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Author's Chapter Notes:

The prologue detailing the events preciding the group's trip to Okinawa

      “The beach! One of, if not the best places on the face of the planet! A perfect location for families and extroverts alike. It’s also a really popular set piece used in manga and anime. However… as popular as it is, the beach is an AWFUL location for introverts! Searing hot temperatures, irritating sand, obnoxious people, and worst of all… forced social interaction! I resent the beach, and just thinking about all the idiots who actually enjoy wading around in some salty water disgusts me even more. Not to mention the fact that the beach is also extremely dangerous for micros, so much so that they have to be partitioned off in a special ‘micro only’ zone. In all honesty, the beach is already bad enough for normal-sized introverts, but for micro introverts… it’s both annoying and fatal. So… if that’s the case, then how the hell did I get roped into going!!” As the resentment of Tomoya’s voice permeated throughout the area as the group patiently waited at the airport’s waiting lounge. Outside the window was a scenic scene straight out of a travel brochure. Golden sands and gentle waves encompassed the entirety of the group’s vision as they stared excitedly out of wide airport windows. 


      “Cheer up Tomo!~ This is our first trip as an official club so of course we all had to come! And plus, if you’re so against going to the beach, then why didn’t you say anything earlier?” Megumi said, cheerfully, almost too cheerfully. Her voice seemed a tad bit slurred and it was easy to tell that this strange joyful attitude wasn’t a result of being in an exciting new location with all her friends.


      “First of all, I did ask! Before going, I went up to her and said these exact words: ‘Hey, so I know we’re going on a trip, but can you tell me where exactly we’re going?’ And you wanna know what response I got?! She said, ‘Don’t worry about it Tomoya! I’m sure that you’ll love it most out of everyone in the club!” He said angrily while pointing at a certain nerdy girl with green hair who was resting up at one of the airport lounge chairs. 

      “Welll~ I’m sure she was just trying to be considerate, hehe!” Megumi said.

      “Considerate, my ass! Oh and also! If this is supposed to be our first official trip as a club, then why is she here??” Tomoya then pointed at Sekira, who was cautiously trying to comfort the jet-lagged Rentaro, under the very observant gaze of his attendant.


      “Hehe~ That’s kind of a long story…”



-2 Weeks Ago-


      It was an average summer’s day and Megumi was on a pleasant outing with all the girls from the club… and Rentaro. After meeting up at the local mall, the group cheerfully went around until Megumi and Rentaro had passed by a very interesting kiosk with the words ‘Raffle’ written with big letters on the front.


      “You there! The handsome micro boy being carried around by that busty lady!” A spry looking middle-aged woman yelled out from the kiosk pointing roughly towards Rentaro, who was currently in the palm of Megumi’s hand, she was dressed in colorful festival clothes and was obviously the one in charge of the raffle kiosk. After being called out like that, he was genuinely flustered. Even if he was used to being complimented by girls, he couldn’t help but be flustered whenever an adult happened to flatter him (mostly because Rentaro was heavily into older women). Still flustered, Rentaro pointed at himself to make sure he was understanding things right. “Yes, you! Come on up and try your luck at the raffle! We have so many great prizes and the best part is: It’s completely free! Think of it as a special event for today’s customers.” She smiled brightly calling him over once again.


      Rentaro, despite believing that his luck was incredibly awful, had no reason to deny the free offer and Megumi was super excited to see if he could actually win something, so with the two of them bubbling with joyful optimism. With an eager smile on her face, Megumi placed Rentaro on the kiosk counter, in which he came face to face with the imposing lottery machine that was several times his size. And as he looked at it with a puzzled expression, the clerk had finally gotten the hint and tried to help him with this issue.


      Since Rentaro was a micro, it was physically impossible for him to spin the handle on the lottery machine meaning that he couldn’t get his raffle drawing, however, micros often visited this mall so something like this wasn’t exactly new. Picking him up with her mature hands, the clerk looked at Rentaro and placed him next to a small button, before explaining that he could spin the lottery machine mechanically using the button in front of him. With this new piece of information, Rentaro excitedly jumped on the button, and just like ‘that’ the lottery machine began to spin, emanating a light rattling noise from contents within. 


      As the wheel slowly came to a stop, Rentaro crossed his fingers and closed his eyes, hoping that he’d actually win something from this raffle. Upon hearing the lottery machine come to a complete stop, he opened his eyes to see that a gold-colored ball had emerged from the machine. 


