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The newly possessed Kiana looked out over the city before her, a little smile on her face but her eyes hot like the setting sun, scanning the ground at the little pests.

At 150 feet tall, the high and mighty human race now looked like a bunch of runts running around; none of them even going so far as her ankle in height. It was pitiful, really. But, still not enough.

Kiana took a step forward, her black boot falling with a rumble onto the pavement below. Some cars shook noticeably on their suspensions. One car got more than a shake, however, as Kiana?s boot came down and flattened a sudan. The top creaked and caved in quickly, all the windows shattering as their frames bent in. To Kiana, it had the same feeling as stepping on a small cardboard box, feeling the frame try and withstand her weight until it all finally collapsed. She enjoyed the feeling of metal bending beneath the sole of her boot.

Kiana continued her walk down the street, though going rather slowly. She wanted to properly enjoy the screams of those who feared her. And since it was the middle of the day, there were plenty more cars for her to get warmed up, all of which were abandoned by their drivers.

As Kiana trod along, she was soon surrounded by larger buildings, going from the smaller shops that went midway up her calf, to multi-story offices that went up to her hips. Many office workers going through their usual days could only crowd around the windows as the gigantic black-clad thighs would jiggle past as the giant girl passed them by.

The girl looked around her feet, finally stopping as she seemed to be in the thick of a larger local city, though no buildings even went higher than her bust. Tiny business people began to flood out of their offices, either to find safety from tremors they thought to be the work of earthquakes, or the massive girl who was actually causing the shaking.

This was fun, but it just didn?t feel like enough for the Herrscher of the Void. She?d called them insects before, but at this scale they were more like rats to her. And while she could easily torment them all individually like this, it wouldn?t really be as effective or as fun as taking them out in mass.

?Well, little ones, I hope you?re ready to feel even more insignificant than you already are,? Kiana said, her double voice echoing even further off the buildings below, not that anyone could really pay attention.

Kiana raised a hand tentatively, smiling down at the people below as they ran away. How futile.


That single sound seemed to carry a long distance. Longer than it really should have, being distinct to the rushing crowds at the giant?s feet.

For a moment there was no obvious change other than a sly smile spreading across Kiana?s face. It had already started, very slowly before it gradually sped up. One key reference were her hips. In the wide streets she already had very little room for movement, but now that space was being closed off. Both sides of her hips edged closer and closer to the buildings at her sides, until her hips and thighs were pressing up against the glass, sliding up gently as she was growing taller. Stares of bewilderment continued from inside the buildings, especially from the males, of course. The urge to flee only seemed to kick in as the glass began to crack from the increasing pressure. Soon the buildings themselves began to rumble on their foundations, as they were being pushed apart by the expanding girl in tights.

Kiana couldn?t help but chuckle coldly as the world itself seemed to dwindle away once again. The buildings at her sides creaked and cracked, until finally snapping off about three floors up. They were pushed to the side, toppling over with everyone who stayed inside, falling over onto neighboring buildings, raining down heavy debris onto the streets and people far below. Who knew one could cause so much damage with just their thighs?

Kiana kept growing steadily, causing more destruction as soon one of her boots were big enough to take up more than a single street, effectively bulldozing what little foundation was left standing at her sides. Some of the people who were spared by all the debris also found themselves run over and crushed by the quickly expanding underside of Kiana?s boots. Though run as fast as they could, they were no match for the massive rubber soles that seemed to be stretching towards them until finally overtaking them. Even just the act of growing was destructive.

Eventually the growth slowed, with Kiana finding all the people down below looking more like the insects she already believed them to be. Standing at a tall 1500 feet tall, Kiana was ten times as tall as she was just a few moments ago. But? ugh, the buildings were still a little too tall for her liking.


This time, Kiana instantly shot up to a nice and even 2000 feet tall. It was only a little better, but she didn?t want to over do it just yet. With just another snap of her fingers, the girl could easily reach planetary size in moments and make quick work of this entire continent; but where?s the fun in that? The key was to find a nice balance between the ease of extermination, and just how long she could torment them before doing so.

?Much better,? Kiana said out loud, bending down to see the tiny dots running frantically from street line to street line, ?you all look just like tiny little ants. Nothing more than mindless insects to be taken care of beneath my feet.?

Her voice flooded the streets below her, impossible to ignore for the panicking civilians, though they hardly cared about the content of her words, they all could feel it. This wasn?t going to go well.

Kiana lifted her foot slowly over a neighboring block of apartment buildings, all filled with people still trying to rush through the doors all at once. Soon her shadow fell upon them, causing their screams to grow even louder as they tried to rush and push faster to get out of the boot?s impact range.

?I think it?s time someone eradicated this little ant hill,? Kiana said, still smiling cooly.

She gave only 3 seconds pause before finally slamming her black boot down onto the complexes beneath her. The buildings, though now just below her ankle in height, easily gave way to Kiana and the force behind her step. It was like a sudden earthquake whose tremor radiated for miles. Screams seemed to grow louder throughout the city as the ones beneath Kiana stopped abruptly.

As she lifted her boot back up, Kiana could see the large footprint she?d left on the block, flattening everything into rubble. But it wasn?t just grey stones. Around the larger chunks of rock that used to be homes, tiny spots of red now decorated the pavement. None had survived, obviously.
She smiled, seeing her handy work. There were a lot of people killed in just that one step. Easily over a hundred lives instantly snuffed out beneath her sole. Kiana looked back out over the rest of her surroundings. An entire city in panic, everyone rushing to get away, hundreds already dead. She couldn?t help but chuckle softly once again. This was definitely going to go well.
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