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Story Notes:

Originally posted on Coiled Fist and Giantess City on June 10 2017.


It was a hot day, and Ramona was sweating. They were almost there, but she had to take a shit. She squatted down and rested. A big turd poked out of her asshole and started sliding into her already heavy diaper. She pushed it out and sighed with a smile before standing up. She'd been wearing this diaper for a few days now, but she still had room for one more shit, she thought. She felt proud. It was a sign of strength to walk around with a heavy diaper like this, especially all the way to the other side of the island.

Nobody knew how her people had arrived there, but the lack of edible fish in the waters around it was probably the main reason that their culture revolved around a fruit they called "shit fruit". Not that the fruit tasted like shit; rather, the tree the fruit grew on required a lot of fertilizer to grow. The early settlers must have brought only a few trees with them, and needed to save all their excrement for them. That was probably the reason they started wearing diapers, so they wouldn't have to waste any fertilizer when they weren't near a shit fruit tree. Nowadays, there was no shortage of trees, but wearing a diaper was already a normal part of the culture, although they used modern-style diapers now. Most of the islanders enjoyed the feeling of "doing their business" in them, and the bigger and heavier the diaper, the higher your status among your peers, and it kept the islanders' legs strong.

"Here it is!" Mark said as he squatted down to rest. His diaper wasn't as full as Ramona's, but it reached all the way down to the ground when he squatted. "You wanted to see the damn things, and here they are," he laughed. The islanders were afraid to come here, because almost every single one of them was allergic to the little needles on these bushes. The needles themselves were not harmful, but if you were allergic to them, you'd get a strong burning sensation. Most islanders would dare each other to touch them as kids, because then they'd find out early on, but Ramona had never tried, even though she was twenty years old already. Maybe she was lucky enough not to be allergic?

As they approached the bushes, their smell got stronger. "Ugh, it stinks!" Mark frowned. Ramona didn't really mind the smell, which was said to be a sign that you were not allergic. It wasn't a guarantee, though, because one of her friends actually liked the smell, and touching the bushes still hurt her when she tried. "How did it feel when you tried?" Ramona asked, hesitating. The mountain provided some shade now, but she was so excited she was sweating anyway. "It felt like my hand was burning. No way I'm touching those again!"

Ramona looked at the bush in front of her. She could see the little needles that had turned many of her friends' hands red and swollen as kids. She would likely experience the same pain, but at least they'd stop teasing her about not having tried, she thought.

She swallowed and started slowly moving her fingers towards the bush. She was sweating more than ever, and now she even started shaking a bit, but she kept going. It would be best to only touch the bush with one finger, she thought, and decided to use her pinky. The finger made contact, and... nothing happened.

"What?!" Mark couldn't believe his eyes. "Try one more time." Ramona was far ahead of him. She tried every single finger. Then her hand. Then her arm. Finally, she walked straight into the bushes like nothing. Mark was gaping. He was so jealous! "I guess I'm not allergic!" Ramona exclaimed with a laugh. "It tickles a bit, but it doesn't hurt!" Mark watched her lie down in the bushes and got a bit uneasy. "It hurts just watching you," he complained.


The villagers gathered near the southern gate to watch the giants that had appeared in the distance. Usually, the only giants they saw were children who dared each other to touch the bushes and then ran away screaming and in pain. This time, two fully grown giants had appeared. One muscular man who looked afraid of the bushes, and one nervous but attractive young giantess. The men in the village grinned to each other when they saw her massive boobs, covered with nothing but a thin bikini, and the women blushed at the giant man's bulge, visible even through his diaper. It didn't take long for the smell of the giants' diapers to reach the village, though. That was a reminder of just how enormous these creatures were.

People in the village didn't have access to the giants' so-called "shit fruit", but ate the berries of the bushes. They weren't allergic to the needles, and were small enough that they could avoid getting stung anyway. The young women in each house would go out to look for a bush with ripe berries, and then the whole village would help with picking them. Now that the giants had appeared, however, most of them had run back as fast as they could, just in case they'd have to evacuate the village.

