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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone. I'm back ! Hope you're all doing alright. I've been wanting to start writing again for a while now, and the presence of some great writers here motivated me enough to do so. 

This first chapter is kinda short. It's an introduction. From now on, each chapter will be at least 2000 words long.

Also, I've opened a patreon. *DO NOT FEAR*, it does not mean any of my content will ever be patreon exclusive. All it does is give you access to the latest chapter earlier than non-patreons. That's it. It's a way for you to support me if you like my work. But I won't ever prevent someone who has no mean to support me to have access to my content. 

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That said, please enjoy ! 




Sarah went home frustrated. Again.

Oh, it wasn’t that her day had been bad. In fact, it had been great, as most of her days were since she had met John, her boyfriend. They had been together for 6 months, and he was incredible. He was everything you could wish for in a boyfriend: attentive, caring, smart, and handsome.
More than that, she really got along with his family, especially his two sisters, Melody and Alison.

Melody was 22 years old, which was really close to Sarah’s 21. She was finishing a degree in Psychology, and Sarah often found herself amazed by her knowledge of the human mind. She was really close to John, and Sarah knew that she would do everything for him.

Alison was a bit younger, being 19. Yet, Sarah admired her as well. While she was a bit younger than her, she had great ambitions, and had decided to devote her life to sports, giving up on her studies. She was a national hope in athletics, and spent most of her days training. And even though Sarah’s body could be considered as « hot » by all standards, Alison’s was out of this world, thanks to her training. She seemed to be a bit brattier than her sister, and loved to tease and annoy John.

The proximity of their age allowed them to share many passions and ideas. Therefore, the day John presented Sarah to his sisters, they appreciated each other instantly, and had been communicating since then.

No, Sarah was not frustrated about John, nor about his sisters. She was angry about *herself*.

Indeed, even though her relationship with John had been going well, she still couldn’t bring herself to share with him some fetishes of her. She was way too shy about it, and way too ashamed of the kinks she had discovered lurking within herself. And although John encouraged her to open herself, assuring her that he would not judge, she still couldn’t.

And it made her sexually frustrated. Vanilla sex didn’t turn her on. Well, not as much as her kinks could.

She had never shared them with anyone. Not even with John’s sisters, despite how close they had become.

She was a tiny bit sadistic. But not « sadistic » in the term of inflicting pain (although she did not dislike the idea), no. She wanted to *humiliate* people. If she had had a little brother, she knew she would have spent days tormenting him. She would have filled his bed with her dirty laundry while he was sleeping. She would have taped his face with socks. She would have sat on his stomach and planted both her feet on his face smothering him, waking him up in such a cruel fashion. She really loved the idea of making someone smell unpleasant things.
Yes, she would have *loved* to have a brother. She was certain it would have helped with her shyness.
But right now, she wanted to humiliate John. She wanted to *degrade* him. The thought was incredibly arousing for her.
But she couldn’t tell him that. She just couldn’t. He was so nice. So caring.

So, she didn’t. She kept it to herself. And the frustration grew, and grew, ruining her mood. Ruining the sex for them both. Ruining her evening. And here she walked home, frustrated and angry with herself.

If only she could tell him! They could do role-play…
In her imagination, she pictured John kneeling before her, being her slave. He would untie her shoes, and slide her shoes off her tired feet. Then, she would make him massage them. She closed her eyes and saw the scene in her mind. John kneeling right in front of her, massaging her feet. Mmmh.

The thought distracted her while walking. She got hornier. But she did not stop.

Her imagination went more and more wild, and soon she pictured the same situation, but with a tiny, little twist. She would have had jogged for an hour right before meeting him, and her feet and socks would have been soaked in sweat… He would have had to bear with the smell and the unpleasant feeling of her sweaty feet, just for her. Because he was her slave, and he had no choice. He would have massaged her, reluctantly smelling the foul air, again and again. Better, he could have done it while she watched a movie. Mmmmh… It was amazing. Him kneeling, focused on her sweaty feet, while she was enjoying her life, watching TV, ignoring his sufferings…

Gosh, this is what she needed. She didn’t want more. Well, she probably did, but she did not dare to imagine more. She knew she wouldn’t be able to share the tiniest bit of her fantasy to him, even if it included almost no humiliation. She couldn’t do that to such a perfect guy.
And even though she knew he would have agreed to role-play a bit of her kinks with her, it wasn’t enough. She was way too ashamed of her desires.




John knew something was wrong. Sarah did not wish to share some of her kinks to him. He knew she wasn’t really into their make-out sessions she wasn’t turned on, and she wouldn’t tell him why.
Why? What unspeakable horrors did she deem worth hiding from him? Surely, it couldn’t be that bad. John had known since he had met Sarah that she was the shy kind. And he knew that, even though her kinks were probably harmless, she would not open herself easily.

« Shit. »

John didn’t know what more he could do. He had told her that he would accept anything she would say. She knew he wouldn’t judge. He wasn’t like that, he never had been.
So, what? Should he just wait for her to be ready?
… That probably was the best possible way. He could not force her to share her secrets. It had to be her initiative.
Still, he felt frustrated. He was powerless. He wanted his relationship with Sarah to evolve, to improve, but was helpless to do anything about it. It was up to her.

Yet, when he went to bed, he couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah, and thought of changes he’d like to see happen in his life.
He wished for Sarah to stop caring about his possible reactions. He wished for her to start thinking about her pleasure first, so that she would not hesitate to act out her desires. He wished for her to understand that he was only there to make *her* happy.

And while he turned in his bed, trying to find sleep, he kept thinking.

John remembered how close she had become to his sisters. Maybe they could help. Maybe…

He wished his sisters would encourage her. He wished Melody and Alison would do everything to make her understand her kinks were no big deal. He wished for them to help her embrace her true nature.

And with those thoughts, John fell asleep.

Little did he know, behind his curtains, a falling star shone through the sky. And that night, wishes were granted.


Chapter End Notes:

Hope you're liking where this is going ! Chapter 2 is already available on patreon, and should be out in 2-3 days here. Thanks for reading !

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