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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story is a collection of the Matthew's Match chapters from Tiny Tinder Testimonials, all in one place so that they're easier to read. Enjoy!

“I gotta get laid,” Matt said to himself as he stared at the ceiling in his room. For the third time today he had a raging erection that wouldn’t go down, and for the second time this year he’d dated a gal for three weeks before she decided they weren’t meant to be. Before they did the deed of course, but not before giving him blue balls.

Heavy petting had only set Matt up for a perfect storm of hormones. He’d been sure Tina was ready to put out, except for the part where she broke up with him the evening before their big date. Where she’d assured him her parents wouldn’t be home until the next day. Matt had even bought their movie tickets and a six-pack of condoms in preparation.

The black-haired sixteen-year-old pulled out his phone. It was time to forget the golden ideal of an emotional relationship leading to physical intimacy. He’d been hoping to hold out, at least for his first time, to be with a girl that he had genuine feelings for.

“Now let’s just find a chick with low standards,” he said aloud as he pulled out his phone, hand guided by the primal need to slide into someone.

Opening the store on his phone, he found the category for dating apps. Matt had always laughed when others told him they were useful, but now he felt their allure. A surprising number were available, starting with one whose thumbnail appeared to be one larger ‘T’ engulfing a smaller one with its bottom.

“Tiny Tinder?” he asked himself, raising an eyebrow. “If I’m doing this I might as well go all the way, right?”

He’d heard of the app from his friends at school, none of whom had tried it. It was obviously popular, and worked as advertised, but no one he knew had ever used it. But when compared to regular Tinder, he knew it had another layer of anonymity in that the larger person might never see the smaller one clearly enough to identify them.

Not to mention Matt had heard its success rate was much higher than regular Tinder. Macrophilia really was the latest and greatest thing. It didn’t matter particularly to him if he was small, as long as he was naked with a girl. Any girl.

 “Well, almost any girl,” he corrected himself as the app finished downloading and prompted him to create his profile. It occurred to him briefly that his sister might be on the app; she had quite the reputation at school. Of course, most girls did.

“Except for the ones that I take out!” Matt said to himself drily.

The app opened neatly with a cute animation of that same smaller ‘t’ climbing the side of the larger, until the larger turned and opened a cartoony mouth whiched up the smaller ‘t.’ A cartoony face appeared on the smaller one to give it a look of shock as it disappeared into the larger ‘T’s’ mouth, then down the shaft of the ‘T’ with a bulge.

Cute, he thought as the menu appeared.

He quickly clicked through the various licensure and consent agreements. Like most people who used the app he didn’t really read it, though he would have been amused by some of the lines within. The legal team had been stunned with what they could get away with. No one ever realized that when they were tiny they actually became the property of the person they matched with, or that they waived any right to legal renumeratio in the case of accidental death or dismemberment.

It helped that those in that situation were often literally unable to complain, a fact the app’s legal team had appreciated when they wrote their disclaimers.

“Preferences, here we go,” he said after he’d uploaded several pictures of himself. Not face pictures, of course, but he had a nice body he enjoyed showing off. Matt didn’t have bulging muscles but he did have that lucky type of metabolism that let him eat whatever he wanted without putting on weight.

He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he read through the expansive checklist of options. A lot of them sounded like things he would enjoy, but a lot were things he never would have thought of on his own.

“What the hell is stuffing?”

His eyes narrowed as he read the explanation.

“Stuffing is the act of a tiny being stuffed into an orifice already full of other matter, such as feces, or being eaten prior to the giant(ess) consuming large amounts of food.

“Who the hell would want that?” Matt asked himself as he skipped that option.

In the end, Matt found himself checking off most of the options, too impatient to read them all. His initial knowledge of macrophilia had only extended to vaginal insertion and the knowledge that some people liked to be eaten. It hadn’t even occurred to him that he could be stuffed into a sock for hours at a time, but he trusted the way his erection had responded so he added that to his list.

Quickly he got bored and started to check off most things that appeared in the list without reading them. Who has time to read when they’re about to get laid?

Once his preferences were filled out Matt finally got to the part of the app he had been looking forward to: actually trying to match with women.

Just like himself, most of the women hadn’t put face shots on their profile. What he could see though, he liked. There were a lot of ab shots, one with a cute ‘Wish You Were Here’ arrow pointing at it. One that he particularly enjoyed was a woman sensually posing in some white lingerie, holding herself open as a tiny hand pushed its way out.

