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The front door opened to the log cabin home with Bloom being carried inside by Adam. The two had gotten married only a couple days ago, and one of the first things they agreed to do post-marriage, especially with the school year ending and Bloom getting some time off from teaching at Alfea as a result, was get away from the hustle and bustle of Magix City. The perfect place to do that was a log cabin home they rented, miles away from civilization and giving them much needed peace and quiet. Bloom was set down as the two twentysomethings looked around the place.

"Wow… it's beautiful." Bloom said.

"I was hoping you'd like it." Adam said.

"I absolutely love it!" Bloom said as she ran up to Adam and kissed him on the lips (having to stand on the tips of her toes to do so). She then ran upstairs to check out the upper floor of the home. As she did so, Adam reached into his backpack and pulled out a small vial of white powder. Then he read the note attached to the bottle.

"Dear Adam, I hope you enjoy your honeymoon with Bloom. Remember to sprinkle this powder into whatever you both drink. I'll be watching when you two put on a BIG show. From your loving mother, Diane. P.S., I can't wait to be a grandma!" Adam read to himself, letting out a smile as he finished reading the last part of that letter. For the next half minute or so, he imagined himself and Bloom towering over the city, proudly naked and putting on a big and sexy show. It was turning him on (judging by the bulge in his pants) just thinking about it, but he snapped back to reality as he heard Bloom coming back down the wooden steps. He quickly put the powder and letter away in his backpack.

"Oooooh… you have to see the bed, baby! It's the right size if we decide to get it on." Bloom said with a couple winks from her eyes.

"Heh heh… I like the way you put it, my flame." Adam said as Bloom playfully stroked her red/orange hair. The two next got to unpacking their things.


A couple hours pass and it's time for dinner. Bloom and Adam are taking turns laying out various foods, beverages, and unlit candles that would make up the perfect candlelight dinner. Bloom took note of a couple empty glasses.

"Huh? Are we short on drinks?" Bloom said.

"Oh, no. I've got something special for those." Adam said.

"Ooooooh… I like special surprises. What is it?" Bloom said.

"Now now, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, right? Wait here. I'll be right back." Adam said. While Bloom took her seat (with Adam being a gentleman and helping her sit down in the chair) at the table, Adam went into the kitchen with the empty glasses. Once he was inside, he filled the glasses with water. Then he reached into one of his pants pockets and pulled out the vial of white powder. After taking a deep breath, once again thinking of what was to come once the effects of the powder to both their bodies kicked in, as explained by his mother prior to this honeymoon.

"So for you, nothing much will change. You'll still grow nice and big and muscular as you have sex with her. But thanks to the chemical makeup of the powder, all Bloom has to do is roll in or swallow your semen after you ejaculate. That should give her the same power as you… to grow when she is turned on." Diane's voice said in his head.

That's when Adam opened up the vial and poured half of the powder into his glass and the other half into Bloom's glass. Then he took a spoon and gently mixed the powder and water together. The end result was a beverage that lightly resembled white wine. Adam smiled over the results and then took the glasses into the dining room table.


Bloom watched Adam come back with the concotions in his hands. Naturally, Bloom suspected she was looking as a fine white wine.

"Ooooooh! You brought some white wine?" Bloom said.

"Heh… sure did! Consider it the crown jewel of our honeymoon dinner." Adam said.

"Mmmmm… I like it. And you hid it well too." Bloom said. After serving Bloom her glass and laying down his, Adam sat down and the two enjoyed their dinner, chowing down and talking about random things here and there.


Once the table was cleared out, which included the spiked drinks for both Adam and Bloom, they both got up rubbing their bellies.

"Mmmm… that was good, especially that white wine. Maybe you should be the chef of the family." Bloom said.

"I wouldn't be so sure! I don't think anything can top your cooking skills." Adam said.

"Touché. Oooooh…" Bloom said.

"Bloom, are you okay?" Adam asked.

"Yeah. I'm probably just stuffed." Bloom said.

"Why don't you sit down and relax? I'll take care of the dishes." Adam said.

"Thanks, babe." Bloom said as she sat down on the nearby couch, blowing Adam a kiss as she watched him go back and forth taking the dishes and the glasses from the dining room to the kitchen. Anytime Adam wasn't in the dining room, Bloom couldn't help but her crotch as she spread her legs apart and felt the fine seams of her pants.

"Mmmmmm…" Bloom moaned.


