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Story Notes:

Warning: Contains diapers, but no scat.

First posted on Coiled Fist on May 22 2017, and then Giantess City on May 27 2017.


One lazy afternoon, I went for a walk in the woods. I lived in the countryside, and this area was far away from people. Since it was a hot day, I decided to wear only sneakers and underwear. After walking for about half an hour, I had worked up a serious sweat that I thought made my muscles show better. That was just another reason not to put on clothes. After spending all that time lifting weights, admiring my progress was the least I could do, right?

I came across a lake, and thought I had to go for a swim. I removed my hot, sweaty shoes, socks, and underwear, then stuck my smelly foot into the water. It was just the right temperature, so I jumped in and swam across to the other side, where a huge, steep mountain stood like a wall straight up from the water. There were some rocks there, and I swam behind them to explore the lake. I spotted something. There seemed to be a hole just below the surface! Curious, I swam through and found a cave that was partially open to the sky, but not enough that it could be found that easily. Where the sunlight filtered through the leaves of the only tree in there, I saw some water lilies and lily pads. "This will be my secret place," I thought to myself and felt like a kid again.

I checked the ground for ants before sitting down against the tree. It was so peaceful. Like having my own little kingdom. I noticed that the tree had a perfectly even and strong branch that could support my weight, so I did some pull-ups once I had dried a bit more. A naked workout outside in fresh air was the best! I used the tree trunk as support for my legs and did some push-ups as well, to get all hot and sweaty before the swim back. Then, I noticed there were some stones piled up against the tree trunk. "I wonder if any of those would make good makeshift weights," I thought as I picked one up. It was too light, but maybe the big, flat one there at the bottom? I removed all the stones to reach the one at the bottom, and to my delight found that it was a pretty good makeshift weight for light squats. I would definitely come here again and work out, I thought.

I figured I'd head back, but I had to take a piss first. The hole where the stones had been would probably be a good spot. I'd be helping out the tree and have my own private toilet out here! I started filling the hole with urine, and I noticed it flowed down into a smaller hole that went under the tree. Maybe I was filling up the hole of a mouse or something with my piss? In any case, it felt like a challenge, and I was determined to win. I'd been drinking lots of water because of the heat, and though a big guy like me can go a long time before relieving himself, my bladder was full.

Eventually, the piss stopped disappearing down the smaller hole. I had won! Yet I still had ammunition to spare. The puddle of piss was filling up until it almost reached another little hole, a bit higher up. I wouldn't have enough piss left to fill it up completely, but it would be fun to see if I could make my puddle reach it anyway. "Ah... That was fun," I chuckled to myself as I let the last drops fall into the puddle of urine I had just created. It just about reached the second hole. I was in the mood to do another set of pull-ups before swimming back, but then I saw something in the hole, and squatted down to investigate.

It was a tiny woman. A beautiful tiny woman. She looked like she was in her early twenties, with a slim waist and straight black hair that reached slightly beyond her petite shoulders. She was wearing a beautiful, if a bit old-fashioned, red dress with a white apron. She looked startled as she stared down at my slowly sinking puddle of piss, which to her was more like the lake I had swum across to get there. She was even more startled when she looked up and noticed the enormous, naked giant towering above her. I immediately knew I had to have her.

When I reached out to grab her, she first seemed paralyzed by fear, but then came to her senses and tried to run back into the hole. But it was too late. I managed to grab her by the little dress and pull her out of the hole. She was completely helpless, dangling above a giant puddle of piss. I made sure my grip was firm before slowly lifting her helpless two-inch-tall body up to my face. She looked completely terrified, and for good reason. Not only had she just been picked up by a giant man, but by a naked giant man. A naked giant man who was now grinning with amusement. Imagine finding a helpless, two-inch-tall beautiful young woman under a tree! I wondered for a second how she had gotten there, hiding behind the stones, and how she had become so small, but I didn't really care. All I knew was that she was mine now. And she'd better be a submissive little plaything!

