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It was a perfect night in the city of Zane. The moon was full, shining bright against the high towers and mortar homes of the bustling city below. It was a night full of merriment and drink. Thousands of people celebrating the end of a long days of work. Most work weeks for the city people ended just like this very night, that was until the earth quakes started happening.  

The quakes were small at first, but as the night continued the earth quakes became more frequent and even stronger. The city of Zane however was standing strong. Large city walls surrounded a huge castle on a hill dotted with comparatively speck sized homes. The city had a feeling of artistry, every building filled with ornate details and pretty landscapes. Whoever built this city, built it to last. However not everything in the city could hold up as the quakes only seemed to grow in magnitude. Even the sound of the booming quakes were growing in volume.  

The night patrol men on the city walls would have seen them first. In the distance miles away, were two ginormous brown boots casually stepping towards the huge kingdom. The soldiers marveled at the sight, barley able to stand at the constant thooming quakes of each foot fall.  The soles of the monolithic boots sunk into the ground with each step. It was as if the earth below her was about as firm as a birthday cake, the forest and mountains squishing like frosting.  

A messenger was sent to alert the king of this large incoming threat, but he would never make it in time. Within minutes the boots managed to saunter right up to the relatively puny city with ease. It seemed as if the giant feet were trying to step carefully, as to not destroy the area in foot quakes alone.  "Hello puny mites." A sweet, girlish voice said from the heavens. The voice was coming from so high above that the tiny citizens of Zane wouldn't be have been able to see the mouth that spoke those words. The women seemed to end somewhere near her thighs, the rest of her body hidden very high in the stars of the night. 

"You have disappointed your goddess." The voice said from above. "Instead of praising me, you've selected to ignore me.. No statues in my name anywhere, nor any sign of offering to me.. Pity.. You should know what comes next." The women says, one of the brown boots lifting impossibly fast off of the ground and hovering over the overpopulated city. From her view the city looked as small as a tea saucer. Her boot easily cast a shadow over the entire city of about 40,000. She swore she could hear the slightest, if not the itsy bitsy-est plea for mercy she had ever heard. "Pathetic." She said putting her foot down, feeling the city flatten into the earth. The little crackles of the stone wall, and the mortar castle could be felt through the sole of her boot. All the strong fortifications, people, art, and thriving markets, only resisted for milliseconds before turning to a muddy boot print. No one would see it, but the women looming above smiled. It was perfect night in the city of Zane for Goddess Courtney. 


The city of  Elspeth was considered scared ground. It was the city of where the most powerful being in all of the known realms resided, Goddess Courtney. Courtney was a pale slender looking women with shoulder length red hair, and pretty grey green eyes. A statue of her stood watching over the city, it's eyes looking down upon all those below her. The statue Courtney wore nothing but a billowing cape that seemed to hide the more lustrous parts of her form. The statue Courtney held it's cape tightly over it's chest like a women might when coming out of a shower. There were tiny dust sized people at it's feet, praying, leaving gifts, or else appreciating it's immensity. 

Suddenly, appearing out of no where was the actually Goddess Courtney. She was no longer several miles tall, but was now standing at a more comfortable 300 feet tall. The tiny citizens all knelt immediately, gasping in adoration at the very sight of her. Looking down Courtney smiled warmly.  "Looking at all these faithful humans, praising their goddess.." Courtney coo'd bending down.. Some people got frightened by this  and began to flee. 

"Aw.. look at these mites running from my glory.." Courtney said taking her slender index finger and squishing a man running towards his horse into the street below. She was wearing black nail polish and it shimmered in the moon light as she grinded the puny human. "If you come to my statue, you've come to show your appreciation to me, and I am thankful for such great and loyal citizens.. but.. little ones who run from me will never escape.." Courtney said pushing her finger down multiple times, crushing anyone who dared to flee at her presence. It was fun for Courtney to squish the little ones. Seeing their cute reactions to her enormous on coming finger was just too pure, their screams of panic before the satisfying pop. She looked at her finger interested at all the little red dots now flaked all over it's tip. 

"To those of you who knelt before me, I'll reward you with a story of my latest venture. But you guys need to shoo.." Courtney said waving her hand dismissively at the crowd beneath her round butt. Her large bottom hit the ground with a earth shaking boom, crushing the loyal humans who didn't clear away quickly enough. Her matte black leather pants groaned as she hugged her knees towards her chest as she got comfortable.  

"The City of Zane is no more. I've crushed it under my boot for it's infidelity towards me." Courtney said among the crowd of her supporters, they all cheered happily. One man even shouted.. "Suits them right not paying their tax to our glorious kingdom! Hail to the Goddess." and there were many other assents of agreement and cheers. Courtney heard the loyalty in her supporters words and she rallied at once. "I'm glad you all feel that way too.. Many other kingdoms still of course deny me as their goddess. But hopefully the City of Zane will serve as a motivation for other kingdoms to convert their love and devotion to me.." Courtney said with another round of applause from her supporters. 

Courtney sat and waited for the people below to quiet, it took a while but she let them go on. Courtney of course knew why her citizens had a blind love for her city and religion. The people supported Courtney because of the amount of amenities she provided for the citizens. After 200 years rule, Courtney had converted what used to be a rotting empire into a thriving golden city. Residents living in slums, were wiped out and replaced with comfortable homes, luxurious roads, and even a huge outdoor arena. Everyone who lived under Courtney lived happily. The same although couldn't be said about the ones who apposed their new goddess. 

