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Dollhouse in the Closet
By Supernova


Cheap wallpaper crinkled off the splintery wooden boards lining the relatively spacious living room. After licking her hand and smearing it over the back of the paper, Hailey smacked the flowery pattern back in its place. “See? It looks kind of normal now.” She admired the wall as she smeared the gluey residue on her white babydoll tee shirt. Noticing one of her long, brown hairs was stubbornly stuck to her hand, she peeled it off gently before letting it fall to the ground. “It feels like a giant stamp.”

“Looks gorgeous, babe!” Addison blurted, her blonde locks covering the side of the oversized couch. “But where are the fucking drinks!” Paige and Callie, each on their own comically mismatched piece of furniture, squealed in agreement. “Haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiilllleeeey!” Paige whined, her head literally hanging upside-down off the hot pink lounge chair, her pale legs sticking in the air and kicking. “Haaaaaaaaaaaillleeeeyyyy! Drinks!”

Rolling her eyes and smirking, Hailey traipsed out of the room, the floor boards creaking below her bare feet, giggling excitedly. In the kitchen, she leaned over and unlatched a jewelry box the size of a freezer trunk and grunted as she retrieved three beer cans, each the size of her forearm. Cradling them in her arms like a baby, she bit her lip and exhaled sharply as she slammed them on the plastic table in the middle of the room, almost tripping on the big, black switch that lit all the miniature Christmas lights hung throughout the house. 


“Drinks, bitches!” Hailey shouted as she grabbed the tab of one of the cans with a white-knuckled fist and pulled back as hard as she could. A white jet of foamy beer exploded upwards, soaking the ceiling, the walls, and Hailey. The wallpaper drooped down before it peeled off yet again, but the girls didn’t pay any attention to it as they all screamed gleefully.

Callie pointed right at Hailey’s chest with a wide grin on her face. “Girl! Are you too good for a bra now? You look like you could win a wet tee shirt contest!” Hailey grew red and tipped another large beer can at her before pulling the tab and ejecting an explosion of foamy yellow beer in her direction, covering her. “Now look!” Hailey smiled widely at Callie as her bright red hair fell flat and dark as it was covered in the amber liquid.

Callie giggled as she wiped her soaking wet face. “I’m wearing black, dumbass, at least you can’t see my nipples!”

Addison leaned over and picked up one of the massive cans of bee. “Well your eyeliner is running, Cal, now you look like some wrist-cutting emo bitch who just got dumped!”

“You mean like Tess?” Callie shot back, causing all of them to burst into laughter.

“Tess? Come on, my sister isn’t cool or pretty enough to have a boyfriend to dump her in the first place.” Hailey said as she tipped over the beer can, spilling most of it on the ground as she attempted to pour it into an immense red Solo cup. Beer spread all over the wooden floor as the can rolled off the plastic table.

“This is getting kinda mean.” Paige noted as she carefully poured her share into her own cup, her white blonde bob and pink blouse still untouched by the torrent of beer.

Hailey watched the can roll and spill, thankful that the cleanup could be done with a swipe of a paper towel later. “Pfft. It’s not like that bitch can hear us anyway. She doesn’t even know we’re here.”

“But how do you know? She could have heard us sneaking in!” Paige’s brow furrowed.

Addison raised a dark eyebrow. Look, we snuck in, shrunk down, and now we’re inside a dollhouse inside a closet across the house. We did all we could do. She can’t hear shit. She doesn’t know shit. And plus, what’s she gonna do?” She took a sip and smiled. “Whine at us that we’re up past bedtime? Call Hailey’s mommy and tell on us?”


“She doesn’t even know that shrinking is, like, a thing.” Hailey said. “First of all, the closet has a spring or something so it closes by itself. Second of all, it wouldn’t even occur to her to look inside the dollhouse. I even glued the sides shut so it can’t be opened. It’s like a real house all to ourselves. That’s why we’re here. It’s really the only place we can chill without her fucking bothering us.”

“Look, can we, like, not talk about that weird bitch please” Callie said as she tried to wipe her running eyeliner. “Is there a bathroom here? There’s no running water or anything. Is there a mirror anywhere I can use?”

Hailey pointed out the doorway. “Down the hall and to the left. I put, like, a few thimbles of water we can use for whatever and, uh, for the bathroom I just punched a hole through the floor in there. It’s not like you can use a fake toilet. Make sure you don’t fall in, you clumsy bitch.” Callie smirked and pointed a middle finger up as she walked through the threshold.


“So, uh, can you give us a tour of this place?” Asked Paige, meekly. “It honestly feels kinda like it’s haunted or something.”

Addison scoffed. “Haunted by what? Toy ghosts?”

“Look, this place is kinda creeping me out. It’d just be less creepy if I knew what was upstairs.” Paige fiddled with her fingers.

Hailey rolled her eyes. “Fine, Paige, let’s go upstairs. It’s where I put the ring anyway.”

