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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's another commissioned series following two con-artists turning their Tiny Tinder hookups into cash! Size tags will be updated as we go along.

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Amanda sat at the table for two, a trendy mix of metal and fake stone that adorned every area of this café. She had found an outside seat, not wanting to waste today’s unusually good weather, but she had also accidentally robbed herself of the ability to see the front door. Not that she felt she may need to run away, though she had nervously considered it.

No, she just wanted to get an early look at her Tiny Tinder date. The black-haired woman had nervously arrived fifteen minutes early with the hopes of steadying her nerves and getting some kind of leg up on him. She’d only seen his profile pictures and hoped to at least see him for long enough to order his coffee before she actually spoke to him. Though she had to admit to herself it wouldn’t have helped her anxiety.

She’d spent the morning arguing with her hair, which she’d finally just let fall down to her shoulders. Her favorite dark blue and polka-dot dress hung from her shoulders and she’d been careful to only wear one ring. If he convinced her to shrink, which she nervously knew was unlikely, she wanted as few things to collect afterward as possible. She kept herself from fidgeting and tried to ignore the couple of extra pounds she’d carried her entire life. Amanda knew she was pretty yet couldn’t help comparing herself to the models who weighed only as much as her left leg.

At least he picked a great coffee shop, she thought as she steadied her shaking hand to take a sip. Amanda was more nervous that she had been in a long time. She hadn’t gone on a date in a year, had a hard time making eye contact with most people, and she’d thrown herself out of her comfort zone by coming here. It didn’t help that last week she’d ran out of her anti-anxiety medications.

“Amanda?” she heard a smooth voice say behind her.

Amanda spit out her mouthful of coffee by surprise; she thought she’d at least been looking at the only door to the patio!

“Oh shit!” she mumbled to herself, grabbing a napkin and desperately moping up coffee everywhere it had landed. Her cheeks turned bright red as she realized she’d blown this date before even saying hello.

“Oh geez!” she heard him say, and he came into view as he quickly sat down his own coffee and started grabbing more napkins. “Are you okay?” he asked with a tinge of humor in his voice as he helped her clean up.

“I’m so sorry!” she gushed, embarrassed at herself. “I’ll just-“ she started to scoot her chair back to leave, suddenly sure she couldn’t go through with this and that her social outreach had been a mistake.

“Hey hey hey!” he said, putting a hand on her shoulder. She expected herself to jerk away from the contact but his hand was warm and soft, his voice comforting and kind. “It’s alright, do you want me to get you another?”

Amanda stopped trying to leave, steeling herself. Yes, this was embarrassing, but he clearly didn’t mind and she didn’t know when she might next be able to convince herself to try and meet someone. She sat back down and Devan joined her in his own chair once he’d thrown away the wet napkins.

He looked just like he had in his profile picture; the one that wasn’t a towering dick-pick from below that is. Devan was taller than she was with close-cropped brown hair and brown eyes, and just the perfect amount of five-o-clock shadow on his strong chin. Amanda resisted sighing as he pulled his chair up to the table. It was like meeting a model in a perfect fitting dark blue shirt and --


Amanda shook herself free from staring.

“Sorry?” she asked him again, taking a sip to hopefully distract from how she’d zoned out.

“I said,” with a smile, “How are you doing today?”


Twenty minutes later Amanda had refilled her coffee and brought back a pastry for each of them. Devan had been surprisingly nice. His voice was always calm and reassuring, and unlike most people she avoided meeting he could hold a good conversation. Her emotions were slightly in turmoil; had this been a regular date she’d consider it a roaring success. But it wasn’t, and once she sat back down and handed him his bear claw the subject changed from recent movies.

“So,” he said as he accepted the snack, “Are you convinced I’m not a weirdo?”

There was laughter his in voice and his smile shone through his eyes. For a moment Amanda felt bad that she’d been worried earlier, but he’d clearly encountered it before. Her face turned red again when she realized what that meant, and she nodded before taking a small bite of her own croissant.

“This has been great and all,” he indicated the coffee and took a little bite of his bear claw, “But we’ve kinda been beating around the bush.”

“Oh, right,” said Amanda, her nerves suddenly rushing back. “Well, I don’t really know how this works and all,” she continued without meeting his eyes, “But you seem like a nice guy and I don’t think I’ll work up the courage to try it with anyone else, so I’m okay with it.”