A couple minutes pass and Adam has taken the last of the dishes and glasses into the kitchen, washing them one at a time. Once the last of the dishes was in the sink, Adam heard nearby footsteps and looked to his left. There he saw Bloom walking in with a sexy look on her face judging by the wide open eyes and smile.

"Feeling better already, my sweet little jalapeno?" Adam said as he made another joke about Bloom's Dragon Fire. The next thing Adam knew, Bloom charged towards her husband, causing him to back away until he hit the refrigerator. Bloom and Adam quickly locked lips.

"Strong wine…" Bloom said as the kissing grew more passionate. Adam was left with no choice but to wrap his arms around Bloom's waist and kiss right back. The energy grew quickly between them, and that's when the big fun was about to begin as the two danced their way into the living room next.

Just as they arrived, Adam could feel his body temperature rising and his clothes tightening up. He and Bloom both knew what was coming next.

"Bloom… I'm growing." Adam said.
"Gooooooood." Bloom moaned as she took a step back and watched Adam's clothes struggle to stay together. The very audible sounds of Adam's moaning and his pants and shirt ripping apart permeated the living room, with Bloom looking up as Adam already had risen to just over 9 feet tall.


Adam decided not to waste time. Like he was the Incredible Hulk, he put his hands on his shirt and pulled the rest of it off, revealing his muscular chest and abs to the great delight of Bloom, who also watched his arms and legs bulge with added muscle. Of course, he continued to grow and grow, causing his pants to rip apart next, leaving him only in his blue underwear which was ready to burst any second from his growing cock underneath. At the same time, Adam sat down to keep his head from reaching the ceiling, allowing Bloom to use the bulge between his legs as a platform to bounce on and climb up his chest.

"Mmmm… don't stop, Adam. The bigger you are, the better." Bloom said.

"Oooooh… this growing… seeing you climb all over my body… that won't be too hard… OH!" Adam said as the sexual pulses made him breathe a little quicker as he felt the growing continue. He then felt his underwear finally give way, leaving the growing man totally naked (and still growing as he now reached 20 feet tall). Of course, his penis was fully erect by now, and when Bloom looked back and saw a growing cock that was almost half her size, it sent her senses into beyond overdrive.

"Mmmmm… I want that thing!" Bloom shouted as she quickly undid her clothes piece by piece. She took off her shirt, then her pants, then she kicked off her footwear, and finally off came the bra and panties, leaving her totally naked.


Bloom wrapped her arms around the growing cock, which sent Adam's own growing senses running as he moaned and bit his lower lip in ecstasy.

"Oh my god… Oh, Bloom! This is… ooooooooh…" Adam said as he couldn't resist stroking both Bloom and his cock in his right hand. Despite being pinned between the two objects and being forced down so the cock wasn't facing upwards, Bloom continued working her body, moaning and groaning as well. Adam stroked and breathed faster and faster. On top of all that, he had to duck down some more as his head threatened to break through the ceiling at any moment.

"Bloom… I'm… gonna… CUM! AAAAAH!" Adam roared as he finally felt his cock shooting out gobs and gobs of white semen. As most of it splashed against the nearby walls, Bloom got rocked off her giant husband's cock and splashed down face first in a pool of the liquid that just came streaming out of Adam's penis. Adam couldn't help but give a quick fist pump that Bloom landed the way she did, although in doing so, he punched a hole in the wall behind him with his elbow. Adam didn't sweat it too much. He had a hunch this house was not going to be lasting longer once the next part of his plan started.

"How does it taste, honey?" Adam asked Bloom as she rolled around in the cum, watching as she spit some out and yet swallowed at the same time.

"Mmmmm… actually, not bad at all. It's like drinking the nectar of the Gods." Bloom said.

"Haha! Aren't you calling me a God a little early? Remember that one time we grew so big we could've crushed Las Vegas in one stomp?" Adam asked.

"Haha, of course, of course! Though, granted, that was because of Tecna's technology." Bloom said.


As the girl stood back up, she suddenly felt her own muscles in her body flaring up, watching as her skin rippled as well.

"Wha…? What's happening?" Bloom asked.

"You're about to join my club, baby girl." Adam said. Bloom lightly gasped as she saw the floor slowly fade away from her view. Adam appeared at first glance to be shrinking too, especially his still enlarged cock, but Bloom finally put 2 and 2 together.