Not all giants would run away in pain, and the villagers were well aware of that. Very rarely, a giant was immune to the needles, endangering the little village in the bushes. So far, no giant had actually found the village or the villagers, but it was always a possibility. Whenever an immune giant came along, the entire village would escape across the bridge and into the caves in the mountain, where they knew the giants couldn't find them.

The villagers held their breath as the giantess reached for the bush. Not only was it always an intense moment; the smell of fresh giant poop also filled the air, and nobody wanted to smell it. The giantess didn't run away. She tried another finger. A few villagers dropped what they had in their hands. She tried another finger. The evacuation started. Taking only the bare necessities with them, every single villager headed for the bridge to the other side of the river, and then to the safety of the mountain. A few strong men carried extra food with them, just in case.

A few quick sprinters stayed behind to wait in case some of the scouting girls came back late and needed assistance. The giantess was now lying in the bushes, and they were completely sure she was immune. When she stood up and turned toward the village, the sprinters all panicked and ran away as fast as they could to escape the gargantuan threat.


Ramona wanted to explore the bushes. It was like she had discovered a superpower. She walked around and headed up a little hill. She could see something on top of it. Maybe a new kind of plant? She had to walk through a couple of tall bushes on the way up, but it wasn't too difficult. What she found there was difficult to believe, though. "A tiny village?" Ramona exclaimed as she walked closer. "You mean a real village?" Mark called from the edge of the bushes as his girlfriend went to investigate.

The houses looked like the dollhouses she'd played with as a child. They really brought back memories, she thought to herself and smiled. She used to enjoy putting dolls into her diaper back then. "I wonder if there are any tiny people in the village!" she giggled in excitement as she squatted down outside the tiny walls. She felt like a giantess looking down on it. No walls were gonna keep her out! Mark's felt a tickle in his loins at the thought of tiny people. Nobody had ever found anything out here before, and if they never told anyone about it, nobody would never know their little secret.

"Hello?" Ramona called. "Is there anyone here?" She picked up one of the houses and held it up for Mark to see. The muscular man's jaw dropped. "Is there anything... uh... anyone, rather, inside?" he asked as his dick started hardening slightly. His foreskin was pulled back as his flaccid penis' size increased, causing the diaper to tickle the tip as it slowly moved up against the moist fabric. He'd pissed himself that morning, so it felt wet at first, but as the tip moved further up, he could feel the dry area further up. Without using his hands, his swelling dick seemed to be stuck where it was, but Mark didn't move it with his hands. The soft fabric of his diaper kept tickling his manhood as it grew, turning him on even more.

Ramona looked through the windows. Nobody inside. Disappointed, but not about to give up so easily, she tore the roof off the house. The tiny furniture inside was much more detailed than that of her old dollhouses, so although she still couldn't see anyone inside, she grew more and more certain that this was an actual house for an actual person. Her crotch moistened at the thought of picking up someone whose entire body was less than three inches tall. She imagined a doll-sized little person climbing her boyfriend's engorged dick. How massive it would be in comparison!

Ramona picked up another house and brought it all the way up to her big, brown eyes so she could peek inside. Only furniture. She checked all the houses, and even shook them, making a real mess inside, to make sure nobody was hiding in there. When she couldn't find anyone there, she tossed the little house aside like a toy, making her pussy swell with the feeling of power. She smiled to Mark, whose dick kept hardening at the show his girlfriend was putting on.


Lilly had wandered far off into the distance before she noticed them. It was such a beautiful day for a walk, and she was enjoying the sunlight that filtered through the bushes when she heard loud voices in the distance. "Giants!" she gasped, and headed for the village. Suddenly, a gargantuan woman entered the bushes, blocking the path back home.

Lilly had to go another way. Her heart pounded as she ran for the hill. Why today? Why was today the day an immune giant showed up? They were probably evacuating the village already. The giantess started walking up the hill as well, and Lilly reluctantly gave up on going back. She would have to wait for the gargantuan woman to leave. The giantess's smelly diaper started overwhelming her, so Lilly pinched her nose and sat down under a thick bush.

BOOM! BOOM! The giantess walked past her, and Lilly didn't even dare look at her, but closed her eyes, clinging to the bush as the ground shook with the giant woman's every step. She could hear the titaness's thunderous laugh. This was not good. She must have found the village!


