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John's girlfriend, Sarah, is ashamed of her kinks, and won't share them with him. See what happens when John wishes for her to stop caring about what he might think. See what happens when he wishes for his sisters to help her accept herself. 

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Published: March 19 2020 Updated: April 25 2020

1. The beginning by Max333 [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar (1188 words)

Hey everyone. I'm back ! Hope you're all doing alright. I've been wanting to start writing again for a while now, and the presence of some great writers here motivated me enough to do so. 

This first chapter is kinda short. It's an introduction. From now on, each chapter will be at least 2000 words long.

Also, I've opened a patreon. *DO NOT FEAR*, it does not mean any of my content will ever be patreon exclusive. All it does is give you access to the latest chapter earlier than non-patreons. That's it. It's a way for you to support me if you like my work. But I won't ever prevent someone who has no mean to support me to have access to my content. 

Here is the link if you're interested : https://www.patreon.com/user?u=32110952&fan_landing=true

That said, please enjoy ! 




2. Sarah, awakened. by Max333 [Reviews - 0] (2434 words)

Surprise ! New chapter already ! Enjoy.



3. Alison's lie by Max333 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2372 words)

New chapter! Enjoy! 





4. Disillusionment. by Max333 [Reviews - 0] (2686 words)

And another chapter! It's going well. The story is writing itself at that point. Enjoy!


5. Phase 2. by Max333 [Reviews - 0] (2372 words)

6. The device by Max333 [Reviews - 1] (2366 words)

I did it. I managed to come back, whereas all motivation seemed to be lost. Thanks to those that support me on patreon, and thanks to those who post kind reviews. This chapter is out thanks to you! 


7. Chapter 7 by Max333 [Reviews - 0] (2642 words)

8. The Shrinking by Max333 [Reviews - 0] (2696 words)