"I… I'm growing!?" Bloom said, watching as her growth sped up a little bit. She too had to get down on her knees to keep her head from crashing through the ceiling, and between the two grown bodies, space was quickly dwindling inside the log cabin.

Eventually, Bloom found herself slouched over her husband, now almost the same height as he was.

"So, Bloom, what do you think? Now you can grow just like I can, and without the need of any gadgetry." Adam said.

"Oh? You mean…" Bloom said. Adam nodded.

"Your sexual impulses will affect how big you grow." Adam said. He of course hoped Bloom would love this change and not slap him in the face (though even that would turn him on as much as he loved her). Bloom let out a huge grin and wrapped her arms around Adam's neck even as she destroyed anything in the house in her path, including a couple of the walls behind him.

"Mmmmm… I love it I love it I LOVE IT!" Bloom said as she passionately kissed her husband.


Adam kissed right back, and the fireworks got going again between the two as they kicked stuff around with their bare feet. Bloom did not hesitate in stuffing Adam's rock hard dick into her pussy, bouncing up and down as much as she could with the limited space. In between breaths and moans and groans from the two, Adam and Bloom could feel themselves growing again.

"Mmmmm… baby… we're getting too big for this cabin…" Adam said.

"Ooooooh… good. I want to be too big for EVERY building!" Bloom said. This brought a smile to Adam's face. Already she was falling in love with being too big to fit anywhere. Pieces of the ceiling rained down around the giants as they threatened to literally burst out of the cabin any second.


A few seconds later, that's just what happened. The log cabin burst apart in every direction as its foundation was replaced with the growing Adam and Bloom. Their growth conveniently sped up just as they were out in the wide open space of the forest the log cabin once resided in. Finally, the two broke apart to see their new surroundings.

"Huh? Why did you stop, Adam?" Bloom asked.

"Look around, honey!" Adam said. Bloom crawled off her husband and lightly gasped. As she and Adam stood up, they looked to see the once towering trees now failing to rise past their kneecaps.

"Oh wow… we're huge!" Bloom said. Adam couldn't help but rub both his balls and his cock.

"Mmmmm… just being this gigantic and naked is turning me on." Adam said. Bloom gently grabbed one of the giant's wrists.

"Slow down there, big boy. We should really put on a show in the city." Bloom said.

"Oh? The city? Are you sure? We could easily cause trouble as big as we are." Adam said. He guessed Bloom and he were a little over 300 feet tall judging by how much they towered over the tallest trees nearby.

"So? We're almost as big as Gods now. It can't be helped if someone or something gets crushed… especially when we start fucking in the middle of the city." Bloom said.

"Yeah, you're right. Shall we?" Adam said as he held a hand towards Bloom, who took it into one of her own hands.

"I thought you'd never ask." Bloom said with a smile. The two naked giants made their way away from what was left (very little) of the log cabin and eventually out of the forest, easily brushing aside trees that stood in their path.


The normal busy lives of the people of Magix City came to a sudden halt as they heard thundering boom sounds progressively getting louder and louder. They also had trouble keeping their footing from the ground shaking around the same intervals. One woman was the first to figure out why as she pointed towards the distance and up at the once clear skies.

"Eeeeek! Giants!" the woman screamed. That was enough to send everyone running into a frenzy, plus the fact the giant couple arrived, proudly standing over the edge of the city. Adam and Bloom towered well over the crowd as well as the nearby buildings, although they both knew the taller buildings (the few that were still bigger than them) were near the center of the city. Still, it made Adam smile looking down past his flaccid cock and seeing many people run for cover.

"Can you believe we were once that small?" Adam said.

"Hahaha! Well, for now, anyway. I assume we'll eventually shrink back to our normal sizes?" Bloom asked.

"Yep. That's how it's always worked with me, anyway." Adam said.

"Then I guess we better make the most of it, right?" Bloom said as she gave Adam a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I won't argue with that." Adam said as the two giants walked further into the city. Already a couple parked cars got crushed under the side of Bloom's foot.

"That didn't take long." Bloom said as she brushed the remains of the vehicle off her foot.

"Like you said, it can't be helped given how big we are, and who knows?" Adam said.

"We could grow even bigger!" Bloom said. It brought a smile to Adam's face knowing his wife was catching onto the procedure already. Was it because of the potion that he fed to Bloom when they had their dinner?


