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Nick Robbins has always fantasized about being shrunk around giant women. He doesn’t really know why, nor how it all started, only that it never fails to turn him on. Growing up, he’d always dream about the girls he had crushes on, and how much fun it would be to be small around them—played with him like a doll; nestled between their breasts; rolled around under their feet and in between their toes; exploring their giant, naked bodies—the possibilities and scenarios were boundless. He’s also always been very secretive about his fantasies, however, and has never shared them with anyone—no one, that is, except his wife, Cassie.
Cassie and Nick would occasionally role-play to spice things up in the bedroom: Cassie would do her best to play along, while Nick constantly fantasized about her. But alas, his fantasies were only that; he would never be able to truly know what it would be like to be small around her…
...Or so he thought.
One day, purely by happenstance, while Nick was surfing the Internet, he found a book written by a Yogic master claiming that through meditation, concentration, and mastery of the mind, one could manipulate their physical body. Nick read extraordinary testimonies by men and woman who followed this master’s teachings and accomplished amazing feats of will: from claims of being able to lose weight, to those who claimed to have beautified their faces without the need for plastic surgery; but what really interested Nick was those who claimed to have been able to add inches—and in one case, even as much is a foot—to their height.
Out of sheer curiosity, Nick acquired the book and began meditating in secret, training his mind to shrink his body at will. After months of study and concentration, Nick had a breakthrough: he was actually able to shrink himself—slowly at first, a few inches at a time, then even shrinking down a few feet.
In no time at all, Cassie, who was understandably freaked out first, was helping Nick fulfill his lifelong fantasies, and Nick continually pushes the limits of his newfound powers, seemingly always wanting more.
But there’s a flaw in Nick’s plan, and he soon discovers that things aren’t exactly how he pictured in his fantasies. Cassie doesn’t seem to know her own strength, and ends up almost crushing Nick one night during sex; then, another time, she accidentally sits on him when she isn’t looking.
Nick doesn’t want to give up his new powers, nor the fulfillment of his lifelong fantasies, but the close calls are starting to unnerve him, and he quickly realizes just how dangerous shrinking himself can be....and what might happen if he loses control...

