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Story Notes:

Originally posted on Coiled Fist on August 15 2017, and then on Giantess City on August 21 2017.


It was going to be good to get home after two weeks of working shifts for twelve hours at a time at the rig. Most people dreaded the cold night shifts in the winter, but working day shifts out in the hot summer sun was worse. Every day, without fail, I was wet through long before my shift was over. I just let my clothes dry overnight and wore them again every day; dirty clothes never hurt anyone, right? The smell did build up, though, so I made sure to wear my travel clothes on my way home so I wouldn't smell too bad.

My flight was delayed three hours, but it was finally time to board. I was seated in the back of the plane, all alone. The other passengers were at least six rows in front of me. I took off my shoes and sighed with pleasure. It did smell, but I was pretty sure nobody else would notice it. Except for the hot, blonde stewardess bringing me my complementary snacks before rushing back to the other side of the plane, anyway. Oh, well.

The snacks were nothing special. Just some nuts and something to drink. What turned out to be quite special, though, was what I found behind that little bag of nuts when I picked it up. A teeny tiny little woman, no bigger than a finger, trying to hide from what must have seemed like nothing short of an actual giant to her.

I examined her with my mouth open. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, like the stewardess, and looked about twenty years old. She was wearing a thin, light blue dress that was simple and old-fashioned. She was also barefoot, and looked kind of cold. Or maybe she was shaking with fear, afraid that I would eat her as a snack too.

She looked at me too, from my slightly chubby belly, which from her perspective must've looked more like a blue hillside with some dark wet spots, to my billboard-sized face. I would have lied if I said her helplessness didn't turn me on.

My dick hardened in my sweaty underwear as I checked to make sure the stewardesses were far away before gazing upon the tiny doll in front of me again. She stood up hesitantly. My warm and likely not too fresh breath washed over her like a strong wind as she made a nervous but adorable little curtsey.

I let out a little chuckle, startling her. She got on her knees and put her hands together as if to beg for mercy in front of the hillside that was my belly. I was starting to enjoy this. My erection had almost reached the underside of the tray she was on, and I wanted to know what would happen once it did.

My amused grin seemed to scare the toy-sized little woman, whose begging intensified. I couldn't make out what she was saying in her squeaky little voice, but the whole display was very enjoyable. I decided to tease her a bit.

With a broad grin, I licked my lips and watched her reaction. The startled little doll started desperately waving her delicate little hands and shaking her head, and I thought I could see some tears. I imagined what those tiny hands would feel like on my cock.

My hard-on finally lifted the tray somewhat, knocking her off balance. She looked confused, but quickly caught on when I whispered "It's just my boner" with a horny laugh that only she could hear.

Terror spread across her face when I raised my crotch enough that she could see the massive bulge in my pants. It was bigger than her entire body. "Here, I'll give you a closer look." I touched my crotch with one hand and reached for her with the other. She looked in all directions, but there was nowhere to run.

I wrapped my thick fingers around her slim waist. Never had I felt so powerful. It was like picking up a doll. She struggled to no avail in my grip before I dropped her into my underwear. This was perfect. A tiny slave for my pleasure, and I had several weeks to enjoy her.

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