Amanda raised her head and looked Devan in the eyes. He was smiling at her understandingly as he took another drink.

“I mean,” she stammered quickly, “If you still are.”

He smiled, showing her his wonderful teeth.

“Of course I am!” he said, leaning forward and meeting her eyes. For a moment she was surprised by the fire she saw behind his brown eyes. “But this is the part where we talk a bit about what we want to happen. It’s your first time, so how about you tell me a little and we can make this one all about you?”

“Okay, um,” she started to say, “I really just want to—” her face turned red and she couldn’t bring herself to say what she was really thinking.

“Ride a dick that’s bigger than you are?” Devan asked her when she paused. “Masturbate on a giant’s balls while he strokes himself at the same time?”

He hadn’t thought it was possible as Amanda turned even more red. But she nodded slowly in agreement and opened her mouth to ask him the obvious question.

“I read your list,” he said with a chuckle, leaning back. He knew she wasn’t going to nervously back out now. Not that many women did, but she was by far the most skittish he’d met on the app. “And we can start there if you want. And if you like it we can do more next time.”

“I mean, if you want to,” he added with a smile for good measure.


Ten minutes later Amanda had parked her car in front of his house, one of many cookie-cutter homes in this slice of suburbia. Devan had seemed nice and authentic enough that she had considered just riding in his car, but she wanted the option to get out of there faster when things were all said and done. He met her at the door, having parked his own car in the garage, and the two went inside.

The house was alive with pictures of family, a surprising number of plants, and natural sunlight. It only set Amanda more at ease; people who took this good care of their homes weren’t going to be the weirdos she’d heard about that prowled Tiny Tinder looking for easy marks.

“Ready?” he asked her when the entered the kitchen. He had his phone out and Amanda could see the shrink request that they’d set up together flashing on his phone. Nervously she nodded.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! she thought. That morning she’d had to force herself to talk to Devan through the app at all, and she hadn’t even bothered telling her one friend about her plan. She would have just been laughed at. This was so far out of Amanda’s normal behavior her friend would have thought she had a concussion.

Her own phone buzzed, showing her the shaking red words that she’d nervously thought about while she masturbated the night before. Before she could talk herself out of it she sat down on one of his chairs, not wanting to fall all the way to the ground when she shrank, and tapped the ‘confirm’ button. There was a sudden tingling sensation and she let out a surprised shout.

As soon as Amanda vanished Devan let his grin fall from his face and rolling his eyes.

“Finally,” he muttered to himself, exhausted from holding his façade for so long. The pile of clothing shifted as the two-inch-tall woman tried to find her way to the neck of her dress, which he ignored. The chair was concave like a large bowl and he wasn’t worried about her falling off and somehow hurting herself. Hurting his merchandise.

As he had eighteen times before, he grabbed her phone and sat it down next to his before connecting the two of them with what could be confused for a charging cord. This particular cord had a plastic box in the middle the size of a deck of cards with three switches on it. Devan flipped the L->R button, opened his self-made and highly illegal TinderBox app on his phone, and let the program do its work.

By the time he had started another pot of coffee brewing he heard the happy ‘ding!’ that indicated his phone was done with its work. A quick check on her phone confirmed that it had worked properly; as far as Tiny Tinder was concerned she’d agreed to the blanket default agreement and not the very specific and boring things that Amanda had actually clicked not that long ago.

“Easy money,” he said to himself as he disconnected the phones. His went into his pocket after he checked his messages, hers went into a bowl of water that he started boiling on the stove.

While he was working Amanda had floundered her way through the sea of soft blue fabric and was looking up at him with confusion on her face. Of course, he couldn’t tell at her size. At two inches tall expressions are hard to pick out on tiny people. Body language tended to be more useful.

She has no idea, he thought as she waved up at him. Her tiny breasts bounced nicely, just like he’d thought they would when he’d seen her profile picture. She was the perfect build for a little backdoor toy; skinner tinies were great for other things but tended to underwhelm in the colon.

The little woman must have still thought they were playing their game as she continued to jump up and down. Most of them didn’t realize the rules had changed right away, which was convenient for Devan. Two-inch tall people could be very adept at hiding.

