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Story Notes:

Originally posted on Giantess City on August 20 2019.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The first chapter can be enjoyed by people who don't like shemales, diapers or toilet stuff too.


Lilly woke up in a daze. She was in an unfamiliar bed, still wearing her favourite yellow dress, but no shoes. Where was she? How did she get here? And where was the light switch? She couldn’t see a thing...

Upon waking up a bit more, she noticed the room smelled strongly of perfume. It seemed strangely familiar, but she could swear she didn’t recognize it.

Finally, she found a door. Not as good as a light switch, but it would have to do. She opened it and went through. More darkness. Lilly tiptoed down a hallway of sorts. She just wanted to get out of there, even if she had to do it on her bare feet.

She eventually found the stairs and went down into another dark room. The pervasive smell of perfume was even stronger here. Through the darkness, she thought she could make out a door. That must be the way out!

She went a little faster across the floor, keeping her hands in front of her so she wouldn’t crash into any furniture. The door was big and heavy, but she managed to push it open. She stepped outside, but to her surprise, the air was warm and just as stuffy, and the smell of perfume even stronger than inside. She must have entered a different room, she thought.

Lilly felt her way through the darkness. This room was enormous! She tried calling out for anyone who might be there, but there was no echo. The night was dead silent. She looked around her, and realized she couldn’t tell which direction she’d come from. The ground was hard, probably made of stone, so there were no footprints to follow either. Struggling not to panic, she sat down and tried to think. What had happened the night before?

Before she could think of anything, she felt a weak earthquake. She listened. There was another one, slightly stronger this time. Another one came along, once again stronger than the last. Several other short quakes followed, accompanied by distant thunder.

What a terrible situation she’d found herself in, she thought! Earthquakes and a thunderstorm in this impenetrable darkness! But that was before the light came on.

The sky in the distance seemed to open like a celestial door. Light flowed in, blinding her for a moment. Was this it? Was she about to enter the afterlife? Lilly shook in terror, but opened her eyes just as another, even brighter light came on and the thunder-accompanied earthquakes doubled in power. She closed her eyes and screamed. This was beyond anything she’d ever experienced. Tears filled her eyes as she got on her knees and covered her face. She felt another earthquake. This time, it was strong enough to knock her off balance, and she fell forward.

Lilly caught herself with her hands, which were still wet from her tears. She tried to open her eyes, but the light and tears wouldn’t allow it. She heard a waterfall, but then it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, giving way to distant noises that sounded like nothing she’d ever heard before. Was she in hell?

Once she managed to get a hold of herself again, she wiped away her tears, took a deep breath, and got back on her knees. The earthquakes seemed to have stopped, as had the thunder. She turned away from where she thought the light had come from, and slowly eased her eyes open. She looked at the ground. It really was made of stone. Large, square stone tiles wider than a house. She could tell, because she was looking right at the house she’d just come from.

The waterfall appeared again in the distance, and Lilly slowly turned around. There, right before her eyes, were massive toes the size of her entire body. They were attached to a foot, which in turn was attached to a gigantic pillar of a leg. She leaned back to gaze further up in awe at this colossal smooth-skinned limb. She was looking at a giant person!

What should she do? What might an actual giant do to someone the size of an insect? She thought about it, but quickly regretted it. She decided not to make contact with this humongous being, and instead ran back to hide in the house. She couldn’t believe it! She was the size of a toe, scurrying around on the floor of someone’s house and then hiding in a smaller house inside it!

She didn’t have much time to ponder the situation before she heard and felt the titanic being’s massive footsteps again. She looked out the window, but the entire view was blocked by a gigantic hand, which proceeded to wrap its fingers around the house like a giant octopus.

Time seemed to stop for a second before what happened next. The entire building was lifted up into the air like nothing! Lilly screamed and fell onto the couch. A huge, green eye covered the entire window, and a low, booming giggle shook the building before the house was lifted up in the air again, much higher this time.

The furniture shook when the ride suddenly stopped, and Lilly was fell off the couch . The house moved into position in front of the giant eye again.


The giant voice was deafening, but Lilly could make out a feminine quality in it. This must be a giant woman, she though.

Before she could think another thought, the eye disappeared. Then, the ceiling floated away up into the sky before it was replaced with what looked like a huge billboard, except in 3D and not stationary. The giantess's white teeth appeared between a thick pair of red lips as she grinned down into the dollhouse. A lock of her long, black hair landed on the couch behind Lilly, maybe on purpose.


The beautiful giantess kept staring down, her excitement causing the dollhouse to shake again. Lilly stared up in disbelief, unable to take her eyes off this gargantuan being. Her thoughts went back to what a giant person like that could do to a tiny one like her.

"WOW, I'M LIKE, SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I'M SURE YOU ARE TOO," the grinning face winked at her.

Lilly was too scared to respond, when the long, red nails on the giant woman's even longer fingers appeared over the wall, she panicked and tried to run out the front door. The giant mouth above opened up and laughed loudly at her pathetic attempts to open the door, which was blocked by a middle finger exactly like the ones she was running from.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?" cooed the giantess while she let her hand walk slowly across the floor on two fingers.

She could have easily grabbed the tiny woman any time. Her hand was big enough to grab the entire house, but she chose to play with Lilly instead. She took pleasure in chasing her around like a cat playing with a mouse.

"YOU'RE SO MUCH FUN!" giggled the titaness before her gigantic index finger and thumb closed in around her victim.

Lilly thought she was going to crush her, so she closed her eyes and screamed. But nothing happened. Well, something did, but not the excruciating death she was expecting. Instead, the house disappeared underneath her and the giantess held her up to her face.


Lilly's captress was definitely enjoying this a little too much. She lowered her tiny captive a bit and let go of her in her vast palm, which was covered in smooth skin, but a little sweaty.


The grin widened.


The tiny woman's jaw dropped.

"D- doll?" she stammered, but her giant owner didn't even hear her.

"BUT YOU'RE NOT JUST A DOLL! NO, NO, NO! YOU'RE ALSO MY ITTY BITTY SLAVE, AREN'T YOU?" the giantess continued with a giddy shriek of visible excitement, accompanied by her fist in the air next to her giant grinning face.

The tiny woman had no words. She was captured by this, admittedly beautiful, giantess to be used as a slave? What kind of useful work could she even do at this size? Once she thought about it, she did actually have some kind of idea of what might be in store for her...

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