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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story is a commission from one of my favorite fans! Enjoy!

In this chapter we see a job interview go very south....

Mack ran a hand through his short black hair one last time as he heard his name called through the fogged-glass doors of the office. He was the only applicant there, so it seemed like he had this job in the bag, but he could never be too sure. This really did seem too good to be true.

What Ms. Babcock was offering for a simple receptionist job was excessive by anyone’s standards. It was odd she’d asked for men only, which was probably why he was the only applicant today. As long as she wasn’t a nightmare to work for this was a job someone could take to the bank and retire early.

The door opened smoothly for him, and Mack put on his best smile. The customer service smile that he’d practiced with his roommates who laughed at the thought of him being a secretary, then quickly shut up when he pointed out the salary. He’d made sure to wear his best suit, a black and tan unit that had seen him through eleven job interviews, all with no results.

Kim Babcock stood to meet Mack as he crossed the room. It was bigger than he’d expected, a neatly laid out room built around a large desk made of dark wood. A beige carpet and bookshelves along each wall filled the space neatly. He slipped between the two leather chairs and held out his hand.

“Hi Ms. Babcock!” he said cheerfully to the woman who towered over him. He’d read up on her online, of course, and knew that this beautiful freckled redhead stood right at six foot tall. “It’s so nice to meet you!”

“It’s nice to meet you too!” she said back in a soft, friendly voice. Her hand engulfed his in a strong shake. Mack contained his surprise; she didn’t look strong at all but he had no doubt she would have crushed his hand if she’d wanted to.

“Please, sit down,” she told him as she released his hand and sat back into her office chair.

Mack couldn’t help but notice the front of her desk was open; her well-formed legs were visible if he looked. Which he made sure he kept himself from doing. More than once. It was hard since she had very nice legs in an almost-too-short black skirt.

Kim smiled as her latest potential hire checked out her legs. He was cute, just like she’d hoped, but she wasn’t thinking about hiring him based on his looks. He’d had great recommendations. Kim had to be honest though; her plans with him didn’t necessarily involve legitimate work. Though if he turned out to be too square he’d still make a great assistant.

Once Mack sat down the interview began. Kim briefly reviewed his resumé with him, which he was fully prepared for. He’d never been fired from a job, and most places he’d worked for would have been happy to have him back. But as he told Kim, they just didn’t feel like places where he could grow.

As they spoke, Kim leaned forward on the desk. Her shirt wasn’t low-cut today, so she wasn’t showing off her cleavage like she enjoyed doing, but she found herself entranced by his voice. Soon she realized she was barely listening to what he was saying and was watching his lips move.

She felt a heat bloom under her skirt.

Mack said something to her.

Kim shook herself out of her reverie.

“I’m sorry, I spaced off there, what did you say?” she asked him.

His hopefully future boss’s green eyes were enchanting. Mack had realized he had been doing most of the talking, of course nervously, then he found a way to wrap up his recent employment history quickly.

“Were there any skills in particular you were looking for?”

With this statement Kim just smiled. She hadn’t paid much attention to what he was saying, but she knew what she wanted. And she was quite certain he would do.

“Well,” she started as she uncrossed her legs and pushed her hips forward a little in her chair, “I’m sure you’re aware that there are often…less than proper relationships between management and some hires.”

Mack gave her a cautious look. He hadn’t missed her body language shift, nor the subtle drop in the pitch of her voice. Sure, she was very attractive yet he couldn’t help but shift uncomfortably in his seat.

He wasn’t a moron, but he knew this wasn’t something he was completely comfortable with.

Kim read his own body language shift and knew she had to put on some pressure. She’d played this game before.

“You read the email, right?” Kim asked Mack. He nodded his head, his eyes flickering nervously between her skirt that was shifting upward, and her face. “So you know how much money you’ll make? How good our benefits are?”

Mack nodded again, knowing this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jobs that paid this well in his field simply didn’t exist. He could be completely debt-free in six months instead of fifteen years.

Kim shook her red hair from side to side to make sure she had his attention. He watched one hand reach slowly down to the bottom of her skirt as she spoke. Her face gave him a confident grin that he’d only seen before from women who let him buy them drinks.

“Well. If you would kindly take your place under the table here,” she tapped her leg just below the skirt, “You can be making five times the best offer anyone else will give you. Easiest fortune you’ll ever earn.”