Under different circumstances Matt might have been at least a little picky. But today? With his erection calling the shots? The only profile he didn’t swipe right on had a picture of a tiny swimming in a toilet bowl.

He laughed to himself as he kept swiping through profiles, carefully keeping his hands off his erection under his sweatpants.


One hour later, he was walking nervously to a coffee shop halfway across town. His sky-high level of horniness wasn’t enough to override the simple fact that he’d never been with a woman before. And he especially hadn’t met one anonymously for sex. Or whatever macrophilia could be considered.

As he walked through the park his phone buzzed.

“Giantess incoming! Prepare for shrinking!” the text flashed red across his screen.

“Wait, don’t I get to meet her fir-“ was all that Matt got to say as he felt his entire body tingle. It was as though he’d licked one of those square batteries. But everywhere. There was a sensation of falling, shortly followed by the feeling of being covered with enough blankets for fifty people.

“What the hell!” he yelled as he realized what had happened. “There’s no one around here you stupid app!”

Disgruntled, Matt pushed his way upward through what he knew was his now gigantic t-shirt. He mumbled angrily to himself as he pushed aside the cotton. It was a warm enough spring day that being naked didn’t bother him, but he knew he’d have one hell of a time getting back to normal sized.

After an eternity of pushing and crawling he finally saw light through what had been the neckhole.

Matt’s two-inch tall form pushed out into the sunlight shining through the trees. He looked up at the sun and raised his arm to block the light. But something much larger beat him to it.

“Hey bro!” he heard a chipper voice say, and Matt’s heart sank.

His eyes adjusted quickly to the light, revealing the last thing he’d want to see while tiny. His sister was wearing her basic furry boots and black leggings that barely covered her surprisingly toned backside. A light pink jacket covered her arms over a tank top that didn’t do anything to hide her braless C-cup breasts.

She knelt on one knee near him and his pile of clothes with a beaming smile that would’ve lured a non-related guy into traffic. Her blonde hair was done in some kind of intricate braid that still left enough hair to flow past her shoulders. Taylor had been a lingerie model since she’d turned fifteen thanks to a recent law update.

Not that Matt was noticing that right now.

“You finally branched out, huh?” she asked him with laughter in her voice. With one hand she held a Comet Coffee cup, and the other she used to shake her phone at him. “Usually I try to avoid matching with people I know, but how could I resist getting the chance to mess with my little bro?”

“What the hell Taylor!” he yelled up at her. In the sheltered area of the park where he’d been shrunk it was quiet enough for her to hear him. “It was you the whole time?”

“Well yeah,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “Your first picture has that scar on your belly, you didn’t recognize my tattoo?”

“Why the hell would I recognize a tattoo on your ass?” he yelled back.

“Get on, dummy,” she said, finishing her coffee and tossing it into the bushes before she offered him that hand.

Matt paused, realizing everything he’d talked about with the random woman that turned out to be his older sister. Was this all a joke to her, or did she not care about relation since he was shrunken? She’d made it clear that tinies were only toys to her, just little people who gave themselves to her for her own pleasure.

As though she realized what he was thinking, she narrowed her eyes and picked him up. And not very gently at that. Matt yelled in protest as her fingers closed around his naked body. At least they were warm from her coffee.

“Sorry little bro,” she said to him with a smirk on her face. “I didn’t mean to be so rough!”

Her voice was full of mock concern, her eyes full of laughter.

“But didn’t I see that you wanted it to be a little rough?” she continued as she opened the Tiny Tinder app on her phone. “Let’s see here,” she mumbled to herself as she kicked his clothes into a rough pile that also got sent into the bushes.

Matt began to panic in her hand, struggling for all he was worth. Which she barely noticed as she was engrossed in locating his profile.

“You just got lazy and clicked everything, didn’t you?” she asked rhetorically as she saw the list of his preferences populate. She started walking along the path back home as she read. “Stretching? Prolonged insertion? Ooh I like that too, good thing you remembered to click on super-tough.”

Then she heard talking ahead of her. Her eyes darted between her phone, her tiny brother struggling in her hand, and the group she could hear coming.

“Good thing you ‘liked’ the candy treatment!” Matt heard her voice whisper through her clenching fingers.