No tiny people to be found. Disappointed, Ramona stood up to leave. "No luck," she sighed. "But playing with tiny houses was still fun!" she grinned. "And hot," Mark grinned as he touched the tip of his massive boner through the thick diaper. "Wait a second!" Ramona exclaimed. "I have an idea!"

With a grin, she placed her foot on the roof of a tiny house. She pushed down on it, harder and harder, until the structure gave in under her weight. "There is more fun to be had!" she giggled and stepped on another house. She squatted down, making the third house support the weight of her messy diaper. "This must be a well-built house!" she laughed as she reinforced her attack with her massive butt, flattening the puny building. "But not well enough to withstand ME!" Ramona giggled as she winked to her watching boyfriend.

Soon, she had flattened every house in the village, except one. "I'm gonna make the last one a gift for you," she told him with a sweet smile on her full red lips. As she squatted down to pick up the tiny house, she noticed something. Tiny objects were lying on the ground just outside the wall. Ramona's jaw dropped. "I wonder..."

She lowered herself enough that she could see what it was. Jars with water in them, a basket full of tiny clothes, and more interestingly, a trail of tiny footprints! "I know where they went!" she shouted to Mark as she stood up to follow the footsteps. "They've crossed the river!" It was a bit difficult to see the footsteps between the bushes, but now that she knew what to look for, she managed to follow them all the way to the river, where she met up with Mark.

"You're really enjoying this so far, big guy," Ramona whispered as she ran her hand up her boyfriend's engorged manhood, which was more than obvious through his diaper. "Not as much as I will enjoy our little prize later!" he whispered back and kissed her. "Here's a present for you," Ramona smiled and licked her lips as she handed him the tiny house. Mark grabbed the entire house with one hand. He felt like an actual giant as he looked through the window to see all kinds of tiny items inside.

"I'm up for a bit of crushing," he chuckled as he lowered his new toy down to his diaper-covered cock and touched its tip with the tiny house. "Watch this!" he grinned as his strong hands pushed the house into his erect member, crushing the little structure like nothing. Watching the pieces fall to the ground, the couple moaned. "They must be terrified of us," Ramona giggled with a horny smile as she stroked Mark's boner through the thick fabric of his diaper. "We must seem like gods to them!" Mark had an evil grin on his face as he touched her nipples. "And they'll be nothing more than helpless toys for our amusement!"

As the kept going, Mark noticed something. "A tiny bridge!" he exclaimed with a grin. "I don't need a bridge to cross such a small creek!" He put his foot on the bridge. Oh, how he enjoyed the feeling of being a giant! He kept adding more weight until the bridge snapped in two and was carried away by the river. The two of them felt so powerful, and the prospect of this hunt exciting them in so many ways. They were like a gigantic couple on the hunt for tiny toys to play with. Fitting, then, that they were wearing diapers, Mark thought.


Lilly couldn't smell the giantess's diaper anymore, and decided to check on the village. When she finally reached the top of the hill, her heart skipped a beat. Her village—her home—was destroyed. "Why would she do such a thing?" Tears filled her eyes when she found the house she'd woken up in that morning. It had been crushed under the enormous butt of that giantess. Lilly had lived in that house with her family for almost twenty years. She was born there, and now the whole house had been crushed, along with everything they owned.

When she couldn't cry anymore, Lilly found a jar with some water and washed her face. She had to look for the others, but didn't the giantess go that way? Maybe she should stay in what was left of the village to gather supplies. She found a few water jars, some clothes, and one basked of berries. Almost everything else had been thoroughly destroyed in that giant woman's rampage. Lilly wanted to cry, but she had no tears left, so she had a bite to eat, even though she didn't have much of an appetite. What was she going to do? Where would she go?


The tiny footprints disappeared when they reached the mountain. From there, they could have gone anywhere. Ramona sighed in disappointment and squatted down to fill the diaper with piss. The stream of warm urine tickled her crotch and made her feel a little better. Mark grabbed her crotch through the soggy diaper to comfort her. "I guess we'll go home," she sighed. "Maybe there are more villages in the bushes?" Mark suggested, trying to encourage her. "Go back and have a look!"