Mack saw his future laid out in front of him, and for once it didn’t involve splitting an apartment three ways with some questionable people. And he swallowed his pride.

“Okay,” he said, his voice shaking as he slid off his chair and knelt on the carpet. Since the front of the desk was wide open, Mack had no problem crawling underneath it. Kim obligingly slid back to give him more room and to give herself a better view.

The tall redhead smiled as she saw Mack give in.

This is gonna be great! she thought as his short black hair disappeared under the desk. She scooted her office chair back and spread her legs to give him enough room to do his work.

“Oh, just one little thing,” she said to him as his face got close to her knee.

Since he was already that close Mack didn’t take his eyes away from her crotch as she pulled her skirt high enough that it hid nothing. And it was a lot more ‘nothing’ than Mack had expected.

Kim sighed as her cock slipped free from under her skirt; she always had to be careful about how she placed it when she was in work clothes so it was nice to let it loose. It also meant she could finally let herself be turned on. When she saw Mack’s eyes widen and his head pull back in surprise her cock immediately started growing.

“Wait!” Mack said as Kim pulled a massive cock out of her skirt, inches from his face. “That’s not what-“

“It’s exactly what it looks like,” she said in a cooing voice. Her cock was almost at full mast in record time. “Nine inches of me.” Kim grabbed her cock at the base and aimed it at his mouth. “You want this job, right?”

Mack was stuck. He wanted nothing to do with this cock, he was as straight as a guy could be! If this were any other job offer he’d have been gone.

But this kind of money he just couldn’t turn down. His stomach lurched as he realized he may have to endure this in order to pad his bank account. At least for awhile. He could always quit once his loans were paid off.

Kim took his silence as affirmation and hooked one leg over his shoulder and pushed her calf against the back of his head.

“One little blowjob and you’ve got the job,” she said. Then she applied pressure to his back and pulled him forward. He resisted briefly, until she reminded him of how much money was at stake for him.

Mack took a deep breath and opened his mouth. His new boss wasted no time in pushing his head toward her cock. In a moment he had his first taste of dick. He resisted the urge to gag; for a moment he was sure this couldn’t possibly be worth the money.

Then the rod slid further into his mouth. His eyes bugged out and his tongue fluttered involuntarily along its underside. There was the faint taste of soap and salt, then the rod hit the back of his mouth. His gag reflex triggered and he pulled himself backward. This time Kim’s leg allowed it.

Kim pulled him back down until she felt the back of his throat again and said, “You better show some initiative young man.”

Mack knew what she meant when she said that, closely followed by her leg leaving his shoulder. If he wanted this job it had to be good.

So, he steeled his mind against what he was doing and let his lips seal against the rigid pole. Kim let out a sigh as Mack started to bob up and down along her length. He did what he could to emulate how he liked a blowjob, but between his stomach heaving and his mind panicking there wasn’t much skill involved. Then she started talking.

“I knew you’d like it,” Kim said to the young man who was only managing to get half of her nine inches into her mouth. “I knew hiring a nice hot mouth was a good idea.”

His movements stuttered when she said that, so Kim leaned forward and put her hands around the back of his head.

“Don’t worry you little hole,” she said in a demeaning tone, a sudden change from how she’d been the entire rest of the interview, “Pretty soon you’ll be taking it all like the whore you are.”

Mack hated how she was talking to him, was mad at himself for what he was doing. All for the money. He wished he’d never even read the help-wanted ad. But he was in too deep to stop now.

“Yeah, good little bitch,” Kim said as she helped push and pull his head along her rod. She rocked her hips forward and back to help speed things up. Intermittently she banged the head of her cock against the entrance to his throat. There would be a satisfying gagging noise as she pressed lightly against that barrier before withdrawing.

He tried to pull away briefly, but her hands wouldn’t allow it. If anything, that just made her thrusts more frantic and made her more excited. Kim loved the sight of his eyes starting to water.

“Oh, you’re gonna get the job for sure,” she told Mack as she tried to push more of her cock into his mouth. She met resistance at his throat again. “But first you’re gonna take this load!”

Mack heard what she said and tried to pull his mouth off her rod. He’d barely been able to stand putting it in his mouth, but letting her cum in his mouth? Absolutely out of the question. But her hands only tightened around his head when he tried to dislodge her meat. His eyes bugged out as he felt her cock swell.

