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Julia awoke with a yawn. It was another boring day of school. It wasn't like her college was bad or anything, but she did wish something unique or exciting would happen in her life.

Feeling a tickle in her ear, she realized the tinies who lived throughout her body were probably trying to harvest wax before she went for her shower. She never really understood what they used the wax for, but then again, who could understand the mind of parasitic creatures like tinies?

The fact that they adjusted their harvest times around her schedule showed that they had some form of intellect, but no one had ever been able to successfully communicate with a tiny. In fact, at realizing you were paying attention to them they usually just died of fright. At least they were a helpful parasite as far as invasive species went.

With a yawn, Julia decided to give them their time. Marching downstairs she began to prepare her breakfast.

Julia sat down to a muffin, an apple, and a glass of orange juice. It was boring breakfast, but today was just another boring day. The weather was fine, the food was fine, her parents' idle conversation was fine, but it was the same thing she went through every day. She wished something would change. Something fantastic! Something like you read about in a book somewhere!

As she chewed her most recent bite of muffin, she felt something press against the corners of her lips. It was most likely the tinies assigned to her mouth. They often stopped by as she ate to scrape her teeth for food. Of course there were also some tinies that would collect food from within her stomach, but those mostly delivered food to other internal tinies. These tinies collected food for the external tinies living on her body.

She had heard from a friend that if you swallowed gum, it would give tinies resources that would help you better. She claimed that since she had started swallowing a stick of gum a month she had stopped having any stomach aches no matter what she ate. Julia of course had never tried this herself as the thought of swallowing gum seemed like she would choke. However as her friend continued to swear by it, her desire to try had risen.

Julia felt the tinies driving their collection vehicles under her tongue as she took her last swig of juice. The tickling in her ear had stopped which meant she could probably safely take a shower. It was a good thing too as if she waited much longer she would probably be late for her classes. Being late would be something new for her, but it was not quite the excitement she was looking for.

As Julia grabbed her clothes for the shower she felt her nose had become really stuffed up. She guessed this was the price of putting off her shower.

She was about to reach for a kleenex when she felt a slight tickle enter her nose. "I guess I won't need it after all." she mused to herself as the tinies made their way deep inside her nose.

The reason the tinies collected her snot was even more of a mystery to Julia than the reason they collected her ear wax. But then again, as she had thought before, who could understand the rationale of a tiny?

The pressure in her nose relieved as the tinies slowly chiseled away at the offending lump of snot. Before long, her sinuses were as clear as before. A slight tickle spread through her nose again as the mining crew left, but she fought the urge to sniff.

As Julia stripped for the shower, she noticed the hairs on her pubic mound had started to grow out a fair bit. "I guess it's about time to expect that again..." she thought to herself. With a heavy sigh at how time was getting by on her, she looked down to investigate a tickle she felt on her abdomen. Sure enough, an ambitious team of tinies were working together to excavate the lint from her belly button before she started her shower. With a sigh, she waited until they were clear before walking into the shower and turning on the water.

The next few hours were the same old same old boring day for Julia. As she drove herself to college, the tinies began scraping the undersides of her toenails for who knows what resource. As she grabbed her books from her locker tinies mined the sleep from the corners of her eyes. As she sat down for class, she felt the tinies tending to her scalp. Same routine every day, though it did feel a bit like they were rushing today.

As class started, Julia felt tinies climbing across her from every part of her body. The corners of her mouth, her nose, her ears, her butt, her legs, her arms. She shifted slightly as the tinies climbed out of her nipple and made their way down her breasts. They all seemed to be gathering for one specific location.

"Oh no! Is it that time of month again?!" Julia thought to herself as her focus drifted from class to the mass gathering within her panties. Much to her relief, she felt the familiar twinge of the tiny lumberjacks working away at her pubic hairs on her mound.

"Phewph, false alarm!" Julia thought to herself as she turned her attention back to the class. It was a boring lecture and she wouldn't mind an excuse to miss it, but she didn't like to stand out so she would prefer not having such an embarrassing situation arise.

The tinies made quick work through her pubic mound and it wasn't long before she felt the logging trucks move away. The class was now at its halfway point, and Julia wasn't giving it much thought. That was of course until she felt the tinies gather once more on her now bald pubic mound, and begin making their way further south.

"Mr Barkly!" Julia called out raising her hand. "May I be excused?"

The teacher raised a suspicious eyebrow towards Julia at her sudden interruption.

"Why do you want to leave Ms. Samuels?" the teacher questioned.

"...Girl issues!" Julia replied sheepishly with a slight blush.

Mr Barkly gave a tired sigh before waving to the door permitting Julia to leave. Julia wasted no time grabbing her bag and making way towards the nearest washroom, but it was possible she might already be too late!

Julia's legs faltered as the familiar sensations flowed throw her body. Right now there were thousands of tinies from every corner of her body climbing over her vaginal lips before entering. The feeling was overwhelming. The tinies had spent many of their short lived generations mastering their art form specifically to Julia's body. They knew exactly where to step to cause her the most pleasure and get her wet the fastest. While this wasn't exactly an unpleasant experience for Julia, it did always seem to happen at the most awkward times.