Feeling a little better, Ramona crossed the river in a single stride and looked around for more tiny houses. Not finding any, she went back to the village she destroyed in her earlier rampage. She squatted down to rest for a bit. She'd really wanted those tiny people. She let out a loud fart as she stood up, but then noticed something.


Lilly felt the earthquake-like footsteps of the giantess again. The pile of supplies collapsed, and the tiny woman scrambled to save them, but each quake was stronger than the next. The shadow of a colossal figure engulfed the remains of the village as the giant woman squatted down. The stench of the the gigantic diaper was overwhelming as she towered above Lilly, who tried sneaking out of the village to hide behind a bush.


"What was that?" Ramona wondered. She moved closer just in time to catch a glimpse of a tiny figure disappearing behind a bush. Her crotch moistened again, and her crotch tickled like never before. They weren't getting away this time! She leaned in and looked behind the bush. A beautiful little woman with a startled look on her face! "I see you!" Ramona giggled as the tiny woman tried to run.


The giantess's enormous face appeared from the side, with a wild look in her giant, brown eyes. "I SEE YOU!" The smelly giant's giggle was like thunder. Lilly had never been so close to one of the giants before, and panicked. She knew she couldn't outrun this gigantic woman, but she had no choice but to try.

An enormous hand blocked her way. Lilly instinctively turned around to run the opposite way.

Another hand landed right in front of her, shaking the ground enough to knock her off her feet.


Ramona was enjoying this game. The tiny woman couldn't have been any more than two inches tall, and was completely helpless. A hand was enough to block her, and with a bit of force, the doll-sized woman could be knocked off balance without even touching her! Ramona stood up. She wanted to try something else. Her new toy tried to run again, and was stopped by a giant, dirty foot this time, once again with enough force to create a tiny earthquake. The tiny woman stood up and tried to run between her captress's legs, but Ramona squatted down and blocked her path with a gargantuan soggy diaper filled with giant poop. Lilly couldn't stop in time, and ran straight into the obstacle. Ramona pushed out a loud fart and laughed as she let her left hand slide into her diaper. She was enjoying this power trip so much that she started touching herself.


Lilly was knocked over by another earthquake, this time caused by the giantess's foot. She made one last, desperate attempt at escaping between the legs of the massive titaness, but was promptly stopped by an unbelievably big diaper that appeared in front of her. She was too exhausted to stop in time, and ran straight into it before falling back into a sitting position, staring up at what seemed to her a mighty goddess. A loud, wet fart escaped the giantess's buttocks deep inside her diaper.

The tiny woman looked up at the giantess's horny grin. One of the hands she had just used to block Lilly's path was now being inserted into the enormous diaper as the giant woman let out a horny giggle. Lilly was too exhausted to run, even with her heart beating faster than ever. She observed the giantess, who was enjoying the hand in her diaper, as she touched her erect nipples through the bikini top and moaned. Then, she reached down for Lilly. Her thick, powerful fingers wrapped around the toy-sized little woman's body, threatening to crush her against the giant, sweaty palm.


The tiny woman felt soft in Ramona's hand as she brought her closer. Imagine that! Her new toy was a beautiful little woman! Ramona was bisexual and Mark was straight, so this was perfect. They would have a lot of fun with her together... but for now, Ramona was too horny to stop. She examined her little captive, who was wearing a thin, simple little white dress. Her fine, blond locks that went just beyond her miniscule little shoulders contrasted nicely with Ramona's short dark brown hair, and her little blue eyes were gorgeous.

Ramona turned her new doll upside down and brushed her knee with her fine hair. She was in complete control of this tiny woman. She could do whatever she wanted to her. With a grin, Ramona dangled her captive over her giant mouth before slowly opening it, threatening to drop her onto her massive tongue. "Hey, no fair! Let me play too!" Mark called as he touched himself through the fabric of his diaper. But Ramona couldn't stop herself now.


Dangling above the giantess's mouth, Lilly had lost all hope. "Please don't eat me!" she cried. "I'll do anything you say! Please!" The giantess chuckled. "YOU'RE MINE NOW!"
As the giantess reclined, crushing all the supplies Lilly had gathered earlier, she placed the tiny woman in her cleavage and pulled down her giant bikini top. "LICK MY NIPPLES!" thundered her orders as she moaned.