As the three of them were hoisting their wobbling bodies from their seats, a loud thump lightly shook the house, causing all of them to jump in shock.

“What the fuck was that?” Paige bit her lip.

Addison grinned and shouted. “Callie! Did you fall in the toilet hole?”

Another thump echoed throughout the house followed by the sound of an immense door opening.

Paige’s eyebrows twisted in worry. “Holy shit, Tess is in the room. She knows we’re here.”

Hailey looked down at her shorter friend. “Paige. She doesn’t know shit. Relax. I’m just pissed she’s even in my room to begin with.”

Arms crossed in annoyance, Addison scowled. “Why would she be in your room, anyway?”

A larger-than life voice boomed from outside, accompanied by the sounds of paper ruffling. “Ugh, where is it?”

“She’s digging through my shit!” Hailey screamed. “What the fuck!”

“Shh! She’ll hear you!” Paige grabbed her.

“Hey! Tess! We’re in here! We’re inside the dollhouse! Tess come here!” Addison screamed at the top of her lungs. “Tess!” She slumped her shoulders and smugly sneered at her friend. “See? We’re inside a dollhouse inside a fucking closet, Paige. She can’t. Hear. Shit.”

“And besides, she’s just my sister. I’d just have to shrink her and she’d.” Hailey sighed. “She’d just join us for the rest of the night.”

“Where is that shrinking ring anyway?” Addison asked.

“I hoisted it upstairs to the bedroom. It can’t shrink itself so I just wanted it out of the way.”

The thumping and ruffling sounds continued. Tess's high-pitched voice sounded massive, even beyond the closet door. “Ugh. I’m gonna have to call her. Fucking bitch definitely stole it.” The sound of fingernails lightly clattering against a phone screen continued for several seconds before Hailey’s eyes widened.

“Oh shit.”

One of the default Iphone ringtones blasted right next to the dollhouse, the vibration clattering against the wall.

“You didn’t put your phone on silent?” Addison screamed.

“I’m sorry!” Hailey shouted back.

“What the fuck?” Tess asked from Hailey’s room.

Paige dived towards the switch that illuminated the house and clicked it into the off position, coinciding with the obvious sound of the closet door swinging open.

Now shrouded in complete darkness, Addison, Paige, and Hailey all held their breaths as they saw Tess's gigantic silhouette shadow over the windows, followed by a sound of phones clattering next to each other.

“What… the fuck is this?” Tess repeated, sounding angry.

Paige whimpered “She has our phones.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Addison whispered through clenched teeth.

A burst of extremely bright light, brighter than the sun, lit up the living room of the dollhouse. The three girls all shielded their eyes from the flashlight on Tess's phone as they all heard a colossal scream from outside.

“Oh my fucking god! Hailey is that you? What the fuck! Why are you so small? What the fuck are you doing in the dollhouse? Paige? Addison?” Tess breathed heavily before laughing. “Oh, holy shit. This is fucking crazy.” Hailey couldn’t see anything other than a searing white light still blasting them from beyond the window.

The light turning off was almost as shocking as the entire ground shaking. Two loud cracks shook the walls before the floor began wobbling, boat-like, as if floating in midair. Thunderous footsteps crashed below them as the three all held on to each other.

“What’s she doing?” Paige screamed. 


“She’s carrying the house! She’s fucking carrying the whole fucking dollhouse!” Addison replied.

The hallway outside jumped rhythmically as Tess carried both the house and the phones, turned a corner, and placed the house gently on top of her bed.

An immense hazel eye peeked into the front window. Hailey, still blinking clarity back into her cloudy field of vision, could still make out every massive detail of her sister’s eye.

Shaking and standing, Hailey approached the window and yelled “Tess. Look. You can join us, but you have to put the house back.” Her voice quivered, talking to a tremendous human being was much more jarring than she had anticipated.

Tess, leaned forward so her pointy, flared nose almost touched the window “How the fuck did you get so small, Hailey? Why didn’t you tell me? What’s going on?”


“Look, we’re just having a little get-together. We thought it’d be fun if we had some giant drinks and-”


“And without telling me. Avoiding me. As fucking usual. How did you get so small, anyway?” Tess's voice shook as her jaw quivered.


“There’s a shrinking device upstairs in the bedroom of the dollhouse. You can use it yourself! Just shrink down to, like, our height and we can talk this over.” Hailey’s chest jumped as Addison shot her a look.

Whispering through grit teeth, Addison’s brow contorted, showing extreme anger. “What the fuck are you doing, Hailey. Why did you just tell her where the--”

A loud crash shook them both as Tess's hand crunched through the second floor window, grabbing the shrinking device, a platinum band with three pink heart-shaped jewels encrusted in a triangle shape. “Thanks for telling me!” Twirling it between her fingers, she mused “Let’s test it!”