“The what?” he yelled up at her as best as he could. He’d only been able to hear half of what she’d been saying, but he could tell she was reading off a list of things that he must have agreed to on the app.

This is not how this was supposed to go! He thought to himself.

Without waiting to hear his response Taylor popped his two inch form into her mouth just as several cheerleaders she recognized from school came around the corner on the path. Fortunately for her he was just as delicious as the other tinies she’d played with. Her tongue swirled over his body to get as much flavor as she could from his squirming body.

“Hey girls!” she said, briefly tucking him into her cheek. None of them were paying enough attention to notice the moving bulge in her cheek.

A chorus of half-hearted ‘heys’ was all the reply she got from the group as they passed by. Taylor probably could have left the pile of clothes in the middle of the dirt path and they wouldn’t have noticed unless one of them tripped over occupantless underwear while they stared at their phones.

Taylor hummed to herself as she sucked on her tiny brother all the way home. Intermittently she could hear him screaming in her mouth which only made her even more horny. She hadn’t used a tiny for herself in almost two weeks. It was pure serendipity that she would happen to match with one so close to home that she could literally pick him up in the park half a block away.

If I’d been home twenty minutes ago, she told herself as she crossed the street in front of her house, I could’ve just shrank him in the house!

Her more experienced self knew the mistake he’d made with the app. Just like always he hadn’t read something all the way through and he’d given whatever woman he matched with a ridiculous amount of power over his little body. She didn’t quite get the allure of shrinking a man or woman (she wasn’t particular) when she wasn’t near enough to play with him, but the latest update gave users that option, mid-conversation. They didn’t even have to be near each other anymore if the shrinky gave permission.

Which Matt, in his laziness, had.

What was a pleasant walk to Taylor was a living hell for Matt. When he’d planned on using Tiny Tinder, he naively hadn’t anticipated that the giantess might have her own plans. And he certainly hadn’t expected to run into his sister. Or spend what seemed like three weeks in her mouth.

Her tongue was longer than he was tall and he could tell she’d spent a lot of time using it. Matt cried out as he felt the massive wet muscle drag up and down his body, grabbed at her teeth in an effort to pull himself out of her mouth. All of it was in vain. What made it even worse was that at several points she stopped to speak to people he couldn’t see, who clearly didn’t notice the tiny in her mouth.

Or perhaps they didn’t care. It was a new world, after all.

Just as Matt was sure he was going to lose his mind there was a change in what the tongue was doing. A sudden buildup of pressure popped his ears, then her lips opened, letting a blinding light. Something propelled him forward, launching him out of her mouth. Matt screamed for a moment as he fell before he landed on the side of a paper bowl and slid down to the bottom.

Taylor giggled as she saw her brother covered in her saliva.

“There’s one off the list,” she said to him as she ignored his angry yelling. “What else can I help you check of?”

Her phone appeared in her hand again as Matt yelled and swore at her. He could tell they were in her room from what he could see of her walls over the side of the bowl, and he didn’t like the tone of her voice. He was starting to think she was going to take this much further than mouth play.

“No, you’re gonna put me back to normal and---!” he started to yell as she spoke over him.

“Oooh, sock and shoe imprisonment?” she said with a smile. “But I thought you already said you didn’t want to go to the mall today!”

“What?” he yelled up at her as she stepped out of view. “No I’m not going to the mall with you!”

As he finished yelling she returned and held up one of her fuzzy boots with one hand and one of her thin socks with her other. She gave him a smile worthy of a game show host.

“So, in the sock or not?” she asked him. Part of her was telling her the joke had gone far enough, but another part was loving this. Tormenting her tiny brother?

Just because he’s my brother doesn’t mean I can’t play, right? Her inner voice asked. He’s a tiny, so it doesn’t count as anything dirty, right?

Her tiny brother yelled up angrily at her as she pretended to model the sock. With an eyebrow raised she smiled seductively.

“I agree,” she said, making her voice excessively happy. “In the sock would be so much better!”

Before he could even start to resist, she dropped her boot to the ground and picked him up. Carefully she dropped him into her long fuzzy sock and shook it to get him down to the toes. Taylor giggled to herself when she saw it move from his struggles, then sat down and carefully snaked her foot back into the sock.

“Geez bro!” Taylor said as she slipped her boot back on. She could feel his two-inch tall body pushing against her toes, so she curled them slightly and pulled him back under the balls of her feet. “I’m glad you were thorough on your preferences or I’d never have known you were into feet games!”

