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Author's Chapter Notes:

A bit of set up for the first story, hopefully of many.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has now switched off the seatbelt sign so you are now able to unfasten your seatbelts. We do however recommend that …”


Catherine was out of her seat before the PA system finished its announcement. She slipped out of her aisle seat with a nimble twist of her body, drawing the eyes of more than one of the older men in the business class area. The 28-year-old investment manager gave her wavy blonde hair a flick, one hand coming to rest on her hip before she leaned back over into the pair of side row seats. She was dressed in a tight fitting green dress that hugged her body and her small, but round and toned ass jutted out towards the woman across the aisle. She pulled a face as the 5’4" woman’s butt came a little too close to her face … but her husband didn’t seem to mind. 


“I'll be on the left, follow me in a few minutes,” Catherine whispered to the man that had been sitting beside her. Leaning over towards him he could see down the top of her dress, taking in the perky double-Ds that stared back. Lingering just long enough for her scent to waft around him, Catherine straightened back up and turned sharply on her matching heels, before sauntering back along the aisle towards the restrooms. 


She walked with the confident stride of one practiced in wearing heels and her head was held high. Catherine was used to being the centre of attention in a room and relished the gazes that couldn’t help but be drawn to her. She was petite, but blessed with an athletic body and an above average bosom. Her green-blue eyes sparkled in the early morning sunlight that trickled in through the cabin windows, above the blockade formed by the clouds below. She reached the diving segment between business class and coach soon enough and reached for the bathroom door on her left. 


“Hey, I got here first,” yelled a voice as another hand slapped ears out of the way.


Catherine looked up with a raised brow at a beast of a woman. She stood over 6 feet tall and was wide enough to fill the aisle. Dressed in sweat pants that only came to the middle of her shins and a t-shirt that would have been comically large had it not struggled to contain her torso, the pretty young blonde found herself looking up to meet her eyes. The larger woman didn’t look well, with sweat stains already forming under her arms, and a sheen on her forehead. Her chubby jowls were tugged down in a scowl and her freckled face was clammy. 


“I'm sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice that you came from economy class,” Catherine started, her voice calm but firm, “I’m afraid this is a business class restroom, so you’ll have to wait.”


“Fuck you lady, I need this toilet a lot more than you,” the beastly woman shot back, pushing open the door. Catherine was taken aback by her forwardness, but nevertheless was not one to shy away from a confrontation. She smoothly stepped past the woman’s arm into the small room and met her gaze with an innocent shrug. 


“I guess I’m in here now anyway,” Catherine chuckled.


“You skinny little bitch!” the woman roared, reaching out for the blonde. 


“Don't touch me, you cow,” Catherine spat back, dodging the swipe of her paw but not managing to get away in the tiny cubicle. She watched the brunette raise her hadn’t for another swing, but she was interrupted. 


“Is there a problem here ladies?” asked a steward, materialising behind the larger woman.


“You bet your ass there is,” she replied, “This little bitch jumped in front of me for the shitter.”


The steward took one look at the woman and then at the innocently smiling Catherine before her. Inside, she too was angry, but on the outside, Catherine looked like a scared child compared to her huge adversary.


“I'm sorry ma’am but this is a business class lavatory,” he started, and she was already rolling her eyes before he finished, “I'm afraid that you’ll have to wait until one of the economy class lavatories becomes available.”


“But no one was using this one! And the ones in coach are occupied,” the woman argued.


“Well ma’am, as you can see, this lavatory is also currently occupied,” the steward replied, gesturing at the now smirking Catherine, “You'll just have to wait.”


The huge woman turned back to Catherine, who gave another shrug as if saying that it was out of her hands, but the brunette didn’t seem to care. She gave the petite blonde a dirty look and scowled, but ultimately walked back down the aisle to her seat. 


“I am so sorry miss,” the steward said, before retreating to let her use the restroom in peace.


Catherine grinned as she shut the door behind her, relishing her victory. She latched the door and swiftly removed her panties. She put them up on the counter by the sink and checked herself out in the mirror, waiting for the man to come knocking. 




After a few minutes, Albert good up from his seat, shuffling across to the aisle and headed back towards the lavatories. He stoped to think which one the smoking hot blonde had told him to meet her in and remembered that it was the left. He saw the the latch was engaged so he knocked twice. He waited for a few seconds and heard nothing. He reasoned that if someone else had been inside, they would have told him to leave, so glancing both ways, be pushed his finger against the latch indicator and slid it to the side, opening the lock with practiced ease: this wasn’t his first mile high escapade. 


He pushed open the door and stepped inside, making sure that no one had seen him as he closed it behind him. 




“Yes ma’am …” the steward started and then paused before smiling. He had crossed back into the economy area to respond to a passenger buzzer that kept going off and was taken aback, but all together unsurprised to find the obese woman from before with her finger on the button. He had to keep from laughing as he saw her wedged into the economy sized seat, squeezing her bulk hips between the armrests as best as she could, but spilling out onto the seat beside her and the aisle. Her curly hair came down to her shoulders, but her fringe was stuck to her forehead with sweat and the stains below her armpits had gotten bigger. 