He couldn't think for long as he watched Bloom take a couple steps forward and leaned down to pick up something, giving him a view he couldn't resist of her ass. Adam then watched Bloom stand back up, holding a tour bus full of screaming people inside.

"Oooooh… even hearing them scream is turning me on!" Bloom said as she playfully licked her lips and rubbed her pussy ever so slightly. She then looked back at Adam and got a dirty-minded idea, lowering the bus down close to his penis.

"I bet you all have never seen a cock this big!" Bloom said. Adam played along and took deep breaths while rubbing his dick, allowing it to grow harder and bigger. The people inside all gasped as they watched it grow before their eyes. Adam couldn't help but laugh as he watched his now fully erect cock grow longer than the bus.

"Mmmmm… I wonder how many of the ladies onboard are wishing they could give this thing a blowjob right now." Adam said, and Bloom immediately smiled.

"You just gave me an idea, babe." Bloom said. While still holding the bus in one hand, she got down on both her knees and then took her other hand, grabbing onto Adam's penis. Bloom guided the cock into her mouth, lashing at the mushroomy head with her tongue while moving her head forward and backward, sucking on the skin like a hot dog. Adam shut his eyes and bit his lower lip, feeling the adrenaline skyrocket inside him.

"Oooooooh… Blooooooooom…" Adam said.

"Mmmmmphmmmmmph…" Bloom muffled as she went full throttle on the giant cock.


Eventually Adam almost squealed as he could feel his cock was going to explode any second.

"Bloom… gonna… cum…!!!" Adam said. That's when Bloom quickly took the cock out of her mouth and hovered the bus in front of it. Mere seconds later, Adam's cock erupted, sending hot, sticky, white goo out like a volcano. The semen splashed either on the bus or on Bloom's enlarged boobs. By the time Adam was done ejaculating, the bus was covered completely in the liquid.

"Whoops! Sorry about that! Let me help with cleanup." Bloom said as she licked up the cum with her tongue, gulping it down her throat. She kept going until the bus was 99% clear of Adam's juices, instead drenched in the saliva from Bloom's giant tongue. Miraculously, everyone inside the bus managed to survive as they breathed a collective sigh of relief from not having endured a worse fate, such as being swallowed by the goddess. They felt even more better when Bloom set the bus back down on the ground.

"Thanks for enjoying the show! You can go now." Bloom said as she and Adam waited for the bus to drive away. However, and Adam quickly heard it from above, the bus had trouble getting its engine started.

"I guess I short circuited the engine by covering it with my cum." Adam said. Bloom playfully slapped Adam on one of his muscular arms.

"Adam T. Zilla, shame on you!" Bloom said, prompting a chuckle from the muscular giant.

"You know, we could always give them another show." Adam said. Bloom smiled in a sexy way and then turned around, eventually getting down on her hands and knees (with her breasts dangling a few feet above the bus).

"Mmmmm… hit me right in the ass!" Bloom said. Adam smiled and got down on his knees.


First, the giant rapidly stroked his cock to get it right back to fully erect status. Some people in the bus couldn't take the excitement any longer (or thought Bloom was going to smush the bus under her chest) and went running out of the bus and into the distance. Others stayed behind and witnessed the incredible sight of the two giants about to have sex, with some even masturbating themselves feeling turned on from what they were witnessing from below. The women were especially in awe over how big Adam's cock looked before he shoved it between Bloom's buttocks, and how quickly it got fully erect again. The giants, meanwhile, grunted as Adam thrust his cock inward and outward of Bloom's butt.

"Mmmmmph… AAAAAHHHH!" Bloom shouted as she felt Adam literally pound his cock against her ass. Adam also grunted as he felt the pressure rise exponentially within his cock, which told him he was about to explode once more.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Adam screamed as he cummed once again, with Bloom feeling the thick liquid fill the inside of her ass. It could only hold so much before the two felt and saw huge droplets of semen splash down either on or around the tour bus. Adam finally pulled his cock out from within Bloom's ass and plopped his behind onto the ground, taking deep breaths and clutching his muscular abs. After swinging her legs around to make sure she didn't crush the bus or anyone that was in it, Bloom also sat firmly on her behind to catch her breath. A couple people weren't so lucky in escaping and got smushed underneath her butt cheeks, unaware to her.

"That was… heavenly." Adam said.

"You can say that again." Bloom said.

