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Story Notes:

This story was born from the pure genuine love of scene girls and all of their quirks, as well as my former years of being a disgruntled retail worker myself. Will prove to be fairly relatable for anyone who's ever worked a soul-sucking job and found themselves lost in deep fantasies to satiate their boredom. It's meant to be lighthearted, gentle, and only playfully cruel.

"It was only $2 last week!" The customer said, growing increasingly irritated with Nathan, a young man who worked at the store.

"M'am, our sales are weekly. Today is Tuesday, so the new sales started yesterday." Nathan replied, managing to keep a respectful tone.

"Well, can't you just give it to me for $2? I only missed the sale by a day!"

"It's not really up to me, m'am. You'll have to ask at the customer service desk and-"

The woman huffed, and stormed off without a word. As she moved down the aisle and toward the front of the store, Nathan saw her put the box she was holding onto a random shelf display. He ignored the now out of place product, and continued with his duties of stocking the shelves of the supermarket. As he was finishing up putting out the last of the product for the night, he was interrupted by Kevin, his manager.

"Mr. Morse! You got another customer complaint." Kevin said disappointedly.

Nathan looked over at him but did not reply right away.

"That's two this past month alone. If you get one more then... I'm going to have to write you up." Kevin said sternly.

"What did I get a complaint for now?" The annoyed Nathan asked.

"A lady said she asked you a question a few minutes ago, and that you were 'very rude' to her."

Nathan scoffed. "You know that's bullshit, right? I'm always respectful to the customers, even if they're a f-... Being unreasonable."

"Enough! Just don't let this happen again, I don't want to have to write anybody up. Seriously."

"Alright." Nathan said, defeated.

"Alright. After you finish up putting this stuff out, can you go out to the parking lot and bring in all the stray carts?"

"Sure." Nathan replied with indifference.

"And then after that, I'm going to need you to restock the returns."

"Doesn't John normally do that?"

"He called in sick today, so I'm gonna need you to step up and get it done."

"Ok." Nathan said, with a tone that was becoming more and more aggravated.

"Remember, when one person is gone we need you to work at 200%! Now, I have to go work on the schedule for next week, so just get it done." Kevin retreated back to the office in the front of the store.

'Just get it done' Nathan thought in a mocking manner. 'That guy has no fucking self awareness. He sits on his ass all day, and then when we get a call in, I'm expected to pick up the slack? What a fucking joke!' Nathan's angry thoughts boiled inside of him, but he never dared to speak them aloud.

He put out the last bit of product from his cart onto the shelf, and then headed outside. As he escaped the confines of the store, he quickly pulled out his phone and plugged his headphones into it. This was always Nathan's favorite part of the night shift, as he got to go outside where no one bothered him, and listen to music, which he typically couldn't get away with while inside. He scrolled through his playlists, until finding one that met his current disgruntled mood. He put only one headphone in as he tapped the play button, and the first song came on: Skeletonwitch's Crushed Beyond Dust.

The fast tempo and high aggression of this type of music always made for good end-of-the-work-night music, and Nathan couldn't help but bob his head to the fast paced intro of the song as he stacked up the shopping carts in a long line, preparing to push them inside. He turned his back to the store as he attached a long strap to his line of carts to hold them in place, when he heard a peculiar sound. It sounded like the type of dull thud you'd hear in a giant monster movie when the monster is slowly lumbering towards the city.

Nathan turned around as he heard a loud crash, and his eyes were greeted with the sight of a giant girl, sitting on top of the store that he had just exited from minutes ago. It wouldn't exactly be wrong to call her a scene girl, if such a thing still exists. Her long, skinny jean-covered legs stretched outward slightly, and her black and white checkerboard patterned shoes sat parked right in front of the entrance to the building. His eyes panned upwards, as he gazed up at her in disbelief. The thighs of her black skinny jeans had horizontal slashes all over them, and her soft flesh oozed out of the denim grate. Her black tank top was adorned with an incomprehensible death metal logo, and her fierce green eyes pierced into Nathan with a gaze that could puncture steel. Nathan froze in place, not sure how to react to the unbelievable sight.