“Here it comes you hungry little hole!” she shouted as she pulled his mouth further onto her cock. In her excitement, her orgasm moments away, she pulled him far harder than she had before. His hands flailed useless to try and get her cock out of his mouth, slipping off of her thighs in an attempt to find purchase.

Then she felt what she’d been trying for through the whole blowjob: the resistance at his throat finally gave way. Suddenly she was able to pull Mack the rest of the way down onto her cock, all nine inches were buried! Kim looked down just in time to see Mack’s eyes dripping tears, his face red and desperate. With his nose pushed up against her bare skin she felt her moment.

She came hard down his throat, her orgasm every bit as powerful as she’d hoped. After the first twitch she relaxed her grip a little, letting Mack try to pull himself free. The stronger woman only let him pull off enough to catch the remaining squirts of cum in his mouth. He struggled, of course, but that struggling was what kept stimulating her cock to keep pumping. Before she knew it she was spent and her seed was leaking from his mouth.

Finally she released his head and he fell backward, leaning against the desk. He went to turn sideways and spit, but Kim shot her foot out to stop his head from turning.

“Swallow it or you’re on the street,” she told him. “After all that work, you really want to waste it?”

Mack couldn’t help but swallow the salty viscous fluid. He hated it but she had a point: if he didn’t do what she wanted he wouldn’t get the job and this entire terrible ordeal would have been wasted. It was thick and he knew he’d have nightmares about yogurt to the rest of his life. But at least he’d get paid.

Kim watched with satisfaction as Mack swallowed. It was obvious he’d hated it all, but that made it so much better for her. After all, what futa woman didn’t want to dominate the obviously lesser sex?

And speaking of, Kim thought as she noticed her erection hadn’t gone away.

Her latest hire started to crawl away. It briefly occurred to Kim that he was too disoriented to stand, but she ignored thoughts about his welfare as she saw how his backside looked in those dress pants. Her eyes darted from his well-dressed ass to a bookshelf on the far end of the room, then back.

“Oh yeah, you’ll do,” she said as she slipped off her own chair onto one knee.

Kim reached out and grabbed his belt. Mack tried to slap her hand away but it was pointless. Kim reached around the front of his pants and quickly undid his belt buckle while he struggled to keep his balance and push her off.

“No wait!” he said as he felt his pants and underwear get pulled down quickly. Mack knew where this was going, and it absolutely wasn’t worth the money. Then he felt something steaming hot against his left cheek.

Mack tried to turn and push Kim away, but he didn’t stand a chance. As he tried to roll over Kim blocked his legs with her own; as he tried to reach back to push her off she skillfully twisted both his arms behind him. In a moment his best struggles had only gotten him immobilized by the tall redhead who had clearly taken lessons in some fighting style.

Of course, Mack wasn’t appreciative of this fact as he felt Kim’s still hard cock press between his cheeks. He tried to flex his cheeks to shut that avenue, but Kim forced his legs apart and his checks followed suit.

“Just enjoy it you little bitch,” Kim said as she watched her cockhead press against his sphincter.

“Please, no!” Mack cried with fear in his voice. She ignored his words and instead pushed him hard into the carpet.

With him firmly pressed into the carpet there simply was nowhere else for her cock head to go. Mack’s anus wasn’t strong enough to keep her out and Kim moaned in satisfaction as she felt his tight hole spread just enough for her to pop inside. She pushed harder and watched more of herself slide deeper into him.

His screams were muffled by the floor she pushed him into as she rammed the rest of herself forward. In a moment she was buried to the hilt in his virgin ass. Her eyes rolled with pleasure; his spasming hole and steaming hot insides gripped her wonderfully. She pulled back slightly and savored the feeling of him gripping her cock tightly, desperate to eject her but not flexible enough to do anything but cling tightly.

Laying her body completely on top of his, she whispered into Mack’s ear.

“You know, I really like you,” she breathed as she started pounding his ass in earnest. “So I’m gonna keep you.”

Mack heard what she said but was in too much pain to respond. His ass burned as though he had sat in a fire, his shoulders were pinned painfully and each thrust made him want to cry. Despite every manly fiber telling him he shouldn’t, he couldn’t stop tears from streaming down his face.

“Yeah you little bitch,” Kim said, picking up pace when she noticed Mack was crying. “Not how you thought today was gonna go, huh? I’m glad you saved that ass for me.”

