictures, but this… beats it for sure. Maybe you even spied on someone with this, who knows!” Sydney kept her eyes on me, with a smug smile on her face: she felt like a detective solving the case, enjoying the rush of the power she had over me for that incriminating evidence. I denied, and tried to reach out for my phone, but she took it away once again: “Hold up. Try to get any closer and I’ll press this button right away!”. I froze in place, terrified. “That’s better. Now, let’s see… Maybe you should learn to keep your secret better. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone else find it out like I did… Especially not your crush, here, right? I wonder what she’d say if she were to see this stuff…” she said, grinning, and lowering her eyes on my phone again. I was assaulted by panic: she wouldn’t do it… right? Even she had limits, why would she do it? Perhaps just to punish me… or to humiliate me? Slowly, she reached for the glowing touch screen with her fingers. I could let that happen. I had to risk. I lunged desperately, trying to snatch it from her hands. Almost as if she knew it in advance (or as if she planned it…?), she looked at me, satisfied, and, promptly shoving me aside, she pressed the button.


No way!” Sydney exclaimed, only a few seconds later. Her deafening voice was the first sign that it had worked. Already afraid of what was expecting me, I looked up and saw her, completely engulfing my whole field of view. Sydney, usually, was just a normal girl, but, seeing her at that impossibly huge size, she looked like a superior being. Knowing that I was at the mercy of someone with that much power over me was a terrible feeling on its own, but knowing “that someone” was her, it was even worse. She was looking down at me wide-eyed, a shocked expression on her face. “Wow, I can’t believe it worked! And you kept something that powerful on your phone?! I guess you feel kinda stupid now, don’t you?” she boomed. The girl seemed uncomfortable with her new perspective, and she ominously moved a step in my direction, trying to approach my diminutive body. The impact of her gargantuan flip-flop, crashing on the floor only a few centimetres away from me, made me lose my balance. “Oh gosh, you’re really small!” Sydney exclaimed, genuinely surprised by her own size. The surprise lasted only a few second, before a grin appeared on her face: “So this is what your fantasies are all about, huh? Being small in front of a giant woman? Weird… Now that I am the protagonist of such fantasy, I feel both embarrassed and weirded out at the same time”. She got down on her knees taking a closer look: Her huge face became even bigger, inspecting me with her deep, dark eyes, her lips curled in a mix of pride and superiority and a few locks of her dark red hair falling on her soft cheeks. “Please!” I screamed at the top of my lungs “I’m sorry for trying to get my phone back, you can have it! You can look at everything you want and make fun of me all you want, but please let me grow back to normal, it’s terrifying down here, I— “. Sydney suddenly interrupted me: “Terrifying? I thought you liked it! Is it because of me? You’ll make me sad if you say I’m not good enough as a giantess…” she said, pouting. “Anyway, since it’s still movie night and we… I mean, I can use your big house as I please. It would be a waste not to have some fun together, wouldn’t you say? After all, you surely won’t mind the company of a big girl like myself”. She sighted, and lowered one of her gigantic hands on me, pinning me between her fingers. She lifted me on the small table and, like she did before, she propped her feet on it. The ominous sight of the foam sole of her flip-flops, tall as mountains and dirty from all the walking of her day, made me understand how much in danger I was, and how little she cared. “Maybe you can be useful despite your size… Are you any good with massages? I sure would like one now”: as she spoke, she slightly tilted the tip of her footwear, letting in dangle above me and revealing the smooth sole of her gargantuan foot. The slightly tanned wall of flesh looked soft, like an enormous, pink pillow. It almost looked… attractive? I snapped back to reality, realising I was fantasizing about Sidney’s foot. No, how could I?! She was a terrible person! She shrank me! I couldn’t let her tease me like that, not even for a second! I couldn’t give her the satisfaction of taking advantage of my secret. All of a sudden, Sydney got up, looking me sternly: “Oh, I almost forgot. You haven’t been a nice host, tonight”. She placed her hands on her hips, more imposing than before: “I asked for some snacks and you brought me nothing to eat! That was rude, you know?”. She let out a sigh: “Whatever, I’ll take it myself, just show me where is the kitchen. Don’t worry, I forgive you for your mistake. Maybe I’m feeling merciful, tonight”.


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