“Hey!” she yelled up at him, hoping his change in demeanor was all part of their play-act. She’d spent some time spinning in circles and staring at the giant world before remembering to look for Devan. The wooden table towered miles over her and she could see his giant form in the distance, both far and detailed to her eyes. Instead of finding him undressing or helping her free herself from the endless waves of cotton, she’d seen him looking down on her like she looked at a margarita.

“Is this part of the game?” she yelled up at him, not yet realizing her mistake. She felt as though she were yelling into a massive cave; she kept expecting an echo but none came.

Whistling to himself Devan grabbed an old film canister, leftover from his photography hobby before everything went digital, and popped the top off. Uncaring if he hurt or scared her, he grabbed the tiny off the chair and dropped her into the plastic cylinder. There was a faint scream from inside as he clicked the lid back on it.

“Easy money,” he said again as he sat down the plastic cylinder next to his coffee cup. His work done, temporarily, he poured himself a cup of fresh coffee. Devan accidentally knocked over the cylinder as he picked up the mug, and he righted it with a small laugh. “Oops!” he said aloud to himself before taking a sip of the steaming liquid.

His phone buzzed again, and Devan was quick to answer.

“Come on, can’t I even have a decent cup of coffee?” he complained as he sat down his cup and located his car keys.

I can microwave it later, he told himself as he slipped the black canister into his pocket and headed toward the door.


“This really is great, thank you so much!” said Devan’s customer, a skinny teenager with pimples, blonde hair, and a trendy haircut that probably took far too long to manage. Devan had carefully selected the teen; people his age often made impulsive decisions and were tight-lipped about them out of embarrassment.

Dennis had trouble keeping himself from popping the top of his new toy right then and there. It was hard to tell if someone would be okay with what they were doing, and Devan had cautioned him to not overreact. The legality of what they were doing was questionable at best, and in the busy park there were a lot of wandering eyes.

As for himself, Devan tried to be as noncommittal as he could. In ten minutes his phone would be wiped and he wouldn’t even remember Dennis’s name. This was one of those rare situations where his terrible memory for names and faces worked to his advantage: he genuinely would forget what his customer and merchandise had looked like, and by tomorrow this transaction would just be a series of numbers in his head.

Already he was counting the cash Dennis had handed him for the second time. Crisp new twenty-dollar bills, fresh from the bank.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, sparing Dennis a quick look. “You know how to reach me.”

Dennis was as enthusiastic and obtuse as any teenage boy could be, but he got the hint.

“It took a whole summer to save that up,” he said, flashing his eyes to the bills in Devan’s hand. “So maybe next year?”

“Maybe,” said Devan as he stood and pushed the wad of bills into his pocket. He made a point to shake Dennis’s hand. “Good doing business with you.”

“You too!” said Dennis, also rising as he slipped the container into his pocket and discreetly adjusted himself. At sixteen he spent half his life erect and today was no different.

As Devan walked through the park, past the slides and merry-go-round that was currently occupied by twenty screaming kids, he couldn’t help but notice Dennis was walking toward the public restroom. He had a running bet with his coworker about which clients would be able to resist using their latest toys for more than five minutes. In his mind he tallied up another win for himself as he smiled his first genuine smile of the day.

He opened the door to his car and sat down, pulling out his phone and sending out a quick message. Devan smiled as he opened his Tiny Tinder app and thumbed through his matches.

“I’ve got time,” he said to himself as he started replying to several of them. When you looked like Devan everyone wanted to climb on.


Time had no meaning for Amanda. She curled into a ball and cried as her dark prison shook rhythmically. Through the thin plastic walls she could hear faint sounds that she recognized. A car door shutting. A distant engine, a brief car horn.

Her mind was too panicked to help piece these pieces into a narrative. All she knew was that this was not what she had agreed to, and that it was surely far past the twenty minutes limit she had set with Devan before she shrank. Something had gone wrong. And she realized that the Tiny Tinder app had all five-start reviews for only one reason: those who didn’t love it disappeared.

“Can’t review an app if you’re an inch tall,” she said to herself in between sobs. Then the world shook again before she felt a jarring impact that rocked her against one of the sides.

Distantly she heard voices, one that was clearly Devan’s and another she didn’t recognize. The voices were too indistinct to make out any words, but she could hear a cheerful tone from the new voice.