Stacking the four phones on top of each other in front of the dollhouse, Tess squinted her eyes and clicked one of the jewels down. Nothing happened. “Is this fucking thing broken?” Clicking another jewel down, a bright pink flash blinded her for a split second and the stack of phones were now just centimeters tall. Tess gasped sharply.

“Hailey. This thing is so fucking awesome!” She giggled. “And since I didn’t even know you were in this house, I know no one else knows you’re here.”


Pinching the stack of phones between her pointer finger and thumb right in front of the window. She pinched hard enough for the phones to creak, crack, then finally shatter.

“And now no one will.”

Hailey screeched. “Tess! Why would you do that? What are you doing?” Her heart rate exploded. She could already feel a cold bead of sweat drip down the side of her face.

Tess, her pale face just inches from the dollhouse, squinted angrily and spat out “You think I want to go in there and do whatever the fuck you’re doing? With those bitches? No. I’m not joining you.” The immense girl’s voice was thick with tension. “You’re going to join me for once.” Slamming her hand through the front window, Tess's fingers attempted to grip any of the girls within the dollhouse’s living room.

Paige, Hailey, and Addison all screamed in unison as they shot up and gunned for the kitchen in the back of the house, only to be met with Tess's giant face at the back window. Her pale, thin hand crashed through the window again and her fingers, thick as tree trunks, groped the floor looking for them, forcing the girls to run down the hall screaming. Paige, shaking upon seeing the tremendous fingertips head straight for her, tripped on the beer can rolling on the floor and screeched as Tess grabbed for her. “AIIYEEEE! TESS! STOP!” Crawling backwards, Paige managed to slip from Tess's grip and retreat through the hall on her hands and knees, following Addison and Hailey.

A crash and a terrified screech burst from across the house. “TESS! STOP THIS TESS!”

Hailey stared out the window in stunned silence as she saw Callie, her makeup still smeared, hoisted up into the air with her left leg pinched between Tess's fingers. She couldn’t help but scream “TESS! LET HER GO! LET HER GO! PLEASE!” until her voice felt hoarse.

“Let her go? I ruined my nice dollhouse for this and you want me to stop playing with it? Come on, Hailey.” Tess spread her legs out on the bed so the dollhouse was positioned between her knees before reaching her hand down to rub her crotch over her denim short-shorts. Holding the tiny girl upside down in front of her nose, Tess crossed her hazel eyes and stared down at the tiny, damp redhead. “Hi, Callie.”

Paige rolled up in a ball, weeping. Addison sat next to her, rubbing her back, whispering “It’s gonna be okay, don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine.”

Hailey stared out the dollhouse window, tinnitus now ringing in her ears. Blinking, she began to feel dizziness overtake her. Why’s Tess doing that? Why’s she rubbing between her legs? Her mind blanked out, static where her thoughts should be.

Tess repositioned herself. The house shifted as Tess kneeled down and unbuttoned, unzipped, and hooked off both her panties and her shorts at the same time, kicking them across the room. She then grabbed her tee shirt and ripped it off in one swoop before deftly unhooking her bra and flinging it away.

Overcome with disgust, Hailey dropped to her knees and vomited foamy beer on the ground. Her little sister’s pale, naked form now stretching before her, her whole body shivered to the point of agony. Looking behind her, she saw Addison, her eyes red and welling up with tears and Paige, covering her face with her palms, bawling loudly. Addison stared right into her eyes, communicating an emotion she’s never experienced before. Anger? Blame?

The dollhouse between Tess's knees again, the three tiny girls could see the immense girl’s crotch framed by two tremendous milk-pale thighs. Her right hand swirling over her pink clitoris, her left hand gently gripping tiny Callie. The coils of curly brown hairs jumped in the same rhythm as her stroking.

Addison asked, with an uncanny emotionlessness to her voice “Why is she doing this, Hailey?” as she continued to comfort Paige, who remained overcome with emotion.

Her ears still ringing, Hailey tried to speak, but only dry heaved as she heard her sister’s sexual moan from outside the house. Tess breathed deeply and passionately as the wet sounds from her masturbating quickened, though Callie’s horrified screaming overshadowed it. “Ungh.” Tess grunted as her hips bucked. Hailey couldn’t help but stare, her mind still dead, not knowing what to even think. She could see her sister’s vagina leaking with wetness, her labia large and wrinkly just like hers, subtly shifting up and down as she started rapidly, almost harshly, rubbed her fingers around her clit.

“Hailey. Hailey!” Addison repeated, only barely audible to her. Completely fixated on the now-wet curls of dark brown pubic hair, Hailey could only feel a lingering sense of nausea before screaming as loudly and harshly as she could as Tess's left hand, Callie in tow, descended between her legs.

Hearing Callie’s screams muffled by Tess's vagina sent a wave of disgust through Hailey’s body, forcing her to feel like her skin was covered in ants. Jumping backwards, she fell over Paige and Addison as she wept and screamed relentlessly. Knowing her friend was now plunged into her sister’s pussy caused her vision to blur, forcing Hailey to slap her own cheek to avoid passing out. Running her fingers through her hair, almost scratching her scalp, Hailey rocked back and forth, humming to herself.