The smell of poop was overwhelming, but Lilly had to do as she was told. The giantess grinned as her tiny slave obeyed her orders and started climbing up her right boob. The enormous nipple was erect. Lilly pondered for a moment how this enormous woman could find this sexually appealing. Crushing a tiny village, and then capturing an innocent little woman to make her a sex slave? Not to mention fingering herself with one hand in her messy diaper! Lilly hesitantly started pleasing her captress with her tiny tongue.


Mark could see his girlfriend dominating a tiny person, but he couldn't get to her because of the bushes. "I guess I'll just enjoy the show," he shrugged. Ramona moaned and her body shook with pleasure as her tiny captive licked her erect nipple. Mark put his hand in his diaper and started stroking his dick. Ramona was about to orgasm, but she wanted to try one last thing first...


Lilly had to hold on tight as her new owner's body shook enough to send her flying if she wasn't careful. She dutifully kept licking, but suddenly noticed her mistress's hand exiting the diaper. "GUESS WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" giggled Ramona as the giant hand, wet with piss, hovered over her little slave.

Lilly didn't get a chance to answer before two giant fingers clamped onto the fold of her tiny dress, staining it with giant piss and sex juices. Not that her captress cared about her opinion in the first place. Ramona lifted her up in the air. The giantess's horny grin came closer as the enormous woman changed to a squatting position, facing her boyfriend to tease him. She dangled her tiny captive in front of her big, red lips. "YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME ORGASM!" the horny giantess giggled. "IN MY DIAPER!" Mark moaned as he heard it, and kept going faster as he imagined having a tiny woman pleasure him inside his soaking wet diaper.

Ramona slowly lowered her desperate little captive between her bouncy tits as she giggled and moaned until she reached the diaper. "DO A GOOD JOB, AND MAYBE I'LL LET YOU OUT!" The horny goddess laughed as she pulled the diaper open, releasing the stench of its contents before dropping Lilly into it, right onto her clitoris. Before letting go of the diaper, the grinning giantess started touching her nipple with the hand that had just dropped Lilly into this foul prison.

Lilly wasted no time. She endured the smell and licked her captress's clit. She grabbed it with both hands and tried her best to make her mighty mistress orgasm. The giantess's body shook with pleasure again and again, before she finally squirted her diaper full of love juices. Her moans caused Mark to fill his diaper with cum. He was glad his girlfriend was feeling better, but was also getting impatient. He figured he'd take it out on their little slave. Just wait until he got his hands on her!


Ramona felt the rush of pleasure and power race through her veins as her little slave licked her massive clit. She had an amazing orgasm. She squirted into her diaper for a little while, enjoying every second of it. When she calmed down, she picked her toy up and took her out of the diaper. "Better go home and get you washed up!" Ramona grinned. "My boyfriend is so ready to have a go!"

Oh, how Mark would love to have his way with such a helpless little doll! Just thinking of how his throbbing cock with tower over their new toy made her horny again. "I have a present for you, big guy!" Ramona giggled as she licked Mark's muscular chest. "A little doll for you to play with." Her seductive voice made him harden again as she handed him the tiny woman. "I'll let you ride in the front of my diaper!" he chuckled with a horny grin as he pulled on the diaper and dangled his new toy above the opening. "See this enormous dick? Get to work!" Mark laughed as he dropped the helpless little woman into his cum-stained pubes and waited for her to start licking his cock. "Keep going like that, and I might take you out of there when I change!" he said with an evil grin.

When they came home, the couple let Lilly wash herself and change into a cute dress, which her new mistress had made for her dolls in the past. Ramona made her open her mistress's diaper, and then took it off herself. That was practice for later. It was an almost impossible task for a two-inch tall woman to pull the tape off, but she did manage in the end. Ramona made her new slave clean not only her new owner's crotch, but also her entire, giant ass, all with a tiny dollhouse mop. The giant woman's ass was covered in her feces, so it was a lot of work. More practice.

Then, it was Mark's turn. He lay down and had the insignificant little slave open his diaper. He made her clean his enormous boner, then his balls, crotch, and finally his muscular ass. He made sure to fart while she was working, just to demonstrate his enormous power over her.