      “Congratulations!! You won the grand prize: Round trip tickets to Okinawa and a free stay at a luxurious resort!!” She said excitedly, ringing a small bell that she had in hand. Surprised by this lucky outcome, Rentaro smiled ecstatically at the clerk, prompting an interesting feeling within the woman. Leaning towards Rentaro she lightly whispered something into his ear. “You’re really cute when you smile like that by the way. If you wanna draw again the next grand prize will be a one night stay at a local love hotel with just the two of us.” She winked. Rentaro had no idea what she meant by that but was still happy to be praised by an older woman. Backing away from him, the girl then handed a small envelope to Megumi. Inside contained 6 airplane tickets and a special looking gift card (presumably for the resort that they were gonna be staying at).


      After hearing the commotion, Mai and the rest of the group went over to congratulate Rentaro. 


      “Wow! Free tickets to Okinawa?! That’s amazing!” Mai said she was excited about going to Okinawa for the first time.


      “Bad luck, my ass! Congrats, little guy!” Furyu said, trying to ‘lightly’ pat him on the back, knocking him over in the process. After casually apologizing about being unable to control her strength, she backed off and looked at the plane tickets.


      “1...2...3...4…” Counting with her fingers Megumi’s face lit up with pure childish joy! “6 tickets? That’s enough for everyone in the club plus one extra!” She cheered jumping up and down with excitement. She’s only ever been to Okinawa 3 times in the past due to the various exorbitant school trips, and friendly weekend outings with her friends in the student council (back at her old school) but she was still very happy to be going there once again with all her new friends. Smiling at Rentaro, she swept him off his feet and slowly brought him closer to her chest, while subtly mouthing the words ‘thank you.’ Normally Rentaro would be quite averse to this, thanks to his ‘BreastTSD’ but it seemed as if Megumi’s soft and pillowy fun bags were the only pair of orbs that he genuinely enjoyed being pressed into. Maybe, it was because of Megumi’s gentle nature, or maybe it was because of the sheer angelic softness of her boobs. Nevertheless, all Rentaro knew was that Megumi’s rack was undoubtedly a divine gift from the heavens! 


      Being pressed into her soft bosom once again, he was thoroughly enjoying every second of the experience. And thanks to her thin cloth button-up shirt, he was able to feel the full embrace of her voluptuous and welcoming melons as well as the sweet smell of her strawberry-scented lotion. 


      “Megumi! I love you! You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had!!” He said, his voice being heavily muffled by her breasts. However, this enjoyment wouldn’t last long as Rentaro found himself quickly pulled away from Megumi’s rack and shoved into the less superior bosom of someone else. 


      “Eh?! Congrats on winning that raffle, Rentaro! I think you deserve an even better reward!” With a tall stature and head of long jet-black hair, it was none other than Sekira who just so happened to be passing by when he had won.


      “Ugh, why are you here, Sekira?” Said Mai, glaring at her with an absolutely angry look on her face, which was understandable considering all the stuff she’s had to go through thanks to Sekira and the two other members of her repulsive group. Regardless, thanks to Rentaro’s idiotic and irresistible charm, Sekira was unfortunately roped into the group, though she’s never tried to assault Mai or any of the other micros in the micro-rep support squad in fear that she’d cause Rentaro to hate her. Though that didn’t mean that she was friendly towards any of the members, in the case of Tomoya, Furyu, and a certain partially unintroduced character (i.e Fujo Shizue), they all resented her presence and despite Megumi’s best efforts, it seemed as if even she couldn’t get Sekira to open up to anyone but Rentaro.


      “Isn’t obvious, little runt?! I’m congratulating Rentaro on winning the raffle.” She snapped at her still stuffing Rentaro in between her breasts.

      “This outing was specifically for club members! Meaning that you have no business being here! And plus how did you even know we were here?!” Mai looked at her with a skeptical expression, only for Furyu to step in shortly after.


      “Were you stalkin’ him again?! Didn’t I tell you what’d happen if I ever caught you stalkin’ my friends again?! (by the way, this is a reference to a future chapter)” Cracking her knuckles, she started to walk menacingly towards Sekira. She had a scowl on her face and was totally ready to lay down a vicious beating, however, as she readied her fist, Furyu and the rest of the group was interrupted by Fujo who unconsciously found herself trying to stop the conflict.


      “Hmmm? Doesn’t this seem a little… too good to be true?” She asked looking at the tickets. Upon hearing her say this, the middle-aged woman running the kiosk began to nervously avert her gaze. “It’s almost as if this was planned from the start.” With a scrutinous expression on her face, she stared at the woman, who was currently sweating bullets after realizing she was being found out.