"I fuckin' love this song!" The goliath girl boomed down at him.

"I... Wha-what? Y-you can hear it?" Nathan replied with furled eyebrows, as he tried to grasp the reality of what he was looking at.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be able to? Oh, oh, wait! This is my favorite part!" The girl said excitedly, as she jumped up to her feet.

Nathan backpedaled a little, partially from the shockwave of her jump, and partially out of fear of what she might be planning to do along with a song with such violent lyrics. She began playfully chanting the words to the song as she stomped on the parked cars in the lot in front of her, one at a time.

"BEATEN AND BROKEN" Stomp. "BROKEN AND BLEEDING" Stomp. "HORRIBLY QUASHED!" She shouted as she kicked a nearby van so hard it went flying over Nathan's head, out of the lot, and across the street.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Nathan exclaimed as he ducked for cover, shards of glass raining down around him.

Nathan's heart rate had accelerated so much he felt like his heart was going to explode, yet strangely he didn't feel in danger enough to flee, he simply stood and watched the surreal destruction unfold.


All the while she yelled in perfect unison with the song and stomped about, Nathan noticed there was no one else in a panic. No one fleeing from the store in fear or ducking for cover, no cars on the nearby road trying to get away. In fact, he looked over at the nearby intersection and saw cars sitting peacefully at a red light without worry.

"CRUSHED BEYOND DUST, CRUSH, CRUSHED!" The girl hopped with both feet coming down onto a line of 3 cars at once, flattening them into a metallic waffle, with the diamond pattern from the soles of her shoes clearly visible in the rubble.

"BEEE-YOND DUST!" She hopped again, stopping just a few feet short of Nathan and flattening the line of shopping carts he had tied together.

Nathan tumbled backwards from the force of her landing, hitting the ground firmly on his ass. As he hit the ground, his phone slid out of his pocket, yanking the headphone cord out of the audio jack, which automatically paused the music. He reached down to grab his phone, which now had a crack in the screen. He looked back up to see that the girl was gone, and so too were the piles of metal and glass shards she had kicked everywhere. Nathan stood up and looked around, the carts that he had just witnessed getting flattened were back to normal, and the parking lot was mostly empty, aside from the few cars left from the employees who were there to close up shop.

He put his hand over his heart, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief, then looked at his headphones with horrifying curiosity. He hesitated for a moment, and then plugged the headphones back in. He put one earbud back into his ear, and tapped play. Within seconds, a tall shadow stretched over him from behind. He quickly turned back around, and saw the same giant girl standing over him. She squatted down and rested her forearms on her knees, which still sat higher than a house even in her squatting position.

"Aww, you miss me already? I thought for sure I scared the tiny little life out of you~" She said as she let out a sadistic sounding laugh.

Her massive hand reached out towards Nathan, which caused him to panic and he quickly yanked the headphones out of the jack again. Just as her hand was about to make contact with him, both her and her hand suddenly fizzled out of existence right in front of his eyes. Nathan let out an incredulous sigh, and then a relieved chuckle, although he was still in shock from the traumatic event. He unlocked his phone, and closed the music app entirely, just to be safe.

Nathan decided to work the rest of the night without any music, as he headed inside with the train of carts in tow, to try and get his wits about him. He walked by his co-worker, Cassie, who was looking at him with concern in her eyes. Cassie was an attractive young woman, with fair skin and long blonde hair, and she was taller than average. Nathan didn't want her to see him in such a sorry state, and tried to just look at the ground as he hurried past.

"Nate? You ok?" She asked, stopping him in his tracks.

"Y-yeah, I- Uhm... I'm, I'm... I'm alright. I just uh... Feel... a little..." Nathan's volume lowered as he struggled through his lame excuse.