“UNGH!! Ahhh! Yessss.” Tess hissed. “Squirm up my cunt. Struggle. Yesssssss. Ahhhhnn.” Her sister’s sexual moaning forced her to dry heave, but nothing was coming up. She could still hear Paige’s harsh weeping and, oddly enough, feel the presence of Addison’s silence.

“Ohhh yesss. Ungh.” Tess continued to moan. “Don’t worry girls.” She whispered breathily. “You’ll all get a turn.”

Hailey’s stomach churned painfully before she let out another belch of foamy vomit. The tinnitus ringing in her ear like microphone feedback, Hailey, now with bags under her eyes and noticeably paler than she was earlier, got up to her feet, her knees shaking violently. She grit her teeth, knowing she needed to at least attempt to help her friend. Hugging the wall for balance, she put one foot in front of the other, feeling like the dollhouse was spinning. Finally in the front living room, she leaned through the shattered front window and screamed “Tess! You have to stop this! Tess! Let her go!”

The slick sounds coming from her sister’s crotch stopped abruptly. Tess leaned forward, towering over the house like a mountain, her normally pale skin now blush with pink splotches. “Was that my sister?”

“It’s me, Tess. Please. Let her go.”

“I’ll tell you what, bitch.” Tess pinched Callie’s legs and slid her from her pussy, her body shivering and, luckily, coughing. Hailey was somewhat relieved the assault didn’t kill her. “I’ll let her go if you leave that house and spend some time with me. For once in your life.”

Hailey gulped. Watching Callie’s shivering body drip with Tess's pussy fluids filled her with a sense of doom, as if she couldn’t stop the inevitable.


Tess's eyebrows lifted. “Really?”

Hailey opened the front door of the dollhouse and let go of the door frame. Stumbling after stepping on the soft surface of Tess's bed, she waved her arms to keep herself from tripping. Craning her neck upwards, she could see the underside of her sister’s knees, hovering above menacingly. The aroma of Tess’s fluids hung heavy in the air.

“Come on, just a little closer.” Tess whispered as Hailey continued to walk forward.

A shocking burst of movement sent Hailey flying backwards, landing on the soft cushioning below. She gasped as she looked upwards, her sister’s breasts drooping downwards over her as an immense arm reached into the front door of the house. From within, Hailey heard screaming.

“I got ‘em!” Tess cheered as her wrist dragged against the floor of the dollhouse. Hailey’s jaw dropped as she saw the heads of her three friends poking out from between her sister’s fingers. Her eyes widened before she could react to Tess’s left hand descending upon her.

Now within a pair of cupped hands, the four girls look up at Tess’s immense face. The walls and floor smelling strongly of Tess’s dirty pussy, an almost fishy scent assaults their nostrils. Paige continues weeping, Addison stares up with tears silently running from her eyes, Callie, still soaked with Tess’s fluids, curled up with a blank expression on her face, and Hailey can’t keep her jaw from shaking. An explosive shattering sound blasts from below as Tess violently kicks the whole dollhouse off her bed.

“That’s enough of that shit.” Tess licked her thin, pink lips.

Now squeezing the four of them tightly together in her fist, their breasts pressed together so hard they could barely breathe, Tess whispered over their tiny faces, blasting her rank, humid breath over them. Their hair blew back as the words left her lips. “You girls all hanging out together will finally be fun for me.”

Heading downwards, past her small breasts, past her belly button, Callie, with one of Tess’s long pubic hairs stuck to her face, whimpered “No. Not again. Not again. Please, not again.”

Looking forward, Hailey almost vomited again as she saw her own sister’s fat pussy lips spread wide open, cords of vagina fluid connecting one end to the other. Paige continued crying and shouted “No! No! Please, no! Let me go! No, no, no, please!” as she struggled, elbowing and shoving the other girls. Addison remained still and silent.

They all experienced Tess’s hot, leaking crotch sliding over them together. Callie, Paige, Addison, and Hailey all lost composure in the same moment. Feeling their friend’s bodies pressed against them and being wrapped in the vagina of a psychotic teenager caused an uncanny unity in their reactions. 


Complete and utter disgust and panic burst through their bodies as they experienced their faces being plunged into Tess’s pussy. They screamed, resulting in bubbles of hot vagnal slime overwhelming their tiny faces. Elbowing and kicking each other as the walls leaked and constricted around them, they suffered scratches and blows as they panicked in the confined, dark space. They glided over the mess of tangled limbs effortlessly as Tess’s pussy lubricated them more with each movement.