One would never strive to displease a power hungry goddess. But what if that very same power hungry goddess decided your family was a snack, your neighborhood a foot rest, or an entire city her plaything? It goes without saying that there would be some unhappy folks protesting. This protesting never got far, in fact weird things seemed to happen to the people who spoke out against Courtney. One of the more common things to happen to these rebels was shrinking. Without even the presence of Courtney, any ill intent towards the goddess would cause the person rebelling to shrink to very tiny sizes. People at first seemed to shrink in droves as Courtney took over the city, many of them gathered by friends or enemies. There were enough shrinkings in fact that a tiny person black market was established, selling off people as pets. With a combination of loyalty and fear, Courtney's citizens lived in the richest city in the world. 


After a lengthy celebration in Courtney's honor, the goddess sleepily staggered back to her house. It was only yards away from that enormous statue of her. The house spanned hundreds of thousands of feet. The rooms were big enough to fit 600 foot people inside. Courtney wished she knew some of the other gods and goddess of the world. It was starting to get a little lonely playing with tiny bugs. 

Yawning she nearly stumbled into her garden.. "Opps, sorry little elves!" Courtney said waving her finger down at her flower bed. The elves were magical and presented a problem in the early reforming of Elspeth. The elves, seeing the humans shrink, used their own magic to grow humans back. Courtney thinking up a last minute solution, banished the elves to the gardens above the city, and shrunk them all! The elves at first loathed their fate, and only seemed to calm when Courtney shrank the gardens and large trees with them "There! Now you don't have to feel so small, unless me or a human comes around." Courtney remarked to them 300 years ago, making them so small that they were bite sized to the un-shrunk humans.

"Looks like I'll have to trim you guys soon.." Courtney said seeing that the elves were populating way faster then they should be doing. "Come 'ere little ones.." Courtney said bending over and snapping a branch off of one of the tree cities. To Courtney, the little stick looked nothing but a twig. On the contrary the the large branch held dozens of elven families, they all screamed and wailed as the absolutely huge fingers drew them up to a pair of green eyes. Swishing the little stick around, she watches as tiny speck sized particles fly off like dirt. "Hmm.. maybe I made you guys too worthless hm? You're really nothing but bugs in my garden." Courtney taunted as the elf homes and people died away with a couple flicks of the young women's wrist. Homes and elves sent flying in all directions as the giant women flicks the stick like a cigarette with a build up of ash on the end. Seeing that she had shaken most of the elf off of her stick, she used the branch as a tooth pick, and walked inside of her home. 


It was a satisfying sleep for the goddess, who stretched with a groan as she rose from her bed. Looking to her nightstand she spotted a couple of tiny humans. They look quite frightened and it amused Courtney. She was about to pick one up when she heard a..


Courtney turning her head saw that a man with a boyish looking face was watching from a chair in the corner of her bedroom, he was also 300ft tall. Courtney swearing asked..  "Who the hell are you?" The man once again crossed his arms almost in a pouty way and went.. 


Annoyed Courtney got up from her bed walked over to the man and demanded he answer her. This time the man didn't make a sound, he only just searched his eyes all over Courtney's form. Looking down, Courtney realized that she wasn't decent and that she had fallen asleep naked! Flushing red she magicked some clothes on her body, the same clothes in fact that she had worn last night, cape and all. 

"Did you crush my city last night Court?" The man asked, seeming a little more partial to the goddess and looking towards her tight leather thighs with his greedy brown eyes. 

"How do you know my nam-"  "Yeah I figured you did.." The man said leaning back comfortably. He raised his hand and crushed it into a fist. Courtney realizing he was trying to do magic, resisted, and counter attacked with a shrinking spell. The man became instantly human sized. She could feel him trying to grow again and she used her strength to keep him small. After moments of struggling the man grew back to 300ft and beyond. The man now towered at a 1000ft, his head hitting the hardwood roof of Courtney's tall ceiling-ed room. 

"Stop resisting or I'll make you naked again." Said the man chortling. 

Courtney incensed grew to 1500ft, her body going through her own roof.. With a growl she pinned the man down.

"Name! What's your name!" Courtney demanded, her huge palms holding down the man.. And without him even saying so the name came to her through magic.. 

"Antonio.." Courtney said mildly. The man looked shocked, unable to grow from under her, he squirmed futilely going red in the face from the struggle. Whoever this Antonio was, he obviously didn't expect to be overpowered like this. In fact, Courtney was pretty sure the first spell he was going to preform was was something to take her powers away. Perhaps that spell would've worked on a meager demi-god or some fool, but not on Goddess Courtney! 

"You dare try to take my powers fool" Courtney coo'd with a slight pur to her voice. "I'm more powerful then youuuu.." Courtney said forcing herself closer to the man.. Her much larger form laying ontop of him. She could hear a slight groan escape Antonio's lips as her weight enveloped him. "W-w-wait a second!" Courtney feel something stark poking against her thigh.. "Are you getting off to this?!"

Chapter End Notes:

TO BE CONTINUED. But anyhow, Merry Christmas! :> 

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