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     Nick Robbins has always fantasized about being shrunk around giant women. He doesn’t really know why, nor how it all started, only that it never fails to turn him on. Growing up, he’d always dream about the girls he had crushes on, and how much fun it would be to be small around them—played with him like a doll; nestled between their breasts; rolled around under their feet and in between their toes; exploring their giant, naked bodies—the possibilities and scenarios were boundless. He’s also always been very secretive about his fantasies, however, and has never shared them with anyone—no one, that is, except his wife, Cassie.
     Cassie and Nick would occasionally role-play to spice things up in the bedroom: Cassie would do her best to play along, while Nick constantly fantasized about her. But alas, his fantasies were only that; he would never be able to truly know what it would be like to be small around her…
     ...Or so he thought.
     One day, purely by happenstance, while Nick was surfing the Internet, he found a book written by a Yogic master claiming that through meditation, concentration, and mastery of the mind, one could manipulate their physical body. Nick read extraordinary testimonies by men and woman who followed this master’s teachings and accomplished amazing feats of will: from claims of being able to lose weight, to those who claimed to have beautified their faces without the need for plastic surgery; but what really interested Nick was those who claimed to have been able to add inches—and in one case, even as much is a foot—to their height.
     Out of sheer curiosity, Nick acquired the book and began meditating in secret, training his mind to shrink his body at will. After months of study and concentration, Nick had a breakthrough: he was actually able to shrink himself—slowly at first, a few inches at a time, then even shrinking down a few feet.
In no time at all, Cassie, who was understandably freaked out first, was helping Nick fulfill his lifelong fantasies, and Nick continually pushes the limits of his newfound powers, seemingly always wanting more.
But there’s a flaw in Nick’s plan, and he soon discovers that things aren’t exactly how he pictured in his fantasies. Cassie doesn’t seem to know her own strength, and ends up almost crushing Nick one night during sex; then, another time, she accidentally sits on him when she isn’t looking.
     Nick doesn’t want to give up his new powers, nor the fulfillment of his lifelong fantasies, but the close calls are starting to unnerve him, and he quickly realizes just how dangerous shrinking himself can be....and what might happen if he loses control...
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