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Story Notes:

This is going to be another story about temptation- the giantess is not evil but is corrupted by the power she has. 

It has a lot of destruction scenes, if you're into that.....

This is a prequel (Chapter 1) and Sequel (Chapter 2) to the story "Hot Mom of Microputia"

All Scarlett’s coworkers at her midtown skyscraper office noticed she was very frazzled. She had left work very early, at lunchtime. They worked at a leading online and print publication; a women’s magazine. Scarlett had recently made a name for herself with a controversial but high-interest interview piece. But as they would soon find out, she knew more than what she was letting on…….

Scarlett was a Lilliputian. Of the 5 main races, hers was the second smallest, standing about 400 feet to microputians. But prodigans stood more than 350 miles tall compared to them. Her entire frame of reference was her lilliputan civilization, kept in a prodigan storage unit (they covered most of it, with only a two-foot walkway around the exterior of it). There was some 25 million of them in there. They’d been here for exactly 20 years, and it was all Scarlett could remember (she was 23). They’d been a consolation gift to a young woman named Gillian who had recently lost a child; with the intention that they would be treated as her pets. She hadn’t really done too much with them at first. Often she’d just sit in the prodigan walkway and just watch their civilization. Sometimes, it would be in the middle of the night, upsetting the ‘natural light simulation’ in the storage unit, with her looking disheveled and drunk. Other times she would stop by after her work, classily dressed in blazers, skirts and stockings. The loss of her kid had created tensions with her husband, and they were separating. A lot of people were astute enough to realize that since her life was spiraling out of control, she enjoyed the sense of power and control she had over their civilization, just by her presence. It worried them. But others became fans of Gillian. She was a beautiful redhead with (on prodigan scale) g-cup breasts, and her skirts could barely contain her ginormous bubble butt. Gillian was just 25 years old at the time. When she would first enter the storage unit, and turn around to shut the door, each mound was distinctly visible. Even from the furthest regions of the Lilliputian civilization, her butt was still visible in about 7 degrees of their range of vision. For those closer, just her feet and legs dominated the horizon. It was undeniably likely that her massive bust or hips could’ve easily killed millions in an incredibly sexy way.

 If that wasn’t enough, Gillian inadvertently teased the men and boys of the civilization. The way the storage unit was set up meant that she would sit cross-legged in the prodigan walkway. Needless to say, in a skirt, it was quite a view. Due to the light, it was difficult to see her pussy, especially if Gillian was in stockings. But nonetheless, she became a cultural symbol. Images of her were in advertising, media, and in pin-up posters. Scarlett’s brother, some ten year older than her, had a large poster of Gillian in his bedroom. She was a part of their lives.

After about three years of this, the fears of many were realized. Gillian had been through a particularly hard time after the loss of her child and subsequent divorce, but she’d come back and dated a guy pretty seriously on rebound. When she found out he was cheating on her, she suffered another meltdown. For Scarlett, who was just 6 years old at the time, the horrors that were to come were seared into her memory. The civilization and its 25 million inhabitants were awoken during the night by Gillian flicking on the lights, not unlike what she had done a million times before. But this time, events would take a dark turn. Gillian was clearly drunk, evidenced by her stumbling when she entered. She was clad in a tight cocktail dress and held high heels in her hands. To the shock of all the lilliputans, she carelessly tossed her high heeled shoes onto the civilization, crushing hundreds of square miles and tens of thousands of people. Scarlett had seen it from her window. The high heeled shoes seemed to fall in slow motion, with one landing directly on its side. The other landed on the spike of the heel at first, and reverberated. The shoe bounced back up, and again fell, this time the spike angled, before falling on its side, crushing countless more. It was unfortunate that the second shoe had fallen in such a way for it caused much more earthquakes. But Gillian didn’t end there. They could see she was stripping. Her sexy figure stood before them, grinning down malovently……

She started by slowly but confidently placing her feet onto the carpet of lilli civilization. It was doubtful that she could feel much of their structures under them. She stood over 350 miles tall. She squatted on  her haunches and began to grind and gyrate her massive ass back and forth. The view from the front saw her massive g-cup breasts bouncing with the vibrations. When she’d gotten bored with that, she lunged forward getting on all 4s, her massive tits drooping down. This is where things got bad for Scarlett. She lived in an area that ended up in front of the giantess. Her family had watched with horror as the giantess had carelessly tossed her shoes and then walked over and crushed large numbers of their fellow countrymen. But what was to happen next was worse. Her body loomed ahead. It was clear that she was trying to crush the capital city under her tits. But Scarlett couldn’t see that. She just saw the giantess’ midriff rapidly descending. Everything went black. Scarlett later awoke in rubble. Luckily, her family had been under the bellybutton of the giantess. But the force of impact had caused quakes that destroyed her house. Her entire family (her parents and brother) were slain. But she somehow survived. She later learned that Gillian had passed out in that position. She’d scurried away in the morning. She wasn’t heard from for 17 years, although presumably she’d still paid the bills of the storage unit.

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