In a testament to how cute she thought Mack was, she felt her second orgasm boiling up. It was far faster than she wanted but she knew the next part of what she wanted to do couldn’t wait very long.

Kim came, biting hard onto Mack’s shoulder as she drove herself deep into his rectum one more time. There was a flood of cum as she blasted once, twice, three times, then started pumping slowly to prolong her orgasm.

The pain in Mack’s ass receded, but didn’t disappear, when he felt Kim pull out of him. His arms were released and her weight lifted. His anus pulsed painfully with his own rapid pulse. There was the sensation of some horrific fluid leaking down his taint onto his own testicles. Crying, Mack tried to come to his knees as he heard something large move ahead of him.

He hadn’t quite managed to get to his knees when Kim’s strong hand gripped one of his arms. With a yank he fell onto his side as she dragged him to the side of the room. He looked up and saw that one of the bookshelves had moved aside, revealing a massive room that was three times the size of her office. From his viewpoint he could only see the underside of tables that seemed to cover the entire space.

Then she let go of his arm and he fell down, head hitting the carpet. His eyes narrowed as he saw something tiny and moving in front of him.

“Wha-?” he said aloud, still not quite able to form words.

There in front of him was a tiny man. Either Kim had drugged and raped him, and this was a hallucination, or he’d just been dragged into some horrific science experiment. The little man was naked, had a ridiculously huge belly, and was running from Mack.

No, not me, Mack realized as one of Kim’s hands snatched up the little man. He faintly heard a scream, then one of Kim’s feet pushed on his shoulder to roll him over. The woman knelt over Mack, her still-wet penis dragging across his chest, and held up the tiny man so Mack could see him clearly. Mack’s heart tried to pound out of his chest as he realized his situation was worse than he’d already experienced.

“This is what we do to runners,” she said looking at Mack. Then she lifted the man over her head and opened her mouth. Kim’s tongue stuck out as she lowered the screaming man feet first into her mouth. At four inches tall he was a tight fit, but clearly Kim had practiced. He slid smoothly in despite his kicking and her lips closed around his chest. The man made eye contact briefly with Mack before he was sucked between the lips like a piece of spaghetti.

There was a moment where she swished the man around, savoring his flavors and letting Mack see the struggles against her cheek. Then Kim unceremoniously swallowed him.

“Don’t forget!” Kim said as she tapped something on the table.

Mack closed his eyes as the sensation of falling overwhelmed him. Somewhere distant Kim laughed, and he rolled over to avoid looking at her when he opened his eyes. Then he noticed he was no longer laying on carpet.

His eyes flew open when he realized he was laying on cold stone.

Somehow the entire landscape had changed. No longer was he laying on the carpet of a secret office room. Now he was laying on a cold stone slab, surrounded by what appeared to be Roman architecture.

“Oh she did drug me,” Mack said aloud to himself as he tried to sit up. His aching bottom protested, but he knew he had to move before Kim came back.

Just as he had that thought, Kim walked into view from the left. She was entirely naked now, her cock was half hard and swinging, and her stomach –

“Like the view?” she playfully asked Mack as he saw her bulging stomach move. It was as though she’d eaten a painfully large meal and it was trying to fight its way out. “I wish he hadn’t ran, but I was a little hungry!”

Mack looked on in horror as he realized three things: He hadn’t been drugged, she’d actually eaten a man, and he was looking on as that little man struggled for life inside her stomach.

Then Kim grabbed him by the ear. Mack was too surprised and traumatized to fight back. She pulled him hard until his other ear was pressed against her bulging stomach. Faintly Mack could hear cries for help as he felt pressure from the walls of her stomach being punched and kicked. Mack’s entire body shook.

He’d thought being raped earlier had been the worst possible thing, but now Kim was showing him something far worse.

Holding her new catch’s head against her belly, Kim said in a motherly tone, “Now, you’re not gonna try and run, are you?”

It was a rhetorical question; she hadn’t expected a response. So she just held Mack’s head against her belly as the delightful struggling in her stomach slowed, then stopped. Her snack had finally succumbed to the lack of oxygen, or maybe the acid, in her stomach. Kim sighed contentedly as she thought about how painful the man’s last moments must have been. Mack shuddered with fear as he realized what it meant when the struggling stopped.

In the distance Kim watched as her secret bookshelf-door slid itself back shut as it was supposed to. Momentarily her little city was hidden once again.

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