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Kiana screamed, abruptly sitting up in her bed. Her body was soaked in a cold sweat, her breathing was long and hard as she tried to calm down. It was still the dead of night, street lights still on outside her window.

'It was that nightmare again,' she thought to herself.

Kiana had been having nightmares for the past few weeks, and it was always the same one. She’d be walking down a dark corridor, with a strange voice whispering in her ears. When she woke up she couldn’t remember what the voice said, but she knew it was dark and threatening. The voice kept getting louder and louder, until it was shouting inside her brain, the darkness soon melting into a savage orange forcing her awake.

But that was just a dream, right?

Kiana laid back down on her side, looking out the window by her bed. Everything would be better tomorrow, right?


Kiana shambled along the city streets in a drowsy haze. She hadn’t gone back to sleep since the nightmare, if she did it’d only happen again… It’d been weeks since she’d gotten an actual night’s sleep. But even with this unprecedented bout of insomnia, a girl’s gotta eat, so here she was, a mindless zombie trying to make her way to the store without passing out on the sidewalk.

Kiana just went out in her white body suit trimmed with black lines today, not that she'd have the energy to put on anything more. Since the suit cut off at her ankles she was also wearing a cute pair of snow-white ankle socks inside a pair of white boots.

There were so many people passing by her, some staring at her outfit with curious stares, thought many of those stares drifted down to her ample breasts, made extremely evident by her tight clothing. She tried not to bump into them as she stumbled along.

“S.. Sorry..” Kiana groaned as she accidently bumped into a woman in a red dress.

“Hey watch it, damn kid!” an older man scolded, narrowly avoiding bumping into her head-on.

She didn’t care, or rather, couldn’t. Her mind was blank.

“Just don’t sleep, just don’t sleep” she thought to herself.

And then it hit her.


Or rather, a pole did.

Kiana didn’t see where she was going and ended up walking face-first into a metal street lamp. Her body fell limp onto the ground, a dull thud as she landed on her back, a red line now on her forehead.

People around her gasped as the young girl hit the pole, the ringing still hanging in the air for a moment as she fell. A small crowd formed around Kiana as she lay motionless.

“My heavens, what happened!?” one woman cried.

“Should we call someone?” one man asked no one in particular.

Concerned comments continued for about a minute or so, all the while no one was actually doing anything to help, a completely realistic reaction. Someone was about to reach out and try to lift Kiana when suddenly the girl stirred, her head quickly snapping forward, her eyes staying closed.

“Heh heh… heh heh heh, hahahahahaha!” Kiana suddenly burst out laughing. Only now, her voice was different. It wasn’t just her voice this time, there was another, darker voice that laughed along with hers, like an in-time echo. When she finally opened her eyes mid-laugh, Kiana’s blue eyes were now a wild bright orange.

The crowd of people crept back suddenly, surprised by the now hysterical laughing that filled the air. The ground began to shake like a small earthquake, the concrete beneath Kiana cracking apart as she began to float into the air, her body turning until she was completely upright.

No one could tell by looking at her, but that smiling face was going to be their demise. Herrscher of the Void had awakened.

For the past few weeks, Herrscher of the Void, a strong concentration of sinister energy, had been building inside of Kiana, slowly attempting to take control of her body. The goal of a Herrscher is to bring the downfall of humanity, and they are all gifted with the incredible power to do so. Even the mightiest of warriors would die before defeating one in combat. This Herrscher, for example, was a master of spacetime, able to effect her surroundings with ease in any way she wanted, whether through reality or the use of illusions.

“Well well, what do we have here?” the new Kiana said in her eerie double voice, looking around at all the shocked faces around her.

“Insects,” she smiled, still floating in the air, “it’s always enjoyable toying around with you pests.”

As she spoke, screams began to erupt from the crowd as people began to run away in fear of the scary floating girl.

“Look at you all run, it’s so pathetic,” Kiana said with a hand to her face, “why don’t I make you all a little more pitiful, if that's even possible.”

As she said this, she snapped her fingers and the air around her began to spark and crackle with purple lightning. The metal pole she ran into began to bend in the opposite direction as force radiated from her body. Her smile only grew larger as her body began to grow as well. At first it wasn’t noticeable, but in a matter of seconds her body was double in height. As she continued to grow the once crowded street became more and more empty as everyone fled into side streets, hiding behind the buildings.

Soon Kiana’s boots touched the ground once more as she began to tower over the neighboring buildings. The ground beneath her began to crack more beneath her increasing weight. She couldn’t help but giggle as she was soon able to look over the sides of some of the smaller buildings around her and surprise the hiding people. Their little screams pleased her to no end. Soon, Kiana’s gate took up nearly the entire street, her legs needing to stay closer together to keep her boots from smashing into buildings, at least for now.

As she grew, her clothes began to change as well, her white boots turning pitch black, elongating to roughly midway up her calf. Her body suit also experienced some changes, the legs turning from white to black stockings that stretched further with every second.

Kiana reached the towering height of 150 feet tall when she finally stopped growing. Her true form was actually on the planetary scale, but for now this would suffice. She was able to see further into her city now, and more of them could see her. Countless people in the distance began to run at the sight of the giant girl in the distance, smiling down at them. They all looked like panicking little insects trying to scurry away. It was absolutely pathetic.

“Now,” Kiana said, lifting her foot to take a step forward, “let’s begin the extermination.”
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