Matt could hear her teasing voice, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Her entire weight was pressed onto him when she stood up. He wasn’t damaged, he knew he was super tough, but the humiliation of being under his sister’s foot in her basic white girl fuzzy socks and boots was just about the worst thing he’d ever experienced.

Her feet didn’t smell horrible which was a blessing, but he knew his mistake with the app was only going to grow if she kept looking through that list. Every crushing step reminded him of that.

Being stuck in her sock was a nightmare. He couldn’t tell where they were, where they were going, or what she was doing. But if she was going to the mall like she claimed then he knew her treating him like a piece of candy would be an improvement over being stuck in her shoe for hours.

Matt screamed as her weight bored down on him as she walked.

Taylor, on the other hand, was enjoying another pumpkin flavored coffee as she browsed the mall. In the changing rooms she let him slip between two of her toes before carefully pulling him back under her weight. As she thumbed through vinyl at the record store she made sure to bear down a little more on him so that he got the full experience. Finally as she looked through the back section of the only seedy store in the mall, where the ‘novelty’ items were displayed next to blacklights and posters of barely dressed women, Taylor finally let her brother climb onto the top of her foot.

She smiled as she looked at the various sex toys that the store carefully marked ‘18+’.  Of course, Taylor had gotten a lot of toys there though she wasn’t old enough yet. The cashiers didn’t care about age as long as some extra cash went their way.

Just looking at them made her think again about her brother in her shoe. She’d been debating using him the way she used all of her tiny hookups; after all, hadn’t he put most everything in his list of preferences? Certainly he’d included everything she enjoyed, though she knew it was only because of laziness that his profile was so thorough.

And he was tiny, so it didn’t really count as incest anymore. Not that it was that taboo any more anyway, but she knew her brother was definitely not into it.

Then she saw them: something new in the ‘tiny play’ section. Most of it was completely innocent merchandise. Shrunken costumes for those interested in them, tiny sized silverware and dishes. But on the shelves above all that, where there was no pretense about what shrinking was really about, Taylor saw a new pair of underwear next to all the other more complicated toys she couldn’t afford.

At first they simply looked like a pair of red thong panties. Then she noticed the colorful picture and tiny Velcro straps.

Five minutes later she was sitting in a quiet bathroom stall, carefully stepping out of her leggings and panties. It didn’t bother her too much to be naked from the waste down in a bathroom stall; she wasn’t in junior high anymore. When she worked the new panties up to her knees she fidgeted briefly with the straps, making sure she knew how they worked. Then she fished her brother, covered in sweat and half-crazed from the hours of stomping he’d endured, out of her sock.

“Good news bro!” she said to him in her excessively cheerful voice. Part of her was looking forward to this just because she knew he’d hate it. Another part was looking forward to it because she’d never tried this before with any tiny. And part of her just wanted stimulation.

Matt sucked in fresh air for the first time in several hours. The bright light above him blurred his vision enough that he wasn’t immediately sure where he was. His sister’s voice echoed above him, but he was too confused and disoriented to really understand what she was saying.

“You get to check something else off your list!”

Matt only caught the word ‘list’ in his daze, just as he realized where he was.

“No, not like this!” he yelled out as he realized he was in a toilet stall.

But instead of being stuffed up her pussy, which he’d been looking forward to with someone else, her hands brought him lower. A soft material enveloped him and he fought as well as he could, until he got a good look up her legs. Matt had never seen a vagina in real life, though he’d fingered several girls he’d dated. It may have been his sister’s, but as smooth and tight as it looked his instincts seized his brain. Struggling against whatever the giant fingers were doing seemed pointless, according to his sudden erection.

Taylor wasn’t sure why he’d stopped struggling, but it sure made getting him tucked into the pussy pocket of her new panties easier.

“Oh, I see,” she said with a voice of mock disapproval. “Changed your mind about this, have we?”

Matt snapped out of his funk just as she finished the last tiny Velcro strap. He threw his arms forward and felt his body bounce as though he were laying in a hammock, but a glance to either side of him showed him this was not a hammock. His hands grabbed the numerous straps that held him, but he wasn’t strong enough to free himself.

Probably why my arms are still even free, he realized as his sister smiled down at him, satisfied with her handiwork. From where she could see, his hands, face, and junk were all exposed while the rest was held tightly by the smooth red silk.