"What? You're feeling... little? Nate, are you ok?! Do you, like, need an ambulance?" Cassie was now deeply concerned.

"Sorry! N-no, I'm fine. I was just trying to say... I think... I might just be a little bit sick." Nathan clutched his stomach in imaginary pain, then darted off to the employee bathroom at the front of the store.

Once inside, Nathan locked the door behind him and immediately went to the mirror. He looked into his own eyes, they were red and puffy and looked like they were on the verge of tears, and his lips were visibly quivering. With trembling hands he turned on the faucet, and splashed cold water on his face, hoping something would come of it, but unfortunately it did very little to help his mental state. Nathan slouched on the floor against the tiled wall of the bathroom and began to softly cry.

All that he could think about was the death metal girl, how she so effortlessly destroyed everything around him, and how she so carelessly nearly crushed him to death as well. More importantly, however, he couldn't cope with the fact that it all seemed to not even be real. He had no history of schizophrenia or severe mental illness in his family, so that seemed unlikely, but the thought still haunted him.

After several minutes, he finally calmed himself down enough to stand up. His hands weren't shaking so badly now, so he dried the tears from his eyes and went back to work. He grabbed a cart full of returns that needed to be restocked, hoping he could wander the store without interruption. All the while he restocked the shelves, his morbid curiosity was itching at his brain like a venomous spider bite. He looked at his phone for several seconds with a cautious gaze, before finally giving in to the temptation, and plugging his headphones back in. He started the playlist back where he left off, and put a single headphone into his ear.

Immediately his eyes began to shoot around his surroundings, as he nervously shuffled through the store. He walked the main aisle, no sign of her yet. He turned down aisle 12 to put away a box of cookies from his cart. As he put it on the shelf his eyes darted to his left, and then his right, where he was promptly greeted with the death metal girl's giant visage, a mere few inches from him, taking up the entire width of the aisle.

"Boo!" She said rather softly, however it still made Nathan jump out of his skin.

Nathan looked down at the ground, then closed his eyes, and took deep breaths trying ease his tension. After several seconds, he quickly looked back up and to his right, and was greeted with the girl's massive emerald-eyed stare and cheerful demeanor. She was laying on her stomach with her head resting on one hand, her long body stretching down the main aisle of the store.

"Yep, I'm still here~" She said as she smugly smirked at him, her unoccupied hand twirling a cluster of her perfectly straight dark brown hair.

Nathan took another deep breath, finally catching his breath enough to respond. "But... Wh-why? A-are you even real?" He almost laughed at himself while he posed such a question.

"Only as real as you want me to be, and judging by the fact that you keep listening to the same playlist, you really want me to be." She teased, as she gently poked Nathan's chest.

Nathan blushed as he nervously clutched his shirt. "S-so what? Y-you can't exist, without music?" Nathan was trying to piece together some sense out of the fantastical situation.

"For now, but if you feed me and nurture me properly, I'm sure I can break that barrier~"

"Wh-what does that mean?! 'Feed you'?" Nathan sounded mortified.

"Nathan! I've been looking for you since you ran off to the bathroom earlier. You alright?" Cassie shouted, as she walked towards Nathan from the other end of the aisle.

Nathan turned to her to respond "Y-yeah, I'm fine! I just... I needed to sit for a second." Nathan nervously fidgeted with his own fingers while he spoke.

"You sure? You've been all weird and shakey since you came in. Did something happen, outside?"

"This little bug is so annoying! Want me to squash it~?" the giantess chimed in, as she held her splayed hand over Cassie's head, the way one would just before smacking a mosquito.

"No! Jesus!" Nathan said in response to the giant girl's bizarre threat, as he looked over his shoulder at her.

"What? Why are you being so fucking weird about it? I'm concerned about you, that's all!" Cassie said, sounding offended.

