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The students on the school roof all stood near the edge of the building, frozen in fear.

?Wha? What the fuck?? was all that one boy could whisper with his throat clenched.

Miles ahead of them, what was once the peaceful horizon now lay the massive crotch of a girl that didn?t look much older than themselves. It was a surreal sight, almost like something out of a dream. Not only that, but mere minutes ago, three of their friends became trapped in strange purple cubes and flew up into the sky until they were lost in a huge violet cloud. You couldn?t write this stuff?

Now on both sides they were surrounded by high walls of thighs, maybe dozens of times larger than the school itself. Her legs stretched out almost elegantly while they rested on the collective city blocks, all of them getting ground further into rubble and dust with each slight shift of Kiana?s weight. The black walls continued on each side, surrounding everyone between them in a circle of covered flesh, ending only at the slight gap between her resting feet. Both feet were massive compared to the people fleeing from them, with the outlines of her toes showing easily through the thinly stretched fabric, muted light struggling to shine through the gaps of each individual toes. Hundreds began running away from Kiana, trying to escape through the opening between her feet before she did anything further. For many it was hopeless, hardly even worth the effort if they could think about it rationally, but fear clouded their judgement, as was often the case with pathetic humans. The most hopeless were those who let fear keep them from moving at all, like those frozen in place on the school, which just so happen to lay precisely between both of Kiana?s feet.

?Ants,? Kiana scoffed at the fleeing, terrified crowds between her legs, ?hmm, not even that. More like fleas. For far too long you pathetic things have ruled over this planet, and what have you accomplished? Building these structures that fall so easily beneath me. You are no more than playthings to I, Herrscher of the Void. Now, come and greet the emptiness of death.?

The ground began to rumble beneath the fleeing masses. Something was shifting.

Those nearest Kiana?s toes noticed first, as the collosal digits scrunched together and began to slide forward, bulldozing the buildings and streets that lay before them. The rubble and debris from the collapsed structures began to pile up in a small hill that slid across the streets, gathering into an even larger wave. Countless people were mangled and crushed by the falling concrete and cement. Many continued to run as they were overcome by the piling destruction around them. Within seconds the balls of Kiana?s feet were nearing each other, getting closer and closer to the normally tall school building.

Those on the roof finally snapped out of their trance, as the obvious danger came closer and closer. But they were too late. Though to be more accurate, they were finished before they even noticed anything. Those who ran at the first sight of trouble were about to suffer the fate as the shadow of two soles were cast over them, trapping them in a valley of rubble and flesh covered in a black mesh.

A girl of 17 panicked, as anyone would in such a maddening situation. And in the irrational fear of getting crushed to death between two feet like a bug, instead elected to jump off the school building herself, to escape such a cruel fate. She screamed as she jumped, tears welling in her eyes as the wind roared past her. At least soon she?d be free from this nightmare. Hopefully she?d wake up and this would all just have been a bad dream. She hoped and hoped with all her heart as she braced for the sidewalk below.


She didn?t make it.

Before the girl could make it to the ground, everything around her turned black and warm. For hardly even a second she could hear the muffled crunching of the school, then nothing. Her body felt warm and stuck, with nothing but darkness all around. Time seemed to stop in that black nothingness. In that moment she felt at peace, almost ready for death. She closed her eyes. She had fallen into the Void. In the next fraction of a second, the black void around her grew hotter and heavier on all sides. The pressure grew and grew, until it became too much for the girl?s body to bear. Until-


The girl who fell into the ?void? became a small red stain, soaked in the fabric of Kiana?s black tights. A truly pathetic ending for a pathetic member of a pathetic species. And did I mention how pathetic they were?

Kiana gave a small giggle at the sensation between her now closed feet. Not of the girl, she didn?t even feel the miserable runt, but of the buildings her feet had scraped up along the way. She ground them, and whoever was fortunate enough to survive inside, to dust, coating her pitch black stockings with a more brown and grey mix, with a few tiny red dots here and there. Truly there was nothing sweeter than crunching beneath her feel, be it buildings or bones, destruction was always a delight.



What the?

Kiana looked around in mild surprise. What was that noise? It certainly wasn?t her, it would have been much louder if it was. So what could?

Boom, kssshhhh

There was the noise again! And this time, Kiana felt a slight tingle on her right knee.

She shifted her weight a little to get a better look, now concentrating less on the screaming noise between her legs. Suddenly there was another booming sound, accompanied by a small burst of light on her knee that tingled a little, almost like she was gently scratched by her own finger. It wasn?t that unpleasant, only slightly annoying.

That light, as I?m sure you?d assume, was a tiny explosion. And the source of the booming sound was none other than a military tank, only one of several that lay lined in the street aimed at Kiana?s knee. They each took turns firing by lines before reloading, so now a continuous wave of explosions were landing on Kiana?s right knee. What felt like a small scratching had now graduated to a minor itching sensation, as warheads pelleted her tights again and again.

Did they really, honestly think their tanks would do any good against the Herrscher of the Void? They were as stupid as they were pitiful, which proved to be unimaginably so. Kiana raised a single finger and dropped it onto the first rows of tanks, as well as a few of the surrounding buildings by proxy. They flattened as easily as balls of tin foil.

?Trying to hurt me?? Kiana said in a more flat tone than before, ?I don?t know if I should laugh at you or scold you like children. So, why don?t I compromise and just smash you all??

A smile crept across Kiana?s face again as she slid her finger down the street, flattening more of the puny little tanks beneath her finger. A small tingle traveled up her finger as they flattened and exploded as the rockets went off inside, only this time it was far more pleasant knowing the tiny soldiers were also burning up inside before they were crushed.

While Kiana gazed down smiling at her new little toys, Kiana soon became aware of the scratching sensation again, only this time it was on her face?

Kiana felt confused again as her nose and cheeks all itched at the same time. She glanced back up and for a moment could hardly even see the tiny black jets flying around in front of her face. Three of them had turned around to reload as three more came from behind them, once again firing missiles that only irritated Kiana?s skin.

How annoying.. It seems the bugs have learned to fly. No matter, she?d just have to swat them out of the air like the gnats they were.

But all this artillery had to be coming from somewhere. The Herrscher of the Void may have to pay a special visit to a local military base.

Mmm.. but that meant getting up first.
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