“Enjoy! I know I will,” she told him with a wink before standing up.

“No!” Matt screamed as the panties were rapidly pulled upward. He accelerated toward her massive pussy as though it were the ground and he’d been thrown from an airplane.

Taylor smiled when his faint scream was cut off as she pulled up her new panties. She gasped as she felt his head contact her clit; the panties fit perfectly! Then she felt more vibrating and squirming as he started using his hands to push her away.

Oh this is gonna be fun, she thought as she was pleasantly stimulated.

“Sewn into panties, check!” she said laughing as she pulled up her tight leggings and stepped back into her fuzzy boots.

Matt screamed as best he could, pushed up against his sister’s smooth snatch. He pushed upward with his arms to push her increasingly moist flesh away from his face but he knew it was futile; the panties weren’t going to move whatever he did, and all his struggles were probably just fun for her. If anything, the underwear was riding further upward as she walked!

 Oh wow this is nice, Taylor thought as she walked out of the bathroom. How did I not think of this before?

Before she walked back through the food court she felt a small orgasm begin to build, all thanks to her tiny brother. To passers-by she seemed like a happy, beautiful girl having a great day. On her way home she came three times just from his tiny struggles; it was going to be hard to let him go! Her legs grew weak as she walked and where she’d first shrank him, on the path they used most frequently, she had to stop and let herself cum twice in the bushes.

When she got home Taylor ran straight upstairs to her room, too full of sexual tension to even bother reading the note her parents had left on the counter for her to read.

The world shook as Matt struggled to keep his face free of fluids and his sister’s clitoris. His world was a deluge of her fluids and quivering muscles, shaking constantly as she walked. He choked on her lubrication as it drenched his body.

To his shame he knew he had an erection. Any man in his position would have, but he couldn’t help but curse himself for putting himself in this situation. Purely due to laziness he had essentially volunteered to be his sister’s sex toy, and now she was getting her kicks half from reading off a list he’d barely known he was agreeing to!

His sister, of course, was far beyond caring. It had been a fun game to her at first, pretending she was fulfilling his wishes by checking things off his list of preferences. But now she had her own needs, and that list was purely for ideas she wouldn’t have thought of.

Like these awesome panties! she thought as she leapt onto her bed and yanked her leggings off. The panties soon followed, though Taylor would have loved to keep them on the entire night.

“But I read up on what you liked,” she said to a confused and ashamed Matt as she pulled him out of her soaked panties, “And I think we’re on the same page for this one.”

Matt coughed as she tossed him onto the bed. He turned to see that she was rolling away from him, reaching for something under the bed. Seeing his chance, he started stumbling away from her, not entirely sure where he was going.

“Not so fast bro!” she said, turning back over and grabbing him.

Something cold and hard pushed against his back, and then Taylor’s other hand came into view trailing a strip of tape.

“Don’t worry,” she said breathlessly as she quickly affixed her brother to the tapered end of her metal dildo, “It’s body safe tape.”

Seconds later Taylor was sitting against her backboard and lining the vibrator up with her pussy. She was so wet she didn’t even try to take it easy, and the way she’d taped Matt on she knew he’d be on for the long haul. His screams were inaudible over the sound of the vibrator, and soon her own cries of pleasure overtook them as well.

Forty-five minutes later, Taylor finally let her vibrator slip out of her exhausted pussy. The tape that had held Matt tightly had peeled off ten minutes in despite her best efforts, so she’d simply made sure the tape came out of her steaming snatch while Matt remained inside. Then she’d spent the rest of the time ramming him against her cervix and playing with her clit.

As she caught her breath, satisfied beyond all belief, Matt finally found his way to her opening and slid out. He may have been nigh-invulnerable, but he wasn’t immune to exhaustion. Matt barely had the energy to stand and try to walk away from his sister after being smashed against her cervix repeatedly for so long.

“Not so fast,” she told him as she held him up in front of her face.

There was an exhausted scream as she lowered him into her mouth, running her tongue over his body and licking off every bit of her juices she could find. Then she turned sideways, dropped him into a water glass that still had a standing quarter-inch of water, and promptly fell asleep.


The next morning Taylor completely ignored Matt as she got ready for school. She didn’t bother trying to hide her nakedness; he’d seen enough of her already.

