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Abby was a very submissive woman. During her years in college she had been in a lesbian relationship with a dominant woman named Tricia. Abby was obedient to Tricia, and would always kiss and worship her, and serve her in any and every way. Abby was the best slave that a mistress could hope for. Everything had been going great up until Abby met Tricia's coworker, Dylan at an office party. Dylan was a male chauvinist who got the promotion that Tricia had been hoping for. He ended up making more money than her as result. Being extremely submissive by nature, Abby was immediately attracted to this man who not only made more money than her female partner, but also towered over Tricia and had a much deeper and commanding voice. All of these things, plus his male chauvinist attitude towards women appealed to Abby's extremely submissive nature. It did not take long for Abby to leave Tricia, despite the years they had spent together, and Abby married Dylan and began to serve and worship him as she used to do with Tricia.

Tricia was extremely jealous and angry over losing her slave to this man, and began to plot her revenge. Even though Tricia stood an imposing 5'10" she knew she could not compete against a man that stood 6'4", like Dylan. The only way she could appear more dominant than him in Abby's eyes would be by shrinking him down to the size of a bug. Breaking into a biological research facility one night, Tricia stole a sample of bacteria which caused humans to shrink. The next day she slipped some of this bacteria into Dylan's coffee and watched gleefully as he drank it down, completely oblivious to what it contained.

Hours later, Tricia received a phone call from Abby who was in tears because her husband was shrinking and she didn't know what to do. Tricia reassured her that everything would be okay and that she knew what to do, and instructed Abby to bring him over to her apartment immediately so that she could help him. She also instructed Abby to not, under any circumstances, contact the authorities.

When Abby arrived at Tricia's apartment, she was mesmerized at the sight of her former mistress dressed in a sexy dominatrix outfit. "I... I... uh..." Abby stammered, too aroused by this sexy display of feminine dominance to even remember why she came over.

"Get on your knees, slave girl!" Tricia commanded. "You've been a very bad slave for abandoning your mistress!"

"Oh, Goddess! I'm so sorry!" Abby cried as she got down on her knees and began kissing and worshiping Tricia's feet.

"There's one way you can make it up to me, slave." Tricia said, licking her lip. "My feet have had a rough day at work, and could use a new insole." Tricia motioned to the tiny man in Abby's hand with her riding crop. The shrunken man squeaked in protest in an unintelligible high-pitched voice, which came across as anything but dominant.

Abby bit her lip as she eyed the shrieking bug-sized man in her hand and then looked at the feet of the comparatively gigantic woman seated before her. This man was her husband, but he was now so pathetically tiny and helpless that all semblance of authority and dominance he had once held over her was now completely gone. She could not take his comically high-pitched squeaks seriously, even if she somehow could understand what he was trying to say. For Abby, this choice was a no-brainer.

"Good girl!" Tricia beamed, as Abby pulled off her heel and willingly offered her own husband as a gift to the dominant woman's nylon-clad feet. Tricia's toes eagerly scrunched over the sacrificial offering, enveloping him an embrace of fragrant nylon. The shrunken man fought furiously against this indignation, but all the strength he could muster wasn't even enough to match the power of Tricia's smallest toe.

Abby could not believe that this pathetic bug caught in the stinky web of a woman's nylons was her husband and that she used to respect and even worship him. She realized what a huge mistake she had made leaving her mistress for this pathetic insect, and began to kiss and sniff the damp stinky nylon in adoration and in apology for her betrayal. Many of her loving kisses fell on her tiny imprisoned husband, but they were not meant for him. They were meant for the goddess whom they now both belonged to.

Tricia felt more powerful than she had ever felt before. Not only did she get back her favorite female slave, but she now also had her male arch-nemesis as her own personal foot insole. This man who had robbed her of her promotion and her slave, was now under her feet where he belonged. She was well aware of what a male chauvinist he was, and that made her all the more excited at the thought of all the things she would be able to do with him now. This man thought that women were inferior to men, but now the rest of his life was going to be spent living between the toes of one of these "inferior" women, and all he would eat and drink from now on would be female sweat and toe jam. Maybe other forms of female waste too, if she felt generous enough.

Tricia felt that things were now as they should have been all along. While she knew that some women were higher on the hierarchy than others, it never felt right to her that Abby had submitted to a man and worshiped a man. Abby may have been a submissive slave girl, but even slave girls should have higher authority than any male. Abby knew she was a slave and did not think that she was worthy of worship herself, but Tricia decided that one day she would find other men to shrink down so that Abby could have slaves of her own. Then Abby would see that men really are inferior to all females, even submissive females.

After Dylan disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Tricia would go on to get his high-ranking position at the company. Eventually the courts ruled Dylan was deceased, even though no body was ever found. Abby would inherit his entire life savings, as well as be awarded with a life insurance policy which Tricia talked her into signing not long before she shrunk him down. With all of this money, the two women were set for life, and Abby used the money to spoil her mistress with anything and everything her heart desired...

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