After dinner, the two lovers had retired to the living room couch to cuddle and watch a movie: Nick was sitting against the armrest with his leg outstretched, with Cassie scooted back into his lap, his arms wrapped around her stomach. It wasn’t the movie Nick was interested in, however; even with Cassie sitting still, she was butted up against his crotch in just the right position that she was putting pressure on his penis, and he was practically stiff. He tenderly kissed her neck and massaged her lower back, and Cassie would occasionally tilt her head back and give him a few soft, tender kisses, and each time she kissed him, his cock would pulsate inside his pants.
Nick pressed on, reaching under her shirt to caress her nipples again. At first, he wasn’t sure she was interested anymore, but then, he caught a glimpse of Cassie biting her lower lip, and closing her eyes. He kissed her cheek, and she turned her head and gave him a long, tender kiss.
Nick pushed even further, and began massaging her breasts, trying to get tempt her.
Suddenly, Cassie reached around behind her back and began massaging his cock through his pants. Nick started breathing heavily and rapidly, squirming in his seat again.
He couldn’t stand it any longer; Nick immediately pulled Cassie back and started kissing her passionately. Cassie could barely contain her laughter, finding her husband‘s actions so amusing she could hardly even kiss him back.
“Honey, I’m not sure I can’t stand it anymore!” Nick exclaimed softly, yet firmly, “I need you!”
“Oh, you NEED me, do you?!” she giggled coyly.
“Yes,” he replied seriously, “and if you let me take you back to the bedroom RIGHT NOW, I will give you a FULL-BODY massage.”
“Ooh, tempting,” she said coyly, kissing him again. “Still not quite sure, though.”
Nick sighed, trying to contain his eagerness.
“What if I sweeten he deal?” he offered.
“Oh?” she asked softly, “How’re you gonna do that?”
“Well, what if....what if you make me your little sex toy?!”
“WHAT?!” she asked bewilderedly, interrupting their make-out session.
“Well, I could shrink down just small enough, and you could, you know, use me to pleasure yourself. I’ll be, like, your....little vibrator.”
“I’m pretty sure that would be more for YOU than for me,” Cassie giggled.
“Well, maybe,” he shrugged, “but you gotta admit: it might be fun.”
“Yeah, I’m sure it would,” Cassie chortled softly. “Let me think about it while I use the restroom, ‘K?”
“OK,” Nick nodded. “Hurry back.”
“I will,” Cassie said nonchalantly, kissing him again. She was about to pull away, but Nick didn’t stop kissing her. Cassie started giggling, making it difficult to kiss him back.
“Honey,” she said, still indulging him.
“Yes?” he said between kisses.
“You’re gonna have to let me go to the bathroom SOMETIME, you know.”
“I know,” Nick replied, still planting kisses on her lips, “I’m just giving you some incentive to hurry back.”is
Cassie giggled again, giving him one last big kiss.
“OK,” she finally said, patting his leg, the universal signal of ‘let me go before I pee all over the couch’. “Be right back!”
Nick’s paused the movie and picked up his phone, though his eyes were plastered to Cassie’s jiggling ass as she scurried out of the room. He loved those lace panties she was wearing. They were lavender, and their weave made them partly see-through, meaning Nick always had a good view of the bare ass within whenever Cassie walked away from him....and Nick ALWAYS looked.
On her way back from the bathroom, Cassie headed into her bedroom for a moment to change her top. The tank top she’d worn all day was feeling dirty and smelly, and she wanted to put on a different one to feel more comfortable. She found her favorite silk cami she often wore to bed on warm, summer nights, and quickly changed into it. Then, headed back towards the living room, tossing her other tank top into the hamper at the end of the hall.
Unfortunately, her aim was a little off: the tank top landed and hung on the side of the hamper as she passed, and the moment she stepped into the living room, it fell off onto the floor. Out of the corner of her eye, Cassie spotted her tank top falling to the carpet, and quickly turned around to bend over and retrieve it.
Little did Cassie know, Nick’s eyes were trained on her the moment she’d left the bathroom, waiting eagerly for her to return to the couch. He became a little impatient when he saw her veer into the bedroom, wanting her to hurry up so badly he was practically squirming in his seat by the time she re-emerged.
Then came the moment when Cassie’s tank top hit the floor.
Nick was completely caught off guard when she turned and bent over, sticking out her ass right in front of him.
He couldn’t stand it any longer!
Nick immediately jumped up from the couch and practically leaped across the room!
Cassie was taken completely by surprise! No sooner had she straightened back up and dropped her tank top into the laundry hamper, Nick grabbed her from behind, spun her around, and immediately began kissing her passionately.
“Impatient, are we?” Cassie giggled, reciprocating his kisses.
“No, I just can’t stand it any longer....especially when you give me a really good view!” Nick explained between kisses.
Cassie started laughing so hysterically that Nick was practically kissing her teeth between her huge smile. She quickly decided to let her husband take charge, feeling that she’d led him on long enough. Besides, Cassie loved seeing Nick be so forceful, and was always amazed by how he always acted like SHE was the sexiest woman in the world.
If Nick had had the strength, he would’ve lifted Cassie up into his arms right then and there and literally carried her into the bedroom. Regardless, he continued kissing her passionately as he guided her towards the bedroom.
Cassie couldn’t stop laughing as Nick kept kissing her, fumbling to pull her new tank top off over her head.
By the time they’d reached the bedroom, the two lovers had already pulled off the other‘s clothes, just barely getting naked as they collapsed onto the bed; then, they spent the next several minutes kissing and fondling each other, releasing all their pent up sexual energy.
“Hey!” Cassie spoke up after a bit, “What about that ‘full-body massage you promised me?”
“Oh, you’re DEFINITELY getting THAT!” Nick exclaimed frantically, kissing her neck. “I’m putting my hands ALL over you!”