"Oh no, sorry! I-I was just..." Nathan was at a stalemate, he couldn't exactly explain the actual situation, nor did he readily have an excuse for his outburst.

"Just being a massive pussy!" The giantess chimed in again.

Nathan looked back over his shoulder at her, with a look of disdain on his face. He turned back around and saw Cassie leaving the aisle in a hurry.

"Or I guess I should say, a little pussy?" The giant girl said, bemused with herself.

Nathan exhaled through his nose angrily. "The fuck is wrong with you?! Why are you such a psycho cunt?!" Nathan said in a hushed tone as he turned fully around to meet his giant tormentor face-to-face.

"Ooh~ Got a little mouth on you now? I'm sure I can fix that." The girl placed her giant forefinger on the back of Nathan's head and her thumb on his face, as if she were going to pop his skull like a ripe grape.

Nathan struggled against her fingers in a panic, muffled cries for mercy could be heard emanating from the girl's thumb.

"Mmm~ Not so big now, are you?" She cooed with delight as Nathan was clearly running short of breath, as he tried to pry her fingers off of him, to no avail.

After waiting several seconds, she finally let go and let him catch his breath. The giantess giggled with joy "You're so cute when you think you're about to die. As if I would ever actually hurt you, my little Morsel~"

Nathan couldn't take the abuse anymore, and quickly unplugged his headphones. The giant girl faded away at a much slower rate than before, while she blew Nathan a kiss. "Be seeing you soon~" Her ethereal voice could be heard as she dissolved into harmless vapor.

Nathan put the last few returns from his cart onto a random shelf, and quickly punched out for the night, and headed home. Normally he would listen to music on the drive home, even though it's only 15 minutes, but he was far too scared to consider doing so. As he drove, he glanced at the radio controls on his car, but his mind flashed with visions of the titaness earlier crushing every car in the parking lot, easily dissuading him from turning it on. However, a thought was chewing away at his mind that he couldn't shake. The girl that appeared to him earlier was obviously into extreme metal, but what about other music?

Nathan again found himself unable to get his morbid curiosity out of his head. He was stopped at a red light, and quickly connected his phone to his car's audio system. He scrolled through his playlists once again, before deciding on what he might consider the polar opposite of what he listened to in the parking lot: Synthwave/Vaporwave/Retro Electro. Nathan hesitantly pressed play, just before being angrily honked at by the line of cars behind him.

He looked up to see a green light and continued driving, nervously on the lookout for the death metal girl as he proceeded down the street. He drove without incident for several minutes, and he was feeling a bit more relaxed, so he reached down and turned the volume knob up a few notches. He looked back up at the road, and saw a familiar massive pair of checkered skateboarding shoes, connected to skintight black jeans, blocking the road.

"Shit!" He exclaimed, just before braking and swerving off to the side, where his car promptly hit the corner of one the shoes, and spun out into a ditch.

The car behind him blared their horn. "Asshole!" The other driver shouted as they passed him by.

Nathan watched as the other car nearly crashed into the girl's foot, but she quickly lifted it out of the way and made her way off the road. Nathan craned his neck to look up and out of his windshield, and saw the massive sole of her shoe about to come down right in front of his car. He quickly reached to turn the volume knob all the way down, however the force of the girl's giant footstep shook the world around him, and he was unable to reach the knob in time. His instincts shut down as he laid his face in the steering wheel, pumping out a series of labored breaths.

She squatted down in front of his toy-sized car, and effortlessly tore the roof of it off, like a foil seal from a jar of peanut butter. "Ya know, we really need to stop running into eachother like this!" She mused.

Nathan didn't have the courage to reply out loud, but he damned her in his thoughts 'Yeah, I really fucking hoped I wouldn't see you again either!'

"You need to listen to something a little louder next time you wanna see me." She said as she rhythmically tapped her fingernails on the hood of the car to the beat of the spacey synth song, leaving deep scratches in the paint.