      “W-What makes you say that?” The clerk asked, the nervous tone and shakiness in her voice only confirming Fujo’s suspicions, but there was one more thing she wanted to see before she officially deduced that the raffle was rigged.


      “Mind if I give the raffle a spin?" Reaching for the lottery machine handle she gave it a good spin, much to the clerk’s dismay. As the lottery machine came to a stop, the group was shocked to see that another golden ball had been dispensed from the machine. 


     "C-Congratulations! S-Sadly, we just gave away our grand prize to someone else." She said only to be interrupted by Fujo who had spun the lottery machine once again, causing yet another golden ball to fall out. 


      "W-Wow! You're really lucky." The clerk said, sweating bullets from how nervous she was, however, things weren't over yet as Fujo started to spin the lottery machine again, and again…. and again. Each time it was spun the lottery machine dispensed a golden ball until it had been completely empty, leaving only a pile of small gold-colored metallic balls. Fujo and the rest of the group stared at the clerk in awkward silence as she looked down at the cluster of golden lottery balls with a look of absolute depression on her face. 


      "So… is this some kinda scam?” Furyu asked, directing her previously angered stance towards the clerk. But, thanks to Furyu’s intimidating aura, she was unable to answer her question and was slowly becoming more and more of a nervous wreck as time went on. 


      Before things were able to get too heated, a mature-looking woman with elegant, flowing sapphire hair emerged from around the corner. It was Ms. Tsukikage, and she was dressed in her typical stunning maid-outfit and seemed as if she knew the truth about the events that had just transpired at the raffle kiosk. (Now, this is another character that hasn’t been introduced in the story, but allow me to bring you up to speed. Hoshikawa Tsukikage is the personal attendant of Rentaro’s mom, as well as a housemaid that takes care of Rentaro and his sister whenever Ms.Kitagawa is away for business. She’s a responsible maid that always gets the job done, and she also has an ice-cold yet caring personality when it comes to Rentaro and his normal-sized little sister.) 


      “While the raffle may have been rigged, the prize is most definitely not a scam. Those are completely legitimate business class plane tickets to Okinawa, as well as that gift card.” After she explained the situation, the nervous clerk took a large sigh of relief once the pressure was lifted off her. Ms.Tsukikage then went over Sekira, who was still pressing Rentaro into her chest. and very skillfully pried him away from her. As he desperately caught his breath in the palm of her hand, he earnestly thanked the maid for saving him from possible suffocation at the hands, or rather, the chest of her best friend. 


      “Hey! What’s your problem?!” Sekira said irritated at the fact that Rentaro was no longer with her. 

      “Unlike you, Ms. Sumehara, I am a maid in service of the Kitagawa family, meaning that it is my responsibility to ensure his safety whenever possible, I'll also be chaperoning you kids on your trip to Okinawa. Which also means keeping him safe from stalkers and people like you.” She glared at her, before letting out a sigh. “Sadly, the young master has taken quite the liking to you… and from the looks of it, you seem to have interpreted that affection in quite the unhealthy way, like most of the girls who happen to catch a glimpse of him.” Muttering the last part under her breath, she then took a look at Rentaro who was still trying to catch his breath after his near suffocation. Before the two of them could argue any further, Furyu stepped in with an unusually excited tone. 


      "Hey, Rentaro! There's one extra ticket right?" She asked, putting on an uncharacteristically happy smile.

       "Yeah, why do you ask?" He replied. 

       "Well I was wonderin' about somethin', would you mind if I gave that ticket to my little sis? I don't feel comfortable leavin' her home alone with… her." With a solemn look on her face, she humbly begged Rentaro for the 6th ticket. Since Furyu’s helped him out, he couldn't be happier to let her have the ticket, however, Sekira definitely had something to say about that decision. 


       "Watch it, delinquent girl! That ticket is mine and I'm positive that Rentaro would be happier if I went on that trip instead of some middle schooler." She interjected, essentially playing with fire by trying to deny Furyu of her chance to spend some quality time with her sister. 


       "Do you wanna die or somethin? You ain't even part of our club and you're actin' like you know what's best for him just 'cause you've saved his life a couple of times. And my name ain't 'delinquent girl!' It's Furyu Mitsukabe, otherwise known as the girl who'll beat your ass if you don't back off!" Furyu said in a tone only recognizable, as her 'serious voice.' Rightfully so, because whenever it came to stuff regarding her sister, Furyu was always 100% serious and completely devoted to making sure that she was happy. She absolutely could not pass up this opportunity to take her sister to Okinawa. 