"Okay. That was heavenly!" Adam said, causing Bloom to snicker. She then watched as Adam got back on his feet and pulled Bloom back to hers by her hands.

"So what now?" Bloom asked.

"Walk around while we catch our breath and then do it again. What else?" Adam said.

"Just what I was thinking, babe." Bloom said. The two giants held hands once more and strolled deeper in the city.


Of course, the two enjoyed the view they had of towering over most buildings and people running away from their bare feet. Adam and Bloom both remarked again over how they were once that small and being this huge made them feel like gods. Adam couldn't resist reaching down behind Bloom and clutching one of her butt cheeks with his hand.
"Ooooooh! Good thing we're married and we both like being naughty." Bloom said.

"Indeed!" Adam said. The two made their way towards a somewhat open area that normally allowed dozens of people to easily walk through. Instead, it was the two naked giants standing in the middle of it, with people galore staring up in awe at them. Adam and Bloom actually smiled seeing such an audience at their feet, but when some of them ran away when their feet got a little too close, they tried to put their minds at ease.

"Come on, little subjects, don't run away. You're going to miss our big show." Adam said.

"Yeah! In fact, why not dance with us?" Bloom said as she playfully wiggled her hips around like a belly dancer, which brought a smile to Adam's face.

"Oooooh… even the way you dance is turning me on, baby." Adam said.

"I would hope so. We gotta keep your fruit nice and ripe." Bloom said as she waltzed over to Adam and rapidly stroked his cock, making it grow again and causing Adam to come alive with excitement again.


Bloom then backed away as she continued to dance around, with Adam joining along as best as his muscular arms and legs would allow. Bloom made her way over to a tall and wide building almost the same size as her. After getting as close as she could to the structure, she grabbed her breasts and rubbed them in every possible direction.

"Mmmm… pretty big mountains, don't you all think?" Bloom asked as she watched her nipples grow bigger and bigger and she moaned with pleasure. It only turned her on more once she hovered those nipples mere inches away from the windows, but she really turned on when she felt Adam's arms wrap around her waist. Adam was humping his giant girlfriend now, bouncing and grinding like the two were having sex, but they actually weren't (although it was REALLY tempting to keep his fully grown penis from ejaculating again). Bloom then turned around and gently pushed down on Adam's head of hair.

"Ooooooh… you're shrinking, Adam." Bloom said. Adam was at first confused… he couldn't feel his body changing in a way that would suggest he was shrinking, but he quickly figured out what Bloom had in mind.

"Oh, um, yes… Ooooooh… Bloom… you are becoming too big for me." Adam said as he slowly kneeled down, putting his line of sight with Bloom's huge breasts. Bloom quickly took him in, stuffing his head in between her breasts.

"Mmmmmm… maybe so, but I still think you're very useful." Bloom said. She allowed him to rub his face all over and between her breasts, not resisting giving her nipples a few good licks.


Then Adam kneeled down further until he was looking right at Bloom's stomach region. The giant wasted no time in giving as much of the area a kiss, especially her navel. Bloom wiggled around like a belly dancer as she and Adam breathed heavily from the passionate kissing show, jiggling her breasts around with her hands at the same time.

"Ooooooh… ughhhhhhh… Adam… oooooooh…" Bloom said. Adam moaned as well, and then he went down even further. Now he was giving Bloom's pussy a good licking, especially as Bloom grabbed the back of his head and made sure he wouldn't pull away. Adam didn't argue. In fact, this only made him lick that sweet spot faster and faster.

"Oh G-G-God… gonna… cum… AAAHHH!" Bloom said as she looked up in the air and screamed. Adam pulled back ever so slightly just as the white sticky fluid came pouring out from inside Bloom's vagina and splashed onto Adam's face, who wasted no time in licking up the payload.

"Mmmmm… tastes like chicken!" Adam said.

"Oh! You big goof!" Bloom said as she slapped Adam in the creamy face with her breasts, prompting the two to laugh just as Adam stood back to his full height. The two kissed and hugged each other like a normal couple.

"You know what's weird? I don't feel exhausted even after going through all that." Bloom said.

"That's the beauty of this gene that's allowed me to alter my size all these years. It gives you a seemingly unlimited supply of sexual energy." Adam said.

"You mean… we could theoretically have sex for 24 hours?" Bloom asked.

"In theory, but not even my Mom knows for sure what the limit may be." Adam said.

"Thank heavens for your science loving Mom, that's all I gotta say." Bloom said.