Julia stumbled her way into the washroom clenching her pussy tight. A girl who had already been in the washroom gave a concerned look before giving a knowing smirk and grabbing her stuff.

"Have fun." the girl chuckled as she waved goodbye to Julia leaving the washroom. Julia could barely register at this point however. As steadily as she could she stumbled into the nearest open stall and sat down before her legs gave out completely.

Pulling down her pants and underwear to keep them from being ruined, Julia gave a sigh of relief that she had made it. This happened to her every month, but always seemed to catch her off guard. Now that she was safe however; she could just sit back and enjoy the rest.

Whether startled by the sudden light, or just deciding they had made Julia wet enough, the mass of tinies began making their exodus deep within her lips. Julia looked down at her now perfectly clean pubic mound as she cooed slightly at the sensation of so many tinies entering her at once. Every month it seemed like their population grew. If the colony grew much more than this Julia was sure she wouldn't be able to handle it.

The tinies climbed deeper and deeper within her, pushing and tickling the walls of her vagina as they went. They were doing this on purpose just to tease her and it was working so well.

Finally the tinies reached Julia's cervix at the end of her vaginal canal. This was always her least favourite part. Julia jumped a bit as a cold hard object clamped against the entrance of her cervix. Instantly her womb began being pumped with a warm liquid that seemed to light her insides on fire.

She had learned about this in her health classes during high school. Tinies were unable to reproduce reliably on their own, and as such, many colonies would choose young females to colonize in order to repurpose their eggs every month. One healthy female egg could be broken down into thousands of tiny eggs. Some researchers claimed to have even witnessed eggs breaking down into over a million tiny eggs. The tinies would then pump the adjusted egg with their own genetic material which would develop into new young tinies over the course of a week.

Of course, there was medicine that could counteract the tinies methods, but Julia had no real desire to have kids at this point, and by letting the tinies use her to reproduce she could avoid having her period. This was most likely why her colony had been growing so rapidly, but no one had every been reported as dying from having too many tinies in them. If anything, most doctors agreed, the more you could host the healthier you would be!

The burning sensation had ended making Julia's womb feel somewhat soupy. Before she could think on this however; the pumping began again this time filling her womb with a thick warm liquid. This was most likely the tinies' genetic material.

Now that her body was incubating fetal tinies, she would have a clan of guards living in her vagina for the rest of the week. It always felt weird feeling them walk around in there, but over the years she had come to enjoy the sensation.

Once the pumping stopped, the tinies waited for about 5 minutes before making their way back out of Julia's vagina. Now was the part Julia had been most looking forward to. Tinies would always dump far too much genetic material into the womb, especially within large communities. To get rid of the excess as well as to encourage healthy babies, the tinies would always follow up with a cleansing ritual.

Julia leaned back and closed her eyes as she felt the thousands of tinies walking along the lips of her vagina once again. This time however, there was a large number specifically assigned to crawling along her clit. Over the generations, the tinies had passed down their techniques one after another, meaning each generation managed to make the cleansing ritual feel far more amazing than the last. Julia bit her lip as thousands of tinies climbed through every fold of her clit pushing and kneading it like skilled artisans. She wanted to orgasm so badly, but she was also still pretty upset about the tinies starting this during her class and so decided to endure to get as much out of this as she possibly could.

The tinies, as if confused as to why their methods were not working, began to fight all the harder massaging every fold of her lips and clit in a desperate attempt to make her orgasm.

Julia resisted. Her toes curled and her back arched at the amazing sensation flowing all the way through her, but she wanted to hold out as long as she could last. Her nipples had grown erect and her mind clouded over as her body broke out into a sweat.

Finally Julia felt something push against her clit far stronger than before. The tinies out of desperation had begun using their heavy logging machinery to attempt to massage her clit. The pressure and vibrations were like nothing she had ever experienced before. With a loud erotic cry she orgasmed shooting a mix of her own fluids and the excess tiny genetic material into the toilet below.

Satisfied with their work, the majority of the tinies parted heading back to their own homes across Julia's body. Julia on the other hand, needed some time to recuperate after that orgasm. She couldn't help but giggle as she felt the children watching crew climb back inside her. Her pussy was incredibly sensitive and twitched at the slightest provocation.

Eventually though the movement died down as the tinies all returned to their homes. Julia, having calmed down a bit as well, attempted to wash as much of the sweat as she could off of her before returning to class.

That night Julia went under the covers and prepared for bed. She felt the tinies climbing over her legs and arms probably looking to harvest whatever small hairs they could find just as they did every night. Today had been just another normal day for her. Nothing exciting or fantastical ever seemed to happen for her.

A smirk came across Julia's face as she felt the children watching crew climb out and make their way to her already erect clitoris. In order to ensure healthy children were born, the children watching crew would come out periodically to make Julia orgasm until they were born a week later. Julia bit her lip as she felt the crew begin their masterful work on her clitoris as if it was their life's calling.

Julia was an average every day girl who lived a boring uneventful life. Nothing strange or fantastical ever seemed to happen to her, but she couldn't deny, having something like this to look forward to once a month wasn't too bad a bargain.


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