Gripping their wet ankles like a bouquet, Tess plunged them deeply and slid them out rhythmically. In the throes of sexual pleasure, the wet, consistent plopping sounds combined with their complete submission and terror inspired her into her first orgasm of the night. Shivering and gritting her teeth with several waves of satisfaction coursing through her, she bucked her hips upward and rolled her eyes up into her head. Collapsing on the bed, she allowed the four tiny girls to slide out of her pussy to catch their breath, making sure none of them pass out or die. After hearing a few squeaky chokes and screams, Tess slid the four of them back up her wet pussy and continued forcing them to fuck her.

Hailey’s mind was in complete frenzy. The sensation of her own sister’s vagina sliding over her face was too much for her sanity to bear. She had never before experienced the choke of true panic before, all she could even think to do is thrash and scream. Gamy, thick fluid soaked into her hair, forced its way up her nose and down her throat. Tasting it, Hailey’s gut forced out another glob of vomit, mixing it with the fluid around her, coating her and her friends with another slimy fluid. Bright flashes of light pulsed through her field of vision despite the complete darkness. In the deepest part of her mind, she knew that she was still pressed against Callie, Addison, and Paige, but she couldn’t truly comprehend the fact, she kicked, and punched without abandon. The walls continued to slide over and over again, the fists and knees and elbows clobbered her as the slimy walls pulsed all around.

Sucking two fingers to cover them with her saliva, Tess reached forward, below the girls’ feet, and swirled them over her ass. Now smitten with nothing but sexual desire, she decided she was feeling adventurous enough to plunge those fingers knuckle-deep up her anus. “Ungh! Yeah!” Savoring the dirtiness of it, she probed around up her rectum and relished feeling the struggle of the girls from the other side of the thin fleshy wall. Pressing against the side of her rectum, she could feel their knees and elbows poking at the inside of her vagina as she stuck her fingers far up her ass.

Tess bucked on her bed, leaking a wet spot on to the blanket below her, feeling her sister and her friends fight for their lives between her legs. Shoving them as deep as she could, she finally let go of their ankles and pressed her thighs together. Rolling around on the bed, she relished in their struggles, moaning and breathing heavily, knowing she had complete power over them while humiliating them so deeply and so thoroughly. Gripping and biting her pillow, glistening with sweat, she continued relishing the tangle of bodies within her.

Sliding her fingers as far into her ass as she could, Tess could swear she could feel the vibration from their screams on her fingertips. She felt more powerful than she ever had in her life as she spread her fingers as far as she could go, stretching herself out, planning her next move.

After shivering with another orgasm, Tess deflated. Slumping down in spot of her own leakage and sliding her fingers out of her ass, she almost passed out, but she knew if she fell asleep, the girls would die. Groaning, she leaned forward on her bed and squatted down. Biting her lip, she exhaled as she felt each of them slowly slide down and out of her drenched pussy, landing softly on the bed below.

Hailey slid out of her sister’s vagina, landing on top of Callie’s limp body with a plop. Addison landed on top of her, and Paige landed last. All of them, coughing and covered in a thick layer of Tess’s slime, they couldn’t do anything but lay limp in an exhausted, drained pile. Paige, now on all fours, tried crawling forward, still with Tess’s vagina hovering overhead, but her arms gave out and she collapsed while puking out a stomachful of pussy fluid, her chest landing in it.

Addison wiped the slime off her face, but it was too thick to truly get it out of her stinging eyes. Callie laid on her back with her eyes open, holding a blank, emotionless expression. The four of them managed to crawl away from each other, but only an inch or two, before collapsing. Hailey also vomited on her sister’s bed, the nausea now explosively painful.

“So.” exclaimed Tess excitedly. “Who’s ready for my ass?”

The four simply writhed, the bright light a stark contrast from the darkness of Tess’s crotch.

“Oh, come on. I stretched myself out for you!” Tess said, still squatting over them, squeezing her ass cheeks and spreading them as far apart as she could, intentionally puckering her loosened anus over the four tiny girls.

Hailey stared at the flexing asshole hovering above. Her sister. She knew she couldn’t resist. If she was going up there, there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop it, so when Tess grabbed her by her torso, she didn’t react. She just hung her head low with her wet hair hanging in her face.

“Aww, Hailey!” Tess held her in front of her nose, sniffing hard. “You smell dirty.” ”

As Tess was reaching behind her, Hailey puked again. Bubbly pussy fluid spread over her sister’s fingers, dripping below. Looking upward, her neck ached. Her face drooped, unable to scream or cry as she saw her sister’s fleshy ring approach. Now extremely close, she could see the tiny, dark hairs surrounding the wrinkly hole before a primal sense of panic overtook her body for a second time. The scent burned her nostrils. It was rank, but in a way she experienced more as poison than anything. Wet, slimy sounds filled her ear drums as she screamed, her throat burning with soreness, as her own sister’s anus spread over her face, sliding over her neck, and stretching over her shoulders. The sensation of hot, slick, tight flesh forced her to scream again, she couldn’t escape from her own reality, a second wind of disgust coursed through her. She just wished she’d die.

