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Story Notes:
I have my standard disclaimer: If you are under 18 or offended by giant straight couples, leave now. Otherwise, enjoy.

They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. They never did.

That is what led Samantha and Charles to this point. They were a young (both age 23), married couple just getting home from their honeymoon. They just spent a week in the Bahamas.

And, boy, what a week it was. They made out often, sometimes in public. They were notorious swingers, so they also got it on with others. Much of the week was a blur.

There was one thing that was clear. Between the love making and wife swapping, they visited many places. One place belonged to a man claiming to be a witch doctor. He recognized them as a married couple right away. He immediately offered them a kind of aphrodisiac, which looked like root beer barrel candies crammed with caramel. The couple didn’t need enhancement, but took it anyway figuring that it could come in useful sometime.

They were truly an unorthodox couple. Charles was 5’7", average build, and had average looks. Samantha was 5’10" with an attractive face and a slightly chunky body. Both were self admitted nymphomaniacs. Both loved the swinging lifestyle, sex, partying, and- above all else- gigantism.

Both had fantasized often about becoming giants. They loved the thought of destroying a single city in one stomp. Charles even built (and rebuilt) model cityscapes in their basement, garage, and spare rooms for the sole purpose of destroying and making out in. They never thought the real thing was possible.

No. They had no idea that this aphrodisiac was about to make their wildest fantasies come to life.

Before they got back home, they decided that they would try the aphrodisiac immediately when they returned. No sooner had they crossed the threshold then they dug the candies out of their suitcases. They each decided to try one a piece to see if anything would happen.

It took only a few seconds for the effects to kick in. Charles noticed that Samantha’s arms and legs were getting longer. Samantha noticed likewise with her husband. They each noticed that they grew a foot in a few seconds.

"Are we doing what I think we are doing, or is it just me?" Samantha now asked her mate.

"We most certainly are," Charles responded. "We are growing!"

At this point, their heads were bumping against their roof. Within a few seconds, their heads crashed through.

Samantha could not retain her excitement. "HELLO, WORLD!" she shouted. "SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!"

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