"Heh heh… I'll tell her you said that." Adam said.


The two then heard a familiar female voice just above their heads.

"Bloom! Adam!" the voice shouted. The two looked up and saw four of their shared friends, which were some of the other members of the Winx Club. They were Stella (whom the voice belonged to), Musa, Flora, and Layla. They were all transformed and flying above the giants.

"Oh! Hey, guys!" Bloom said.

"I guess we don't have to ask if you've been having a grand ol' time." Flora said.

"Heh… I'm sure we're all over the news by now. How are the censors doing?" Adam asked.

"I think they gave up a couple minutes before we decided to come join you." Layla said.

"Hey, where's Tecna?" Bloom asked.

"She said she'd join later. She was working on something." Musa said.

"What that is, we don't know." Layla said.

"But never mind that…" Stella said as she suddenly flew very close to Bloom's nipples with Musa right behind her. Layla and Flora also very close, but to the giant Adam instead.

All four Winx girls suddenly did a quick twirl and made their outfits completely vanish, leaving them totally naked except for their wings. Stella then sat atop one of Bloom's nipples, making the giantess immediately moan.

"Ooooooh… Stella?" Bloom said.

"Teeheehee… I think you're beyond incredible being that big and naked, Bloom..." Stella said as she rubbed herself (especially her pussy) all over one of Bloom's nipples while playing with her own breasts with one of her hands. Even with the major size difference between the two, Bloom could still feel every one of Stella's movements.

"Mmmmmm… Stella… keep… going…" Bloom said as she couldn't resist rubbing her other nipple with her hands.


At the same time, Layla and Flora flew circles around Adam's gigantic cock, eventually sitting on top of it.

"Wow… I never thought seeing such a giant dick would turn me on…" Layla said. Adam moaned as he felt Layla rest her feet on one of the engorged veins, moaning again when he saw Flora touching his slit.

"Ooooh… Adam… you wouldn't mind if I took a bite out of that apple, do you?" Flora asked.

"Er… sure! Why not?" Adam said. He then watched as Flora summoned a series of ordinary-looking vines, which didn't surprise him given her roots in nature. What did surprise him was watching her cover his cock from base to head in her vines, with Layla flying upward to keep from getting trapped underneath.

"Oh!" Adam said as Flora soon yanked on those vines and jerked on Adam's cock, causing it to grow ever so slightly bigger. As Flora kept on tugging, obviously trying to make the giant cum again, Layla joined in on the fun with her own antics. She conjured up her pink water-like substance and wrapped it around the head of the giant penis.

"Always make sure to wear a condom for safe sex!" Layla joked which made even Adam laugh. But the giant soon found himself moaning and grunting as his cock threatened to explode again. He wrapped his hand around his cock, ripping off the vines and pinning Flora between his finger and the surface of his cock.

"Unnnnngggghhhh!" Adam said as the masturbation continued. Eventually Adam let loose as the hot and sticky white liquid came shooting out. This time, it quickly filled up Layla's 'condom,' and it was filling up fast as it expanded like a hot air balloon. Layla could tell Adam wasn't going to stop cumming anytime soon.

"It's gonna blow!" Layla shouted as finally the 'condom' went shooting out in the distance, splatting down on the ground and sending the liquid gushing in every direction, flooding the roads and streets. People who couldn't escape soon enough were swept away like in an ocean tide.

"Oops! Sorry…" Adam said as he let go of his cock and Flora stumbled around in the air, eventually flying next to Layla again.

"I wanna do that again…" Flora said.

"Don't we all, sweetheart." Layla said.


Meanwhile, over where Bloom was, the fiery giantess continued to feel turned on by Stella's antics on her chest, eventually causing her to sit down against a group of buildings as she continued to grope herself. Musa wasn't content to sit by and do nothing, though.

"Yo, Bloom! In for a little inside jam, because here I come!" Musa said as she timed her flight perfectly, watching as Bloom spread her legs apart, exposing her pussy. Musa penetrated through the pink skin, immediately prompting a reaction from the giantess.

"Oh! Oooooh… Musa. Be careful in there." Bloom said. Inside Bloom's vagina, Musa was in awe over seeing the towering walls of pink moving in and out with seemingly each and every heart beat, which the musical girl could barely hear as she crept up near the cervix.