I wrapped the fingers of my left hand around her tiny, fragile body. Not too hard, to avoid crushing her, but hard enough that she couldn't escape. I felt her tiny, soft breasts touching my index finger and her round, youthful little butt against my palm. She was struggling a little bit, tickling my fist with her dark hair as she tried to twist loose, but had realized by now that it was no use. She was no match for my superior strength. In my hands, she was nothing more than a little doll. My grin widened as she gave up the fight. I stood up again and examined her face. She had blue eyes and soft, smooth skin. Completely clean and pristine. I felt my engorged manhood throbbing at the thought of what I could do to my new toy. And in this private place, nobody would ever see it. Nobody would ever know.

I chuckled again. The thunderous sound of my god-like voice startled my little captive. "Such a beautiful little doll!" I grinned. Her eyes widened in fear. I hadn't even touched my dick yet, but it was rising quickly. I brought the tiny woman closer to my nose and smelled her, drawing a nervous, barely audible little scream from my tiny captive. She had a pleasant smell, like flowers. My erect cock was pointing straight up at this point, begging me to have my way with this helpless, toy-sized beauty. I relished the feeling of total control as I moved my hand away from my body to give her a better view of her giant master. The look on her face changed from total despair to a mix of fear, awe, and curiosity. I hadn't wasted all those hours in the gym; that much was for sure! My bulging muscles were glistening with sweat, making them stand out even more, especially to a tiny toy like her!

"Like what you see, little doll?" I grinned with the smug arrogance that befitted my enormous, god-like power over her. It took her a few seconds, but then she slowly nodded and blushed. I guess if you're going to be made a horny giant's sex toy, you might as well be made a sexy horny giant's sex toy. I lowered my hand until she was staring straight up at my engorged mountain of a penis. She almost seemed to shrink a little at the sight. She must've had an idea of what was in store for her.

I started stroking my gargantuan boner with my right hand, making her watch from just below, near my balls. She couldn't take her eyes off her master's raging hard-on for even a second. I put her in my right hand, covering her pristine, clean dress in my smelly crotch sweat. As I stroked my cock with my left hand, I squatted down and leaned back against the tree. I lowered her even further, until she was below my giant, jiggling balls. I felt a massive fart coming along, and pushed it out as hard as I could. It was as loud as a trumpet, and the smell of my asshole overwhelmed my little toy. She started coughing, and struggled more than ever. I brought her up to my giant face. "I can do whatever I want to you," I said with an evil grin. "You are nothing but a little toy for my amusement. A slave to my desires."

I lowered her down to the shaft of my reddish, rock hard dick. "Kiss it," I ordered. She knew she had no choice. She had to keep me happy, or there was no telling what I would do to her fragile little body. "Lick it. Time to please your new owner!" I chuckled as I loosened my grip just enough that she got her little arms free to touch my engorged tower of flesh. "Yeah, touch my gigantic boner with your tiny, little doll hands!" I moaned. I could barely feel her, and yet this turned me on more than anything had ever done. "Lick it faster!" She obeyed. Of course she did. I was a fucking god compared to her. My wish was her command. I moved her down the length of my rock-hard penis, making her keep pleasuring me. "That's right, little one. Lick my sweaty balls!" I pushed out another fart, even louder this time, but not as smelly. "Smell my fart, little slave!" I said with an evil laugh. She kept licking my huge, sweaty balls, despite the stench of my ass gas washing over her.

I moved her further up this time, making sure I went slowly, so that she could kiss and lick as much of my giant cock as possible. As I moved her closer to the engorged head of my penis, I felt her tiny hands more and more for each millimetre. Her microscopic tongue and lips felt better than ever as she approached the tip. I was going to cum any moment now. This tiny woman pleasuring the tip of my enormous dick, as well as the power trip I was having, were more than enough to make me orgasm. At first, I wanted to cum all over her, but I decided to save it for another time. There was no way I was going to let her go after this. She was mine now.