Nathan could just about cry after being toyed with so mercilessly, as he looked up at her with glistening red eyes, unable to speak from the massive lump in his throat.

"Aww~ Are you ok, little guy? Maybe I should just walk you home?" The girl said, with a little bit of kindness in her voice for the first time.

She reached down and grabbed Nathan's entire car in her hands, as she headed for his apartment. Nathan looked out of his window in amazement as he saw the small town he lived in passing under him, as if he was flying over it in a helicopter.

"My name's Audrey, by the way." The giantess said as she looked down at Nathan and smiled.

"Wh-why are you being so nice now?" His confusion had only gotten worse from the turn of events.

"I was starting to feel bad for you. You know how pathetic it looks when a grown man is in tears?" She said, still smiling down at him. Nathan wasn't sure what sort of answer he was looking for, but the one he got stunned him into a silence.

Audrey laughed. "Are you gonna pout like this every time I tease you? You're going to make this relationship a lot more miserable that way."

"Relationship?!" He exclaimed, sounding aghast.

"Well, in a manner of speaking. I think we both have something to gain from our friendship."

'Friendship?!' He thought to himself. 'Is that what she calls this? Fucking friendship?'

"Oh, We're home! I wasn't paying attention and almost stepped on it~" Audrey said, as she gently placed Nathan's car in the parking spot in front of the door.

Nathan suddenly realized his car was still running, and took the key out of the ignition. Another thought had dawned on him, he never turned the music off. Nathan opened his phone and paused the music, and then swiped the app away to close it. He looked up to see if Audrey would disappear again, but instead he was greeted by the sight of his car's intact roof over his head.

The car door opened in a hurry and Nathan practically jumped out as quickly as he could, to see if Audrey was still around. The cool night air was completely still, and he saw no trace of her. Glancing back at his completely intact car, he couldn't help but wonder how exactly he got home. Did Audrey really carry him? Did he have some delusional fantasy as he drove the rest of the way? Did his car crash for real and this was actually his dying fantasy? The weight of these questions was almost unbearable, and he decided to head inside and hopefully forget everything that had happened.

Nathan's hand trembled as he fidgeted with his apartment key, while trying to get it into the keyhole. His keys fell to the floor, and he stopped for a brief moment and took several deep breaths, before picking the keys back up and finally managing to unlock the door. Nathan slowly crept in, feeling like an intruder in his own home. He flipped the light switch on, expecting to see Audrey cramped into his little one bedroom apartment, but as he scanned the room with his eyes, he saw no trace of her.

Nathan continued inward, turning the corner to his bedroom and checking it just to be thorough, but again, he saw nobody. He was feeling rather drained from the events that had taken place, so he immediately got into a hot shower, hoping it would revitalize him. As he stood under the hot water, he couldn't help but think about Audrey, and worry about his possibly deteriorating mental health. His mind was addled with unanswered questions, and he wasn't sure that a single person on Earth could answer them.

Nathan got out of the shower, and began drying off. He looked in his mirror, and wiped the fog from it with the corner of his towel. He half-expected again to see Audrey in the reflection like a scene from a horror movie, but yet again, nobody was there. He got dressed in his pajamas and laid in his bed, letting his mind race with millions of questions about her. Nathan couldn't stand the uncertainty anymore, he jumped out of bed and went to the small whiteboard hanging on his wall. He hurriedly erased all the random reminders and shopping list excerpts that were listed on the board, and began feverishly writing everything he knew about Audrey.

                                WEIRD GIANT GIRL SHIT


she is kinda cute though

Nathan took a step back and examined the board. "Well this didn't fucking help at all!" He said out loud, annoyed with himself.

He still thirsted for answers, but he didn't have the energy to deal with it anymore. Nathan got back into bed and relaxed a little bit. 'Maybe I'll just never listen to music ever again. Small price to pay to not have scenezilla torturing me all day' he thought, as he drifted off to sleep.