“I still need to use the bathroom and that one is the only one that’s free,” she grumbled, pointing forward the the bathroom she had fought Catherine over.


“I'm sorry Ms. …” the steward started.


Mrs. Mrs. Ramona Courson,” she announced as if he should take note.


“I'm sorry, Mrs. Courson,” the steward corrected himself, “But can’t you use the ones behind you, in the economy section?”


“Two of those are blocked, and the other one has half the cabin waiting to use it,” Ramona shot back.


“Well I simply can’t authorise you to take it from …” the steward said.


“That lady’s gotta be done, she’s been in there a while and I definitely saw someone else go in there after her,” Ramona said. 


The steward looked sceptical especially given that there was a curtain on either side of the business class restroom area, but he didn’t want to further antagonise this woman so he promised to have a look. Shaking his head as he walked away, he crossed the curtain to find the restroom door locked. This was ridiculous, he thought but never the less, he felt that he should at least try to get that ghastly brunette somewhere to do her business. He knocked on the door gently and waited for a response.


“Excuse me?” he said, knocking again.


“Is there anybody in there?” he tried again. Hearing nothing, he pulled out his magnetic override key and pulled the latch across to unlock the door. 


“I'm coming in,” he announced, just in case someone was inside. He then pushed open the door and found an empty cubicle. He was happy enough and confident that he could discreetly let the woman use this restroom without the whole of coach asking to do the same. He just wanted to relieve himself before he let her through. 




Ramona had had enough. She had been waiting for at least five minutes and the steward had not returned. He probably saw that she had been right and was just too proud to come back and let her use the stupid toilet. Well she wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. Ramona stood up, having to pull herself free form her seat and lurching into the aisle. She stumbled to the side as the plane hit some turbulence and she backed into the man across the aisle. 


The stranger had been immersed in his mobile phone game when 56-year-old’s chunky booty had barged into his head. He looked up from his game to protest, but as she hadn’t yet caught her balance, the plump cheeks of soft flesh pressed further and her found half his head swallowed up by Ramona’s ass crack. 


With a grunt, she pulled herself upright, pulling the man towards her a little before her clenching glutes released him. He made to yell at her, but Ramona gave him a scowl that made his think twice. He decided to go back to his game instead. 


The heavy set woman marched down the aisle and ripped back the curtain to reveal an empty waiting space. She glanced sideways and her face reddened when she saw the the bathroom door read ‘unoccupied' and the door was slightly ajar. She made a mental note to make that steward’s life hell, but first, she was going to relieve herself. 




“It's okay, it’s okay, someone is going to come for us,” Albert said, trying to keep Catherine calm.


“How?” she sobbed, “First us, then that steward … What if it happens to everyone that comes in?”


The two of them were perched precariously on the toilet seat, each standing only a few millimetres tall. They were still clothed, but that meant that there was nothing in the tiny airplane toilet to let anyone know what had happened. The steward that had helped Catherine had come in, but he too had shrunken and was still on the floor, far below them. Albert doubted that he even knew they were there, not that he could be of much use. 


“It won’t,” he said, “Trust me, this is a fluke. The bathroom is not shirking everyone that walks in.”


As if to test his theory, the toilet door folded open and a figure stood in the frame. Catherine started to shake and Albert thought he could understand why. The figure that stood before them was enormous. He had thought the steward had been big at first, but even given that he was shrunken, he had to admit that the curly-haired woman as something to behold. She filled the entire width of the door way and her beefy body looked like she might fill the lavatory too. 


The steward too had noticed the giantess and was on his feet, waving his hands and shouting, although even Albert couldn’t hear him. On the ground before her, the steward jumped and waved, looking up at the colossal trainers that the giantess was wearing. The rubber sole of the gigantic shoe was more than three times as tall as him, and he didn’t realise how tiny he was … and how hard he was to see. 


“Look out!” Catherine and Albert yelled together, but just like the steward, their tiny voice were drowned out by the drone of the airplane engines, and the massive woman didn’t hear them. She stepped forwards into the little square box, her colossal left leg rising off the ground and swinging forwards. Even in sweat pants, the giantess’s thighs pushed out against the fabric and her mountain like calf peaked out from beneath. Her the black sole of her trainer swung out and stopped over the steward.


He was awestruck at the humungous creature’s speed and stopped jumping as the shoe hovered over him for an instant. The black size 14 sole above him was as longer than a race track and as wide as a football field, its pattern of crevices among huge flat blocks was like an upside down network of canyons. He stared wide eyed at the divine sight, not thinking to move … not that it would have made a difference. 


Ramona stomped into the restroom, her left foot crashing onto the floorboard. The puny stewards body was obliterated instantly as the dirty sole of her shoe knocked him down and flattened him with ease. His pathetic body didn’t put up the tiniest bit of resistance as it exploded underneath the woman’s formidable weight, his remains mixing in with the dirt that caked the rubber. As Ramona’s weight shifted and her other foot came off the ground, her left shoe twisted slightly and the bloody carcass under it was smeared across the floor in a tiny arc of gore. The brunette didn’t even notice it as she stepped fully inside the restroom and shut the door, locking it behind her.  

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