Closing her eyes and exhaling strongly, Tess smiled. “Ahh, I knew you had more in you. Squirm, bitch. Taste my shithole.”

Hailey screeched as her knees passed her sister’s rectum. Attempting to grip any of the tight walls proved impossible. Feeling her sister’s finger pressed up against the soles of her feet, she grit her teeth, waved her arms, and, once her feet finally slipped through, she kicked.

“Ahhhhhh” Tess breathed. “She’s really fighting up there.”

Plopping her ass down on the bed with the three remaining girls between her legs, she looked down. Raising her eyebrows, puckering her lips, and rubbing her chin, she saw they were moving a bit more than earlier. Squinting her eyes and looking up, she mused. “Hmmmm!” she hummed in a mocking tone. Spreading her thighs as widely as she could, sticking her knees in the air, and showing them her wrinkly asshole, she spread her cheeks with her hands as far as they could go.

“Go get her.”

The three just sat up and stared. Motionless. Fluid soaked into their clothes, they held completely blank expressions. Tess slumped and sighed, picking Callie up by her left arm. Holding her above her head, Tess looked up at her, opened her mouth as slowly and as widely as possible. She stuck out her wet, white-coated tongue and lowered Callie’s tiny body as slowly as she could. Callie, experiencing a second wind of her own, screeched as loudly as she could. Pounding against Tess’s pointer finger until her fist pulsed with pain, Callie coughed up a glob of pussy fluid. “No! Don’t eat me!” She coughed again. “Stop! Don’t eat me! Stop this Tess! Stop!”

Callie’s foot slid against the bumpy, slick surface of Tess’s tongue. Heavy, moist air lingered over her tiny body as Tess let go, causing the tiny redhead to fall down the immense slick surface like a slide. Trying to grip the soft taste buds, Callie could only scream as Tess’s lips closed. Uttering only “No, no, no please!” before she was muffled by saliva and darkness, Callie felt the pressure of Tess’s palate press her into the scum below.

Tess looked down at the tiny Paige and Addison, still sitting between her thighs in stunned silence, and swallowed hard. A small lump noticeably slid down her throat, disappearing behind her breasts.

Addison and Paige hugged each other hard, gasping, tears running down their cheeks.

The immense girl, laying backwards, grabbed her ass cheeks again and spread. “If you don’t go get her, you’ll end up like Callie. Now go save my sister. She’s still struggling real good up there.”


Tess closed her eyes and smiled as she felt tiny hands tickling her asshole after only a few seconds. Biting her lower lip, she let out a breathy moan as one of the tiny girls stuck her whole arm or something up her sweaty ass.

Addison reached as far as she could, wincing in disgust, fishing to feel anything that might be Hailey. Her heart beating, her stomach in knots, Addison knew she had to dive in deeper to find her friend. Now with both arms in, she stuck her head deep in Tess’s anus to reach even further. Thrusting forward, holding her breath, she felt Paige grip her legs to push her in even further.

Addison, now heaving with disgust, thrashed her arms desperately for Hailey’s ankles in the hot, tight darkness of Tess’s rectum. Her heart jumped as her fingertips touched something solid. Still fighting a supreme sense of disgust, Addison lunged forward and tried catching Hailey’s foot, but she slipped.

Hailey, noting the distinct feeling of a hand rubbing against her sole, tried pushing away from the soft, slick flesh with her arms. With barely any grip against the pulsating walls, Hailey tried a swimming motion backwards, the walls having just enough give for just enough time for Hailey to feel two hands crushing her left ankle with a death grip.

Kicking her legs as a signal, Paige leaned backwards, sliding Addison out of Tess’s tight hole. Shaking with anxiety, the tiny blonde gripped as hard as she could, leaning backwards, grimacing watching Addison’s upper half slide through the tremendous anus. Squelching sounds send waves of horror through her body as she drops Addison’s legs on the ground, holding her wet, foul-smelling torso and pulling as hard as she could, helping her pull Hailey from Tess’s tight rectum.

Gasping, Hailey screamed as soon as she was plucked from her sister’s ass. Covering her face with her slimy hands, she screeched with more intensity than she ever has in her life. Her voice cracked painfully. She gripped her hair. “I can’t take this. I can’t take this anymore.”

Addison, her eyes now blood red, her face white as a ghost, slumped on the ground in front of her. “She ate her.”

“What?” Hailey coughed.

“She ate Callie. She just fucking swallowed her whole.” said Addison, as a shadow loomed over them.

Hailey’s heart felt as though it was on fire. The dizziness returned. She couldn’t do anything but embrace her crying friends. The three of them huddled in one hug and wept. Paige screamed. Tess’s giant hand descended upon them.

Now held in Tess’s slimy palm, Addison and Paige were ripped from Hailey’s grip. Tess licked her lips and exhaled.