Then her prison was yanked violently sideways and shook violently for a moment before being sat back down. Amanda screamed at the sudden movement, then was flung side to side as whoever was holding her skipped happily. Her stomach heaved as she was bounced around, and she felt her stomach preparing to release its contents violently.

The shaking stopped abruptly and the container was flooded by light as the lid was popped off. Amanda fell with a scream as the cylinder was upended and landed in a massive sweaty palm. Her eyes adjusted slowly to the light, but her stomach told her she was still moving. All around her she could see solid gray walls, and through the giant fingers that held her she saw a…

“Toilet?” she asked aloud as her eyes finished adjusting.  “What-?”

Massive fingers shifted her around, clenching tight around her midsection and turning her around. She screamed as she looked upward, seeing only a massive pair of cheeks. Her legs and arms kicked futilely against the remorseless fingers while a massive hand spread the massive globes apart far above her and her new owner put one foot up on the toilet bowl seat.

“Oh God no!” she screamed as she saw a pair of shaved testicles fall between the skinny legs. Amanda’s mind could barely comprehend what was happening, but she knew what was going to happen next courtesy of the internet. She screamed and put her hands up as she rocketed upward toward the massive brown hole.

Dennis restrained himself from groaning; he knew he was alone in the park bathroom but that could change fast enough to make this embarrassing. Instead he brought the tiny closer to his backdoor and leaned forward. He’d never done this before, but his raging erection told him that it was absolutely the right thing to do.

The tiny wriggling form tickled his anus and Dennis breathed out, relaxing as he had every time he’d explored himself with a finger. His wrist flexed and the tiny was pushed into him, head and shoulders first, cutting off the distant screaming. Dennis couldn’t help but hiss in pleasure as he felt his hole accept its gift, its new permanent tenant. Once the shoulders were through his near-virgin hole he let go of the fighting tiny’s waist.

Before it could accidentally fall free, Dennis moved his finger underneath his new toy and pushed it the rest of the way into him. It ‘popped’ inward satisfyingly, and instantly Dennis was treated to the greatest vibrating sensation he could have imagined. The feeling of something moving inside of him far exceeded his expectations.

“Holy shit,” he said quietly to himself as he brought his foot back down to the floor. The wriggling only intensified; his toy must have oriented itself to up and down as it began striking against his prostate. It was a struggle not to moan from the pleasure.

“Best money I ever spent!”

His hand drifted to his cock, but he forced himself to have restraint. At sixteen he could masturbate a dozen times a day, but he knew he wanted his first time with this toy to be in the comfort of his own bed. With a smile he pulled his jeans back upward and wiggled his hips side to side. The feeling of his toy bouncing about almost made him shoot into his pants.

Every step he took was delicious agony and he found himself walking with extra sway in his step. Each movement caused his toy to move in his colon in addition to its own struggling and Dennis knew that he’d never be able to go more than a few minutes without the sensation again.

Amanda screamed as her senses were overwhelmed. Heat. Moisture. Darkness. A terrible smell that shut her nose off immediately. She couldn’t help but struggle to her feet and bang against the soft walls around her, occasionally hitting something stiffer than the rest of her captor’s insides. Blindly she sought out any possible route of escape, but each time she started to orient herself the world shifted and tossed her off her feet.

“Let me go!” she screamed in vain.

Dennis smiled as he adjusted his erection again and zipped up his pants. He restrained himself from running to his car and drawing attention to himself, though several parents noticed his smile and thought it was very pleasant to see a teenager that was obviously happy instead of sulking as so many seemed to do.

Of course, they’d all have been smiling too if they had a former college student massaging their insides.


Devan looked up several minutes later and finally started his car. He made himself toss his phone in the backseat; otherwise he’d be too distracted by the Tiny Tinder app and the possibility of all the money he could make. None of that would do him any good if he were in a car accident and unable to spend it.

He checked his mirrors, buckled up, and his eyes caught motion coming out of the park bathroom.

Dennis walked out of the brick building with a huge smile on his face and shook his hips. Devan rolled his eyes and carefully pulled into traffic.

His phone buzzed a new notification as he headed to his next meeting.

“Business is good,” Devan said aloud as he felt another empty (for now) film canister in his pocket.


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