I stood up, grabbed my throbbing manhood and started stroking it while making my new toy lick my balls. My cannon was ready to fire. I aimed for the hole I had caught her out of earlier and let loose. Bull's eye! A huge gob of cum landed right where she had stood when I first saw her. I took pleasure in watching her tiny eyes open wide at the thought of that giant, sticky load covering her. While the last bits of cum dropped to the ground, I smiled at myself for always making challenges and games out of my bodily excretions...

"Ah... that was good!" I sighed. "I think I'm gonna enjoy my new toy! Imagine all the things I can make you do!" My grin widened at the sight of her reaction. She put her hands together and begged me to let her go. I couldn't really hear what she was saying, but I didn't care. She was nothing but a toy to me, and I didn't care about her opinion. "I like it when you beg for mercy, you insignificant little doll!" I laughed as my cock started hardening again. The sight of her utter helplessness was making me ready for round two.

I grabbed her by the dress again and dangled her above my rising penis. "Did you think I was done?I wanna play another game with you!" I grinned as I sat down against the tree. I grabbed my cock with one hand and put the tiny doll on my abdomen. "If I let go, you're going to be hammered by my fucking cock!" I laughed at the absurdity of it and at how helpless she was before me. "Get down on your knees and worship my colossal boner! I want you to beg for mercy!" I started stroking myself as I commanded her around. She trembled at my words, but obeyed immediately. The tiny woman bowed down before my building-sized cock, kissing and licking my abdomen as she did.

I picked her up by her dress again and dangled her above my mouth. "You look as sweet as a piece of candy!" I grinned. "I wonder what you taste like!" She could easily have fit in my enormous oral cavity, and the thought of it made her struggle in fear as I dangled her up and down with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. "You know what? I have a better idea!" I said with an evil grin. I sat up in a squatting position and slowly moved my helpless little toy between my thighs and towards my gargantuan anus. "Smell my asshole!" I ordered with an evil laugh, as I positioned her just close enough that she wouldn't actually be touching it. "I could fart all over you," I mused. "Do you like the smell of your owner's ass?" I was nearing release again. I could do this all day! "I could use you as a tiny dildo and stick you up my asshole, how about that?" I laughed as I slowly brought her back up to my face. "You're such a versatile little plaything!"

I leaned back again and put her on my throbbing cock. "Go on, little doll. Time to make your god cum!" She tried to straddle my gigantic, thick boner, but her legs were too short. I had put her all the way down by my balls, and decided to fart again just to torment her. She licked and kissed my massive dick all the way up to the tip before I couldn't hold it back anymore. I came all over my stomach. I picked her up and threatened to drop her in the middle of the mess, but it wasn't the time yet, I figured.

I got up and swam back to where I'd left my shoes, bringing my new toy with me. I put on my underwear and made her smell my shoes just because I could. I loved being able to dominate her so absolutely. She had to do anything I wanted, and I could do anything I wanted to her. I felt my cock starting to rise again. Once I'd put on my shoes as well, I grinned at her. "Guess where you're going!" I pulling at the elastic band at the front of my black boxer briefs while dangling her by her little dress just above. "You better make me happy on the way home," I grinned before dropping her into my pubes and letting the elastic band slam shut. I could feel her minuscule tongue against my still-wet erection as I walked back home a quickly as I could, once again working up quite a sweat.

The sun was setting when I got back home. I locked the doors, went upstairs, and made sure curtains were covering all the windows. Finally, I again pulled open my elastic boxer briefs to reveal a tired little doll completely drenched in my sweat. I picked her up and put her on the table before taking off my socks and underwear one item at a time and dangling it above her, threatening to make my smelly socks fall down on her. She got on her knees to beg for mercy again, achieving nothing by turning me on further. "You really know how to turn on a giant horndog like me, little one!" I laughed as I grabbed my throbbing rod. "Now, strip for your master's pleasure!"