Lilly was exhausted. She had spent hours cleaning these perverted god-like beings, and the only thanks they'd given her was making her smell their farts. She collapsed on the bathroom floor, her captors towering over her with evil, horny grins on their faces. "I WANT TO PLAY WITH OUR NEW TOY!" laughed Mark as Ramona stroked his massive cock. "ENOUGH WAITING!"

The giantess squatted down and picked up the exhausted little doll. They went into the bedroom and the giant man lay down on his back. Ramona put Lilly on Mark's abdomen and pulled on his penis. "UNDRESS!" she ordered. Lilly's heart raced. She knew she'd be crushed if that cock was let go. She took off her dress and stood there stark naked in the power of her giant masters.

"TIE HER TO MY COCK!" laughed Mark. Ramona giggled as she found some thread and tied the helpless little sex toy to his reddish, throbbing cock. She tied the doll-sized woman's wrists just below the head of the penis, and then secured her by tying her ankles around the shaft. Mark sat up with Lilly hanging there helplessly on his giant manhood.

"SUCK MY COCK!" he grinned, and Ramona ran her tongue from the base of his penis and up the shaft, covering their two-inch tall captive in saliva. She teased her lover's penis head, purposefully getting a mix of pre-cum and saliva to cover Lilly's tiny body.

Then, the giantess's thick, red lips teased themselves past the head and, down the long shaft, until she couldn't get it any deeper. She pulled them back, running them tightly across Mark's rock hard cock and their little slave. Over and over, she'd give Lilly mere seconds to breathe before taking it in her mouth again, tickling it with her teeth, wetting it with her saliva from above, or licking it with her massive tongue.

When Mark came, Ramona made sure most of his cum covered the tiny woman strapped to his manhood. "LOOK AT HOW HELPLESS SHE IS!" Ramona exclaimed. "LET ME HELP YOU CLEAN THAT OFF!" The giantess licked and sucked her lover's still erect penis, cleaning the cum off of her slave in the process, then finally swallowed.

Mark put Ramona on her hands and knees, then teased Lilly in front of her giant ass. "HOW ABOUT I MAKE YOU LICK THAT ASSHOLE?" he laughed. Lilly shuddered. "DO IT!" her horny master grinned as he positioned his dick between Ramona's massive butt cheeks. "LICK MY ASS!" the giantess commanded with a horny giggle. Lilly obeyed, licking the goddess's smelly asshole. Ramona moaned. "I HAVE A NEW FAVOURITE TOY!" she giggled in ecstasy.

Mark carefully inserted the tip of his penis into Ramona's pussy, making sure not to crush the tiny woman strapped to his dick. Slowly, he brought Lilly close enough to lick the giantess's clit. "LICK IT!" laughed Ramona, and Lilly did as she was told. "I DO LIKE A SUBMISSIVE SLAVE!" laughed Mark as he let out a fart. As Ramona neared orgasm, Mark inserted the whole doll-sized woman deep into her pussy. He pulled her out so she could breathe, then put her back in. Over and over. Faster and faster.

Eventually, the giant gods both came at the same time, covering their slave with two kinds of sex juices. Mark released the tiny woman from the thread and put her between his butt cheeks. "LET'S PLAY A GAME," he laughed. Ramona got the hint, and placed her own butt so it fit together with his, and Lilly was caught between four giant butt cheeks and two giant assholes.

"ONE... TWO... THREE!"
Lilly's enormous captors farted all over her at the same time. Then, Mark picked her up and dangled her upside-down in front of his nose. "SMELLS GOOD! NOW SHE'LL KNOW WHO OWNS HER!" The giants laughed and let her clean herself. They had her put on a new dress before Mark picked her up and dangled her by her dress in front of his massive six-pack. He pulled on his new diaper to open it, and dropped Lilly right onto the engorged tip of his cock. "MAKE ME ENJOY THIS, OR YOU'LL SLEEP IN THE BACK NEXT TIME!" he laughed before letting the diaper slam shut.

Lilly went to work right away. She understood that there was no escape from these mighty, god-like giants. Their word was law, and their pleasure her duty. All she could do was follow orders and try to please them. She was a doll, a toy, and a sex slave all at once, but at least, she thought, she was in the diaper of the sexiest giant she had ever laid eyes upon.

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