"Hmmm… I'm sure glad Daddy isn't here to see this. Anyway, time to crank my sonic shield and the vibrations to 11!" Musa shouted as she activated a bright circular shield that covered her from head to toe. She put her hand against the shield and felt the intense vibrations from the other side.

"Bingo!" Musa said as she gently touched one of the vaginal walls with her shield. That ever-so-slight touch was all Bloom's vagina needed to kick into overdrive as Musa watched the walls rapidly close around her.

Bloom felt like she had a vibrator inside her pussy, but of course she knew what was causing it.

"Muuuuuuuuusa…" Bloom said as she took one of her fingers and stuck it inside, masturbating herself. Of course, this wasn't lost on Musa, watching as the giant digit penetrated through the opening and dug its way in.

"Whoa! Talk about giving me the finger!" Musa said as she backed away from the finger, watching as it rubbed the vaginal walls left and right. Even from where she was, Musa could hear Bloom's moans of pleasure getting louder and more frequent.


Watching Bloom masturbate was turning everyone on, not just the giant Adam. As the other Winx girls watched Bloom do her thing, they all reached down and rubbed their own pussies, breathing faster and faster as they did so. Adam, of course, couldn't help but rub his penis, feeling it throb and grow within his fist. Just as it got hard and fully erect, everyone stopped when they heard more stomping sounds, similar to those that had been made by Adam and Bloom when they were walking around.

"Huh? Who's that?" Adam said as he looked around.

"I hope it's not one of the Trix. Or worse… Diaspro." Bloom said as she removed her finger from inside her vagina, continuing to sit on the ground. Everyone eventually saw a familiar, and naked, figure step out from behind one of the taller buildings.

"Cheers, my fellow giants!" Tecna said with a smile, proudly placing her hands on her hips.

"Tecna!?" they all shouted.

"Whoa! You're looking gooooooood, Tecna. I guess you upgraded your systems, right?" Stella shouted. Tecna rolled her eyes.

"If you were one of my students, especially the ones always telling jokes, I'd flick you right into the next realm." Tecna said.

"Heh heh…" Stella laughed nervously before she got back to staring at Bloom's wonderfully huge breasts.

"Tecna, how did you grow so big?" Bloom asked.

"With some new software I wrote, what else? And a little help from Adam's DNA sample." Tecna said.

"Heh, that way all of you could grow as big as us someday." Adam said.

"Mmmmm… it'd be awesome to take this big thing into my mouth for a drive or two…" Flora said as she playfully bounced up and down Adam's cock.


"Anyway, don't let me slow you two down, you were about to start the main event, weren't you?" Tecna asked.

"Well… um…" Adam said.

"Mmmm… come on down, Big Adam." Bloom said as she reached out and tugged on one of Adam's muscular legs. Adam smiled and got into position.

"As you wish, my queen." Adam said.

"Wait, Bloom! What about Musa?" Stella asked. Bloom was showing intense excitement as she spread her legs apart again while Adam got down on both knees and aimed his cock.
"Mmmmmm… she's a smart gal. She'll find a way to survive." Bloom said.

"Hmph! She'll probably get the best view of them all." Layla said.

"I don't know, I think the view looks good from where I'm going." Flora said as she flew to just above Bloom's pussy opening, watching as Adam leaned over the giantess by mere feet. Layla eventually followed suit.


As for Tecna, her senses were kicking into overdrive as Adam and Bloom got into position. She desperately sought something to fuck right alongside with them. That's when she set her sights on a pointy tower that was almost half her size and smiled.

"Well, hello there, teeny tiny tower. You get to pretend you're Timmy's little 'package.'" Tecna said as she stepped towards the tower, spreading her legs apart so she could stand directly over it. Whether there were still any people inside made little difference to her. All she was thinking about was getting that tower into her pussy. After spreading the opening apart, Tecna squatted down until she felt the tower touching her. She took a deep breath and sunk down, feeling the tower penetrate into her pussy.

"Ooooooooh… ughhhhhhh…" Tecna said as she worked her way up and down the tower, slowly at first but gaining speed.


And speaking of penetration, Bloom let out a squeal as she felt Adam take his cock into her vagina.
"MMMMMM… OOOOOOOOOOH…" Bloom said in her deepest series of moans yet. Adam of course deeply moaned as well as he worked his cock in and out. The fact nearly the whole city was in his view and watching he and his wife fuck and fuck only fueled his fire.