       Much like Furyu, Sekira also had a reason to desperately need the plane ticket, albeit a selfish reason, but a reason nonetheless. Sekira was desperate to get in some romantic alone time with Rentaro and the beach was one of the perfect locations for romantic happenings. She was already thinking of all the things she could do with him. She wanted to take long walks along the beach while he hid among the grains of sand that had gotten stuck to her foot, she wanted to see him use his body to rub sunscreen all over her body, she wanted to push him into the sand with her foot and feel his tiny struggles as he tried to escape, and most of all, she wanted to confess her feelings and share a passionate kiss at sunset. All those thoughts were driving Sekira absolutely crazy with excitement. 


       "You’d probably never understand, but this is a matter of the heart! If you wanna spend some time with your sister, why don’t you just not go on the trip? And plus, even if you do threaten to hurt me, at the end of the day, it’s Rentaro’s decision as to who gets the ticket!” She scoffed and confidently awaited his answer. 


       "Matter of the heart, my ass! You must be some kinda idiot if you think Rentaro's gonna choose you. This'll probably be the easiest decision of his entire life, so you better just run off now if you don't wanna see yourself get rejected." With an overconfident smile on her face, she looked at Rentaro in anticipation, believing that it'd only take a couple of seconds to decide who he should give the ticket to. But, that overconfidence was soon shattered as a whopping 5 minutes had passed. 


       Rentaro was stuck in an intense internal conflict. He had no idea who to choose, and frankly, he didn't wanna choose in fear that either of the girls would hate him. Giving the ticket Furyu was obviously the right choice in this scenario, but Rentaro couldn't deny how eager he was to see what was in store if Sekira was with him during the trip. Even after thinking about it for 5 minutes, he couldn't decide. His unhealthy desires were telling him to pick Sekira, but the kindness in his heart was telling him to pick Furyu’s sister. However, soon after thinking about things more rationally, he finally realized what the right decision was.


       "Sekira you can have the extra ticket…" He said, causing Furyu to yelp out in surprise. 


       "What the hell?!" Furyu asked only to be met with Sekira's newly acquired cocky attitude. 

       "Ohh, wow! That really was an easy decision, but maybe you're the one who should've ran away-" She laughed only to be cut off by Rentaro. 


       "And Furyu, you can have my ticket. I hope you all have fun in Okinawa!" He smiled at her offering his ticket to Furyu.


       "Wait… what?!" The group gasped in surprise almost simultaneously with Sekira feeling the most disheartened about the news. The only reason she wanted to go on the trip, in the first place was because of Rentaro so hearing that he was now backing out made things a little more complicated.


       “Rentaro…” Megumi looked at him with a small frown on her face. “If you’re not going then I’m not going either!” She pouted before attempting to tear up her ticket, but before she was able to she was stopped by Fujo.


       “Rentaro, here you can have my plane ticket.” Upset by Fujo’s offer, he tried to decline it only to be cut-off before he was able to get a word in. “But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be going to Okinawa.” 



       “You see, these tickets are business class, right? Well, business class isn’t really my things so I think I’ll be flying first-class, instead.”

       “B-But, how will you afford a first-class ticket to Okinawa in the middle of the summer?!” Rentaro asked, kind of perplexed and confused.


       “Did you forget? I’m Fuzue Shijo, a super-genius, and famous doujin artist! Meaning that I can most definitely afford stuff like that! And plus, I can probably count this purchase as a tax write-off.” She smiled at him, bringing an end to this whole plane ticket drama. Now, with everyone happy, though everyone would probably be happier without the inclusion of Sekira but, that’s beside the point. Upon finally reaching an agreement the group went their separate ways, packed their bags and prepared themselves for an exciting trip to Okinawa!!


-Present day-


       “And that’s how it happened!” Megumi said in a mellow tone.

       “That’s cool and all but… that doesn’t explain how I was roped into going to Okinawa!!” 

       “Oh, allow me to explain how that happened!” Fujo approached the tipsy Megumi and kneeled down to talk to Tomoya. “So, since the two of us are pretty close… I knew you wouldn’t be happy with the fact that we were going to Okinawa, so I kinda lied to you. Sorry! Hehe~” 

       “...” He stood there in silence, glaring at her. “Well, I may as well just enjoy my stay here. But, there’s not a snowball's chance in hell that I’m going anywhere near the beach!”



Chapter End Notes:

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