“Oh, honey!” Cassie laughed, “It’s so cute when you’re like this.”
“Uh-huh,” Nick uttered, kissing her again. “Now then, where shall I start?”
“How about my back?” Cassie suggested.
“Awesome! Flip over while I grab something.”
Cassie happily obliged her husband’s request, while Nick reached into the bottom drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a bottle of coconut-honey lotion. He was planning to rub it all over her body while he massaged her; that way, Cassie’s skin would be soft and silky smooth when he shrank down, not to mention the enjoyment he’d get by rubbing lotion across the huge, juicy ass she’d inadvertently taunted him with earlier.
“You ready?” he asked.
“Mm-hm,” Cassie affirmed, her head resting in her arms.
Nick squirted several dollops of lotion down her back, then went to work on her neck.
Cassie moaned contently, closing her eyes, and doing her best to enjoy the pampering her husband was giving her.
Nick continued with her back, kneading his hands into the soft flesh of Cassie’s plus-sized body, and paying extra attention to her huge ass when he got there, drawing great enjoyment running his hands across and grasping her cheeks just as much as SHE was enjoying being tended to. He paused only for a moment to grab another handful of lotion, then began running his hands up and down the back of Cassie’s thighs and calves, occasionally teasing her by caressing her inner thighs. Cassie began breathing heavily each time his hands approached her crotch, then exhaled deeply when they moved away again.
Nick took extra time massaging Cassie’s delicate, little feet, being cautious not to tickle her too much as he poked his fingers between each of her plump toes.
“You ready to turn over?” Nick whispered.
“Oh yeah,” Cassie moaned breathlessly, readily turning onto her back.
“Hold on,” he prepared her as he squirted even more lotion into his hands.
Nick reached for Cassie’s chest, gently caressing her soft, supple breasts, eliciting euphoric gasps as his forefingers brushed across her erect nipples. He soon worked his way down her stomach, and over her pubic region, smiling each time he saw her bite her lower lip.
“Oh honey,” Cassie moaned softly, “that feels so good.”
“Well, don’t get too excited,” Nick giggled. “We’re just getting started.”
Nick gathered the last few globs of lotion into his right forefinger and gently applied it to her crotch; Cassie was already squirming with anticipation, flinching slightly at his gentle touch on her well-lubricated womanhood.
“Oh, honey,” Cassie moaned breathily, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him towards her, “I need you.”
“Well, I’m right here,” Nick whispered. “Tell me what you need me to do.”
“Get small!” She begged him, kissing him, “Get small for me! Please!”
Without hesitation, Nick began concentrating, though Cassie’s tender kisses made it difficult. Nonetheless, a few moments later, his body was quickly dwindling in size, as if sliding down her body, stopping at about 3 inches tall. Now that he was small enough, he hurriedly scaled Cassie’s naked form and made his way to her chest.
Cassie’s skin felt cool and smooth beneath him, a coating of lotion covering every inch of her naked body. Apparently, Nick hadn’t rubbed the lotion into her skin as well as he thought, as his bare feet made tiny, squishing noises as he traversed her tummy, with a healthy slathering of lotion covering his behind and the backs of his legs when he sat down between her breasts for a moment.
“Hey,” he called up to her in a tiny voice.
“Hey,” she whispered sweetly, a soft grin on her face.
“Well,” Nick said, motioning to her right breast, “shall I climb up?”
“No,” she whispered, stopping him, “they’re already stimulated and tender enough. Come here.”
Cassie wrapped her hands around Nick’s backside and scooted him in close to her face, planting several giant kisses all over his little, naked body. He squirmed a bit, feigning shyness, but he secretly loved it, and Cassie wasn’t quite ready to let him go just yet.
“Uh, Cassie?!” Nick squeaked between kisses.
“What?” she asked softly.
“How long are you gonna kiss me for?”
“Why?” she pouted. “Don’t you like it?”
“Oh, of COURSE I like it,” he reassured her, “but I thought you were ready for me....you know....down there.”
“Oh, I am,” Cassie replied coyly, “I’m just not quite done with you up here just yet.”
Cassie planted a few more kisses on him, then moved him down her body.
“So,” she said softly, “are you ready to be my little sex toy?”
“Tell me what I have to do!” Nick urged her. “Where do I need to go?”
“I need you between my legs!” Cassie replied, breathing heavily.
“Put me there!” Nick cried, “I’ll rub with all my heart!”
Cassie slowly lowered Nick to her crotch, repositioning her right hand to gently grip his upper torso between her thumb and forefinger; then, she used her other hand to part her pussy lips.
“Are you ready?” she asked.
“R-Ready,” Nick’s tiny voice stammered, now slightly uneasy seeing her cavernous pussy up close.
“OK,” Cassie said. “Here we go!”
Cassie slowly guided his feet into her warm, moist pussy, until he was in up to his chest, then slowly pulled him back out. She repeated the process, moving ever faster each time.
“Oh....Oh...” she moaned softly as her husband’s legs squirmed inside her with each thrust.
Cassie started going a little faster, her moaning growing ever louder.
For Nick, being Cassie’s dildo was a very interesting experience. He loved hugging the flesh of her pussy lips as he was pushed deeper inside her, and he nearly blew his load right away from his tiny member sliding back and forth along the walls of her warm, inviting pussy as he squirmed and wiggled his body like a tiny vibrator...
...And his efforts were certainly working. Cassie‘s vagina was heavily stimulated, and each slide of her husband along the inner walls generated surges of hormones throughout her body, which, in turn, only made her go faster....and faster...
And her moans kept getting louder....and louder...
Nick was starting to feel a little lightheaded, but held on for Cassie’s sake. He himself was quite stimulated, loving their newfound game, though he hoped she might slow down a bit.
Then, without warning, Cassie suddenly thrust Nick all the way up inside her pussy, letting go of him, cupping her hands over her pussy to keep him inside.