“Besides, Mom and Dad won’t be home til Wednesday. Good thing we’re mature enough to take care of ourselves, right?” she asked him rhetorically as she picked out her clothes for the day and shook her hips playfully.

Matt just watched her silently from his glass prison. His heart pounded when he heard her announce that little fact. That meant he was hers for the next several days. Apparently when he’d clicked through all the options he’d also picked ‘indefinite shrink.’

Taylor’s heart had leapt when she saw that, while Matt’s had fallen even further when she’d told him what he’d clicked on in his hurry.

There’s probably a lesson to be learned about reading, he had thought to himself.

“Don’t worry bro,” she told him as she pulled up her pants halfway and reached into the glass he’d tried to escape that entire night. “I won’t leave you here on your own. This one’s on both our lists.”

Matt screamed again as her finger pinched him around the chest. Unceremoniously Taylor used her free hand to spread her lips as wide as she could do comfortably, and shoved Matt as far into herself as possible. It wasn’t as smooth or sensual as last night had been, but she just wanted to feel a tiny inside her all day. She didn’t need a dozen orgasms this time.

Not while she was at school, one of the few places where people tried to focus on what they were doing, and not sexual gratification.

Matt fought his instincts to fight against her soft walls this time. Last night he’d been under constant assault from her vibrator, the size of a train. This time it seemed like she had only stuck him here for storage, treating her pussy like it was some kind of fleshy pocket. Her finger pushed him upward until it couldn’t reach any further, then withdrew.

There was a distant thumping on the outside, Taylor’s hand tapping twice as though that would make sure he was seated correctly inside her.

“Don’t get too busy in there,” she said to the apparently empty room as she straightened out her hair at her vanity. “We’ve got a couple of days before you get to be big again, you’ll get as much of this as you can stand.”

She turned sideways in the mirror, admiring her backside and wiggling her hips again.

No one will ever know! she thought as she imagined how many of her classmates might also be hiding tinies up their own snatches (or backdoors) all day.

Matt couldn’t hear her, but he knew today was a school day. That meant at least eight hours of staying as still as possible so he couldn’t provoke another masturbation marathon.

The world shifted around him like a tight sleeping bag as she walked. Her hips shifted side to side and Matt was only along for the ride as the walls hugging him slid back and forth.

That app is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, he thought as Taylor was sitting down in her home room class. To her he simply felt like a larger tampon; she had to be careful to not think about him spending all day inside of her though. She didn’t need to get too excited at school, especially if she couldn’t play until she got home that afternoon anyway.

As strange as it seemed to her, she actually got used to having Matt deep inside her. Since he was holding still he felt just like a slightly larger tampon and her vagina formed around him. By lunchtime she’d actually forgotten he was there. Only occasional squirming reminded her, and when her friends asked her why she was smiling she only replied that she was just remembering something funny.

That afternoon when she got home Taylor was making herself a sandwich when she felt something odd squirm deep inside of her. Her knees went weak as something massaged her most tender flesh.

“Oh right!” she said in a surprised voice.

Quickly she ran upstairs, loving the sensation of Matt moving in her pussy now that she had remembered he was there and could do something about it. He must have sensed the change in her mood too; where he’d been motionless all day he was now pushing on her walls and trying to move his way toward her outer lips.

With a sigh she slid her panties down and pushed two fingers inside herself. She pinched his feet and pulled him outward. There was a moment where her pussy refused to let him go, then with a *shluck!* he slid outward. Taylor held her coughing brother in front of her face and looked closely at him.

“Next up, backdoor play!” she told him with a smile that let her brilliant white teeth show.


Wednesday morning Taylor found herself squatting in the shower, feeling carefully next her anus. After a moment she found the string she was looking for and gave it a gentle tug. She wasn’t thrilled as her brother slid outward from her anus; she’d had a wonderful time with him over the past couple of days. Especially after the second night when she’d let him pass the night in her rectum.

If she ever found another match stupid enough to let her keep him indefinitely, he was going to live the rest of his life in her asshole. The constant movement in her rectum was one of the greatest things she’d ever felt.

She held him upside down by the string, letting the warm water run over his now four-inch body. The first time she’d slipped him up her backdoor he’d only been two inches tall; then she’d remembered that he’d given her full control over his size as well. Four inches was much more appropriate for the butt.

“So I hate to do this bro,” she told him as he hung, exhausted. She knew he hadn’t slept all night, but her anus was just far too strong for him to push his own way out of. Though she had really enjoyed every attempt.