I could tell that she had never stripped before, but she did as well as she could. She was probably relieved to get out of that dress soaked in giant crotch sweat as well. When she was completely naked, I picked her up and started licking her tiny little crotch. She initially tried, to no avail, to fight off my giant tongue, but soon gave up and enjoyed it instead. I licked her microscopic little nipples as well, and her round, bouncy butt. "You're a delicious little morsel, aren't you?" I teased her and started touching my dick again when I saw her reaction. "Now it's my turn." I grinned and put her down on my bed, making her look up at my giant, athletic body towering over her. I turned around and sat down carefully, trapping the helpless little doll between my buttocks. "Lick my giant fucking asshole!" I commanded as I started jerking off. Finally, I was living out my dirtiest fantasies! "Maybe if you please me I'll let you out before farting on you."

The feeling of her tiny tongue against my anus sent sparks of pleasure through my giant body. I was making this tiny, helpless little doll of a woman lick my dirty, sweaty asshole, just for my own amusement! What an evil giant I was! And how it turned me on! I was just getting started. I fished her out from under my ass and placed her under my balls instead. "Lick my enormous sweaty balls!" I moaned as I stroked my massive boner again, feeling her tiny hands and tongue against the underside of my giant, dirty balls.

"I wanna play a game!" I grinned as I grabbed her again. I taped her arms and legs to a chair and stood up, turned around, and placed my asshole directly above her. I farted all over my helpless little plaything like only an extremely perverted giant would do. But at least I was a sexy perverted giant. "Look at you lying there, helplessly taped to the chair, at the mercy of your enormous master's farts!" Farting on girls had always been a fantasy of mine, but I had never dared to do it until now. This doll-sized girl had no say. She was a toy I could fart on all I wanted. "Kiss my asshole!" I ordered as I placed a buttock firmly on either side of her tiny body, pressing my sweaty asshole against her smooth, minuscule body and feeling her tiny lips obeying my commands.

My cock felt like it was about to explode. I removed the tape and put the little doll in a jar, then made a game out of hunting her down with the tip of my cock until I finally came all over her. Then, I fished her out and took her to the bathroom. I made her wash her clothes and herself in a bottle cap, and then I brought an old dollhouse into my room. It was lockable, which was ideal. I let her hang up her dress to dry until the next time I wanted her to wear it.

When she looked out the window again, she almost couldn't believe what she was seeing: the sexy, muscular giant pervert who had made her his little sex slave was squatting in front of the dollhouse wearing a gigantic diaper! I opened the window and grabbed her. "Guess who's gotta take a piss!" I grinned as I pulled the diaper open in the front and let her fall down into my sweaty pubes. "If you don't wanna get wet, you'd better keep me hard!" I laughed as I felt her desperate attempts at pleasuring me. She was too desperate, though, causing my volcano to erupt again, covering both her and my pubes in cum. She tried to keep my cock hard, but it was too late. I let loose a torrentuous stream of smelly giant piss. My urine filled the diaper, and I kept going until it started leaking. "I am the diaper god!" I laughed as I let out another loud fart, and then finally took a shit in the diaper before fishing her out. "Time to change me!" I grinned as I lay down and made her remove the tape locks on either side. It wasn't easy. "Hurry up before I put you back in... in the back this time!" That helped, and she managed open it. I dangled her above the dirty diaper for a bit before throwing it away and putting on a new one.

I dropped her into my new diaper too. It just got me so hard! "This must be the ultimate humiliation," I thought with a giggle as I farted again. Not only is she my sex toy; she's my diaper toy too—completely at the mercy of my giant body functions!" I farted again, and lightly pressed my cock against my abdomen through the thick diaper, trapping my little captive in the middle. She was a completely innocent, beautiful and pristine little doll-sized woman, captured and enslaved by a sexy but perverted giant god so he could play his dirty sex games with her and humiliate her for his own pleasure. Not a happy ending for her, but oh, what a happy ending it was for me. I once again felt a throbbing sensation in my diaper...

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