Paige gasped and Addison shouted “Wait! Stop! You said you wouldn’t eat us if-”

Tess popped the two of them in her mouth and closed her lips immediately. Swishing the two girls around, Hailey shrieked as she saw her sister’s immense cheeks bulge with her friends’ struggles. Talking with her mouth full, Tess cheerily stated “Good! Kinda salty, but pretty good.”

Hailey screamed “You bitch! Fuck you!” before weeping in between Tess’s fingers. Slamming her hands down on her sister’s finger, Tess opened her mouth wide, gurgling screams echoing from the slick cavern. Craning her neck upwards, she saw both Addison and Paige soaked in her sister’s saliva, cords of mucus connecting their wet bodies to the palate above. “AAAIYEEE!! Hailey! Help! Please! Hailey!” howled Paige before Tess’s lips closed.

A loud, wet gulp caused Hailey to bite her lip so hard she tasted blood. Her chest jumped up and down as tears fell from her eyes. Her friends were gone. She let out a light, bubbly belch as she covered her mouth with her fist. “Oooh. Excuse me.” Tess smirked.

“Now it’s just you and me.” Tess looked down at her sister, leaning back, trembling on her palm. “I’ve had so much fun tonight. Do you want me to return the favor?”

“What the fuck are you talking about Tess? Why are you doing this? Throw them up! Please!”

“Oh, fuck off with that. I’m not you, I don’t throw up all the fucking time.” Tess positioned her fingers, thrusting her fingernails forward into a pincer position, forcefully grasping at Hailey’s tiny clothes. Easily ripping off her wet tee shirt and pants, Hailey laid completely naked on her sister’s hand. Trying in vain to cover herself, Hailey continued crying. Trying to kick her sister’s fingers away as they deftly gripped her ankle, she gasped as she was hung upside-down. Tess then grabbed Hailey’s other ankle and gently spread her legs apart, her head and soaked hair dangling downward.

Looking at her tiny sister’s crotch, Tess smiled. “Hey, your pussy looks like mine. I wonder if it tastes the same too.”

Hailey screeched “No! Stoooooooooooooooop!” as the warm wetness of Tess’s tongue slid down the inside of her thigh. As soon as the soft, wet, slimy surface reached her vagina, Hailey ejected another stomachful of vomit through her nose and mouth, feeling the sensation of drowning while still able to breathe. Moaning and choking at once, Hailey felt truly helpless as her sister’s tongue slid between her labia and oddly softly over her clitoris. “AAAAUUGHH! OH! UNGH!” Pornographic sounds were forced out of her as Tess’s tongue gently dabbed at her crotch.

“Tess! Stop this! Ungh! Stop now! Oh!”


“But it sounds like you’re having so much fun!” She said before slithering her tongue between her sister’s legs. 


Now sopping wet, Hailey’s vagina was leaking fluid of her own, much to her shame. Covering her face and weeping, she tried to cover up her loud moaning with screaming, but she failed. The false pleasure being forced from her was indistinguishable from pain. Her sister’s immense tongue was relentless, each lap felt like an eternity, causing her whole body to jump in reflex. Each time the tip caressed her pussy, the more the sexual sensation captivated her. She grew red, each of her breaths sounded like a sexual gasp. She felt the energy she wanted to release throughout this whole ordeal being let out against her will. Hailey had no willpower left to suppress her own moans. “Oh! Ungh! Oh! Oh! Ungh!” She could smell her sister’s foul breath as it puffed over her from giggling.

Shivering, Hailey’s mind sank into the pleasure her sister was forcing upon her. Saliva and vaginal fluid dripping down from between her legs spilled over her face, into her eyes, and up her nose. Lick after lick after lick, Hailey’s exhausted body reflexively pulsed until Hailey began shaking on her own. Releasing a deranged shriek-like moan from the deepest part of her throat, she surrendered to the wave of Hellish pleasure coursing through her. Her unwanted orgasm felt eternal, like fiery electricity destroying her from within. 

Tess relented. Smacking her lips together. “Hm… I still taste so much of your friends in my mouth, I can’t tell if your pussy tastes the same.” Cupping her hand again, Hailey fell to the side, limp. Blushed, she felt hotter than she should. Tears fell from her eyes. Drool fell from her mouth. Her mind felt like radio static.

“You know what’d probably make you happy?” Hailey didn’t move or look. She knew what her sister was going to say next.


“Seeing your friends one last time.”

Hailey laid down, still motionless, her body sapped of all energy. All will to resist. She was broken. The sense of ascent was purely physical. Any sense of fear was already chemically tapped out within her. As she watched her sister’s lips part, leading to a cave of slimy darkness and certain death, she just felt an utter sense of defeat. Tumbling down the clammy palm, Hailey abruptly stopped at Tess’s lower lip. The slick, deadly tongue slid along and dragged tiny Hailey into the dark pit.

Hailey remained completely limp as she was deposited on her sister’s saliva-coated tongue. Now sealed in wet darkness, she felt herself swept away in a torrent of bubbly spit. Now numb to the probing of the too-familiar tongue, she allowed herself to be swept to its rear. Now part of a cluster of mucus and saliva, a pulse of fear gripped her chest as a booming gulp accompanied a tight grip, dragging her downwards.