Nick was completely taken by surprise; he hadn’t expected for Cassie to shove him all the way inside her. He began squirming and sliding his way through the pitch black cave, working his way back towards the entrance.

“Oh, honey,” Cassie moaned, squirming and bucking her hips slightly. “Oh my God, Nick! You have no idea how GREAT this feels!”

Nick was almost at the entrance of Cassie’s pussy, but sliding his body along the walls of her vagina meant his cock was also sliding against it as well, which was stimulating him immensely. He actually had to stop for a moment, feeling his cock bursting a bit, before making his way out.
Then, when he’d finally reached what he believed to be the entrance of her pussy, Nick found an unexpected roadblock: something was blocking the entrance.
“Honey?!” he called out, straining as he pushed against her huge fingers at the opening of her vagina. “Honey, come on, let me out!”

Cassie felt Nick pushing against her fingers, but she had no intention of letting him out of her pussy. It felt WAY too good feeling him squirm around inside her, and his struggles for freedom only served to heighten her pleasure.

“HONEY,” Nick shouted, pounding his fists against her fingers. “HONEY, LET ME OUT! CASSIE, PLEASE! LET ME OUT! IT’S GETTING HARD TO BREATHE IN HERE!”

“Oh, Nicki, YES!” Cassie exclaimed, holding her hands even tighter over her pussy. “YES, HONEY, YES! That’s it: SQUIRM! Squirm for me, baby! It feels so GOOD!”
Cassie could just barely hear Nick over her moaning; unfortunately, his voice was so squeaky and muffled she couldn’t make out exactly what he was saying. It didn’t matter, though; feeling Nick push against her fingers was pleasing her and only heightened her pleasure even more.
But Cassie wasn’t yet satisfied. She quickly moved her hand and pushed her index finger inside her pussy.

“CASS—OOF!” Nick cried out as her huge finger smacked into his head, forcing him even deeper into her vagina. By the time he’d arrested his movement, he found himself much deeper inside her, where Cassie’s vaginal walls were puffed and taught. They squeezed him on all sides, holding him in place, making it impossible to breathe.
“Cassie!” he cried weakly, unable to put any bluster behind his voice. “Cassie, help!”
Nick was quickly running out of air! Desperate to come up with a plan, he did the only thing he could think of: he focused on reducing his size, hoping to give himself some more wiggle room. It was tough to concentrate, though, as his present situation had him in a state of panic.
Somehow, though, Nick managed to shrink himself even more and, once he was small enough to get loose, frantically wiggled his way towards the exit.

“Oh my God!” Cassie exclaimed, suddenly feeling Nick’s squirming intensifying. “Oh, Nicki! OH MY GOD, NICKI!”
For a moment there, the wiggling inside her ceased, and Cassie thought her husband had passed out or something, but her worries were put to rest when she felt something crawling around inside her again.
Cassie grabbed the bedsheets and planted her feet, fearing her oncoming orgasm would literally levitate her off the bed.
“Keep going, Nicki! Please, keep going!”

Nick, having finally reached Cassie’s entrance once again, pushed his slimy hand out through her opening, feeling around blindly for something to grab on to and give himself some leverage to pull himself out. As he reached up near the top of her pussy, Nick’s hand suddenly slid over a bulbous structure. With no time to lose, he grabbed ahold...

“OH!” Cassie suddenly yelped in a high-pitched squeak. She just felt an intense wave of orgasmic energy as something had just grabbed just the right spot. Unable to control herself, she rolled onto her side, reflexively bringing her legs together...

“CASSIE!” Nick yelped from her sudden movement, realizing what was happening. “CASSIE, WAIT! DON’T CLOSE YOUR LEGS! CASSIE! HONEY! NOOOOO! DON’T CLOSE YOUR LEEEEGS!”

It was too late. Cassie legs reflexively slammed shut as she tried to endure the intense feelings in her pussy.
“Cmssmf! Cmssmfm, hlmpf!”
Nick desperately screamed for help, but Cassie couldn’t hear him: his voice was too small, and her closed legs successfully muffled any sound he made. He desperately pounded on her vagina, screaming to be let out, but his efforts only served to stimulate her more.
Cassie was squeezing her legs together even more intensely, and her moans were growing so loud that they vibrated throughout her entire body.
Nick was about to be crushed!
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