Nathan's peaceful rest was interrupted by a loud creaking noise, his eyes opened slowly at first, then became very wide as he discovered the source of the sound. Several deep cracks formed along the top of the walls to his room, right where they connected to the ceiling, and began branching outward like strikes of lightning. In a matter of seconds, a set of slender girlish fingers, each big enough to be mistaken for a poplar tree, poked through the wall, gripped the ceiling, and lifted the entire roof off of his apartment with ease. Nathan quickly jumped out of bed and crashed to his floor, before scooting into a corner in a frenzied horror. He looked up and saw Audrey looking down at him, although she was a much bigger size than before.

Audrey's olive eyes were locked onto Nathan, as her mouth twisted into a sinister smile. "My, my, don't you just look adorable when you're this small~!" she said gleefully.

Nathan sat in a terrified panic, until he remembered what Audrey said to him earlier 'as if I would every actually hurt you.' Her own words gave him the confidence to speak up.
"Go fuck yourself, Audrey!" He nearly immediately regretted his words, as his stomach tied itself into a tight knot.

Audrey cackled at his resilience. "You're growing up so fast! If only you could stand up to your real bullies like you do to me~"

"What? What does that mean? Why do you have to be so fucking cryptic?!" Nathan shouted.

"Mmm." Audrey clicked her tongue. "Anyway, I don't think you're in any position to tell me off right now, my little Morsel~" Audrey reached her hand down into Nathan's room, nearly filling the whole space up, and offered her palm out to him. "I'm giving you one chance to comply. You don't have to if you don't want to, but keep in mind, you have nowhere to run!"

Nathan stood up, and relucantly climbed onto Audrey's palm, his knees nearly buckling from the intense anxiety. She lifted her hand close to her chin, and bit her lip in anticipation.

"Wh-what are you gonna do to me now?" Nathan asked with despair, as his heart sank into his stomach.

"Well, I wanted a late night snack, but I didn't have anything in the house! So, I decided I'd visit my new friend for some help." She could hardly contain her laughter as she spoke.

"Do you have anything to eat in here?" Audrey asked as she opened a gigantic refrigerator. Nathan looked around and realized that they were in his own kitchen, although considerably sized up.

"I, I, uh... I haven't been shopping this week yet." Nathan nervously said.

"Oh! What was I thinking? Why do I need anything else to eat, when I have a perfect little Morsel right here~?" Audrey said as she plucked Nathan up with 2 fingers and licked her lips.

"Audre-" Nathan was about to retort, but he was cut short as he was suddenly dropped into an oversized bowl.

"Know what'll make this more fun? Some music!" Audrey said, as she picked up Nathan's quite gigantic phone in her hand. She delightfully scrolled through his music library, trying to find the perfect soundtrack for her devilish act. "Ah, perfect!"

An onslaught of loud guitar riffs and deep growls started playing, but not from the phone's speaker. It sounded as though it was just playing from thin air, filling up the whole room with the cacophonous sound of Swedish death metal. Nathan's pulse nearly flatlined when he heard what song it was: Bloodbath's Eaten.

"This is one of your favorites!" Audrey stated confidently. "I thought it'd be fitting for this fun little event. Don't you agree?"

"You know, I don't really like it that much!" Nathan shouted nervously. "Yeah, it's sort of overplayed, isn't it? Whacky death metal song about being eaten? Yikes! Am I right?" He said as he forced out a couple of nervous chuckles.

Audrey picked up a giant set of chop sticks, then clicked them together a couple of times. "Always with the jokes, Morsel. Sorry, but you're not charming your way out of this one!"

Audrey reached the chopsticks into the deep bowl, and started trying to grab Nathan like a tiny piece of sushi. Nathan had nowhere in which to escape, but nonetheless he ran in circles to dodge the grasp of the tree-sized sticks. Finally, after 5 or 6 attempts, she managed to knock Nathan down, and then quickly pinch his body between the two sticks, bringing him up to her face.