Feeling her sister’s esophagus glide around her, Hailey felt the urge to pass out. The slick, tight walls guiding her towards a massive stomach, the tiny girl just continued her surrender. She wanted to feel fear. She wanted to feel anything, but her body and mind were truly drained. The calm booming of Tess’s heart thundered into her bones, but still she just felt numbness.

The sphincter of Tess’s stomach entrance slimed over Hailey’s body as she fell face-first into a putrid, hot chamber full of agonized screams. Unable to tell which was Paige, Callie, or Addison, Hailey wouldn’t have the ability to help any of them deep within her sister’s gut anyway, so she sank in resignation. Burning, hot vomit now surrounded her body. Chunks of whatever she ate that day swallowing her as she sank. Only her face remained over the surface, her nostrils breathing in the burning, sour, puke-laden air. A violent churn pushed her in between two stomach wrinkles, propping her up and partially adhering her to the side with a thick wad of sticky mucus.

Searing pain began to take over from the numbness. First in the eyes, then in the nostrils, then in the lips. Hailey took in a breath of heavy air and coughed. For the first time since before being swallowed, she tried to move her own body. It proved impossible. Mucus bubbles and chunks of partially digested food dripped and trapped Hailey. The physical sensation covering her skin began to grow more stark. The screaming around her began to grow more broken and muffled with gurgling.

Her friends were dying. She was dying. Another cough, this one more painful than the last few. The numbness was fading fast. The pain was becoming undeniable.

Falling forward, Hailey grunted. As a wave of vomit slapped over her, she grunted. Her senses became much more sensitive, it was as if her skin was becoming covered in tiny paper cuts sprayed with lemon juice.

A bolus of food splattered from above. Hailey screamed in pain as her skin sloughed off with the landing. Upon realizing her death was imminent, the numbness completely faded from her system, abruptly replaced with a primal sensitivity, joining the chorus of gurgling screams within Tess’s stomach. Another chewed mass of food landed, causing Hailey to burst out another inhuman shriek. She grabbed her hair, only for her to feel it easily become detached from her scalp.

She wondered how her own sister could have been so full of hate to have done this. To doom her, Callie, Addison, and Paige to a truly disgusting, painful death. She tried to bite her lip, only to realize that it had already washed away in the acidic torrent. She tried to cover her eyes, gurgling in horror as her palms pressed against her bare eyeballs, as her eyelids were torn away.

After all the numbness, resignation, and primal panic, a sense of fear overtook all other emotions. Within the darkness where chewed food rained down from above, Hailey saw the bright flashes of light. Unable to see or close her eyes, she wondered if her sister’s acid had truly blinded her. Thrashing her arms, she couldn’t move under the weight of the thick vomit that coated every inch of her body. Sinking, she saw the bright lights again as the numbness finally won out. Submerged in an ocean of her own sister’s puke, the blackness that surrounded her turned to nothingness.

Tess crushed the dollhouse with her foot and quickly tossed it in the trash. It’d be long gone before mom would come home from her trip next week. Sighing, she took another bite of her grilled cheese sandwich, thinking that she’ll just say that Hailey fucked off with Addison and that group one day and never came back. It’s not like anyone would suspect her. Thumbing through her phone, passing over a bunch of terrible, unfunny Tiktoks, Tess went to her home screen and looked at the time. 2:05 AM. Rolling over, she shoved the rest of the sandwich into her mouth and took a few swigs of the water on her nightstand. After tossing the paper plate on the ground like a frisbee, Tess pulled the string on her lamp, laid down in her slightly moist bed, and shut her eyes, ignoring the groaning from her stomach.

The next day, Tess ruffled through her sister’s room, looking for that fucking Ipad that she must have taken. Digging through every drawer, tearing apart the closet, even scouring under the bed, she couldn’t find it. Sitting on Hailey’s bed, she felt the familiar sensation of tightness in her rear end, so she sighed, stood up, and walked to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she felt her anus spread open to let the long, brown log of shit ooze out before it landed in the cold water with a plop. Perking up, she remembered that it might be the last she sees of her sister. After wiping, she stood up and looked at the floating chunks with the toilet paper still in her hand.

She gasped and smiled widely. Tess clearly saw Addison and Paige’s bodies tied together, still in their little outfits, almost as if they’re embracing. Addison wearing her dumb outfit, her blonde hair tangled together with Paige’s. Sighing, she felt a pang of disappointment that she couldn’t find Hailey. Looking at the piece of shitty toilet paper in her hand, she deflated with relief, noting that there weren’t just one, but two bodies smeared over the soft wad of paper, but they were so fucked up she couldn’t tell which was which. Oh well.

After tossing the paper in the toilet, she smirked, flushed, washed her hands, and walked back to Hailey’s room to continue her search.


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