“But mom and dad are gonna be home later tonight and people at school are starting to ask questions. We didn’t get your whole list checked off,” she said with a giggle, thinking of some of the particular heinous things he’d lazily agreed to, “But this one will be fun for both of us. While it lasts.”

Matt didn’t know what was going on anymore. He’d been in and out of his sister so many times and different ways, unable to sleep because of his instincts to fight and escape, that he was nearly out of his mind. The warm water flowed over his body and took away the stink of her ass at least. For a moment he tried to relax.

Then he saw where he was dangling. He jerked in her fingers as the string that had pulled him free from her backdoor was removed, and she held him up above her head and gave him an exaggerated curious look.

The view of his sister in the shower, water running down her hair and breasts, gave him an erection even as he tried to turn away. Though he’d spent a lot of time inside of her, he still was ashamed of the entire situation. He’d been cursing himself for the past several days while his penis had been screaming for more.

But now he screamed as she opened her mouth wide, giving him a perfect view down her throat. She lowered him into her mouth and he tried to push at her lips to keep himself out, but the water just made his hands slip. Her fingers stuffed him into her mouth and he looked out past her teeth just long enough to see the wall of the shower before her mouth closed.

Oh geez, she thought to herself as she stuffed her brother into her mouth. Four inches is a little much.

Carefully she leaned out of the shower and tapped her phone several times. In a moment she felt his form shrink until the phone assured her he was only one-inch tall.

“That’s better,” she mumbled around him as she leaned back into the shower. “Bye bro!”

Matt heard her voice boom around him, and her tongue pushed him up into her palate. Then there was a mixture of suction and pushing from the tongue that yanked him back toward her throat. The sound of her gulping him down drowned out his screams as he slid down her gullet.

Taylor smiled to herself as she felt him fighting in her stomach while she put conditioner in her hair.

“I gotta find another tiny that’s good for a few days,” she told herself as her stomach gurgled.


That afternoon Matt jerked awake in his bed, sitting up rapidly and swinging his arms outward as though he were still surrounded by mountains of flesh.

“Oh shit,” he said aloud as his phone confirmed to him that it was actually Wednesday and the last several days hadn’t been a fever dream.

He found his sister in the kitchen eating a granola bar and playing on her phone. Matt paused at the doorway as she looked up at him with a smile.

“You know, that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” she told him as she idly rubbed her right nipple through her shirt.

“Taylor, you should’ve let me go the moment you found me. Why would you even match with me on there?” he yelled out, angry at her for how she’d treated him and more than a little ashamed at how his body had reacted. Even now looking at his sister he was getting an involuntary erection.  Knowing exactly how her pussy felt around his entire body was making his cock rise in the hopes of feeling that for itself.

“Oh don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it,” she replied as she took another bite. “We got half your list checked off!” she called out as he stormed back upstairs, laughter in her voice.

Matt threw himself on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. His erection refused to go away and he thought about what had happened.

Was it really that bad? he asked himself. His erection answered for him and without realizing it he pulled himself free of his shorts and began to stroke it. He tried to turn his mind to something else, anything other than how his sister’s insides had felt while squeezing his little body. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing, and his stomach fell as he realized he’d spent the last couple of days fighting instead of enjoying himself.

His cock called the shots again as he grabbed his phone. The app opened quickly and he sought out his only previous match. Several clicks later he felt himself shrinking on his bed once more. His hormones had once again goaded him into a rash decision.

His world was massive once again, and he barely had the time to spin in an awestruck circle before his sister threw his door open.

The look on her face made Matt remember one very important thing: He hadn’t changed any of the settings that had put him in that terrible position in the first place. And his sister was only wearing a shirt.

“Couldn’t get enough, huh?” she said as she quickly snatched him off the bed. Her fingers had that distinctive smell that told Matt she’d been playing with herself, probably while they’d been talking downstairs! Matt was overcome with vertigo as she walked back to her room.

“Well you’ll get enough tonight,” she said, “Mom and Dad got delayed until tomorrow, and I’ve got a full-size Tinder date coming over.”

The doorbell rang as she grabbed a short skirt and pulled it on. No panties.

“So bro,” she said as she hiked it up, obviously in a hurry to greet her visitor as she bared her shaven snatch.  “Which hole do you want to ride in?”



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