"Mmm~ Just in time for the best part of the song too!" Audrey said with delight, then proceeded to purposely sing the abrasive song incorrectly, with the pronouns in the lyrics swapped, and in a soft, sweet, sing-songy voice.

"Call me sick, but this is what I need~!" She brought Nathan closer to her lips. "Your only purpose here, is for me to feed~!" Her mouth opened and she plunged Nathan inside.

Audrey's lips tightened around the chopsticks as she pulled them out of her mouth, causing Nathan to fall onto her soft tongue. She pushed him around with her tongue a bit, before trapping his body between her molars. She didn't bite down, but she held enough pressure on Nathan that it caused him great discomfort.

Nathan began to sob. "Audrey! Please, stop! I'll do whatever it is you want! Just don't fucking kill me, please!" he cried out hysterically. Audrey spat him out back into the bowl, his body dripped with her crystal clear saliva.

"You know, I don't usually bargain with my food, but for you? I'll make an exception." She said playfully. "Now, it hurts my feelings a little when you call me a 'huge cunt' and a 'total psycho', especially after I was nice enough to carry you home." Audrey spoke as though she was a jealous girlfriend.

"I didn't- I never said that!" Nathan shouted at her.

"Oh, really? What's this whiteboard about then?" Audrey plucked Nathan back up in her chopsticks, then motioned to the whiteboard he had written on earlier, which now hung on the wall of the kitchen. "I thought 'Scenezilla' was kind of a good one though, I'll give you that!"

"That's what this is about? Some dumb shit I wrote on a whiteboard?"

"No, what really bothered me is that you were planning on abandoning me. Is that it? You're just going to never listen to music ever again?" Audrey's eyes became watery and her voice cracked a little as she spoke.

"Well, I..." Nathan wasn't sure how to finish his sentence, and was somehow being made to feel like he was the bad guy in this scenario.

"Sshh! It's ok, my little Morsel~ Just keep listening to the music, and this will never happen again, I promise!" Audrey licked her massive lips, then brought Nathan close to her mouth, and enveloped his whole body in a big wet kiss.

"Sweet dreams, Nathan~" She said as she slid the chopsticks back into her mouth, sucking Nathan out from between them like a tiny noodle.

"Audrey, please!" Nathan cried, as Audrey's flexible tongue bounced him back and forth inside of her mouth.

A soft giggle shook his surroundings like an earthquake, as Audrey tilted her head back. Nathan screamed as he sunk into the back of her throat, and she pulled him down the rest of the way with a forceful saliva-soaked swallow. He felt his whole body being massaged by her throat muscles as he slid down towards her stomach.

Nathan lifted his head very suddenly, with a sharp gust of breath escaping his mouth. He had been asleep at his kitchen table. He looked down in front of him, and saw a deep porcelain bowl, with what appeared to be a small pool of wetness at the bottom. Next to the bowl, sat a pair of wooden chopsticks, and on the other side, laid his phone. He lifted one chopstick up and examined it, and saw that the end was still slightly moist. His eyes quickly darted to the wall where he saw his whiteboard hanging up, although everything he previously had written on it was replaced with a note, written in very clean and neat handwriting.

Dear Morsel,
Sorry if I gave you too much of a scare, but I was worried you were going to ignore me forever. I do hope you'll forgive me, I can't wait to talk with you again!


P.S. I'm 82 ½ feet tall =P

Nathan oddly got butterflies in his stomach from the endearing note, which seemed like the type of thing a high school girl would write to her crush. He grabbed his phone, and retreated back into bed. As he plugged his phone in and set it on his nightstand, he noticed something amiss with his work name tag, which sat next to his phone. His name tag would normally read 'NATHAN MORSE', but a single letter 'L' was tacked on to the end of his last name, written in what appeared to be permanent marker. Nathan grumbled angrily then turned on his other side, hoping to get some actual sleep this time.

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