"Hold on, baby…" Adam said as he grabbed Bloom by the top of her legs and continued to shove his cock inside and out.

"Oh God!!!" Bloom shouted.


Meanwhile, inside the vagina, Musa wondered if the fun was over considering Bloom had taken her finger out and some time had passed. Despite the sonic wave shield protecting her, she could still feel the heat continuing to rise and the vaginal walls secreting some kind of fluid (she knew she should've paid attention during sex ed class).

"I wonder if Bloom is… WHOA!" Musa said, only to watch the biggest penis she had ever seen come crashing through and quickly close towards her. Musa backed away all the way to the cervix, where she came within inches of the cock's head before it pulled back.

"That must be Adam." Musa said. She then looked back at the cervix.

"Hoo boy… I better be careful, otherwise I'll end up part of their future baby's DNA." Musa said. That's when, after watching the giant cock thrust forward again, Musa flew up to the top of it, pinning herself against the mushroomy head. She literally held on for the ride as the thrusts became more frequent and faster, almost to a fever pitch.
"I hope my sonic shield can hold on…" Musa said as she sweated like crazy trying to keep her shield active. Not an easy chore when it was almost as hot as the sun inside where she was at… and it was probably going to get very wet any second.


In fact, Adam and Bloom were about to hit their biggest climaxes each. Seconds and seconds of intense moaning and breathing, and not just from the giant couple either. With Tecna looking like she was ready to blow as well, the remaining Winx Club girls (Flora, Layla, and Stella) all masturbated faster than they had ever been doing. Finally came the eruptions.

"GONNA… CUM! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" everyone in the area screamed. Layla, Stella, and Flora could feel the creamy white liquid stream down their hands. Tecna watched as the building she was fucking was covered from top to eventually bottom in semen, surprised the structure managed to hold together. Bloom felt her pussy fill up with the combined liquids of her own and Adam's semen. Some of it sunk past her cervix and into deep inside. As Adam felt his cock run out of steam after more than a few intense blowouts, he finally pulled out, and almost a river's worth of semen dripped out from both his cock and Bloom's vagina. He collapsed onto his backside right next to Bloom, feeling his cock shrunk back down to a flaccid state.


As for Musa? She came flying out from her giantess friend, covered from head to toe in semen, but nevertheless moving around as she got up and thrusted her arms up in victory.

"Booyah!!! I fucking survived a giant couple having sex in the middle of the fucking city!!! I definitely gotta record an album about this experience." Musa said, prompting laughs from everyone (even the giant Tecna as she finally stepped away from her 'dildo'). Bloom and Adam, meanwhile, just laid still and stared at the sky.

"That… was…" Bloom said.

"Fucking beautiful." Adam said.
"I couldn't have said it better myself." Bloom said as she leaned her face over and gave Adam a kiss.


However, that would prove to be the final act for the giant couple. The other Winx girls including the giant Tecna were the first to notice a big change happening with the two.
"Oh! You two are shrinking!" Tecna said. Bloom and Adam sat up and indeed saw the nearby buildings and street were getting bigger.
"Oh. I guess the formula has worn out." Adam said.

"I see… oh well!" Bloom said.


After about 15-20 more seconds, Bloom and Adam were finally back to their normal sizes. As the rest of the normal-sized Winx girls joined up with them, they all looked back at the now huge puddle of juices they left behind.

"Heh… hopefully the city won't mind cleaning up the mess we left behind." Adam said.

"Yeah. I guess we all better get back to Alfea and explained what happened to Faragonda. And get some new clothes!" Bloom said.

"Bleh… we're teachers now! What's the worst she can do to us?" Stella said.

"Shrink us to the size of fleas." Musa joked as she continued to brush off the cum she was still covered in. The group then watched Tecna approach and stop a few inches short of stepping on them. They watched as she kneeled down and lowered a hand.
"Need a lift, my cracking friends?" Tecna said.

"Sure, why not!" Layla said as she and the others all jumped into the palm of the giantess's hand. Once everyone was onboard, Tecna stood back up and walked out of the city, making her way back to Alfea.


Along the way, Bloom couldn't help but notice Adam rubbing his cock as he looked up at the giant Tecna.

"Easy there, cowboy!" Bloom shouted.

"Heh… sorry. Habit." Adam said. The two shared a quick kiss, and then Bloom looked down at her stomach region and patted it.

"Oooooh… I so need to take a pregnancy test the next day." Bloom said.




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